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Episode3: How to Leash Train Your German Shepherd

Hello and welcome to a new Episode from TrainGermanShepherd. Net

Today we’re gonna talk about: How to Leash Train Your German Shepherd

German shepherds are huge dogs with sharp brains. They need special training not just to understand
you but also to keep their active mind occupied and for their athletic bodies to get some exercise.

Training is a crucial part of keeping a German Shepherd dog, but you need to know that German
Shepherd dogs work better with leash training rather than rewards training and make sure you give your
canine friend what it craves for.

A German Shepherd is a pack dog and it believes in following the principle of a pack. Therefore, training
your German Shepherd will require you to acquire the position of an alpha to make sure that your dog
listens to you.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while going about German Shepherd dog training.

First, you need to start the basic obedience training of your German Shepherd when it’s eight weeks old.
It’s advisable to begin leash training around the tenth week, when your pet has learned the basics of
obeying your commands.

Second, make sure that you get your dogs’ undivided attention. German Shepherds are easily distracted
during training and therefore, you need to keep them on a leash to make sure that you have all their
attention when you’re trying to teach them something new.You can strain the leash a bit every time you
feel that your puppy has wandered away with the traffic noises or the garden butterflies.

Third, keep the other end of the leash in your hand at all times and tighten and loose it in accordance
with your dog's response to your commands. When it listens to you, loosen the leash. This will not only
encourage him to obey your commands but also establish you as the leader of the pack.

Leash training is also important for your German Shepherd because it needs to recognize you as the
alpha dog of the pack.

Unless you have an overarching authority over your pet, you might end up being walked by your dog
instead of you walking him. However, it’s advisable to complement the leash training with some
amount of reward to get best results.

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I hope you have enjoyed this episode and stay tuned for more to come.

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Description: Follow these breed-best steps in training your German Shepherd. From establishing appropriate dominance over your pet to training via leash, this article gives the overall structure for the proper training methods for this breed.