Illini Parents Workshops Saturday Sept Illini Union Ballroom Check by juanagui


									                              Illini Parents 101 Workshops 2008
                              Saturday, Sept. 27th, Illini Union Ballroom
                            Check-in, 8:30 am, program begins at 9 am.
                       Optional lunch at 1 pm in the Colonial Room, Illini Union

Name___________________________________                Phone_________________________
         (Please print)
Address_________________________________               Email__________________________

City_______________________________ State______________               Zip________________

Workshops                                # attending ________

Optional lunch                           # attending______      @ $10 each = $

                                                                TOTAL DUE: = $


Credit Card #                                            Exp Date

Visa            MC

If paying by check, make payable to Moms and Dads Association and mail with completed order form to:

                               MOMS & DADS ASSOCIATIONS
                                  227 Illini Union, MC-384
                                   1401 W. Green Street
                                     Urbana, IL 61801

       RESERVATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY                  Friday, September 19, 2008

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