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  VOLUME NO. 64                                                               THE VFW LEADER                                                                                      APR/MAY/JUNE 2010

 Jr Vice Cdr-in-Chief and National Conductress
 Witness Seay's and Butterworth's Triumphs
Douglas L. Seay of Clyde was elected VFW       Bruce Edwards as Quartermaster, Eddie       changes, the Department Convention
State Commander and Janice Butterworth         Banther as Judge Advocate, Saundra          floor voted to support a proposed change
of Holden Beach as Ladies Auxiliary State      Clagett as Surgeon, and A. G. Parker as     to increase the National Convention post
President at the Department of North           Chaplain.                                   fee from $10 for the first comrade to
Carolina's 80th Annual State Convention                                                    $25, as the National Convention has
in Raleigh on June 19, 2010. Viewing           On the Ladies' side of the house, Barbara   grown in costs, despite budget slashing,
this 2010-2011 election were the two           Icard moved up unopposed from Junior        over the years.
National Representatives, Junior Vice          Vice President to Senior Vice President,
Commander-in-Chief Richard DeNoyer             and Ginger Amos advanced unopposed          In the area of Resolutions, the Convention
of Massachusetts and Ladies Auxiliary          from Chaplain to Junior Vice President.     floor approved two resolutions to be sent
National Conductress Arimithea "Sissy"         Winning the other three chairs in the       to the National Convention for consider-
Borel of Louisiana.                            Ladies' chain of responsibility were        ation by all 54 Departments of the VFW.           Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief                  Ladies Auxiliary National
                                               Penny Cacoulidis over Kathy Dixon for       They are a resolution to have colleges            Richard DeNoyer of Massachusetts              Conductress Arimithea "Sissy"
Rounding off the slate of top three 2010-      Chaplain, Ida Workman unopposed for         give college credit to soldiers who have                                                             Borel of Louisiana
2011 officers for the VFW are Jason            Conductress, and B. Mae Harris over         undergone certain military training and       ment that Poppies can be purchased is 500.   in 2000-01. He was elected as Junior
Schoolcraft of Whiteville as Senior            Betsy Fortenberry for Guard.                instruction, and a resolution to support      National Representative Junior Vice          Vice Commander-in-Chief at the 2009
Vice Commander and Ted Briggs of                                                           a government stamp and coin program           Commander-in-Chief DeNoyer declared          National Convention in Phoenix.
Clemmons as Junior Vice Commander.             William Sloan and Lynn Jones ended          that would assist warriors and their fami-    his great enjoyment at visiting North        Besides the VFW, he is a member of the
Schoolcraft was unopposed in his bid to        their exciting year as State Commander      lies monetarily.                              Carolina and viewing the very suc-           American Legion, DAV, Vietnam Veterans
move up from Junior Vice Commander             and State President respectively by                                                       cessful state convention. DeNoyer will       of America, Marine Corps Mustang
to Senior Vice Commander, but Briggs           assuming their hard-earned positions of     In separate business on Sunday morn-          become National Commander-in-Chief           Association, Marine Corps League,
had to battle three other candidates to        Past State Commander and Past State         ing, the 20th, the incoming Council of        in 2011-2012. A member of Medford,           US Marine Corps Drill Instructors
win his position. In the closest election      President.                                  Administration approved Bruce Edwards         Massachusetts, Post 1012, he served          Association, and the Retired Officers
in 20 years, Briggs defeated District 10                                                   as Adjutant, Cleo Summers as State            in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1960           Association.
Commander Euell "Buzz" Griggs, Past            In the area of Department By-Laws           Service Officer, William Dohl as Chief        to 1982, including a tour in Vietnam
District 8 Commander Mark Bergman,             changes, the Convention floor voted to      of Staff, and Stephen Amos as State           in 1966-67. His decorations include a        Sissy Borel, the Ladies Auxiliary National
and She Serves Committee Member                approve the formation of VFW Riders         Inspector. Also, the Council approved         Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnam Service        Conductress, will become National
Frances Crawford. The contest took             (motorcycle) chapters by the individual     a motion that the Budget Committee            Medal, and Vietnam Cross of Gallantry        President in 2013. She is a member of
three separate ballots, as first Crawford      posts. These chapters will conform to       would conduct a VFW audit of the              with Palm.                                   Auxiliary 4759 in Starks, Louisiana, hav-
and Bergman were dropped off the ballot        VFW National rules and regulations,         Department records, in addition to the                                                     ing a brother and three sons who give
as being the lower scorers. In the final       which will be published to all posts in     professional audit currently conducted        DeNoyer joined the VFW in 1981 in            her eligibility. Her elected offices include
vote, Briggs was able to top Griggs by a       the near future by Department headquar-     by the accounting firm of Neal, Bradsher,     Massachusetts, and has served at Post,       Auxiliary President, District President,
total of 51 % to 49%.                          ters. A proposed change that would have     and Taylor, and a motion that would           District, and Department level, culmi-       and President of the Department of
                                               allowed the Council of Administration to    allow posts to buy Buddy Poppies in           nating in his election as Commander of       Louisiana in 2004-2005. She was elected
Other VFW comrades who were reelected          vote by mail in unusual circumstanc-        100-poppy increments from Department          the Department of Massachusetts              National Guard in 2008 and National
unopposed to their same position were          es was defeated. For National By-Laws       Headquarters. Currently, the smallest incre                                                Conductress in 2009.

