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					 Ballroom Dancing

                                       Non-profit Org.

                                                                Kendallville IN
                                                                                    The Cole

                                        U.S. Postage

                                                                 Permit #161
   Registration                                                                   Center Family
Names:____________________                                                           YMCA




Class Choice:

Fee: Member—$40.00/couple
      Non-member- $60.00/couple
Minimum 6 couples to hold class.
                                       Cole Center Family YMCA

                                       Kendallville IN 46755

Please call 347-9622 with any ques-                                                    700 S Garden Street
                                                                                      Kendallville IN 46755
                                       700 S Garden St

tions. You may also leave a message
                                       P O Box 233

for Richard and Terry Harris at this                                                      219-347-9622
                                           Social Ballroom Dancing consists of        Richard and Terry Harris have been
SOCIAL BALLROOM DANCING is an              two types of dances, Modern and Latin.     residents of Auburn since April, 2000.
informal adaptation of formal ballroom                                                They have enjoyed dancing together
dance steps used in competitions. It’s     Modern dances, such as the Lindy           for almost 20 years and are members
                                           (Swing), Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango were     of the USABDA (United States Ama-
a fun and elegant activity for special
                                           developed in the 1920s and 1930s.          teur Ballroom Dancers Association,
events such as weddings, anniversa-
                                                                                      Inc.) and DanceSports, Inc.
ries, holiday parties or an evening with   Latin dances became popular in the
someone special.                           1930s and 1940s starting with the          Richard and Terry began taking
                                           Rumba and followed by the Cha-Cha,         dance classes in California in 1982
                                           Samba, Mambo, Merengue and others.         with Phran Turner four nights per
Our beginning dance class will cover                                                  week, along with private lessons on
the basic steps of Foxtrot, Cha-Cha,       Popular dances in more recent times        the weekends. In 1990, they bagan
Swing, Rumba, Waltz, Night Club Two        are the Hustle in the 1970s, Night Club    assisting Phran at dance classes and
Step Samba and the Hustle. Students        Two Step in the 1980s and Line Danc-       teaching at local fundraisers. In or-
should wear clothes that are comfort-      ing in the 1990s.                          der to find places where they and
able. Special attendtion to shoes is im-                                              their friends could dance more often,
portant. Wear smooth-soled shoes or                                                   they formed the Mission Hills Social
                                                                                      Dance Club in Fremont, California.
just socks. Shoes with anti-slip soles,
such as tennis shoes or hiking boots,
                                                 Advantages of Dancing                After moving to southwest Michigan
are not recommended for dancing.                                                      in 1995, they joined Dance Arts Stu-
                                           ◊ Low impact exercises                     dio where they continued dance les-
                                           ◊ Improves confidence and coordiation      sons under Rhonda Hocutt and
*Classes will be held Friday nights:       ◊ Couples, family and friends can do       Rhonda Rabbers.       They assisted
       6:45-7:45pm & 8-9pm                    together                                their instructors with teaching at
*Sessions run for six weeks with an        ◊ Rewarding way to spend leisure time      dance classes and practice parties.
end of the session practice dance. The     ◊ Meet new friends                         They also performed at dance exhibi-
dance begins with our final one-hour       ◊ Enjoyed by all ages                      tions at the Lake Michigan College
class followed by three hours of open      ◊ Improve existing relationship            Wedding World Expo, Dance Arts
dance. A small fee may be charged for      ◊ Dances can be used with many forms of    Studio recitals, Lakeland High
refreshments offered at the open             music; rock and roll, country western,   School, Orchard Mall and at local re-
                                             easy listening, big band, new age and    tirement centers.
*Minimum 6 couples to hold class.

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Description: Social dance that originated in the Western international social dance, also known as ballroom dancing, party dancing, social dancing, ballroom dancing. Originated in Europe, in the ancient folk dance evolved on the basis of the development. Since the 16,17 century, dance has become a common practice in Europe's social activities, it is a "world language," said. 20 years after the 20th century, social dancing all over the world to chill out, it is also called "international dance."