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					                                                                                       A.M. Monique

                                                                                  Camp Greens Lake


                         Camp Greens Lake Chapter One: Journey to Camp

         After an exhausting four hour and fifteen minute drive from Castleton Vermont to New

York City Ellie began to more than annoyed with her twin brother Aaron. Something that is

common for any family member to become after a long car ride.

         “Well we’re here in New York City Airport.” Announced Ellie’s step father in an excited

and relieved tone of voice.

         “It’s about time… Do I have to spend an entire week at a para-freak camp with the child

of doom?” Asked Ellie in an annoyed tone of voice as she pointed at Aaron and cast a pleading

glance towards both her mother and father.

         “Oh come on Ellie, It’s not going to be that bad.” Replied Ellie’s step father with a soft


         “What would you know, you’ve only been around Aaron for two years, not thirteen like

my mom and I have.” Thought Ellie silently to herself as she contained the urge to sulk or have

a fit.

         “Considering all of the fighting that you two have been doing lately, I would consider

this trip a blessing, and no matter what you say Ellie you’re going, and that’s final.” Concluded

Ellie’s mom as she put an end to Ellie’s argument before it had the chance to begin.

       “It’s only a week Ellie, Who knows you might actually have some fun.” Said Ellie’s

stepfather in his best attempt to get Ellie to cheer up.

       “We’ll be at the Plaza hotel if you need us in room sixteen, here’s your camp voucher’s

for the bus ride.” Explained Ellie’s mother as she handed Ellie the camp voucher’s which Ellie

tucked inside her back jean pocket.

       “I’ll get our stuff, Bye mom, Bye sub-father!” Exclaimed Aaron in an excited tone of

voice as he quickly exited their station wagon which was parked at the airport curb, and then

unloaded his and Ellie’s hiking backpacks and sleeping bags.

       “Take a cab to the train station where a Borace Marks will be awaiting for you two along

with two kids at the train station, Look for a sign saying camp Greens Lake New York City group,

Do you think that you can remember that?” Asked Ellie’s mom in a concerned tone of voice.

       “No problem, cab to train station look for Borace with a Camp Greens Lake sign.”

Replied Ellie as she mentally reminded herself of what she and Aaron were supposed to do

after their parents dropped them off.

       “Do you have enough money for cab fare?” Asked Ellie’s mom as Ellie started to exit out

of the vehicle.

       “Yes mom, I have enough.” Replied Ellie as she patted her front pocket to make sure

that she still had her wallet with her.

       “Alright then you’re all set, we’ll see you two in a week.” Said Ellie’s mom as she and

Ellie exited out of the car and stepped onto the sidewalk.

       Then before Ellie had the chance to react Ellie’s mother gave her a tight hug and

whispered “Please make sure that you and Aaron keep out of trouble while you’re at Camp.”

       “Mom, don’t smother me.” Protested Ellie as she gently pushed her mother off of her.

       “Promise to be good then?” Asked Ellie’s mom in a concerned tone of voice.

       “I promise I’ll behave while I’m away at Camp Greens Lake.” Agreed Ellie as her mother

sat back down inside of the car.

       “Goodbye sweethearts!” Shouted Ellie’s mother then she quickly slammed the car door

and buckled her seatbelt. Then Ellie’s stepfather quickly pulled away from the curb and drove

away before Ellie, Aaron or anybody else who had overheard them had the chance to say

anything back to them.

       “I hope nobody saw that or heard that.” Grumbled Ellie as she met up with Aaron who

was standing with his hiking backpack secure with his sleeping bag already on with Ellie’s hiking

backpack and sleeping bag lying on the grimy sidewalk in front of him.

       “Aaron, did you have to put my stuff on the filthy sidewalk, that’s so gross.” Said Ellie in

a disgusted tone of voice as she picked up her hiking backpack and sleeping bag and secured

them together and then propped her backpack on top of her foot as she looked around for

some place to flag down a taxi cab.

       “Jueez Ellie, sense when have you been germaphobic.” Teased Aaron as he and Ellie

made their way back to the curb where Ellie remarkably flagged down a taxi cab on the first


        The cab driver who turned out to be a dark skinned Arabic man with a stubbly beard and

big brown eyes gave Ellie and Aaron a strange look as he peered at them through the passenger

cab window.

        “You no run from home now, are you?” Asked the Cab driver in a thickly Arabic

accented voice.

        “No, we’re going to a Camp, that is if you would so kindly drive us to the train station.”

Replied Ellie.

        “Okay, no problem, no be mad, let me help load things in trunk.” Replied the cab driver

as he popped the trunk of his cab and then quickly exited the driver’s side of the cab and then

took both Aaron and Ellie’s hiking backpacks and sleeping bags and loaded them into the trunk

of his cab which remarkably fit both of them inside of it.

        “Thank you.” Said Ellie in a slightly stunned tone of voice then she and Aaron loaded

inside of the back of the cab while the cab driver quickly shut the trunk and loaded back into

the driver’s side of the cab.

        “To the train station please.” Requested Ellie.

        “And if you step on it mister I have a nice, crisp fifty dollar bill here for you, something

that should be able to cover the fare and give you a tip if you can make it there in say ten

minutes.” Said Aaron as an excited grin crept across his face. A grin that to anybody that knew

Aaron meant that he was up to no good.

       Surprised and confused the cab driver looked back at Aaron to see if he was serious or


       “Aaron you can’t- -“ Ellie started to protest.

       “I’m serious mister and any delays will just have to be deducted from your pay.” Stated

Aaron as he purposely interrupted Ellie before she had the chance to finish what she had to say.

       Realizing that Aaron was serious the cab driver quickly turned around to face forward in

his cab and he speed off into New York City traffic. The cab driver was driving as fast as he could

get away with driving and he hurriedly weaved in and out of other cars indicating that he was

determined to keep every cent of the fifty dollars that Aaron was offering him.

       “Must we go so fast?” Asked Ellie in an attempt to get the cab driver to slow down.

       “Faster, okay, no problem.” Replied the cab driver as he misunderstood what Ellie had

requested him to do.

       “Oh I can’t watch.” Blurted Ellie out loud as she covered her eyes to keep from feeling

nauseated as the cab speed past and weaved its way all the way from the airport to the train

station in remarkable record time.

       It was just under ten minutes that the cab driver arrived with a tire screeching halt at

the train station. Something that sealed Aaron’s deal to giving the cab driver an entire fifty

dollars for getting them from the airport to the train station.

        “Whoa, they weren’t kidding when they said that New York City cab driver’s are fast.”

Concluded Aaron in an impressed tone of voice.

        “Well Aaron I hope that you are satisfied, you just lost forty extra bucks from our

spending money, it would only of cost us about ten dollars from the airport to the train station

if you wouldn’t have made that ridiculous bet!” Ranted Ellie as she angrily got out of the cab

and held the back door open long enough to yell at Aaron before slamming the cab door closed

after herself.

        “Hey no get mad now, here I help get things from trunk.” Said the cab driver as he

popped open his trunk and got out from the driver’s side of the cab and quickly unloaded Aaron

and Ellie’s things and placed them carefully by Ellie on the sidewalk stepping back from her

after he did as if he was afraid that Ellie would lash out at him.

        “Sorry, Aaron tends to annoy me at times, he’s most likely going to be a handful at

camp.” Said Ellie as she started to pull out her wallet to pay for the cab fare.

