TOURS & EXCURSIONS

St. Lucia is an island rich in natural beauty – Lush Rainforest,Twin Peaks, Waterfalls,
                              Flowers, Birds and much more.

With our daily hikes, activities and excursions, we offer an abundance of things to do
     and see. An unforgettable experience: Satisfying every explorer’s delight.

                               SOUFRIERE EXPERIENCE TOUR
Start your journey with a brief tour of the town of Soufriere with its classic colonial architecture
– virtually unchanged since it was established as the first town of St. Lucia in 1746. Your driver
then takes you to the Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens where you take a step back into
history, surrounding yourself with the tropical flora and fauna of the gardens and nature trail.
Your experience would not be complete until you visit the world’s only drive in volcano with a
guided tour while you gaze at the steamy, bubbling Sulphur Springs or perhaps take a dip in its
therapeutic waters which have been compared to Marseilles, France. End your journey with
your next stop to bathe at the Piton Falls with cascading warm and soothing waters
approximately 30 feet.
This is truly a “Soufriere Experience”

                                     WATERFALL SPLENDOR
           Experience two wonders of Soufriere - The Toraille Waterfalls & Piton Falls.
Near the town of Soufriere, just a stone’s throw from the scenic main road which winds through
the community of Fond St. Jaques, a breathtaking waterfall gushes 50 feet over a cliff side and
cascades into a pool at the center of a charmingly landscaped garden. A nature trail with quaint
bridges and walkways leads you through the lush greens and dazzling colours of this tropical
paradise. You can take a refreshing bath under the cold waterfall, and on days when the force of
the water is not too strong, you can enjoy an invigorating back and shoulder massage under the
falls. Finish this experience at the next stop to relax in the warm and soothing cascading waters
of The Piton Falls, approximately 30 feet high.

                                     HORSE BACK RIDING
Enjoy a one hour ride through the Morne Coubaril Estate or a two hour ride continuing to the
volcano and then back to the estate.
Warning: Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is
not encouraged to participate in this tour.

                                EDMUND RAINFOREST TOUR
On this guided tour, you will experience some of nature’s pristine opportunities. As one treks
along, you can see numerous plants such as bromeliads, orchids, mushrooms, lianes and others
can be seen attached to their host, sitting on large buttress roots or branches or even cascading
the sides of the trail. At intervals you are able to take long distance views of the Caribbean Sea.
Emerging from the dark shade of the forest as you continue your guided walk westward of the
island in the open, a magnificent view of Mt. Gimie, St. Lucia’s highest peak fills the eyes along
the scenic natural beauty extending northwards.
Warning: Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is
not encouraged to participate in this tour.
                                   ENBAS SAUT FALLS TRAIL
This trail is within the Central Rainforest Reserve; six miles East of Soufriere at the foot of the
highest mountain peak (Mount Gimie) in St. Lucia.
The Enbas Saut Falls Trail is 4km long. Remote, wild and unbelievably scenic, with a
combination of Rainforest, Cloud forest, Elfin woodlands and wildlife. Perhaps an opportunity
to capture the elusive St. Lucian Parrot (Amazona versicolor), The St. Lucia Oriole, St. Lucia
Black Finch, Blue Hooded Euphonia, and the Mountain Whistler.
The hilly terrain of Piton Canarie, Piton Troumasse and Mount Gimie stands predominant not
too far from this trail. Enbas saut when translated to English means "below the falls." Thus the
trail is most famous for its two cascading waterfalls and pools at the head of the Troumasse
Warning: Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is
not encouraged to participate in this tour.

                                      GROS PITON HIKE
The Gros Piton Nature Trail takes you to the top of one of St Lucia’s famous twin peaks.
Encounter the rare birds and wildlife that find sanctuary there, such as the St. Lucian Oriole, the
St. Lucia Black Finch and the Red-Neck Pigeon. As you proceed to the summit, the vegetation
changes from arid deciduous woodland to a broad middle zone forest and an upper mountain
zone of elfin woodland and wind-swept dwarf forest. The rather strenuous 2 - 2 1/2 hour climb
is well worth the breathtaking panoramic views which await you.
Warning: Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is
not encouraged to participate in this tour.

                                TREETOP CANOPY ADVENTURE
Experience the exhilaration of the most exciting tour in the Caribbean. Zipping through the
treetops in the middle of the tropical rainforest delivers a rush that would leave even Tarzan
breathless. Trained guides take you on the ride of your life. The zip line ride is a system of
integrated cables and rigging design for maximum thrill and exposure to the best views of the
rainforest. Our canopy consists of 11 zip lines - including the islands longest and highest – and
two net bridges. Our lines extend up to 800 feet between platforms and reach heights up to 150
feet above the forest floor. Between zips there is plenty of time to take in the unique panoramic
views and observe the magnificent flora and fauna indigenous to the forest feet.
After the ride, relax and enjoy complimentary local refreshments while surrounded by the
beauty and serenity of nature.
Warning: Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenge, or suffering from a heart condition is
not encouraged to participate in this tour.

For those who like extreme sports, the Treetop Challenge Course Adventure will satisfy your
thrill-seeking urges. Not for the faint of heart, the Challenge Course will test you both
physically and mentally.

