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					Kevin Meagher Rob Schwartz likes to see perfection. Actually, he yells at you until he sees perfection. Whatever he may yell, head NAU strength coach Rob Schwartz pushes all NAU athletes to their physical limitations to see that goal “I want all of my athletes to be pushed to their physical limitations so that each and every game is a little easier,” said Schwartz. “I know every athlete wants to be perfect so why would I expect anything less.” Rob Schwartz started his athletic training and science career at Bowling Green University after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in education. Upon graduating, he became an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Bowling Green. After two years at Bowling Green, Schwartz moved to the University of Houston to earn his master’s degree in health and human performance as well as become an assistant strength and conditioning coach for their football team. “Working with the University of Houston cougar football team and all the other strength coaches there helped me immensely,” said Rob. “I really learned how to work one-onone with student-athletes as well as many strength and conditioning techniques.” Schwartz even worked with professional level athletes in 2003-04 as an intern strength coach for the Cleveland Indian minor-league team, the Burlington Indians. Before coming to Northern Arizona University, Schwartz worked for two years as the Sports Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance located in Houston. There he got to train many athletes of all levels. “Velocity Sports is a performance organization that teaches athletes of all levels. I got to help train NFL players as well as the average high school football player,” said Schwartz. While working at Velocity, Schwartz kept his eyes open for any strength and conditioning jobs at the university level. When one opened up at Northern Arizona, he jumped on it. “I had heard of NAU before and heard that they were looking for a strength coach. It sounded like the perfect opportunity,” said Schwartz. “Coach Schwartz knows what he’s talking about,” says NAU volleyball player Roni Greenwood. “He helps our team develop our strength as well as our speed and explosiveness. Without Coach, I don’t think we would be the team we are today.” Coach Schwartz tries to make an impact in every student-athlete he trains. “I’m in much better running shape than I was two years ago,” says NAU football All- American wide receiver Alex Watson. “It is important for our football team to have an advantage being at high elevation and our conditioning program has helped tremendously. He wants us to be perfect.”

Although perfection can never be attained, all athletes should be pushed to their limits in order to get closer to that goal. Coach Rob Schwartz continues to push his athlete’s everyday and hopes he is making an impact

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