        “No Ellie - -That’s okay, it was my bet, here mister, here’s the fifty I owe you.” Said

Aaron as he abruptly opened the cab door that Ellie had shut on him, stumbled out of the cab

and over towards the cab driver, and slapped the fifty he had been holding into his hand.

Something that Aaron was able to do just before he tripped over his hiking backpack, and

luckily regained his footing before he had the chance to fall onto the sidewalk.

        “I can see what you met by handful, luck, thank you.” Said the cab driver as he hurriedly

shut the back cab door that Aaron had left open and then headed back to the driver’s cab door

and closed the door behind himself. Then after fastening his seat belt the cab driver took off

before Ellie or Aaron had the chance to say anything more to him.

        “Aaron next time please refrain from trying to make a bet with a cab driver, or anyone

else for that matter, especially if the odds are that you’re not going to win.” Said Ellie as she

picked up her hiking backpack and then put on so that she could keep track of her gear while

keeping her hands free to deal with any obstacles that she encountered at the train station.

        “Well Ellie I hate to break it to you, but it wasn’t exactly my money that I gave to the cab

driver, it was yours.” Said Aaron with a proud smirk as he picked up his hiking backpack and put

it on as well.

        “Don’t tell me you picked my pocket!” Ranted Ellie.

        “Well I didn’t have to, Stanly gave us each an extra fifty bucks for Camp, so technically it

was his money that I spent, not yours, jueez, you need to learn to relax Ellie.” Explained Aaron

as he followed Ellie as she started to look around the train station to see if she could spot the

Borace Marks fellow with the Camp Greens Lake sign that her mom had mentioned.

        “I’ll relax when you stop scamming, scheming, and pranking, things that in case you

didn’t notice, I’m not too fond of.” Stated Ellie as she avoided losing her temperament with

Aaron by focusing her efforts on finding Borace who was standing just a few feet away with a

large neon green banner that read in bold dark red letter’s Camp Greens Lake.

        At the first glance all that Ellie could see was the big bright neon green sign. But after

she and Aaron head closer to him. Ellie noticed that the sign was being held by a short and

plump dark hair and bearded man who was wearing a thick red and black flannel shirt with

baggy lumberjack blue jeans, and dark brown well broken in construction boots. A look that

made Borace look like a cross between a lumberjack and a construction worker.

       “Wicked sign! Can’t wait to get to Camp Greens Lake! It’s so wickedly cool!” Greeted

Aaron as he enthusiastically shook Borace’s hand as Ellie feeling embarrassed greeted Borace

behind her brother.

       “Tis goin’ to be wicked excitin’ alright, glad to see ya so enthusiastic, I suppose ya know

a couple of the legends ‘bout Camp Greens Lake now don’ ya.” Replied Borace in a thick

mixture between a Brooklyn and British accent.

       “Legends, oh there’s more to it than that.” Replied Aaron as he started to bubble over

with excitement.

       “Aaron please don’t start, nobody needs to hear about you paranormal discoveries or

findings, and I’d appreciate it if you’d keep those things to yourself, especially considering that

I’m more then annoyed by them as it is.” Said Ellie as she realized that Aaron was going off into

one of his “paranormal incite moments.”

       “Hey no need to fuss, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, is nice to know about

the camp legends, legends that I’m sure that the whole lot of ya will know by the end of Camp.”

Replied Borace with a soft chuckle as he lead Ellie and Aaron out of the train station towards

the curb where a hideous green school bus was parked up in front of it.

        “That’s nice.” Said Ellie in a half distracted tone of voice as she allowed Borace and

Aaron to continue to talk to each other as she became distracted by the hideous green bus with

a matching hitched storage trailer. As Ellie looked over the bus she hoped that it wouldn’t be

the bus that would be taking her to Camp Greens Lake.

        “This particular camp has a tendency to change people in ways that are different then

ya would expect, I’m glad that at least one of ya is knowledgeable about it, for Camp Greens

Lake aint exactly a normal camp.” Added Borace as he lead Ellie and Aaron towards the lime

green bus that to Ellie’s disappointment was the bus that would be taking her to Camp Greens


        “Normal is over rated.” Commented Aaron as he and Ellie allowed Borace to take their

hiking backpacks and sleeping bags so that he could load them into the hitched trailer.

        “Some might say that, now go on ya lot, push open the bus door and then go ahead and

load onto the bus.” Instructed Borace as he headed towards the back of the bus to load Aaron

and Ellie’s things.

        As soon as Borace disappeared behind the bus Aaron eagerly pushed open the bus door

and headed inside of the bus to see if he could find an empty seat. As for Ellie she hesitated for

a moment and stared at the bus not knowing if she wanted to get on it or not. For aside for the

fact that Ellie didn’t want to go away to Camp Greens Lake Ellie had the feeling that something

about the bus that she was about to load onto registered the bus as unsafe.

        “I don’t know about this.” Thought Ellie silently to herself as she continued to stare at

the lime green school bus.

        “Ellie come on! I’ve found you a seat!” Shouted Aaron through a slightly open window

on the bus as he motioned for Ellie to join him inside of the bus.

        “Aaron please… Fine, Coming!” Replied Ellie as she realized that the only way that she

would get her brother to be quiet was if she got onto the bus with him.

        As Ellie loaded onto the bus she realized that it was nearly completely full with campers

that ranged from the ages of ten to fifteen years old. Aside from the different age groups the

campers were of different nationality and physique as well. Some of the campers even had on

multicolored shirts that read: Camp Greens Lake. But the majority of them didn’t.

        “Ellie! Back here!” Hollered Aaron loud enough so that he could be heard over the other

conversations that were going on the bus. Conversations that Ellie couldn’t help but to hear bits

and pieces of as she headed back to meet with Aaron in second to last seat in the back of the


        “I hope we get in the same cabin group.” Commented a blonde haired girl to a dark

haired girl.

        “Love bug Luna’s sister replaced her this year, wonder what she’s like.” Commented a

short red haired girl.

        “Oh you’re going to have loads of fun at Camp Greens Lake, especially when we have a

camp overnight at Earl Greensley’s castle estates.” Commented thirteen year old, plump, short

curly red haired boy, who had propped himself over the back of Aaron’s bus seat so that he

could talk to him.

       “I know I will, I’ve heard that Greensley castle is one of the most haunted castles in the

world.” Stated Aaron as his paranormal incite radar started to turn itself on.

       “A haunted castle! Oh Aaron you didn’t.” Blurted Ellie as she realized the true reason

that Aaron was excited to go to Camp Greens Lake.

       “Sorry Ellie, it must have slipped my mind.” Replied Aaron as he tried his best to control

the laughter that he felt like letting out upon seeing Ellie becoming so upset with him.

       “Sure it did, you did it on purpose, next time I’m picking the camp that we will be sent

away to, and please don’t annoy me with your paranormal incites like you did in the two hour

car ride from Castleton to New York City.” Concluded Ellie as she made it perfectly clear to

Aaron how she felt about the decision he had made to go to Camp Greens Lake.

       “You’re going to end up just like the others if you keep that type of attitude up.”

Warned the short curly red haired boy.

       “And what’s that supposed to mean- -Uh- -What’s your name anyways?” Asked Ellie as

she tried not to sound as annoyed as she was feeling.

       “I’m Curtis Willis, and it’s best that you take the legends of Camp Greens Lake seriously

if you know what’s good for you, the last thing that you want is to end up being cursed,

something that tends to happen to people who don’t take the legends of Camp Greens Lake

seriously.” Warned Curtis.

