Parent Letter October 8, 2010

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					Jolly Phonics                                          Next week we hit the wagon trail for a look at
This week we learned the Jolly Phonics sounds of w,    pioneers. We will have Pioneer Dress-Up Day
ng, v, oo, and y. We practiced forming the letters     on Thursday, October 14th. We will also take
on sky/ground paper and learned the new songs. We
                                                       turns bringing home a pioneer lunch pail to bring
also reviewed all the letters and sounds we have
                                                       our own lunch to school. Watch for notes
learned by playing a Jolly Phonics CD-Rom game on
the interactive white board.                           regarding these activities.

Reading                                                Thursday, October 14th – Pioneer Dress-Up
We reread the book Miss Bindergarten Takes a           Day
Field Trip, sorted items found at each field trip in
the story, and listed them on our graphic organizer
chart. We identified many of our letter sounds in
the text.
                                                       Check out Mrs. Snitker’s animated Voki on Kindertails. We
Students are bringing home the sight word reader       will be making some of these this year and adding student
Dress Up. This reader focuses on the sight words I,    voices to our blog.
am, the, and little. Please practice reading this
with your child.                                       Students enjoyed playing the color pattern game on
                                                       Kindertails. This is great practice for extending patterns,
Journals                                               which is more difficult. Please take some time to have
We continued writing in our journals this week. The    your child play the educational games on Kindertails.
students did a great job writing sentences with the
sight words the and little.                  
In math we completed our unit on patterns. We
reviewed copying, extending, and transferring
patterns in groups. Today we made a pattern book to
review what we have learned.

Fire Safety
Our trip to the Waukon Fire Station was very
meaningful. Students watched the video Sparky the
Fire Safety Dog, toured the fire trucks, practiced
Stop, Drop and Roll, and got to spray the fire hose.
We are very grateful for our brave and dedicated

Please check that your smoke alarms are working
correctly and go over at least two escape routes in
your home, with a meeting place outside.

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