SEUSSICAL Prop List The followin by fjwuxn

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                                                 Prop List

The following is a list of props that we need for the show. If anyone has or feels creative enough to build
please let Roe know. Props should be “out the box” and Seuss like.

  1. red & white striped Seuss hat                            39. Red & white stripe coat
  2. Oversized “ Cat In The Hat “ book – (need to             40. Seuss palm tree
      be made)                                                41. snorkel goggles
  3. Red Sally Jesse Rafael like glasses                      42. tray with cocktail on it colorful
  4. Talk show microphone                                     43. large circus flyer
  5. Large yellow & white MAYOR WHO button                    44. large pencil
  6. (4) Seuss Marching band instruments                      45. tablet of paper
  7. Colored clover                                           46. fake wine glasses
  8. Field patch of clovers 2’ deep x 3’ long                 47. two Barbie dolls representing and dressed
  9. Seuss tub                                                    like Jojo and Gen
  10. 16 fish like Seuss creatures on poles for               48. Flashlight
      movement                                                49. Stuffed element w/ wings (elephant bird)
  11. Seuss Borden school brochure oversize
  12. Seussified bed w/ comforter
  13. side table with seussfied alarm clock
  14. (10) swords
  15. small guitar
  16. stool brightly colored
  17. White Doctors coat with name tag reading “
      Dr. Dake
  18. Large stethoscope
  19. Pill berry bush
  20. Headphones
  21. Hat w/ large helicopter blades attached
  22. Colorful ladder made to look like a tree with
      a nest and a large colorful egg that can
      crack and be put back together. Ladder
      should be on casters.
  23. Piano
  24. (2) large water guns colorful
  25. Couple of bags of autumn leaves in a
      autumn decorated basket that says FALL
  26. Metal bucket decorated in X-mas theme with
      white confettie or snow like material.
  27. Rain coat and seuss umbrella
  28. (2) Seuss hunter guns
  29. 2 sets of yellow or white colored crutches
  30. fake arm & leg cast
  31. Music stand painted colorful
  32. colorful baton
  33. colored binder with music on color paper in
  34. Scarf
  35. Reading glasses
  36. Plaid jacket
  37. Colored Gavel
  38. Large sign “ circus mcgurkus

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