        Before Ellie had the chance to respond a fourteen year old, tall and slender, long dark

brown haired girl who had been sketching something in her sketchpad stopped sketching for a

moment and turned to cast a dirty look at Curtis. A look that brought out the green color in her


        “Oh great Curtis you’re back again, please don’t tell me that you’re starting to annoy

people already.” Stated the long dark brown haired girl.

        “Oh if it isn’t Claire Welsch, of all the people that have returned to Camp Greens Lake I

hadn’t expected you to be one of them, especially considering what happened to you and Oz at

Earl Greensley’s castle last year.” Retorted Curtis.

        At first when Curtis said this Claire let out an involuntary shudder. Then regaining her

composure she began to tell Curtis off again.

        “That is something that I don’t care to be reminded of Curtis, besides correct me if I’m

wrong you were one of the people who got spooked at Earl Greensley’s castle last year too,

something which made your scavenger hunt group lose the contest.”

        “Your group might have won the contest, but they won’t win this time.” Countered

Curtis then a smile crept across his lips indicating that he had an idea.

        “I bet that this year I’ll last longer then you will inside Earl Greensley’s castle, then we’ll

see just how much of a chicken you really are.”

        “Oh puh-leeze Curtis, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially you.” Stated

Claire as she calmly defended herself without paying attention to Curtis’ insult.

       Before Curtis had the chance to make a response Borace entered the bus and blew a

shrill whistle by placing two fingers on his lips. A whistle that silenced all of the conversations

that were going on in the bus causing everyone to focus their attention on him.

       “Thank ya, now if ya lot would kindly take ya seats then we can get movin’ and on the

way to camp!” Instructed Borace loud enough so that everyone on the bus could hear him.

       “Um Ellie, if you’d like to you can take the empty seat next to me, that way Aaron and

Curtis can talk amongst themselves.” Suggested Claire as she patted the empty seat next to her.

       “Thanks.” Replied Ellie as she gratefully accepted Claire’s offer.

       “And thank you Ellie.” Remarked Curtis as he headed up from the seat behind Aaron and

sat in the empty seat that Ellie had made beside him.

       “You’re welcome… I think.” Replied Ellie absent mindedly as she allowed Curtis to join

Aaron as she moved over to sit next to Claire.

       “Considering that you’ve been to Camp Greens Lake before perhaps you can tell me

what it is like.” Prodded Ellie as she started to make a conversation with Claire.

       “It’s an adventure, and as much as I hate to admit it the paranormal theme that is

associated with it isn’t as bad as I thought it was.” Explained Claire as Borace started up the bus

and then they started to travel out of New York City towards the out skirted area of Mount

Vernon where Camp Greens Lake was.

       “It has a paranormal theme to it, oh that’s just great.” Replied Ellie in a falsely

enthusiastic tone of voice.

       “Actually Ellie it’s really not that bad, especially if you consider all the beautiful things

that Camp Greens Lake has to offer.” Explained Claire as she started to tell Ellie about the good

things about going to Camp Greens Lake.

       “That’s good to know, maybe it will help me to block out all of the paranormal hype that

will be going on while we’re at camp.” Replied Ellie.

       “Paranormal hype… careful not to call it that while you’re at Camp.” Warned Claire.

       “Why?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

       “Because it’s considered being disrespectful, and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in

my four years at Camp Greens Lake it’s that you must not disrespect the legends, curses, or

supernatural elements that go along with it… I’m not saying that you have to believe that they

are true Ellie, it’s just best not to let yourself be annoyed by it, that way it won’t take the fun

out of camp, fun that Curtis and I’m sure that your brother Aaron will be more than thrilled

about.” Explained Claire.

       Deep down Ellie knew that Claire was right. There was no use in getting upset just

because something had a supernatural theme to it.

       “Well it definitely will help to keep Aaron busy while I’m at camp, and then maybe for

once he’ll stop bugging me.”

       “I take it Aaron’s your brother, I should have figured that.” Commented Claire as she

took a quick glance at Aaron and then looked back at Ellie.

       “We’re fraternal twins, aside from gender people say that we look a lot alike, but that

doesn’t mean that we act alike, for Aaron and I are almost complete opposites in personality

traits and personal interests.” Explained Ellie.

       “Hey Ellie! Think fast!” Shouted Aaron as he threw something in a brown paper bag

towards where Ellie and Claire were sitting. Something which Ellie intercepted and caught

before it had a chance to hit Claire or anything around them.

       “Aaron do you mind- -“ Started Ellie but then she cut herself short as she felt something

slimy and sticky seeping its way through the paper bag and onto her hand.

       “- -Ew gross.” Replied Ellie as she dropped the paper bag to the floor of the bus where it

landed with a splat on top of her shoe instantly covering it in a sticky green slime.

       “Aaron you promised!” Snapped Ellie as her cheeks began to turn red with both anger

and embarrassment.

       “I know that, but that prank was actually unintentional, I was just trying to give you the

rest of the gelatin molds that mom made for us to have for lunch, sorry about that.” Said Aaron

as he started to laugh in response to Ellie’s reaction.

       “Oh I’ll show you sorry.” Started Ellie as she started to get up from her seat to give

Aaron a quick slap.

          “Ellie don’t.” Interjected Claire as she gently pulled Ellie back down into her bus seat.

          “Don’t let your brother get to you, accident or not, what’s done is done, and that’s just

try not to get to upset about it, okay.”

          As embarrassed as Ellie was by Aaron she was even more embarrassed by being caught

losing her temper with her brother. Something which reminded Ellie that she had to work on

not losing her temper in public, Especially with Aaron.

          Aaron and Curtis continued to snicker and point at Ellie as they murmured amongst


          “I can’t believe you did that.” Murmured Curtis.

          “I know, I wasn’t even trying to get Ellie like that, told you she’s an easy target.”

Murmured Aaron.

          “She’ll be just as much fun to scare at camp as Claire was last year.” Murmured back


          “Ellie you don’t have to be embarrassed, especially around me, for all the pranks that

they most likely will pull at camp one of them is bound to backfire on them sooner or later.”

Reassured Claire as she tried her best to comfort Ellie without making her feel even more

embarrassed then she already was.

          “Your probably right Claire, and when that time comes I hope that you and I will be

there to see it happen.” Agreed Ellie as a relieved smile crept across her face.

       “Glad to see your feeling better Ellie, as annoying as Curtis and Aaron might be I just

hope that “spy Malloy” doesn’t bust them.” Remarked Claire.

       “Huh, “spy Malloy,” Who’s that?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

       “Oh she’s the head tribesperson- -er- - Coordinator at Camp Greens Lake, her real

names Tai Malloy, but she’s so sneaky and quick at catching misbehaving campers that we call

her “spy” Malloy as a nick name.” Explained Claire.

       “Glad to hear that it’s an actual person and not one of those legends that you said were

associated with Camp Greens Lake.” Said Ellie in a relieved tone of voice.

       “Legends right, well I’m sure that you don’t want to hear about those, it’s easier just to

keep track of the tribes people, and trail blazers that will be with you at Camp Greens Lake, no

need to go into legendary figures of the deceased Greensley family.” Concluded Claire as she

started to become slightly jittery.

       “That’s alright Claire, I don’t need to know about the legends of the Greensley family, if I

wanted to know that then I’d just ask Aaron about them, I’d rather hear about the tribes people

and trail blazers that you met at Camp Greens Lake.” Stated Ellie as she purposely avoided the

paranormal subject matter and lead back to the normal subject matter that Claire was

discussing with her.

