10 life lessons learned from board games

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					10 life lessons learned from
         board games
Risk - To achieve victory, you have to
dig in your heels.
It’s a long game, and you won’t win if you can’t persevere.
Life – It’s more fun with a partner.
Although there are a lot things to do in the game, nothing
is quite as satisfying as adding passengers to your car.
Hungry Hungry Hippos - Never mind the
distractions, just make sure you get what's yours!
Like life, hippos is noisy and fast. Focus on the goal your pile of
marbles will be the biggest.
Balderdash - Appearing to know something
is almost as valuable as actually knowing it.
Bluffing is a great shortcut at times, but only if you really sell it.
Jenga - Patience is a virtue, as is a
steady hand.
It’s easy to derail your own achievements if you aren’t careful.
Battleship - Trust your instincts for
awhile, but switch to educated guesses
when you have more information.
Operation - Treat important tasks with
care, and get them right the first time.
Don’t let your eagerness to succeed be the thing that stops you
from doing so.
Chess - Even when you're good at something,
there's always room for improvement.
Chess, like life, is extremely complex. No matter how much you
know, there is always more to learn.
Ouija - Sometimes things are far more
complex than they appear.
Whether it’s supernatural or subconscious, there is much more
to this simple game than a board and pointer.
Monopoly - Diversify your portfolio, but
double down on good investments.
It’s good to have spaces across the board from each other, but having
investments that complement each other is even more valuable.

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Description: All animals learn by playing, but for the human animal, life is more complicated, and so are our games. Aside from entertaining us, they also teach us valuable lessons that seem irrelevant while at play, but are extremely useful later in life. Here are 10 life lessons learned from board games.
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