Past State Commander North Carolina / Virginia
Ralph Ross Of Mint Hill Dies Benefits Partnership Update
                                                                                           Update Government's new                        supplements, but this special enroll-       AFBA foundation provides (free ben-
                                                                                                                                          ment window will not last so don't          efit) an additional $40,000 scholar-
                                                                                           low-premium Medicare                           miss out. Contact our NC/VA VFW             ship fund to surviving families of
                                                                                           Supplement plan "N"- a                         Benefits Partnership message center         first-responders killed in line of duty.
                                                                                                                                          at 1-866-223-1431 immediately for           Coverage is provided with no medi-
                                                                                           huge hit!                                      more information.                           cal underwriting up to $250,000 and
                                                                                           Are you "trapped" in an expen-                 ARMED FORCES BENEFIT                        is also available to spouses and chil-
                                                                                           sive Medicare supplement? Now                                                              dren! Call our NC/VA VFW Benefits
                                                                                                                                          ASSOCIATION (AFBA) ben-                     Partnership at 1-866-223-1431 for
                                                                                           there is a way out. The government
                                                                                           unveiled two new modern Medicare               efits now available to non-                 more information.
                                                                                           Supplement Plans "M" and "N,"                  military!
                                                                                           that are available now for enrollment.                                                     Hospital reimbursement plan
                                                                                           These plans were designed to provide           Remember the cheap life insur-              reimburses both civilian and
                                                                                           Medicare recipients with Medicare              ance you had while on active duty?
                                                                                           supplement coverage at tremendous              Most veterans are familiar with the         VA hospital co-pays!
                                                                                           monthly premium discounts. And                 AFBA as the non-profit organiza-
                                                                                           there is significant opportunity for                                                       Outstanding limited benefit plan
                                                                                                                                          tion that provides death benefits to
                                                                                           our comrades/sisters who are trapped                                                       available to all North Carolinians
                                                                                                                                          active duty/Guard/Reserve military
                                                                                           in expensive supplement plans                                                              ages 40-80; this plan is especially
                                                                                                                                          personnel at extremely low rates.
                                                                                           because they have medical issues that                                                      attractive to Medicare Advantage
                                                                                                                                          Started under President Eisenhower
                                                                                           prevent them from qualifying for a                                                         enrollees who want protection from
                                                                                                                                          just after WWII, AFBA benefits were
                                                                                           cheaper supplement. For a limited                                                          high co-payments (i.e. In-patient
                                                                                                                                          only available to military person-
                                                                                           time window, they can now apply                                                            hospital stays/cancer treatment). It
                                                                                                                                          nel, but for the first time in his-
                                                                                           for low-premium Plan "N" coverage                                                          is also attractive to comrades/sisters
                                                                                                                                          tory, AFBA benefits are now avail-
                                                                                           without the normal medical under-                                                          that are not yet on Medicare and
                                                                                                                                          able to certain non-military First
                                                                                           writing! For example, a comrade and                                                        want to have commercial/VA hospital
                                                                                                                                          Responders (Fire/Police/EMS) and
                                                                                           sister previously unable to move to                                                        co-pay reimbursement skilled nurs-
                                                                                                                                          other government/state employees.
                                                                                           a cheaper MedSup (because they are                                                         ing care benefit, and lump sum pay-
                                                                                                                                          This outstanding coverage provides
                                                                                           insulin diabetics) were able to move a                                                     ment for outpatient surgery/cancer
                                                                                                                                          the same 24/7, on/off duty death
                                                                                           plan "N" with no medical underwrit-                                                        diagnosis at very low cost. Call the
Ralph Ross of Post 4059 in Mint Hill          Loyalty Day Chairman from 1957-58,                                                          benefit coverage (for any reason -no
                                                                                           ing, and they reduced their premi-                                                         NC/VA VFW Benefits Partnership at
passed away in Charlotte/Mint Hill            Community Services Chairman from                                                            occupation, war, or terrorism exclu-
                                                                                           ums from over $6,000 to $2400/year                                                         1-866-223-1431 for more informa-
recently. Ross was the State Commander        1958-61, and Membership Chairman in                                                         sions!) that is provided to active duty
                                                                                           - saving over $4,800 per year! This                                                        tion.
of the Department of North Carolina           1963-64 and 1965-66.                                                                        personnel. Example rate: a 32 year-
during the height of the Vietnam War in                                                    is an absolutely golden opportuni-             old first responder with $100,000
1968-69.                                      Ross was elected to the Department           ty for enrollees stuck in expensive            coverage for $10/month! In addition,
                                              officer chairs in 1966 as Junior Vice
He had a very active career in the Veterans   Commander, served as Senior Vice
of Foreign Wars, beginning with his           Commander in 1967-68, and then as
election as the first Post Commander
of Earp-Williams Post 4059 in 1950.
                                              State Commander in 1968-69.
                                                                                                                  Visit Your Post's Website
Serving again as Post Commander in            After his year as State Commander, he
1951-52, he moved up temporarily to           continued to provide excellent service          Every post in North Carolina has their own web-
Department level by being appointed as        to the Department as a member of the
Sergeant-at-Arms in 1952-53. He then          Rehabilitation and Welfare Committee             site. It takes a minute to visit your post's site.
served as Adjutant of his post from 1953      in 1969-70 and 1972-73, the State Voice
to 1957.                                      of Democracy (VOD) Chairman from                                   Just log in to:
                                              1970-72, and finally as District 13
In 1957, he began his service at              Commander in 1973-74.                             http://www.vfwwebcom.org/northcarolina
Department level in earnest. He was
Page 2                                                                                APR/MAY/JUNE 2010                                                                   THE VFW LEADER

                                                                                      NCDVA Employees, Members of the
                                                                                      Commission and Commanders and
                                                                                                                                  A letter signed by the President of the
                                                                                                                                  Republic of Korea expressing that free      A Message
                                                                                      Representatives of VSOs,                    nation's profound gratitude is available

     The VFW Leader is published                                                      Attached is information that needs
                                                                                                                                  to each living Korean War Veteran and
                                                                                                                                  can be obtained on line at http;//eng.
                                                                                                                                                                              From Your
     quarterly by the Department           Correspondence regarding sub-
     of North Carolina Veterans of
     Foreign Wars at 917 New Bern
                                           scription and circulation should
                                           be addressed to VFW Leader, P.O.
                                                                                      to be sent to your respective County
                                                                                      Veterans Service Offices.
                                                                                                                                  eng.koreanwar60.go.kr/apply.asp> or         Department
                                                                                                                                  by writing to: U.S. Branch ROK 60th
     Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina.

