Automotive Service Technician by den54914


									             Automotive Service Technician
                       April 11-13
               S.I.A.S.T. Kelsey Campus
               Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
         The purpose of the Skills Canada Competition is to assess the knowledge,
skills, and abilities of the participants in the identification, inspection, diagnosis
and repair of automotive systems.

Competition Format:
       Each participant will be tested on a variety of automotive systems through
theory and hands on testing. There will be ten test stations. Each competitor will
be given 20 minutes to complete each station followed by a ten-minute break.
       The secondary and post-secondary competitions will follow the same
format but the level of testing for the post-secondary participant will be higher.

       Each of the ten test stations will be evaluated individually with each
individual result being combined to give a final total score. Practical skills will
make up 90% of the total with 10% for the theory exam.
       Each evaluation may include:
       -Follows procedures according to industry standards
       -Achieves the desired results
       -Completes the required repairs
       -Answers test questions correctly
       -Follows safety regulations
       -Vehicle and equipment care and use.
       -Professional attitude
       -Completion time is less then the time limit

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to be tested:

Automotive Knowledge
     A written theory exam covering various automotive systems.

Brake Systems
       Demonstrate knowledge and skills on automotive brakes systems
including ABS.

Suspension and Steering Systems
     Evaluate an automotive suspension and steering system.
Automotive Wheels and Tires
      Demonstrate proper techniques for various wheel and tire repair and
maintenance procedures

Basic Shop Procedures
      Complete various basic shop tasks using automotive hand tools and

Electrical and Electronic Systems
       Demonstrate knowledge of electrical and electronic systems by using
diagnostic test equipment such as a DVOM and scan tools.

Engine Diagnosis
     Demonstrate knowledge and skills in engine operation and diagnosis

Fuel Systems
        Demonstrate knowledge and skills in automotive fuel systems by using
typical diagnostic equipment.

Automatic Transmission Diagnosis
      Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the diagnosis of automatic

Tools, Equipment and Supplies

Required by participant:
      -Each participant will be expected to supply their own proper clothing,
      (coveralls suggested), suitable footwear and approved eye protection.
      -The participants may choose to bring their own DVOM and/or scan tool.

Supplied by SIAST Kelsey Campus:
      -Fluke 87 DVOM
      -Specific scan tools will be assigned to each test station. I.e. Snap-On,
      Tech2, Mater-tech, OTC
      -Various measuring tools i.e. Metric and Standard Micrometers, vernier
      calipers and dial indicators
      -All necessary pressure gauges and measuring devices
      -Any specialized tools or equipment required
      -Service information including manufacturer's service manuals and Shop
      Key electronic service information system.
      -Rim Clamp style tire machine
      Snap-On electronic tire balancer

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