The Treetop Challenge Course Adventure begins with a moderate hike to the first element. The
course features 11 different high wire elements, including “Islands in the Sky”, “Postman’s
Walk”, and “Burma Bridge”. Set at heights of up to 65 feet above the forest floor, the course is
breathtaking as much for its views as for its challenges. Our professional team is present
throughout the course to ensure both your enjoyment and your safety as you move through the
treetops. After completing the challenge, enjoy complimentary local refreshments as you bask in
your triumph.
Warning: Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is
not encouraged to participate in this tour.

                            RAINFOREST CYCLING ADVENTURE
If you want to experience the real St.Lucia, this is the tour for you. Cycles through our unique
forest trails and witness up close the beauty of the rainforest with its lush vegetation and
interesting wildlife.

Our knowledgeable guide points out the various trees and flowers that grow wild along the
trails. Make sure you bring your camera because the photo opportunities are endless. Our main
attraction, the Dennery waterfall, is arguable the most spectacular on the island. A dip in the
pool at the base of the waterfall will leave you feeling invigorated. Brief stops during the
remainder of the tour allow the guide to show the many fruits and spices that grow in
abundance. You will have a new appreciation for the beauty of the island on the drive back up
the coast.
Warning: Although the terrain is mainly flat or gently sloping, anyone who is pregnant,
physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is not encouraged to participate in
this tour.

                               TREETOP KIDDIES ADVENTURE
This is an activity catered for the little adventurer. The Kiddies Treetop Adventure includes a
mini Canopy Adventure and a mini Challenge Course Adventure designed for our younger

Kids can zip, whiz, and glide through the forest canopy and the challenge themselves on simple
elements in the challenge course. If you have kids, don’t miss out on the opportunity for the
whole family to experience the thrills of our rainforest adventures.
Warning: Every participant of this tour must have a disclaimer signed by a parent or guardian.

Visitors can observe some of St. Lucia’s rare indigenous species, The colourful St. Lucia Oriole,
White breasted Thrasher, Lesser Antillian Peewee, St. Lucia Wren and many other tropical
endemic birds.
Warning: Anyone who is pregnant, physically challenged, or suffering from a heart condition is
not encouraged to participate in this tour.

                                     SUNSET CRUISE
Enjoy a romantic evening while you sail into the sunset. Take in on the magnificent view of the
Pitons, toasting to some champagne or island rum punch. Hors d’ oeuvres and refreshments
                                       FULL DAY SAIL
Sail the calm Caribbean Sea to picturesque Marigot Bay. Bring along a picnic basket from our
Restaurant or have lunch at a restaurant in Marigot Bay. Later, stop to swim and snorkel in the
crystal clear water at Anse Cochon Beach.
Complimentary refreshments and snorkel equipment included.

                                       HALF DAY SAIL
Enjoy sailing and snorkeling along the west coast of St. Lucia for a half day.
Complimentary drinks and snorkel equipment included.

                                  SNORKEL EXCURSION
Explore the of beauty of Soufriere’s underwater life as you snorkel at the Pinnacles (a reef
shaped like the Pitons) and Trou Diable. Snorkel equipment and complimentary refreshments

                               WHALE & DOLPHIN WATCHING
Begin your two hour search for Sperm Whales & Short Finned Pilot Humpback Whales, off of
the coast of Soufriere near the famous Piton mountains and near the fishing village of Canaries.
Please note that Whales & Dolphins spend most of their lives under water and sightings are not
guaranteed on every tour.

                                GLASS BOTTOM BOAT TOUR
Discover the underwater world from a 27’ glass bottom boat, viewing coral reefs and a variety of
colourful fish.

                               ANSE LA RAYE SEAFOOD FIESTA
On a Friday evening, the village of Anse-La-Raye located on the west coast of St. Lucia, comes
alive as the villagers prepare a St. Lucian seafood extravaganza, which includes local delicacies
such as lobster, Lambi, Octopus, and a variety of other fish.
Sit and relax whilst enjoying the ambiance of Anse-La-Raye, or dance to the best of local and
Caribbean music on the street or in one of several small bars and booths.

                                RHYTHM OF RUM TOUR
In the Roseau Valley, approximately 45 minutes drive away, is St. Lucia Distillers where you
embark on The Rhythm of Rum. This tour that takes you on a journey that illuminates the
connection between the production of rum and the historical and cultural heritage of the island.

The tour begins with a short video explaining the rum production, its connection to the island
and the distillery’s family beginnings. Guests then proceed to the main distillery factory where
it becomes clear that the making of rum has its own distinct rhythm and flavour. From the
molasses vats holding the dark viscous and aromatic raw material to the open vats where final
fermentation takes place, visitors are encouraged to engage all the senses to understand the
unique phenomenon that is rum making.

Beautiful copper stills dominate the main floor where guests can observe the progressive
distilling process with an opportunity to see and smell the spirit at its various stages. But
perhaps most intriguing of this process is the casking of the spirit into oak barrels that began
their lives in places far flung, in bourbon and port producing districts lending the aging rum
both the colour and character of their previous contents.

St Lucia rums and liqueurs very much accompany the celebration of spirit and passion that has
so characterised the island’s history. The rhythm of rum tour concludes with a Carnival
extravaganza. Colourful costumes and the melodic sounds of steel pan envelope visitors in the
Carnival interpretation centre.

The tour ends at a veritable rum buffet where visitors can sample the impressive range and find
the rum or rums which best fit the individual palate. Whether it is a premium sipping rum, a
crème liqueur or an invigorating spice rum, the Rhythm of Rum boutique stocks and sells your
favourite St Lucia Distillers product.

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