                                           Box 25337, Raleigh, N.C. 27611.
                                                                                      As the 60th anniversary of the begin-
                                                                                      ning of the Korean War approaches
                                                                                                                                  AKW Commemoration Committee,
                                                                                                                                  2450 Massachusetts Ave., NW,
     Edwards                                                                          on June 25, now is a good time to let       Washington, DC 20008.
                                                                                      Korean War Veterans know that the                                                       "These are the times that try men's
     News stories, photographs and
     other matters for publication                                                    Republic of Korea wants to directly         If you need additional information,         souls." —Thomas Paine
     should be addressed to Editor,                                                   thank them for their courageous ser-        please contact me.
     VFW Leader, P.O. Box 25337,                                                      vice and sacrifice on behalf of freedom.    Charlie Smith, Director, NCDVA              These past years have been some
     Raleigh, N.C. 27611.                                                                                                                                                     of the most challenging in our
                                                                                      Dear Fellow Veterans:                       malice for being wounded by an invis-       nation's—and organization's—
   "Department Headquarters                                                                                                       ible enemy, while proudly serving their     history. A crippling recession.
   normal operating hours 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                                       From July ( 1945 ) to November (            Country, and would gladly "strap-it-        Wars on two fronts. Rising num-
   Monday thru Friday. Closed for holidays: New Years                                 1992 ), the United States detonated         on" one more time in defense of our         bers of injured veterans. And
                                                                                      1,154~nucrear weapons including the         liberty, freedom and way of life, as they   unfortunately, declining dona-
   Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Good Friday,
                                                                                      two Atomic-Bombs that destroyed             are all true Patriots of the first order,   tions to our programs ... even as
   Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans                                  Hiroshima & Nagasaki ( Japan ) and          and their only wish is to be properly
   Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day."                                                                                                                                     the need is growing dramatically.
                                                                                      three ( advanced design ) tests on the      recognized by their Government, and
                                                                                      outskirts of Hattiesburg, MS. There         properly treated for their health issues.
                                                                                                                                                                              Today, VFW is being tested on an
Letters to the Editor                                                                 were more than 500,000 military per-
                                                                                      sonnel involved in those radiation con-
                                                                                                                                  Accordingly, there are several thousand
                                                                                                                                  surviving Spouses of ( deceased) A-Vets
                                                                                                                                                                              epic level. This situation is seri-
                                                                                                                                                                              ous. You need to know about it so,
                                                                                      tamination events, at various Pacific       who may not be aware of their eligibil-
GREETINGS:                                 Storm, Cold War, etc.) - approxi-          Islands & Atoll's, or at the "Camp-         ity for "survivor" benefits. Reaching       together, we can fight back.
                                           mately 12-15 medals United Nations         Desert-Rock" (NV) Test Site. Those          out to these Veterans, and their families
I am just a "grunt" down the line,         - approximately 20-30 medals.              Atomic-Veterans (A-Vets) were held to a     is the root purpose of our continuing       More than two million men and
who has an "ax to grind!" What is it?                                                 strict "oath-of-secrecy" that was finally   Mission-Statement.                          women have served in Iraq and
Why do our veterans (around here)          If you, as a Veteran, are interested,      rescinded in November, 1996. By this                                                    Afghanistan. They are returning
fail or do not wear their medals on        write for the catalogs from the ven-       time, however; more than 300,000 A-         The Officers & Directors of NAAV are        home to a nation in crisis. Jobs
Memorial Day or Veterans Day or            dors listed below. (There are other        Vets had carried their "secrecy-oath"       all Atomic-Veterans who dedicate their      are extremely scarce. The VA sys-
any other day?                             vendors not listed shown.) These are       with them to their graves, along with       time towards these ends, freely and         tem is stretched to the limit. And
                                           listed in sequence of which have the       a host of debilitating radiogenic health    without compensation. In the past,          these young veterans are turning
So I put together the enclosed Medals      most commemorative medals. No              issues that shortened their normal life     we were able to fund the costs of these
and Commemorative Medals infor-            vendor carries them all, as each has                                                                                               to us for help in record num-
                                                                                      expectancy. These health anomalies          activities with membership dues and         bers, as are veterans of wars past.
mation sheet and pass a copy to any        a different contract for buying and        were precipitated by their exposure to      ( tax-exempt ) donations, without the
veteran I see to include post/chapter      selling the medals. You can get all                                                                                                If we stopped sending mailings
                                                                                      ionizing radiation particles at various     need to actively solicit additional con-
meetings. I sent this to you and           the catalogs and shop around for the                                                                                               and relied solely on membership
                                                                                      nuclear weapon test sites, or while         tributions. At this time, however; we
perhaps you could put something            best price.                                engaged in assigned activities within       find ourselves in need of seeking out       dues, the available funds would
together, (Use my words and such                                                      nuclear radiation fallout "hot-zones."      additional monetary assistance, from        cover only 11% of program costs.
as you see fit) and put it in the VFW      You are entitled to various medals;                                                    other Veteran Groups, or from any           Without donations from generous
Leader.                                    why not get them and pass them on          The National Association of Atomic          other "Good-Samaritan" source. We           members like you, VFW will fall
                                           to your grandkids?                         Veterans ( NAAV ) was founded in            hope you will consider the merits of        short. Right now, we are falling
Patriotism is not dead! But if you                                                    1979, to give A-Vets a single voice to      assisting us in our quest to continue       short.
can, please help me to encourage our       Children today need heroes. Your           express their concerns about ( radio-       to help America's wounded "Nuclear-
buddies to wear their medals. It's         medals recognize you as one... .espe-      genic) health issues that they could        Warriors" as described herein. All such     I know we ask a lot of you, but
ad—shame they don't. They earned           cially in the eyes of children. Medals     not freely discuss with their families,     contributions will be recognized with       that's because we need you.
them, after all. I am not "bad mouth-      can also show an important part if         private physicians, or even the local       our letter of thanks, and an "Atomic-       Without your contributions, we
ing" anybody. They have done great         your family's history.                     V.A. Over the last 30+ years, we have       Veteran-Sponsor" Certificate. Those
things.                                                                                                                                                                       would be forced to turn away
                                                                                      rendered assistance to more than            who may wish to contribute $500.00          many veterans in need. I want you
                                           Order Catalogs from:                       50,000 of these veterans, and their         ( or more ) will be recognized with our
Why don't all of us wear the med-          ® Pieces of History, P.O Box 7590,                                                                                                 to understand your donations to
                                                                                      families, on a "no-fee" basis. Current      letter of thanks and a ( bronze & cher-
als we earned? Remember, this is           Cave Creek, AZ 85327- (480) 488-                                                                                                   Department mailings stay in this
                                                                                      ( DOD) records show that here are           ry-wood ) "Atomic-Veteran-Sponsor"
the Land of the Free Because of the        1377 (2) Medals of America, 1929           approximately 200,000+ surviving A-         plaque. It is our hope that you will find   Department. Your donations sup-
Brave!                                     Fairview Rd., Fountain Inn, SC             Vets, many of whom may not be aware         our purpose noble, just, and worthy of      port the programs right here in
                                           29644 - (800) 308-0849 (?) Medals,         that the "secrecy-oath" is no longer        your kind & generous considerations.        our state. I know I've heard grum-
There is an old saying..."Put a fire       221 N. Central, #1776-M, Medford,          in effect, and a large percentage of                                                    blings about donations going to
under somebody's a--, and they will        OR 97501@ Hoover Mfg. Co., P.O.            which may be afflicted with "service-       Yours truly;                                National—they do, but then they
move." Time to light the fire, I say.      Box 516, Peru, IL 61354 - (815)            connected" radiation induced cancers.       R.J. Totter-CEM Managing Director &         come right back to us.
Mike George USA, CSM(Ret) 85               223-1159 <£) D+G Enterprises,              Collectively, these Veterans hold no        National Commander
years old.                                 P.O. Box 680, Salem, AL.36874 -                                                                                                    Doug Seay, State Commander
                                           (334) 749-9222 $ US Calvary, 2&55
P.S. The old guy in this photo would       Centennial Ave., Radcliff, KY 40160
light up the fire for sure. This pic-
ture was taken by my basic training
                                           - (270) 351-7000 & Ranger Joes,
                                           325 Farr Rd., Suite A, Columbus,
                                                                                      Online Raffle Test a Success                                                                 Winners
buddy two days after we crossed the        GA 31907 - (800) 247-4541
                                                                                      In support of programs and proj-            Raffles are a traditional means of
Rhine in assault boats.
                                           •Certificate / CJM, 704 N. Easy Street,    ects to assist the VFW Department
                                                                                      of North Carolina and other vet-
                                                                                                                                  fund raising used by non-profits
                                                                                                                                  to create revenue in support of
                                                                                                                                                                                    of the
                                           Suite *1, Payson, AZ 85541 - (928)
                                           468-1011 American International
                                           LTD, 1205 W. Main, Norman, OK
                                                                                      erans service groups, the Veterans
                                                                                      Foundation of North Carolina con-
                                                                                                                                  organizational missions. Selling
                                                                                                                                  raffle tickets online enables posts               VFW
                                           73069 - (800) 830-1776                     cluded its first online raffle ticket       and auxiliaries to go “outside the
                                                                                      drive at the Department’s annual
                                                                                      state convention, as approved by
                                                                                                                                  well”, beyond the VFW member-
                                                                                                                                  ship base and into the general pub-
                                                                                      the Council of Administration last          lic in providing ways for individu-
                                            Seth Zissette, a rising sophomore
                                            at UNC-Chapel Hill, was selected
                                                                                      February.                                   als to support the VFW/Auxiliary
                                                                                                                                  mission of “honoring the dead by
                                            to participate in a National Science
                                                                                      The first winners of this new con-          helping the living.” These are not
                                            Foundation Research Experience for                                                                                                     $10,000 to William S.
                                                                                      cept raffle are: 1st place and 3rd          electronic online raffles, but rather
                                            Undergraduates at the University of
                                                                                      place – Charles Cole of Fayetteville        are raffles that require the printing          Collins of China Grove, NC
                                            Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.
                                                                                      Post 6018 for $65, and 2nd place            of tickets, placed in a barrel with
                                            Seth will be immersed in anthropo-
                                                                                      – Jeffery Friar of Charlotte Post           draws conducted by a representa-
                                            logical method and theory. He will
                                                                                      9488 for $25.                               tive of the organization. If tickets           $2,000 to George Gideon of
                                            conduct original research, share in a
                                                                                                                                  are not sold, the raffle becomes a
                                            field trip program visiting museums                                                                                                         Sebastian, FL
                                                                                      The Veterans Foundation of North            50-50 drawing. Tickets printed for
                                            and will participate in a lecture pro-
COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS                                                                  Carolina is a non-profit 501c3              drawings will be saved and remain
                                            gram discussing biological anthropol-
                                                                                      organization created by the VFW to          available for auditing purposes.              $1,000 to Thomas Dittmann
                                            ogy, chemistry, archaeology and Near
The U.S. Government does not have                                                     assist veterans and military families,
                                            Eastern studies. Seth was one of only                                                                                                 of Whispering Pines, FL
a policy of furnishing foreign med-                                                   and is operated by volunteers and           If any North Carolina post or aux-
                                            ten students selected nationwide to
als to veterans. Service personnel are                                                non-paid employees since 2004.              iliary would like to explore the
                                            participate. Seth is a pre-med major at
expected to personally acquire for-                                                   Chariclicks, LLC, a partnership             possibilities of conducting its
                                            UNC. He is the son of Keith and Lisa
                                                                                      organization of the Department              own online raffle, it is free to sign
                                                                                                                                                                                  $500 to Johnnie T. Felts of
eign medals, at their own expense.          Zissette of Barnwell, SC; the grandson
                                                                                      of North Carolina, provides its             up. Interested posts and auxil-                    Union Grove, NC
                                            of Durwood and Joan Moore, and great
Listed below are some commemora-                                                      Exclusive License Agreement with            iaries should contact VFW State
                                            grandson of Mrs. Marie Tyer all of
tive medals and a list of vendor's                                                    a company called Raffle America             Adjutant/Quartermaster at (919)
                                            Washington. Seth was the Recipient of                                                                                                $500 to Marie C. Wester of
catalogs which carry the medals.                                                      to the VFW Department for use               828-5058. Also, one can visit the
                                            the Veterans of Foreign Wars 2009 Otis
World War II - approximately 25-30                                                    by the Veterans Foundation, and             website/weblog at HYPERLINK                         Henderson, NC
                                            N. Brown Scholarship. His grandfather
medals Korea—approximately 12-                                                        VFW posts and auxiliaries in North          "http://www.vfwnc.org" www.
                                            is a lifetime member of Post #6088,
15 medals Vietnam - approximately                                                     Carolina.                                   vfwnc.org.
                                            Washington, North Carolina.
9-13 medals Post'Vietnam - (Desert
THE VFW LEADER                                                           JAN/FEB/MAR 2010                                                                                 Page 3
COMMANDER’S COLUMN                                                      SR. VICE COMMANDER COLUMN
                                   tiful shores. Have you ever                                                       schedule was the commander's banquet.        gave up all of their tomorrows for our
                                                                                                                     It was during that banquet I had the priv-   today. It is important that we never lose
                                   heard of the story of sheep,                                                      ilege to witness a memorable ceremony;       sight of that. When we come together
                                   sheepdogs, and wolves, and                                                        a ceremony that would prompt me to           as an organization, whether as a post,
                                   how it relates to combat vet-                                                     reflect on the mission of the VFW.           district, or department, we are coming
                                   erans? Most of our citizens                                                                                                    together to serve the needs of veterans.
                                                                                                                     Dave Hamel conducted a POW/MIA               We should always make an effort to
                                   are sheep, not in a bad way,                                                      remembrance ceremony. It was a moving        remember that. When we are debating
                                   but in the way of being kind,                                                     service that reminded me of the incred-      our business in a VFW meeting we must
                                   trusting, forward-looking,                                                        ible sacrifices our brothers and sisters-    be considerate, respectful, and polite.
                                   and hard-working. They do                                                         in-arms have made. It also reminded          We must always act in the true spirit of
                                                                                                                     me why I joined the Veterans of Foreign      comradeship. After all, we are all veterans
                                   not really know about the                                                         Wars. Watching the service and then          coming together for a common cause.
                                   wolves who lurk in the dark-                                                      saluting during the playing of Taps, I
                                   ness, waiting to snatch up                                                        recalled the commitment to veterans and      The ceremony that night reinforced the
                                   every sheep they can get.                                                         their families that this organization has.   importance of what the VFW does. We
                                                                                                                     I thought about our motto to "Honor the      can never allow petty jealousies or trivial
                                   These wolves are the enemies                        JASON SCHOOLCRAFT
                     DOUG SEAY                                                                                       dead by serving the living."                 personalities to interfere with our mis-
                                   of America, and they long           Our department convention just finished                                                    sion of service to veterans. Those we
                                   greatly for an end to democ-        up. It was a busy time for all the comrades   We all commit our time and resources to      strive to help deserve no less than our
Let me begin by thanking all       racy and freedom everywhere.        who were present. There were numerous         the VFW because of our desire to serve       best effort.
of you who supported me so         And then there are the sheep-       meetings about budgets, recruiting, etc,      our fellow veterans and their families. We
loyally for all these years, and                                       and even an election. Among the crowded       serve in remembrance of our friends who
                                   dogs - those who guard the
have accorded me the high          flocks, because they know that
honor of being your State          there really are wicked wolves       JR. VICE COMMANDER COLUMN
Commander for 2010-2011.           in the world. You and I, my
You may not remember, but          comrades, are those sheep-                                                        I would like to thank all of the Comrades    purpose of District Meetings is to inform
I am the last of the state line    dogs, and we know what will                                                       for your support in electing me              all Post members about the business of
officers who had to progress                                                                                         Department Junior Vice Commander,            the Department. Therefore it would be
                                   happen if we are not ever-                                                        and a special thanks to Cleve Cox for        a pleasure to see all Posts represented at
through four other chairs to       vigilant against the wolves.                                                      nominating me. I pledge my service to        the District meetings. By the way, it is a
reach the position of State                                                                                          the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and will       requirement that the Post Commander or
Commander - these being            However, our contributions to                                                     represent the Department with dignity.       his representative attend such meetings!
Surgeon, Judge Advocate,                                                                                             During my campaign I visited sever-          I have been a member of this great
                                   our great nations' safety and                                                     al VFW Posts and Districts, and was          organization for many years, and remem-
Junior Vice Commander, and         security sometimes have con-                                                      pleased with the work that most of them      ber well when there was standing room
Senior Vice Commander. The         sequences we never dreamed                                                        were doing on membership, Voice of           only at District meetings, and also at
Convention, in its wisdom,         of, and I will address this                                                       Democracy, Patriot's Pen, Teacher of the     Department Conventions. I would like
has since that time made                                                                                             Year, Community Service, and the many        to see our attendance increased at all
                                   topic next.                                                                       ways they were assisting our Veterans.       meetings, so let us all strive to make
the Surgeon's and the Judge
                                                                                                                     However, I noticed that some of the          our Department stronger by working
Advocate's position into con-      At the recent Annual State                                                        VFW Posts and Auxiliaries were not rep-      together.
tinuous ones (much like the        Convention, where I was                                                           resented at the District meetings. The
                                                                                               TED H. BRIGGS
Quartermaster or Chaplain)         elected and installed as your
in order for the comrades in       new State Commander, I
those positions to gain much       made an announcement to
valuable knowledge and infor-
mation as a result of their
                                   all present about my health
                                   issues, as I felt that there were
                                                                       Retirement for Active Duty Service
extended service in that job.
Of course, they still have to be
                                   too many false rumors flying
                                   about the Tarheel State about
                                                                       from January 1957 to Dec. 31, 2001
elected separately each year,      my mental fitness to com-           by Cleo Summers, State Service Officer
but they do not compete for        mand. I freely tell you now         Please share this with anyone who's Agent Orange Exposure Listed                           [Destroyer] [Operated on coastal inlet
higher jobs in the state line      that my experiences in com-         had active duty service between The Department of Veterans Affairs                         north of Da Nang, June 2-5,
officers' chain of command.                                            January 1957 to December 31, 2001 has issued a list of Navy vessels from                   1966, protecting Marines holding a
                                   bat come home to nest now           and planning for retirement. In a the Vietnam War era verified to have                     bridge]
Suffice to say, I am glad I am     and then, and this is what          nutshell it boils down to this:         served in inland "brown water"                     USS Basilone (DD-824) [Destroyer]
finally here, and intend to do     happened to me during the                                                   regions. Sailors and officers who                  [Operated on Saigon River, May 24-
a great job for you!               last several months. Just as        You qualify for a higher social secu- served on these vessels are presumed                 25, 1966]
                                   many of you brave comrades          rity payment because of your Military by the VA to have been exposed to the                USS Hamner (DD-718) [Destroyer]
I would like to address my                                             service, for active duty any time from herbicide Agent Orange. As such, if                 [Operated on Song Lon Tao and Long
                                   have suffered "flashbacks" of       1957 through 2001 (the program was they become sick with any of the ill-                   Song Tao Rivers, August
motto this year - "One Nation      your horrible experiences in        done away with 1 January 2002). nesses related to Agent Orange expo-                       15-September 1, 1966]
Under God". I chose this           war, I too had a "flashback"        Up to $1200 per year of earnings sure, they would qualify for treatment                    USS Conway (DD-507) [Destroyer]
motto to reemphasize our           and sought help from the VA         credit credited at time of application at VA medical facilities.                           [Operated on Saigon River, early
country's basic values —           Medical Center and its phy-         - which can make a substantial dif-                                                        August 1966]
much like incoming National                                            ference in social security monthly The ships and dates of inland water-                    USS Fiske (DD-842) [Destroyer]
                                   sicians. The medicine that I        payments upon your retirement. You way service are listed below: All vessels               [Operated on Mekong River, June
Commander-in-Chief Richard         had been prescribed to assist       must bring your DD-214 to the Social of Inshore Fire Support [IPS] Division                16-21, 1966]
Eubank's motto of "God,            me was not working, and for         Security Office and you must ask 93 during their entire Vietnam tour                       USS Black (DD-666) [Destroyer]
Country, Veterans." The last       a short while, I was not at         for this benefit to receive it! Soc Sec USS Carronade (IPS 1)                              [Operated on Saigon River, July 13-
time I looked, our Pledge of       100% operating strength. But        website: http:// www.ssa.gov/retire2/ USS Clarion River (LSMR 409)                         19, 1966]
Allegiance to the Flag still                                           military.htrn                           [Landing Ship, Medium, Rocket]                     USS Providence (CLG-6) [Cruiser,
                                   I have now changed the medi-                                                USS Francis River (LSMR 525)                       Light, Guided Missile] [Operated on
contained the words of my          cine, am stable and happy,          This is something to put in your files USS White River (LSMR 536)                          Saigon River 3 days during.
motto, and our American            and look forward to per-            for when you apply for Social Security All vessels with the designation LST                January 1964]
money still contained the          forming as your hard-charg-         down the road. It is NOT just for [Landing Ship, Tank]; LCVP [Landing                      USSMahan(DLG-ll) [Guided Missile
words "In God We Trust." I         ing State Commander. I can          retirees, BUT anyone who has served Craft, Vehicle, Personnel]; PCF [Patrol                Frigate] [Operated on Saigon River
certainly am not advocating                                            on active duty between January 1957 Craft, Fast]; PER [Patrol Boat, River];                October 24-28, 1964]
                                   assure you that I am fully and
any particular religion (even                                          to December 31,2001,                    during their entire tour The following             USS Okanogan (APA-220) [Attack
                                   completely capable of lead-         FYI - this benefit is not automatic, ships on the dates listed only:                       Transport] [Operated on Saigon River
my own!), as long as we all        ing the Department of North         you must ask for it! We've all been on USS Ingersoll (DD-652) [Destroyer]                  July 22-23, 29-30, 1968
remember that this is one of       Carolina to new heights.            active duiy between 1957 and 2001 or [Operated on Saigon River, October                    and August 5-6,1968]
the cornerstones of our exis-                                          know someone who has. Passing on 24-25, 1965]                                              USS Niagara Falls (AFS-3) [Combat
tence as the greatest nation on    We will begin now, where my         good information for all your mili- USS Mansfield (DD-728) [Destroyer]                     Stores Ship] [Unloaded supplies on
Earth. It is imbued within our                                         tary folks when you apply for social [Operated on Saigon River August 8-                   Saigon River and Cam Rahn
                                   great predecessor, Bill Sloan,      security.                               19, 1967 and December                              Bay, April 22-25, 1968]
history, and cannot be deleted     left off, and sign up ever more                                             21-24, 1968]
or denied. As they say, there      comrades, sisters, and broth-       Ships Qualifying for Presumptive USS Richard E. Kraus (DD-849)
are no atheists in foxholes in     ers. I am absolutely deter-
combat! The beliefs of a huge      mined to make 100%+ this
majority of our people in a
higher power and a higher
                                   year, as is my lady counterpart,                                                                          The newly renovated and paint-
                                   President Janice Butterworth.
purpose are surely of great        Remember that we must also                                                                                ed VFW State Recruiting Trailer
consequence in the minds of
our brave warriors scattered
                                   retain those we sign up, and                                                                              is availabale for sign out and
                                   not let them "escape through
around the globe battling evil     the back door!" So let's get                                                                              pick up by contacting the State
on a daily basis.                  to work together and move                                                                                 VFW Headquarters at 919-
                                   forward strongly!!
May God bless all of our                                                                                                                     828-5058. It comes complete
valiant Soldiers, Marines,
Sailors, Airmen, and Coast
                                                                                                                                             with recruiting documents and
Guardsmen as they keep the                                                                                                                   patriotic giveaways.
wolves at bay from our beau-
Page 4                                                                      JAN/FEB/MAR 2010                                                        THE VFW LEADER

