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									                Home Delivery (Mail Service) Information

Home Delivery (Mail Service) Pharmacy Members
To ensure a smooth transition, please note the following about your new Home Delivery
If you use Home Delivery (Mail Service):
     Effective 1/1/09, Express Scripts Mail Pharmacy will replace Walgreens as your
       Home Delivery pharmacy.
    What if I need a refill before 1/1/09?
     You can continue to order prescriptions from Walgreens until 12/31/08. After that
       date, the prescriptions will be sent to Express Scripts Mail Pharmacy. This may cause
       a brief delay in receiving your prescriptions, so please plan accordingly.
    What if I need a refill after 12/31/08?
     Express Scripts will receive electronic files from Walgreens. If you have unexpired
       refills remaining, you’ll be able to get them from Express Scripts.
    What if I have a new prescription that needs to be filled?
     Starting 12/24/08, you can begin mailing new prescriptions directly to Express
       Scripts Mail Pharmacy. Your orders will be shipped starting 1/1/09.
     New prescriptions sent to Walgreens should be postmarked no later than 12/24/08.
       After that date, your new prescriptions should be forwarded to Express Scripts.
    What if I take a medication that is a controlled substance?
     As mandated by law, certain prescription medications cannot be transferred. They
       include controlled substance drugs, compound drugs and any prescriptions over one
       year old. If this applies to any of your current medications, you will need to get a new
       prescription from your doctor.
   What if I have not used a Home Delivery Service before?
    To order your new maintenance medications from Express Scripts Mail Pharmacy:
     1. Ask your doctor to write a prescription for a 90-day supply of your medication
           and appropriate refills for up to one year.
     2. Complete the New Patient Home Delivery Form (enclosed in your member
     3. Detach the completed member profile from the envelope, place it in the
           envelope along with the original prescription and your appropriate Home
           Delivery co-payment, and then send it to us.
   How do I order refills from Express Scripts Mail Pharmacy?
      By mail Use the refill form included in each order you receive. The form will
       indicate the approximate date when you order your next refill.
      By phone Call us at 888.778.8755
      On the Web Visit our Web site at www.express-scripts.com.
Note: If you gave credit card information to Walgreen’s to pay for your prescription
drugs and you want to continue using a credit card, you will need to provide this
information to Express Scripts Pharmacy by calling 888.778.8755 and speaking with a
Patient Care advocate. Because of privacy laws, credit card information cannot be
transferred. Express Scripts Pharmacy accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and
American Express.

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