       “That’s right, you’ve never been to Camp Greens Lake before, well when we arrive at

camp I’m sure that “spy” Malloy will fill us all in on that information as she usually does, after a

quick supper in the mournful mess hall she’ll lead us out front back to the skull rock flag pole

that’s just outside of the haunting lodge… here it will be easier to explain with the map that I

drew.” Explained Claire as she pulled out a folded and laminated piece of paper that she had

tucked inside of her sketchpad. A map that looked like an extremely detailed sketch pad


       “Wow Camp Greens Lake looks huge, what do the red markings on your map mean?”

Asked Ellie as she noticed some odd red markings on Claire’s detailed sketch pad map.

       “Oh they represent the areas of Camp Greens Lake that are off limits, they along with

some trails near the howling stable, and trails beyond the haunted hedge maze are off limits to

all campers.” Explained Claire.

       “Then that means- - According to your map Claire- - That Earl Greensley’s castle is off

limits- - Although I don’t see it anywhere on the map.” Concluded Ellie as she realized that

Claire hadn’t sketched in Earl Greensley’s castle on her map.

       “Oh I have another map for that place Ellie, it was to big to fit on the Camp Greensley

map.” Explained Claire as she pulled out another piece of laminated paper from her sketch pad.

       As Ellie looked over the other laminated map that Claire had she instantly recognized

what place the map was.

       “This is Earl Greensley Estates… Wow I wonder if it’s as massive as Aaron claimed it to

be.” Commented Ellie.

       “It’s definitely massive Ellie, so massive that someone could easily get lost inside of it.”

Explained Claire with an involuntary shudder. A shudder that to Ellie indicated that Claire had

been lost inside of Earl Greensley’s castle.

       “Lost, that’s the last thing that I need to experience at Camp, but with you around Claire

I have the feeling that getting lost is the last thing that I will have to worry about while I’m at

camp.” Replied Ellie.

       “As long as you don’t wonder off like some of the tribes people-- uh camp counselors or

haunting people--campers did I’m sure that you won’t disappear like they did.” Explained Claire

with another involuntary shudder.

       “Disappear--you mean people have actually disappeared from Camp Greens Lake, I

thought Aaron was just making that stuff up.” Replied Ellie as she realized that Claire was

serious about what she was telling her.

       “Some of the disappearances were made up, others well I wish they were.” Explained

Claire as she started to become slightly nervous.

       “What do you mean?” Asked Ellie as she began to let her curiosity get the best of her.

       “I guess Curtis didn’t tell you the whole story about what happened with Oz Wilson and

me when we got separated from “love bug” Luna and “slick” Rick in Earl Greensley’s lavatory

last year.” Replied Claire in a tone of voice that indicated that she didn’t like being reminded of

what happened with her and Oz in Greensley Castle.

       “Claire you don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” Replied Ellie as she realized

how uncomfortable Claire was becoming with their conversation.

       “Thanks for caring Ellie, but I might as well tell you what happened before somebody

else misinforms you about what happened.” Replied Claire as she took a deep breath before

she encouraged herself to continue to explain to Ellie what had happened to her and Oz.

       “First of all Oz Wilson wasn’t a camper from Camp Greens Lake he and Serena Niles

were two campers that joined our group from Camp Knox, sense a lot of my cabin group

decided to remain in the “chicken” coup or Luke’s cabin, Jessie Nelson and I were the only

campers from our cabin group who hadn’t got disqualified or to scared to continue the

scavenger search that “jittery” Gen- -another head tribesperson would lead us on through

Greensley Castle, all of us managed to stick together through the entire castle until we came

the dungeon area, the last room that we had to gather our remaining scavenger clue from.”

       “Then what happened?” Asked Ellie as she prompted Claire to continue with her story.

       “At this point of the contest Aaron, Zek, and a couple of other girls along with “slick”

Rick and “love bug” Luna came in the dungeon area to try to search for the last scavenger clue,

caught up in competition someone managed to trigger a switch that flipped the wall that “love

bug” Luna, “slick” Rick, Oz, and I were searching near…which is how we all unintentionally

managed to end up in Earl Greensley’s lab area of the dungeon, an area that was strictly off

limits , but that wasn’t the part that freaks me out the most about the whole thing.”

       “Whoa… Claire are you sure you want to continue your story, if you don’t want to then

you don’t have to.” Interjected Ellie as she realized that Claire was starting to have some

trouble with finishing the rest of her story that she was telling her.

       “I sort of have to Ellie, if I tell you then I don’t have to worry about someone else at

Camp telling you otherwise… It wasn’t the fact that Oz and I were separated from the rest of

the group that freaks me out, nor was I completely freaked out when “love bug” Luna, and

“slick Rick” mysteriously disappeared after they crawled out of the lavatory window to get us

someone to help us… what really freaked me out was that both Oz and I saw deformed white

rats with beady red eyes, and lumpy tarantula spiders… I can handle them separately, but

together it freaked me out, I guess like Earl Greensley’s son Luke I’m afraid of deformed things,

whatever phobia that might be.”

       Ellie was about to say something back to Claire when she was interrupted as Curtis

threw another brown paper sack towards where she and Claire were sitting. A paper bag that a

tall and slender long blond haired girl who was wearing a backwards camp hat caught and


       “Curtis try for once not to be a creep!” Shouted the long blond haired girl with the

backwards cap. After saying this the long blond haired girl with the backwards cap crumpled up

the brown paper sack unintentionally spilling something that looked like brown pudding out of

the top of it. Brown pudding that somehow ended up on the glasses lens of a long brown frizzy

haired girl who had been silently reading in the bus seat beside her.

       “Jessie… You ignoramus- - I mean, please be more considerate Jessie, oi.” Replied the

long brown frizzy haired girl as she pulled out a blue pocket handkerchief which she used to

wipe off her glasses lens.

       “Oops, sorry Crissy, thought I was helping, guess I wasn’t.” Apologized Jessie as she let

off a nervous snicker.

       After Jessie said this she sat back down next to Crissy and tried her best to contain her

nervous laughter.

       “Talk about a small world.” Commented Claire out loud to herself.

       “You must know them from camp last year too.” Commented Ellie as she realized what

Claire’s comment was referring to.

       “I guess that is obvious to you, Crissy was in my cabin group two years ago when she

first came to camp, and Jessie was in my cabin group last year, the only thing that Crissy and

Jessie have in common is that the states that they are from are in the Midwest, if you don’t

mind me asking, where are you from?” Asked Claire as she politely transitioned from one

subject to another.

       “I’m from Castleton Vermont, where are you from?” Asked Ellie as she continued the

conversation that Claire was having with her.

       “If I tell you that promise me that you won’t let Curtis know, because if you do then he

might go supernatural obsessive about it.” Replied Claire.

       “I promise not to go supernatural obsessive and don’t worry I won’t tell Curtis nor Aaron

for that matter.” Agreed Ellie.

       “I’m from Salem Massachusetts.” Replied Claire.

       “Really, that’s not that far away from where I live, if we get bunked by location then

most likely I’ll end up in the same cabin group as you.” Responded Ellie as she hoped that she

would get bunked with Claire. Against all the odds Ellie hoped that she would get to know at

least one person while she was at camp. A person who Ellie thought Claire would be the perfect

candidate for.