Washington Post 6088 Sponsors Traveling Wall That Heals
Each name on The Wall That             6088, District 2 Commander due to his actions on November
Heals has a story to tell, but the     George Schryer, and the city of 14,1965 in a battle in Vietnam,
people whose names are listed on       Washington.                         in which he was wounded during
that wall cannot tell their stories.                                       his heroic action, which included
Instead, it is up to the living to     The Wall commemorates the charging an enemy machine gun
tell their stories and keep their      more than 58,000 members of the position singlehandedly.
names alive.                           United States armed forces who
                                       were killed during the Vietnam "264 U.S. military personnel
That was one of the messages           War. Part of those are 1609 North who served in Vietnam received
delivered during the opening cer-      Carolinians killed in action there, the Medal of Honor," said Marm,
emony for the four-day visit of        and 43 North Carolinians still "some of them posthumously.
the half-sized traveling replica of    listed as missing in action.        Of that number, 154 have their
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial                                              names inscribed on the wall. Many
in Washington, D.C. The recent         Keynote speaker at the ceremo- Americans have been touched by
placement of the Wall in Veterans      ny was Medal of Honor winner these walls as they have traveled               Walter Joseph Marm Jr., a retired Army Colonel and Medal of Honor recipient,
Memorial Park in Washington            Walter J. Marm, a resident of the U.S. The names on the Wall                 studies the traveling Wall That Heals at Veterans Memorial Park in Washington,
was due to the hard work of            Fremont, North Carolina. Marm each have a story to tell."                    NC. Marm was the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony.
Red Brinson Memorial Post              was awarded the highest medal

