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									                                                                                                          THE MODEL ENERGY CODE

                                                    What is the Model                                                      What edition of the
                                                    Energy Code?                                                           MEC is enforced
                                                                                                                           in my state?
Buildings for                       The Model Energy Code (MEC),                                                 A current list is available at
the 21st Century                    published and maintained by the                                     While some
                                    International Code Council (ICC)                                             states have adopted the MEC without
Buildings that are more energy-     as the “International Energy
efficient, comfortable, and                                                                                      modifications, some states adopt one of
                                    Conservation Code” (IECC) as of                                              the MEC editions with state-developed
affordable…that’s the goal
                                    1998, contains energy efficiency                                             amendments. Still others adopt the
of DOE’s Office of Building
                                    criteria for new residential and                                             MEC as recommended practice but
Technology, State and
Community Programs (BTS).           commercial buildings and additions                                           have no state-wide requirement
To accelerate the development       to existing buildings. It covers the                                         that all new construction use it.
and wide application of energy      building’s ceilings, walls, and floors/
efficiency measures, BTS:           foundations; and the mechanical,
                                    lighting, and power systems.
 q   Conducts R&D on technologies
                                                                                                                           Who developed
     and concepts for energy
                                                                                                                           the MEC?
     efficiency, working closely                    What editions of the                                         The MEC was originally developed
     with the building industry                     MEC are available?
     and with manufacturers of                                                                                   jointly (under the auspices of the
     materials, equipment, and                                                                                   Council of American Building Officials,
                                    The MEC was first published in 1983,                                         CABO) by Building Officials and
                                    with subsequent full editions published                                      Code Administrators International, Inc.
 q   Promotes energy/money          in 1986, 1989, 1992, 1993, and 1995.                                         (BOCA), International Conference
     saving opportunities to both   The 1998 IECC is the successor to                                            of Building Officials (ICBO), National
     builders and buyers of homes   the 1995 MEC.                                                                Conference of States on Building
     and commercial buildings                                                                                    Codes and Standards (NCSBCS),
                                                                                                                 and Southern Building Code Congress
     Works with State and local

     regulatory groups to improve             M odel                                                             International (SBCCI), under
                                                                                                                 a contract funded by the U.S.
     building codes, appliance
     standards, and guidelines
                                              E nergy                                                            Department of Energy.
     for efficient energy use                 C ode
 q   Provides support and grants                                                                                           What buildings must
     to States and communities                                                                                             comply with the MEC?
     for deployment of energy-
     efficient technologies and                                                                                  The MEC applies to all new residential
     practices                                                                                                   and commercial buildings, and additions
                                                                                                                 to such buildings. Residential buildings
                                                               ICAN BUIL

                                                                                        Council of American      are defined as detached one- and two-

                                                                        DI BO

                                              NCIL OF A




                                                                                        Building Officials

                                                              SB C

                                                                                                                 family dwelling units (referred to as

                                                          C              S
                                                               19 7 2

                                                                                                                 single-family buildings or Type A1 in

For more information about          the MEC). Multifamily buildings three
the DOE Office of Building          stories or less in height above grade                How are changes
Technology, State and               must also comply with the MEC.                       made to the MEC?
Community Programs,                 Multifamily buildings, such as
contact:                            apartments, townhouses, and                The MEC is revised on a regular
                                    rowhouses that have three or more          cycle through an open public-hearing
Energy Efficiency and                                                          process sponsored by the ICC. Anyone
                                    attached dwelling units and are
Renewable Energy                                                               wanting to suggest a revision to the
Clearinghouse (EREC)                referred to as type A2 in the MEC.
                                    Commercial buildings are defined           MEC can request a code change form,
                                    as all buildings other than residential    prepare a recommended change and
                                    type A1 or A2, plus those residential      substantiation, and participate in open
                                    buildings that are four stories or         public debate. For those who wish to
Codes and Standards                 more in height above grade.                suggest changes to the code, contact
Home Page:                                                                     ICC at (703) 931-4533. All proposed                                                            changes are published and distributed
                                              What additions must              for review prior to an open public
                                              comply with the MEC?             hearing. Testimony for and against
For more information on                                                        each change is heard, and a committee
MECcheck™ contact:                                                             votes on a recommendation for each
                                    Additions to residential buildings must
                                    be heated and/or cooled for the MEC        code change. The results of this first
Stephen J. Turchen
                                    to apply. Additions that are not           hearing are then published. Those
Phone: 202-586-6262
                                    heated and/or cooled, such as an           wishing to have a proposed code
FAX: 202-586-4617
Email:                              unconditioned garage, need not comply.     change reconsidered and discussed          Energy-using systems that serve the        at a second public hearing may
                                    addition must also comply with the         submit a challenge to the committee’s
                                    MEC. For example, all new ductwork         recommended action. Based on
The Model Energy Code               to an addition from an existing heating    arguments at the second hearing,
can be obtained from the            system must be insulated and sealed        building officials could vote to overturn
International Code Council          in accordance with the code.               the committee’s recommendation.
by calling 703-931-4533.
                                                                               A new edition of the MEC (appearing
                                              How do I demonstrate             every three years) or supplement to the
MECcheck™ materials
can be ordered from DOE
                                              compliance with                  previous edition (in years when a new
by calling 1-800-270-CODE
                                              the MEC?                         edition does not appear) is published
or downloaded directly              Commercial buildings must use              around the spring of each year.
from the Web at:                    ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1989 by          reference, the 90.1 codified version, or
resid.htm                           Chapter 7 of the 1998 IECC. The U.S.                 International
                                    Department of Energy has developed                   E nergy
                                    COMcheck-EZ ™, a simple, prescriptive
HOTLINE:                            approach to demonstrating compliance
                                                                                         C onser vation
1-800-270-CODE (2633)
                                    with commercial energy codes.                        C ode
                                    Methods for residential buildings
                                    include the use of a computerized
                                    building simulation tool to determine
                                    the energy use of the proposed design;
                                    a component-by-component approach
                                    that uses tables in the code appendix;               How can I get a
                                    and a whole building trade-off                       copy of the MEC?
                                    approach. The U.S. Department of
 Printed with renewable – source
                                    Energy has developed a compliance          Copies of the MEC are available from
 ink on paper containing at least   tool set, MECcheck™, which makes           the model code organizations:
    50% wastepaper, including       it fast and easy for designers and
    20% post consumer waste.
                                    builders to determine if new homes               BOCA at (708) 799-2300
       November 1999                and additions to existing homes                  ICBO at (562) 699-0541
      DOE/GO-10099-934              meet the MEC requirements.                       SBCCI at (205) 591-1853

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