       About three hours later…

       Somehow during the conversation that Ellie was having with Claire explaining how Camp

Greens Lake was Ellie had somehow managed to fall asleep. Something that Ellie hoped that

Claire wouldn’t think that she was rude for doing.

       “Did you have a good powernap?” Asked Claire with a friendly smile as she flipped the

sketchpad that she had been drawing in back closed again.

       “I guess you can say that I did, sorry about that.” Apologized Ellie as she let out an

unintentional yawn.

       In response to Ellie’s yawn Claire yawned in return. “Stop that it’s contagious.” Joked

Claire with a smile.

       “Sorry, it’s been kind of a long day, especially after the three hour drive with Aaron to

New York City, and then our little cab excursion in New York City.” Replied Ellie as she started to

wake fully up again.

       “What type of a cab excursion?” Asked Claire in a curious tone of voice.

       “A fast and nauseating cab excursion that ended up costing me fifty bucks of spending

money.” Informed Ellie with a scowl.

       “Ouch, that’s expensive, perhaps next time you should take the subway, it won’t stop

the fast and nauseating sensation, but at least that way you’d know how much it was going to

cost you beforehand.” Suggested Claire.

       “Good idea Claire, but the creep still owes me fifty bucks, oh well I guess it’s not that big

of a deal considering that it was actually some extra money that our step father—ur Stanley

gave us for camp, how far away from camp are we anyways?” Asked Ellie as she purposely

transitioned from one subject to the next.

       “We’re very close.” Replied Claire.

       “So close that you can feel the presence of the Greensley spirits.” Said Curtis in a

mocking tone of voice as he unexpectantly popped up from the seat behind Claire and Ellie

which caused both Claire and Ellie to give a start.

       “Oh please Curtis don’t start.” Replied Claire as she managed to regain her composure.

       “Careful Claire you don’t want to a repeat of what happened last year now do you.”

Stated Curtis as a mischievous smile crept across his lips.

       After Curtis said this Claire paled slightly for a brief moment before she regained her

composure and turned back to her natural skin color.

       “Curtis! Sit back in your own seat and stop annoying people!” Bellowed Jessie as she

quickly turned around in her seat briefly enough to cast a glare towards Curtis before Crissy

politely tugged a strand of Jessie’s hair to tell her that she needed to remain seated.

       At first Curtis looked as if he was going to make a response. But after Jessie glared at

him he turned red and then returned to his seat to sit next to Aaron.

       “Don’t tell me that you actually believe in those Camp Greens Lake ghost stories Claire,

for if you do you shouldn’t because there’s no such things as ghosts.” Remarked Ellie.

       After Ellie said this there was a loud metallic clang followed by a popping sound from

somewhere outside of the bus. Something that indicated that the bus had popped a tire by

running over something.

       “What the--“Exclaimed Jessie.

       “--Jessie don’t even think of finishing that derogatory statement.” Interjected Crissy as

she closed the book that she had been reading and intentionally interrupted Jessie.

       “Told you it was bad luck to say bad things about Camp Greens Lake Ellie.” Remarked

Curtis as he and Aaron along with some of the other students on their side of the bus tried to

see if they could see what had caused their bus’ tire to pop.

       “It’s not exactly bad luck when we happen to land right in front of Camp Greens Lake.”

Remarked Claire as she pointed out a bright green banner with red lettering that was draped

over two twenty foot tall wooden posts that read in big bold lettering: WELCOME TO CAMP


       “Greensley territory, that’s not what the camp sign has said before.” Remarked Crissy.

       “Perhaps that Giles Greensley added that part this year, either him or “spy” Malloy, you

know how they love to take the fun out of certain things.” Commented Jessie.

       “Well then we’ll just have to create our own fun then.” Suggested Curtis as he threw a

fake play spider towards Claire and Ellie which Jessie managed to catch and snatch away.

       “Hey that was mine!” Protested Aaron as he realized that Jessie had taken the play

spider that Curtis had taken away from him.

       “Not any more it aint!” Retorted Jessie just as Borace let out a shrill whistle from the

front of the bus which once again managed to get everyone’s attention.

       “Alright settle down the lot of ya, I jus’ got off da phone with some of da trail blazers,

they will loot your stuff into the designated piles, all that ya are required to do is to report to

the central flag pole--a.k.a. skull rock, Tai will be waitin’ for ya there.” Explained Borace just

loud enough for everyone to hear him.

         “You don’t have to tell me twice come on, if we hurry we might be able to see what the

bus ran over.” Remarked Curtis as he turned to Aaron for a response.

         “Cool, that’s go.” Agreed Aaron as he and Curtis quickly gathered their things

remarkably fast and quickly exited the bus.

         “Oh boy, Aaron’s doing it again, I better go talk to him before he does something

stupid.” Remarked Ellie as she quickly gathered her things and then rushed after Aaron and

Curtis whom she happened to catch up to as they and a couple kids had stopped to stare at

something that had a shiny head and a long wooden handle that was sticking out of the right

rear bus’ tire.

         “Oh my gosh I can’t believe it, it’s, it’s--” Started Curtis in an overenthusiastic tone of


         “--It’s Bonnie Greensley’s ax Curtis, and don’t touch it, it’s cursed.” Remarked Aaron.

         “How’d you know that?” Asked Curtis in a curious tone of voice as Jessie and Borace

arrived to the back of bus to discover what the bus had ran over.

         “Bonnie Greensley is carved in the handle of the ax, and anybody who knows the

Greensley legend knows that you can’t touch certain things that they own, especially things

that have a curse associated with them.” Explained Aaron.

         “Aaron could you be any more of a bigger freak, I told you not to start.” Interjected Ellie

as she started to get annoyed with Aaron again.

       “I’m just as big of a freak as you are.” Countered Aaron.

       “Nobody’s a freak here, now ya lot better scat, don’ want to be late for camp.”

Remarked Borace as he took out a red handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped it around the

handle of the ax which he pulled out with one quick and hard jerk and then unintentionally

threw sent it soaring sideways off into the woods which it landed with a ka-plunk. A ka-plunk

that indicated that it had landed in water of some sort.

       Realizing that there was nothing more to see Ellie, Aaron, Curtis, and Jessie along with a

couple other kids started to head back towards camp. Realizing that neither Crissy or Claire had

gotten off of the bus yet Ellie paused for a moment in front of the bus. Something which Ellie

realized she shouldn’t have done so abruptly as Jessie nearly plowed her over in an effort to

head out to camp.

       “What’s the matter--uh what’s your name anyways?” Asked Jessie in a slightly

concerned tone of voice.

       “It’s Ellie, and I’m fine, I just don’t like that all the paranormal hype of Camp Greens Lake

seems to have already started already, I don’t want to jinx it again by saying anything bad about

it, I’d just rather be at another camp, away from Aaron and all of his paranormal obsessions.”

Explained Ellie as she introduced herself to Jessie just as Claire and Crissy headed stepped off of

the bus and joined them.

       “Jessie, call me surprised but I hadn’t expected you of all people to wait for us, I thought

you’d be at Camp already.” Said Claire in a surprised tone of voice.

         “Well there was an unexpected delay, you guys won’t believe what we discovered in the

bus’ tires.” Replied Jessie in an excited tone of voice.

         “Uh Bonnie Greensley’s cursed ax.” Replied Crissy.

         “Yeah, how’d you know?” Asked Jessie in a surprised tone of voice.