A Return Trip, Slightly Different, for Honor Guard
Cliff Harris, quartermaster of the
District 11 Honor Guard knew           Retired Air Force Master Sergeant    "At about the same time," Harris
what to expect on their most           Ron Hash appreciated seeing his      said." the Aussie's father had been
recent trip to Arlington National      name among the list of contribu-     at the other end of the air strip, at
Cemetery to place a wreath at the      tors for the Air Force Memorial      Long Binh." The son had studied
Tomb of the Unknowns. After            overlooking Arlington and            that war, knew where his father
all, they had done it last year and    Washington.                          had been, so he and Harris had a
combined the trip with a two                                                worthwhile conversation.
day tour of Washington. They           But for Harris, who is also the
would do the same this year but        rifle squad leader for the Honor     The Honor Guard returned from
add another dimension: visiting        Guard, three unexpected events       Washington on a Sunday night.
wounded troops at Walter Reed          stick in his memory. Tourists        The next day they were back
Army Medical Center.                   visit Washington from around         doing what they most frequently
                                       the world. Lucky United States       do, providing military honors at
Making the trip with Harris this       citizens get to meet some. Harris    veterans' funerals - 169 times in       Rifle Squad Leader Cliff Harris of the VFW District 11 Honor Guard chats with
past October, a year after their       is one of the lucky ones. He met     2008, it will be close to that num-     a Stanford football player.
previous journey, were Honor           tourists from Djibouti and from      ber in 2009.
Guard members James Cranford,          Cambodia, both places far differ-
Ron Hash, Cokie Jones, Joe King,       ent from North Carolina. At the      In addition, the Honor Guard            at the half for a funeral. They        Chapter of the Military Officers,
Barry Luper, Robert McCarn,            Air and Space Museum at Dulles,      gives veterans a public face all        gave presentation rifles to the Air    A. G. Parker saying grace before
Carl Monson, Jim Moore, E.             beneath a UH-1, he met a tour-       across the District. They present-      Force Junior ROTC unit at North        the meal. And they went to schools
T. Page, John Troxel and Jack          ist from Australia, in bush hat      ed the Colors at the Wake Forest        Forsyth High School, thanks to a       across Davie and Forsyth Counties
Whitaker. They all agreed that         and rigby shirt, whose father had    - Stanford football game, leaving       generous gift from Honor Guard         for Veterans Day activities."We
both the Arlington and Walter          been in the Australian army in                                               member Barry Luper. They made          want to be involved in our com-
Reed experiences were significant      Vietnam. Cliff had been at Long                                              a presentation to the Tar Heel         munity," says Templeton, "and
and emotional.                         Binh.                                                                                                               do something extra."

