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Episode4: How to Train an Overly Aggressive German Shepherd

Hello and welcome to a new Episode from TrainGermanShepherd. Net

Today we’re gonna talk about: How to Train an Overly Aggressive German Shepherd

Aggression is one of the desirable traits of a German Shepherd breeder, but excessive aggression can
become a safety hazard for not only the owner but also for others who come into contact with the dog.
German shepherd is a breed of dog that’s known for its intelligence and tendency to please the masters.
However, these qualities can be developed only by proper German Shepherd dog training.

 You need to understand that though some amount of aggression is inherent in this breed, a German
Shepherd can become overly aggressive only due to improper training. This excessive aggression is
generally seen in adult dogs of the species. Therefore, the best way of avoiding such aggression is
through training your German Shepherd right from the eighth week.

However, if you are buying an adult German Shepherd make sure you buy one that has normal
aggressive behavior. However, if you end up getting an overly aggressive German Shepherd, it’s
advisable to identify its aggression first.

If your dog shows predatorial or territorial aggression, that is, aggression towards people entering their
domain, it’s normal. However, if your dog shows fear-based aggression and feels threatened very often,
it’s not normal and you might need to take your dog to special training classes and get expert help.

However, if you really wanna help your dog, there are three things you can do. Firstly, since extreme
aggression can be due to psychological reasons, you can begin by creating a friendlier training
environment by letting him interact with your friends and family.

Secondly, you need to make him intermingle with other dogs.

Thirdly, you also need to keep your dog away from aggressive dogs that can influence his behavior or
even hurt him.

Lastly, you need to keep him on a leash and give him jolts when you see him becoming angry. This will
not only help him stay in control but also make him realize that extreme aggression can cause him
discomfort and he would mellow down in time.

Always keep in mind that punishing your dog will not help you train him, so be patient and proceed

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and stay tuned for more to come.

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