         “Both Claire and I overheard from inside of the bus, and considering that Curtis knows

about the ax I’m sure that almost the entire camp will be informed about our unexpected

inconvience.” Replied Crissy.

         “Great that’s just what we need.” Responded Claire in a falsely enthusiastic tone of


         “Oh come on Claire it’s not that bad, at least now Curtis has something else to talk

about besides what happened at Earl Greensley’s castle estates last year.” Said Jessie in an

attempt to try to make Claire feel better.

         “That’s true… Come on you guys, that’s head to camp before we are late and “spy”

Malloy gives us her “don’t be late” lecture.” Replied Claire as she politely changed the subject

and began to head towards skull rock in the front entryway of Camp Greens Lake.

         “Claire’s right, we better get to skull rock, the last thing that I need to hear at camp is

another one of “spy” Malloy’s lectures.” Agreed Jessie as she followed Claire back to skull rock.

         “Punctuality is important, see you around.” Agreed Crissy as she followed Jessie and

Claire to skull rock.

       Normally Ellie would have followed Claire, Jessie, and Crissy but instead she hesitated

for a brief moment to sort out the half a dozen questions that floated from the back of her

mind to the front of her mind. Questions like “Why would Bonnie Greensley’s ax be cursed?

How did Bonnie Greensley’s ax end up in the middle of the road? Had someone thrown it at the

bus or had it been dropped in the middle of the road by accident?” These questions were only a

few of the questions that Ellie had on her mind. Questions that Ellie wasn’t sure she really

wanted to know the answer to.

       “It was probably just a prank, or something, that’s not jump to conclusions Ellie, that’s

just head into camp and see what happens next.” Ellie silently told herself as she started to

head back to skull rock to catch up with wither Claire, Crissy, or Jessie.

       Ellie was about halfway to skull rock when she stopped as she heard a twig snap from

somewhere in the wooded area behind her. As Ellie turned around to see what it was she

thought that she saw a silhouette of a person duck behind a tree that was about ten feet away.

       “Is someone actually following me?” Ellie silently asked herself as she continued to scan

the wooded area behind herself to see if she could see who was following her.

       After spending a few seconds looking Ellie decided that she was being silly and that she

was probably seeing things. Something that Ellie considered was a possible considering all the

times she had spent a lot of time traveling in a moving vehicle.

       “There’s no need to over react Ellie, that’s just head to skull rock, like Claire said the last

thing that I need is to be late.” Stated Ellie out loud to herself as she continued to walk the rest

of the way to skull rock with the distinct feeling that she was being watched by someone. A

feeling that managed to go away the moment that she arrived at skull rock to join the rest of

the campers at Camp Green Lake for a camping experience that she nobody was likely to forget.

                                                                                        Andria Marie Monique

                                                                                            Camp Greens Lake


                                         Chapter Two: Cabin Groups

        The moment that Ellie arrived at skull rock she realized that there were a lot of campers and

camp counselors. So many that she wasn’t able to find Claire, Jessie, Crissy, Aaron, or Curtis.

        “Are you lost or something?” Asked a tall boy with short and spiky dirty blond hair and dark

brown eyes.

        “Lost- - I don’t think so, I just sort of feel lost.” Replied Ellie as she felt her cheeks go warm with


        “You must be new to Camp Greens Lake… I’m Todd Green, don’t worry after a while I’m sure

that you’ll get used to it.” Reassured Todd as he properly introduced himself to Ellie and extended his

hand in a handshake gesture towards Ellie.

        “Thanks, I’m sure that I will, and my name is Ellie Anderson.” Replied Ellie as she politely shook

Todd’s hand as he gave her hand a firm handshake and then politely dropped it.

        “Anderson… Oh I see, I just met your brother a few minutes ago, he and Curtis were pulling a

prank on Jessie and Kate, guess Curtis still hasn’t outgrown his practical jokes.” Remarked Todd with a

soft chuckle.

        “It looks like Aaron hasn’t either… But at least they quit pulling pranks on Claire and I like they

were on the bus.” Replied Ellie as she tried not to sound as annoyed as she was feeling.

        “Claire? Do you mean Claire Welsch?” Asked Todd as he recognized Claire’s name.

        “Yeah.” Replied Ellie in a slightly nervous tone of voice.

        “Wow, she’s a lot braver then I thought she was, I thought that after what happened to her at

Earl Greensley’s castle last year she wouldn’t be returning to Camp Greens Lake this year, guess I was

wrong about that.” Concluded Todd in a surprised tone of voice.

        “It seems like practically everybody that has been at Camp Greens Lake before has heard about

that, but I don’t think that Claire wants to be reminded about what happened.”

        “Neither does Oz Wilson, did you know that he’s going to Camp Greens Lake this year instead of

Camp Knox.”

        “No, but now I do.” Replied Ellie.

        Todd was about to respond when the sound of the horn of a bullhorn could be heard. A sound

that was followed immediately by a loud and authorative female voice.

        “Attention campers--or should I say haunting scavengers, if you all would kindly gather around

then we can get you all sorted into your assigned cabin groups!”

        “That must be “spy” Malloy, See you around Ellie.” Said Todd as he departed from Ellie and

headed towards a group of boys that he recognized from camp.

        “It’s nice to know that not all of the boys at this camp are creeps.” Thought Ellie silently to

herself as she realized how polite and curtitious Todd had acted towards her.

        “I wonder what “spy” Malloy looks like.” Thought Ellie silently to herself as she wondered

towards the front of the crowd where a tall and slender Asian woman dressed in a tan khaki shirt and

shorts. An attire that along with her tan colored hat made her look like a park ranger. As Ellie was able to

get a better look at the woman she realized that she had long jet black colored hair that was pulled up

into a bun and tucked beneath her hat, and that she was holding onto a dark brown clipboard. A

clipboard that along with her white and red bullhorn were the same tools that Claire had told her that

“spy” Malloy would be holding.

        “Oh Ellie, there you are, glad to see that you didn’t get lost.” Greeted Claire as she spotted Ellie

and joined her up front behind where “spy” Malloy was standing on top of skull rock.

        Ellie was relieved that Claire had found her. For amongst the crowd of campers it was nice to

know at least one of them. It was a way to feel slightly more secure then someone would if they were

amongst a sea of strangers.

        “There are some rules that I must go over with all of you, and do not make me have to repeat

them more than once!” Hollered Tai through the bullhorn so loudly that she caused a few campers that

had been standing directly in front of her to cover their ears and to back slightly away from her.

        “Rule one! Respect and honor your fellow haunting captivators, head tribes people, trail blazers

and camp coordinators! For those who are new to camp that rule is referring to your head camp

counselors and fellow campers!”

        “Rule two no coed or other cabin integrating, that means that each camper is to stay in their

assigned cabin and only in their assigned cabin!”

        “Rule three no vulgar language or obscene gestures!”

        “Rule four never go anywhere alone, Something of which I must stress is extremely important

for all campers, head tribes people, and trail blazers to follow, breaking this rule is dangerous and is the

cause of many disappearances in the past at Camp Greens Lake!”

        After stating camp rule number four “spy” Malloy stopped and paused for a moment.

Something that indicated that she had witnessed something bad in the past as a result from someone

breaking this particular camp rule. But “spy” Malloy didn’t let this stop her. For she pushed her emotions

aside and continued to list off the remaining camp rules.