American Income Life Insurance Company:
Linking Business with Community Service
At its February 2010 meeting,          corporate culture is the network     ing back to the Community." It gram. This quickly adds up to a                 that there is a wide selection of
the Department Council of              of food bank programs that AIL       has been particularly helpful dur- significant amount of non-per-              healthy food that people enjoy.
Administration approved spon-          maintains across the United          ing the recession.                 ishable food. Post leaders or indi-         It's not just a bag full of beans."
sorship of a new value-added ben-      States - to help families in times                                      vidual VFW NC members can                   Farr said he's concerned about
efit package in partnership with       of crisis.                           According to a recent report*, call the local AIL representative               the financial problems American
American Income Life Insurance                                              one in eight Americans, or 37 for food assistance if/when it's                 working families face today and
Company (AIL). This partner-           Launched years ago as a com-         million people, received emer- most needed.                                    he's glad AIL can help them.
ship provides all comrades with a      munity service, AIL's grass-roots    gency food help last year. That
package of additional benefits at      food bank program has assisted       number has increased by almost Because the local insurance                     "We've helped many families who
no cost to the comrade. Specifics      thousands of needy working fam-      half, 46%, since 2006, according agency handles distribution, Fair             thought they would never have to
were detailed in the insert that       ilies nationwide. AIL's program      to the report.                     said, immediate help is available.          come to a food bank for assis-
accompanied the last edition           serves as a stop-gap measure. It                                        There are no formal interviews or           tance," Farr said. "It makes me
of the newspaper. You can see          gives an emergency supply of food    During the visit AIL makes to a paperwork.                                     proud to be with a company like
American Income Life (AIL) is          to help families in need. While      comrade's home to present them                                                 AIL."View the benefit offering
somewhat distinctive in that it        American Income Life Insurance       with their benefits package and "We just tell them to come by the              and/or request benefits by going
has a solid track record of stable,    Company is not a food relief         explain additional supplemental office," Farr said. "We don't just             to the web site listed below .
well-managed growth coupled            organization, regional Public        insurance available, the AIL rep- give out a can or two. We give a
with a culture of community ser-       Relations Director Tim Fair said     resentative will ask for a food family an entire bag of groceries              www.ailife.com/benefits/pgaop.
vice. One example of this unique       the program is AIL's way of "giv-    donation for the food bank pro- to tide them over. We make sure
THE VFW LEADER                                                                                            APR/MAY/JUNE 2010                                                                                          PAGE 7
                                                                    goals only by working together
                                                                                                                                 VA Simplifies Online Application
                                                                                                                                WASHINGTON (May 5,2010) -                                return to the application at any
                                                                    as a team. We must put our dif-                             Veterans will find it easier and                         time without having to start over.
                                                                    ferences aside and focus only on                            faster to apply for their health care                    Previously, Veterans had to com-
                                                                    what is best for our organiza-                              benefits now that the Department                         plete the form in a single session.
                                                                    tion. I think my motto, "Our                                of Veterans Affairs has updated its
                                                                    strength lies in unity", expresses                          online Form 10-10EZ, "Application                        This updated online form, along
                                                                    this perfectly. I chose "Anything                           for Health Benefits." "VA is com-                        with the revised VA Form 10-10EZ,
                                                                    Leprechaun" as my theme sim-                                mitted to tapping into the best                          reduces the collection of informa-
                                                                    ply because it is fun! I believe                            that technology has to offer to                          tion from Veterans by eliminating
                                                                    very strongly in working hard,                              ensure Veterans receive the benefits                     some questions.
                                                                    but I also believe in having a                              they have earned," said Secretary of
                                                                    little fun along the way. I think                           Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki.                       In addition, there are minor chang-
                                                                    that if we work "United", we                                "We continue to look for new ways                        es to simplify the wording of ques-
                                                                    will also have time to have some                            to improve access to care and ben-                       tions and provide clarity in the
                                                                    fun.                                                        efits."                                                  instructions. Further enhance-
                                                                                                                                This revised online application pro-                     ments to the online application are
                                                                    I would like for us to continue                             vides enhanced navigation features                       expected to be delivered in incre-
                                                                    with the recruitment program                                that make it easier and faster for                       ments throughout 2010.
                                                                    that Past President Lynn and                                Veterans to apply for their health
                                                                    Past Commander Bill started                                 care benefits. This new version also Veterans may complete or down-
                                                                    this past year. This has proven                             allows Veterans to save a copy of    load the 10-10EZ form at the VA
                                                                    to be successful in bringing in                             the completed form for their per-    health eligibility Web site at https://
                            JANICE BUTTERWORTH                      new members. I do, however,                                 sonal records.                       www.!010ez.med.va.gov/sec/vha/
                                                                    also want us to concentrate on                                                                   1010ez. Veterans may also contact
                                                                    keeping our members. We need                                The most significant enhancement VA at 1-877-222-8387 (VETS) or
                                                                    to mentor the new members and                               allows Veterans to save their appli- visit the VA health eligibility Web
 First of all, thank you for entrust-                               help them understand our orga-                              cation to their local desktop and site at www.va.gov/healtheligibility
 ing me with the honor of serv-                                     nization and our "language".
 ing as Department President for                                    I remember when I joined the
 the 2010-2011 year. I promise
 that I will serve you to the very
 best of my ability. In addition
 to thanking all of the members
                                                                    Ladies Auxiliary and had no
                                                                    clue what POP, VOD, MAPS,
                                                                    or any of the things that roll so
                                                                    easily off our tongues meant. I
                                                                                                                               Ladies Auxiliary Blast
 of the Ladies Auxiliary for this
 honor, there are also some others
 that must be mentioned. In no
 particular order, they are my very
                                                                    didn't know when, where, why,
                                                                    or how we went to the "hospi-
                                                                    tal" to play bingo. Only by read-
                                                                                                                               Through in Raffle!
                                                                    ing and being helped by other
 patient and supportive husband,                                    members did I learn these things                            The Department of North Carolina's Ladies                be included under the Ways and Means portion of
 Ben, who has always believed in                                    and much more - such as the                                 Auxiliary took part in the comrades' VFW Leader          their budget.
 me and is always there for me and                                                                                              Annual Raffle for the first time in their history, and
                                                                    differences between Auxiliary,                              the Sisters of the Tarheel State came through with   State Quartermaster Bruce Edwards furnished an
 my step-daughter (and friend),                                     State, and National. As we teach                            flying colors for outgoing Department President      estimate to the Ladies that they would net about
 Janet, and her husband, Dwight,                                    our "new" members and involve                               Lynn Jones and incoming Department President         $5,000 per raffle or $10,000 for the year, but cau-
 for all their love and support. Also,                              them in our activities, lets' not                           Janice Butterworth.                                  tioned them to be careful with the estimates in their
 there are the ladies of Calabash                                   forget our "old" members. A                                                                                      2010-2011 budget. The Ladies led by Margaret
 VFWLA #7288. They are truly                                        phone call just to say "hello, how                          After costs and a share allotted to the VFW Rogers wisely included only a $6,000 increase in
 the epitome of why the Ladies                                      are you, do you need anything?"                             Department of North Carolina for doing the actual their budget estimate, and were delighted with
 Auxiliary exists. Then there is                                    can mean so much. Don't just                                work, the Ladies pulled in a profit of over $5300 on their profit of over $5300 for only one raffle.
 VFW State Commander Doug                                           call to remind them of dues or                              this first effort, which is a whopping 10% increase
 Seay. He and his wife, Barbara,                                    ask for a donation for the yard                             in their annual income. And they are posed to do There was some discussion at the comrades'
 have always opened their home                                      sale; call to ask what we can do                            it again at the Voice of Democracy/Patriot Pen Council of Administration meeting on Thursday,
 and hearts to me. Doug and I                                       for them. We are a service orga-                            Annual Raffle in February of 2011. If they are as 17 June, on whether the matter should have been
 have been planning "our" year                                                                                                  active in that raffle as in the one just completed, voted upon by the Council prior to including the
                                                                    nization and that also means                                they will have increased their income by 20% in Ladies, but no conclusions were reached. However,
 for a long, long time. We both                                     taking care of our own!                                     one year!                                            the incoming Council on Sunday, 20 June, voted
 want what is best for our organi-                                                                                                                                                   unanimously to approve the comrades' 2010-2011
 zations and we hope you will find                                  I truly believe that if we func-                            Then President Lynn Jones called a special Ladies budget (which included the Ladies' projected par-
 our ideas helpful.. I also recog-                                  tion with the understanding                                 Auxiliary Council of Administration meeting on ticipation in both raffles), and then in a motion
 nize and appreciate the sacrifices                                 that "Our strength lies in unity"                           March 13 to discuss the possibility of joining proposed by Past State Commander Larry Flood
 that each and every veteran has                                    as we prove that we are "United                             the comrades in their annual raffle. After a hard- to remove all doubt, formally approved continued
 made. It is only because of your                                   by love for our veterans and                                fought battle spearheaded at the Department participation by the Ladies.
 duty to our country that I am                                      country" as "One Nation Under                               Headquarters building by President Jones and then
 able to hold this position. My                                     God" our organization will be                               Senior Vice President Butterworth, the motion to In addition to the Ladies' increased income, the
 sincere thanks to all of you.                                      better that we have existed.                                participate was passed. Several Department line comrades increased their own income to the
                                                                                                                                officers and others inexplicably voted against the Department budget by $1700 for accomplishing
 As we enter this new year, we must                                                                                             measure, even though it was virtually guaranteed the actual physical and bookkeeping work involved
 remember that we will reach our                                                                                                to increase the Ladies' budget power for years to with a raffle.
                                                                                                                                come. It was agreed that the projected profit would