        “Rule five, stick to your assigned schedule! Campfire will be nightly at twenty hundred hours till

eleven hundred hours here at skull rock, curfew is thirty minutes past eleven hundred hours and wake

up time will be at o seven hundred hours with break at o eight hundred hours and lunch at twelve

hundred hours, and dinner will be at seventeen hundred hours!”

        “Rule six no rough housing, horse play, or silly antics, they will not be tolerated!”

        After stating camp rule number six “spy” Malloy paused for a moment to emphasize the

importance of camp rule number seven. A rule that was the most important camp rule of all. “Stay on

the trails, and within the safe zones of Camp Greens Lake, areas and trails marked with no trespassing

signs are considered forbidden zones at the request of Giles Greensley! Other forbidden zones include

Cheeve’s fishing dock, and past the buoys that are at the end of the swimming area in Greens Lake! Also

note that Bonnie Greensley’s barn and Earl Greensley’s castle are off limits unless supervised by a trail

blazer or head tribes person!”

        “Rule number eight stick to your cabin groups posted activity times and activities!”

        “Rule number nine know your place and obey the rules! Rule breaking is extremely dangerous

and it will not be tolerated at Camp Greens Lake!”

        “And lastly rule number ten have fun.” Concluded “spy” Malloy as she finally managed to finish

listing off all of the camp rules.

        “Is she done yet?” Mumbled Jessie as she unexpectantly appeared behind Claire and Ellie which

caused Ellie to give a start in response to Jessie’s voice.

        “Not yet Jessie we still have to be sorted into our cabin groups.” Whispered Claire as she

pressed a finger to her lips signaling for Jessie to be quiet.

        Claire had just finished saying this when “spy” Malloy began to speak into her megaphone again.

“Considering that we have just under three hundred twenty campers this year I will ask all of you to be

patient as I introduce to you the head tribes people that will be assigned to the eight cabin areas at

Camp Greens lake!”

        After “spy” Malloy finished saying this four male and four female head tribes people camp

counselors waved a long pole with a colored flag on it, four of them from the right side of the crowd of

campers, and the other four of them from the left side of the crowd of campers that had gathered

around skull rock.

        On the left side Ellie noticed a green, black, brown, and white flags that were being held by male

head tribes people and on the right I noticed a purple, orange, yellow, and pink flag that were being

head by female head tribes people. Something that gave Ellie an idea as to which way she would be

heading to her assigned cabin site.

        “At the green cabins we have head tribesman Ray!” Introduced “spy” Malloy as the head

tribesman holding the green flag looked around as if he was unaware that “Spy” Malloy was signaling for

him to come forward.

        “Ray!” Called out “spy” Malloy in frustration.

        “Oh s-s-sorry I’m here!” Replied the man who was holding the green flag as he stopped at a pile

of belongings that belonged to the members of his green cabin group. Members that he began to list off

stammering once in a while as he struggled to properly pronounce a few of the names on his list.

        “I can’t believe “which way” Ray returned this year, I would have thought that he would have

got lost or something by now.” Commented Jessie as she recognized the green cabin counselor.

        “Jessie, that’s not a very nice thing to say; besides so far Ray’s doing better than last year, at

least he hasn’t knocked anything over.” Commented Claire as she struggled to find something nice to

say about “which way” Ray.

        “Not yet he hasn’t.” Corrected Jessie as “which way” Ray continued to list off members of his

cabin group.

        While Claire and Jessie continued to comment on “which way” Ray Ellie glanced over the head

tribes people so that she could see what they all looked like. All of the head tribes’ people were wearing

a colored T-shirt that matched the colored flag that they were holding underneath a short sleeved light

brown kaki vest and matching light brown khaki shorts. Attire that made it look like they were a cross

between an outback survivalist, and a forest ranger.

        As for “which way” Ray he was short and plump with thick black rimmed glasses and buzz cut

dirty blond hair. Features that matched his clumsy gestures and stance.

        After “which way” Ray was introduced a short a plump red haired woman with big green eyes,

and short and frizzy red hair was introduced by “spy” Malloy as Patty the purple cabin’s head


        “Nice to meet all of you! This is going to be a great year at camp Greens Lake!” Greeted Patty

with an overly excited snort. Then she stepped up to a pile of belongings and began to list off names

from her cabin group.

        “Oh great “perky” Patty is back, oh how exciting.” Remarked Jessie in a falsely enthusiastic tone

of voice.

        “She only gets on your nerves if you let her Jessie, besides she’s not that bad… Once you get

used to her.” Responded Claire to Jessie’s remark.

        “Speak for yourself Claire, you didn’t have her for a head tribesperson two years ago, the

moment she starts trying to get us to sing those annoying camp songs, I’m running away in the opposite

direction, there’s only so much perkiness one person can take.” Countered Jessie.

        “I had her three years ago Jessie, and if her singing annoys you then you’ll just have to learn to

tune her out.” Suggested Claire.

        The next head tribesman that “spy” Malloy introduced was the black cabin’s counselor Lyle. As

Lyle stepped forward to introduce himself her lowered the black lensed sunglasses that he was wearing

to reveal a pair of intensely blue eyes. From Lyle’s tan colored skin and muscular build to his long dark

brown hair that was tied back with a leather string Lyle was very attractive looking. Features that added

to the confident and smooth way that he talked and presented himself as he listed off the campers that

were in his cabin group.

        “Alright! We’re in the same cabin group!” Exclaimed Curtis in an excited tone of voice as he gave

Aaron a high five and then walked over to where Lyle was still listing off names from his cabin group.

        “I’m with Curtis again… What are the odd of that happening again.” Commented Todd as he and

another short boy who was hiding behind the hood of his light weight black hooded sweatshirt started

to make their way past Claire, Jessie, and Ellie towards the front left area that Lyle was standing with

part of the black cabin groups at.

         Todd passed by Jessie, and Claire easily and then he gave a quick and friendly wink at Ellie and

then smoothly made his way past them. Ellie could feel her cheeks redden in embarrassment. It was the

first time that a boy that she liked recognized her. Something that Ellie wasn’t quite used to.

         “Ellie… I take it that you meant Todd Green already, that didn’t take you very long.” Said Claire

as she realized that Todd and Ellie had already meant.

         “Claire?” Interjected the short boy in the black hooded sweatshirt who now had pushed back his

hood to reveal a pale skinned face with pale green eyes, and short and spiky jet black hair.

         “Oz?” Asked Claire in a slightly confused tone of voice as she started to recall who he was.

         After Claire said this Oz pulled up his hood and headed towards the black cabin group just as

Lyle called off an “Oz Wilson.” Something that confirmed who he was.

         “Wow Claire, I can’t believe that after last year in Earl Greensley’s castle that Oz Wilson actually

came to Camp Greens lake, maybe he likes you or something.” Suggested Jessie in a teasing tone of


         “Thanks a lot Jessie.” Replied Claire in a sarcastic tone of voice as her face flushed red in


         “Sorry Claire, Oz just acts kind of weird around you, and the fact that he switched from Camp

Knox to Camp Greens Lake, I guess I’m just sort of surprised.” Responded Jessie as she realized that she

had embarrassed Claire.

        “All haunting captivators for the black cabin are here and accounted for and in record time!”

Exclaimed Lyle with a triumphant whoop.

        “Thanks Lyle but this isn’t a competition.” Interjected “spy” Malloy through her megaphone.

        “Hey Claire, we haven’t got a nickname for Lyle yet… Wait I think I got one, how about

“competitive” Lyle?” Suggested Jessie as she quickly came up with a nickname for Lyle.