NC Scholars Awarded Otis N. Brown and Billy Ray Cameron Scholarships
This year, the 2010 Billy Ray Cameron             having a very high academic average, he was a     Don Webb. Barbara is current Ladies Auxiliary
Scholarship of $4000 was awarded to Brett         cast member of many high school plays, sang       District President of District 12. Her parents
Pardue of Elkin, and the 2010 Otis N. Brown       in the Mars Hill Festival Chorus and the Surry    are Insurance Adjuster Jim Webb and Secretary
Scholarship of $4000 was awarded to Shelby        County Honors Chorus, and played in the high      Denise Webb of Kannapolis.
Nunn of Kannapolis.                               school marching band and concert band. He
                                                  volunteered his services at the Hugh Chatham      Shelby's accomplishments are many and var-
The two Department of North Carolina aca- Nursing Center and in peer tutoring.                      ied. She has a very high academic average, is
demic scholarships are awarded each year to a                                                       a member of the National Honor Society, and
deserving high school senior who is eligible for Athletically, Pardue was on the Elkin High         President of the local Bible Club. Her special
the prize through a VFW or Ladies Auxiliary School Fencing Team for four years, with 3 years        passion is for volunteer work, in which she
family member and will be attending a college as co-captain. He was rated 6th place statewide       apparently excells. Among other projects, she
or university in North Carolina. The many in fencing in 2008 and 5th place statewide in             led a Bible Club fundraiser to help community
applicants' packets are sent to State Scholarship 2007. He also was a member of the track and       members with utility bills, a calendar sale fund-
Chairman Paul Eddie Rash, a comrade and field team for two years.                                   raiser which helped families in the Middle East,
the Dean of Avery Campus of the Mayland                                                             an effort to provide local needy families with
Community College, and he and his judges Politically, he was in many clubs, and served              Christmas presents, and a "Nets for Rhetts" bas-
select the winners based on academics, high Elkin High School as Student Council Vice               ketball tournament which raised $4000 to ben-
school accomplishments, and need.                 President, Student Council Parliamentarian,       efit Rhetts Syndrome research and the school
                                                  and Senior Class Vice President. He wants to be   athletic program. She has also volunteered her
Brett Pardue just graduated from Elkin High a teacher in Music Education.                           time and efforts at local nursing homes, and at
School, and is eligible for the scholarship                                                         Camp Spencer, a two week camp for adults with
through his grandmother, Vera B. Foster of Shelby Nunn just graduated from South Rowan              mental retardation.
Auxiliary 1142. He is the son of R. Craig High School, and is eligible through her grand-
Pardue, an employee of the state of North mother, Barbara Webb of China Grove. Shelby is            Shelby wants to pursue a career in Nursing at
Carolina, and Cheryl J. Pardue, a controller also the grandaughter of recently deceased and         either UNC Charlotte or at Cabarrus College of             Shelby Nunn of                          Brett Pardue of Elkin
at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital. Besides well-liked, long time District 12 Commander              Health Sciences.                                            Kannapolis.
Page 8                                                                                             APR/MAY/JUNE 2010                                                                              THE VFW LEADER

                                                       Happenings Around The Tarheel State

Commander Robert Davidson of Greensboro Post 2087 places a memorial wreath on the grave of Otis N. Brown                           District 10 Past Commander Buzz Griggs explains VFW benefits to National Guardsmen at a 2010
of Greensboro, who was State Commander in 1936-37 and Commander-in-Chief in 1939-1940.                                             Yellow Ribbon Homecoming Program held at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro. Griggs
                                                                                                                                   and his team signed up over 150 members at two such events in May and June.

 Comrade John E. McNamara of Dunn Post 6767 along with his son and grandson, retire an American flag.                               Ladies Auxiliary members of Posts 9899 and 2087 recruit members at the National Guard Yellow Ribbon Homecoming
 The post is a sponsor of Boy Scout Troop 780.                                                                                      Event. L-R: Auxiliary 2087 President Melvinna Avent, Judy Triplett, Auxiliary 9899 Tresurer Ginger Thornburg, State
                                                                                                                                    President Lynn Jones and Janice Farabee.

Leland Post 9408 held a charity barbecue and ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate its induction into the North                     Jacksonville Post 9133's new Soviet D-30 122mm howitzer, standing in front of the post. The post held a dedication
Brunswick Chamber of Commerce and to rename the post after WWII comrade Ralph E. Long Sr.                                          ceremony for their Iraqi War Memorial attended by numerous military dignitaries, including the Commanding Officer
                                                                                                                                   of Camp Lejeune.

State Adjutant/Quartermaster Bruce Edwards presents a special VFW Boy                  Ashevill Post 891 Commander Harold Stines presents Care Partners/                   102 year old comrade Paul J. McElreath of Asheville Post 891 is
Scout Award to State Assistant Scout Coordinator David Baillie. The                    Hospice Representative Lem Moore a check for $4000 at an awards                     congratulated by Post Trustee John Ward, Commander of the Buncombe
certificate was signed by VFW Commander-in-Chief Thomas Tradewell.                     banquet at the post home.                                                           County Veterans Council Memorial Team. A WWII veteran, McElreath
                                                                                                                                                                           still drives himself to meetings and programs.
THE VFW LEADER                                                                      APR/MAY/JUNE 2010                                                                                 PAGE 9

Scenes from the 80th Annual State Convention

Incoming State Commander Doug Seay being given the oath of office   Incoming Ladies President Janice Butterworth and Incoming Com-         Outgoing Commander Bill Sloan receiving a farewell gift from outgoing
 from National Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Richard DeNoyer.      mander Doug Seay being escorted up for their oaths of office by Past              President Lynn Jones on the convention floor.
                                                                     President Lou Taylor and Color Guard Captain James Cacoulidis.

The uniformed members of the Convention! Sergeant-At-Arms Gary        U. S. Senator Kay Hagen addressing the convention floor while           A moving POW/MIA ceremony by State POW/MIA Chairman
Barringer, Color Guard members David Holm, Bill Hertline, James         Commander Bill Sloan and President Lynn Jones look on.                             David Hamel at the banquet.
                Cacoulidis, and Sunny Whitehead.

                                                                                              Happy people at the banquet! Senior Vice Commander Jason School-           Ladies National Conductress Sissy Borel
                                                                                               craft, Past President Deborah Crowder, Hospital Chairman Frank            and Ladies National Council of Admin-
                                                                                                                    Foronda & Mrs. Foronda.                               istration Member Ann Yamrus at the
                                                                                                                                                                                    banquet head table

                                                                                                Newly elected Junior Vice Commander Ted Briggs and Ladies                Adjutant/Quartermaster Bruce Edwards
                                                                                                         Chief of Staff Farres Upton at the banquet.                         working away at the Council of
                                                                                                                                                                                Administration meeting.
Page 10                                                                                   APR/MAY/JUNE2010                                                 THE VFW LEADER
Advance Post Reveals Caregiver Legislation Becomes Law
The Wall of Honor Families, women veterans, rural veterans to benefit                  WASHINGTON, May 6, 2010              well as the family caregivers of   that's geared primarily to treat-
                                                                                       -The Veterans of Foreign Wars        all veterans, to include train-    ing men, and it addresses the
                                                                                       of the U.S. is saluting the presi-   ing and education assistance,      challenges of serving veterans
                                                                                       dent for signing into law yester-    counseling and mental health       in rural parts of our country,
                                                                                       day the Caregivers and Veterans      services, and respite care. It     as well as homeless veterans on
                                                                                       Omnibus Health Services Act          will improve the services VA       the streets of our cities.
                                                                                       (S. 1963), a bipartisan bill         currently provides to female
                                                                                       introduced last fall by Senate       veterans, such as establishing     "As an early supporter of S.
                                                                                       Veterans Affairs Committee           a childcare pilot program, pro-    1963, the VFW is proud to
                                                                                       Chairman Daniel Akaka (D-            viding seven days of post deliv-   have worked with members of
                                                                                       HI).                                 ery care to newborns, and train-   Congress and their staffs to
                                                                                                                            ing mental health professionals    make this new law happen,
                                                                                       "This new law will go a long way     who care for women veterans        to include Chairman Akaka's
                                                                                       to helping our injured Iraq and      affected by military sexual        seven Senate cosponsors — VA
                                                                                       Afghanistan veterans and their       trauma. It will also improve       Committee ranking member
                                                                                       families who care for them,"         healthcare to veterans resid-      Richard Burr (R-NC), Tim
                                                                                       said VFW National Commander          ing in rural areas, prohibit VA    Johnson (D-SD), Christopher
Attending the Wall of Honor event were, Left to Right: State
                                                                                       Thomas J. Tradewell, Sr., a          from collecting copay-ments        Dodd (D-CT), Byron Dorgan
Quartermaster/Adjutant Bruce Edwards, State Ladies Auxiliary
                                                                                       combat-wounded Vietnam vet-          from catastrophically injured      (D-ND), James Inhofe (R-
Chief of Staff Farres Upton, State President Lynn Jones and
                                                                                       eran from Sussex, Wis. "This         veterans, and enhance home-        OK), Mark Begich (D-AK) and
Comrade Ted Briggs (now newly elected State Junior Vice Cdr)
                                                                                       new law honors the commit-           less programs and initiatives.     Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) - and
                                                                                       ment our nation made to her          "The new law recognizes and        House VA Committee Chairman
                                                                                       veterans."                           supports family caregivers who     Bob Filner (D-CA) and House
                                                                                                                            leave jobs and careers to care     VA Health Subcommittee
                                                                                       The new law will expand sup-         for their severely injured loved   Chairman Michael Michaud
                                                                                       port programs for the fam-           ones," said Tradewell. "It rec-    (D-ME)."
                                                                                       ily caregivers of Iraq and           ognizes that women veterans
                                                                                       Afghanistan war veterans, as         must be served better by a VA

   Post Commander Joe King in front of the magnificent Wall of Honor

Advance Post 8719, following                        dreds of hours doing research
several year of research into                       for the veterans' names all over
local county records, letters                       the county, and the result is a
from veterans, church and cem-                      tribute to those veterans that
etery records, and interviews                       covers the entire 40-foot rear
with living veterans and their                      wall of the VFW post home on
families, revealed on June 6 a                      Feed Mill Road in Advance.
magnificent project called the                      The program unveiling the
"Wall of Honor." Spearheaded                        wall was prestigious and well-
by Post Commander Joseph B.                         organized. The dedication
King, the project lists all the                     and unveiling of the wall was
veterans that could be found                        accomplished by Major Larry
from Davie County, back to                          Carlton, US Army (Retired),
and including the American                          assisted by the District 11
Civil War.                                          Color Guard. Miss Amanda
                                                    Nichols sang the National
The Wall of Honor contains                          Anthem. The principal speak-
3000 veterans' names, includ-                       ers addressing the scores of
ing a special section for those                     attendees included then Ladies
Killed In Action. In that spe-                      Auxiliary State President Lynn
cial section are 360 Civil War                      Jones, local attorney Hank
KIAs, 18 from World War 1,60                        Vanhoy, and US Army Air
from World War II, 2 from                           Force World War II veteran
the Korean War, 1 from the                          Thomas Howard.        After the
Beirut Expedition, and 9 from                       ceremony, a 21 gun salute was
Vietnam.                                            fired outside the building by
                                                    the Honor Guard, and Taps
Assisting Commander King                            was played by Davie County
in this tremendous undertak-                        Veterans Service Officer Don
ing were Auxiliary members                          Covers. Refreshments were
Pat Jones and Katie Workman.                        then served to the admiring
They and other members of the                       audience of comrades, sisters,
post and auxiliary spent hun-                       and local notables.

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