        “Sounds good to me, go ahead and spread the word.” Agreed Claire as suppressed the urge to

laugh at Jessie’s excitement.

        “Don’t worry I will.” Agreed Jessie as she quickly departed from Claire, and Ellie telling every

camper that she meant about Lyle’s new camp nickname.

        After Jessie departed from Ellie, and Claire “spy” Malloy just finished introducing the orange

cabin head tribeswoman Jean.

        “In case you haven’t already caught on yet Ellie, Haunting captivators have given nicknames to

each head tribesperson, It’s just something that has been done for as long as I can remember at Camp

Greens Lake, Lyle replaced “slick” Rick this year at camp and by the looks of it he’s the only new head

male tribesperson.” Explained Claire as she quickly surveyed the other head tribe’s people.

        “Oh I see.” Said Ellie in a half distracted tone of voice as she began to visually the head orange

cabin’s head tribesperson who “spy” Malloy introduced as Jean.

        Jean was tall, and slender with long blond hair that she had pulled back by a tie dies scrunchie.

She also had big blue eyes that accented her slender and athletically built figure. Features that along

with the flirty and poised way that she spoke and carried herself made nearly all of the makes at camp

Greens Lake gawk and stare at her in admiration.

        “That’s “lean” Jean, I was in her cabin group the first year that I was at Camp Greens Lake, She

was so leanant that she had a lot of trouble keeping the male haunting captivators out of her cabin

barracks, which was until “spy” Malloy started going on her nightly patrol duty, then things sort of

changed.” Informed Claire.

        Ellie realized that the crowd of people that had been gathered around “skull” rock was already

starting to thin out and that her feet were starting to hurt from standing around for so long.

        “I wish there was a faster way of doing this, it is painfully long.” Groaned Ellie as she shifted her

weight to her other foot to allow the blood to circulate back to her other one.

        “Don’t worry, we’re half way there.” Replied Claire as she tried to sound more positive then she

was actually feeling.

        “Spy” Malloy then introduced the brown cabin head tribesman. A mysterious and short pale

skinned head tribesman with shaggy black hair, and dark brown eyes. A head tribesman that Claire

informed Ellie was nick named “tall-tale” Pete from his story telling, and tattle telling tendencies.

        After “tall-tale” Pete’s brown cabin group was introduced “Spy” Malloy introduced the yellow

cabin head tribeswoman. A head tribeswoman who stuttered as she read off the names of the haunting

captivators that were in her cabin group. Gen’s stuttering, and jumpy mannerisms made sense when

Claire informed Ellie that her nick name was “jittery” Gen.

        “Jittery” Jen was tall and slender with short light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. Eyes that

were covered with a pair of thin rimmed circle lensed glasses. Something that accented her jumpy

features to give her a stereotypical nerd label.

        After “spy” Malloy introduced “Jittery” Gen she introduced a gray hair, pale blue eyed head

tribesman who had a golden military whistle. Something that Claire warned Ellie that “Harpin” Harold

tended to use a lot.

        Lastly “spy” Malloy introduced the last camp counselor who was in charge of the pink cabin

group. A camp counselor who was short and slender with mid length red hair, and dark green eyes.

Features that along with an Irish flag crested ring that she wore indicated that she was Irish. Something

that was confirmed as she introduced herself.

        “I be here before, as some of ya know, For if ya had my sister Luna, surely ya have heard her say

something about me, something that I hope was kind like I hope you lot will be, now I shall call of ya

names for attendance purposes, if ya don’ hear ya name, please see Tai right away.” Informed Anella as

she introduced herself and then started to list off the haunting captivators that were in her cabin group.

        “Looks like we’re in the same cabin group after all, that’s good to know.” Remarked Claire as she

realized that we were the last cabin group to be sorted.

        “That means you’ll have me in your cabin group as well.” Interjected Jessie as she rejoined Claire

and Ellie.

        “Jessie it’s not polite to interrupt.” Interjected Crissy who Anella just happened to call off right

after she spoke.

        “I didn’t mean to interrupt, anyways I have a nickname for Anella, how about “angel” Anella?”

Asked Jessie in an excited tone of voice.

        “Sure… and if you let Kate Blake take credit for that nickname then she will be sure to spread

the word around Camp Greens Lake.” Informed Claire.

        “That’s how I did it with “competive” Lyle, trust me Claire, I know how this camp works.” Replied

Jessie as she headed over towards a group of two girls that were standing about ten feet away from us.

        At first Ellie felt confused by what was going on. But as she heard “angel” Anella list off her,

Jessie, and Claire’s name Ellie was relieved that the sorting was finally finished and they all could finally

head back to their assigned cabin sites.

        Fifteen minutes later…

        After a long hike down a long dirt path which was only interrupted by a brief crossing at

Marcine’s (shaking)crossing bridge Ellie was relieved that she and her fellow pink cabin haunting

captivators had finally arrived at the pink cabin campsite. A camp site that consisted of a central log

cabin and four smaller log walled huts. Huts that had a pink wooden sign with the numbers one to four

marked on them.

        “Why is it that the counselor’s cabin always seems to be nicer then the counselor’s cabins?”

Whispered Ellie to Claire as she realized how small and dingy the four outer huts seemed compared to

the central cabin.

        “Their not that bad Ellie, Just wait you’ll see.” Replied Claire.

        “Okay ya lot, Attention please, Thank ya, As ya already noticed each cabin be assigned a

number, A number that ya best remember considering that it will be where your belongings be thanks

to your trail blazers and some of the other staff of Camp Greens Lake.” Informed “angel” Anella as she

warmly welcomed everyone to camp and explained that each cabin had a clip board that assigned

approximately ten haunting captivators to one cabin.

        “Okay ya lot, It be quite late tonight, Anyone who be hungry feel free to meet in the longer area

of the central cabin, There we have cheese sandwiches or hotdogs, Food that be gone by the end of the

night I hope… As for ya cabin group check in with the trail blazors who be just outside of your barracks, I

shall be in the central lodge if ya need me, Good night.” Informed “angel” Anella as she politely

dismissed herself and everyone else so that everyone could get settled into camp.

        “Are you feeling hungry?” Asked Claire as she turned towards Ellie to decide what they were

going to do next.

        “Not really, Mostly tired.” Replied Ellie as she unintentionally let out a yawn.

        “Obviously… I’m not all that hungry either, the easiest way to find the cabin that you’re in is by

spotting your luggage just outside of it, I know “angel” Anella said that our names are on clipboards with

each trail blazer, but it’s easier just to find our cabin by our luggage.” Informed Claire as they passed

cabin one, cabin two, cabin three, and then lastly arrived at cabin four where they both discovered their

luggage piled up next to a tan skinned blond haired woman who was wearing a light blue khaki shirt with

a pink undershirt and tan outback khaki shorts.

        “Good day shellas, Glad you found your way here.” Greeted the blond haired woman in a thick

Australian accent.

        “Glad to see you again too Shelly.” Replied Claire as she instantly recognized the trail blazer.

        “Cricky Claire Welsh, You got my cabin barracks again, Guess I won’t have a hard time

identifying who you are… Who’s your friend?” Asked Shelly as she marked Claire’s name off of the

clipboard that was hanging on the door frame of cabin four.

        “Shes- -“ Started Claire.

        “- -I’m Ellie Anderson.” Finished Ellie as she politely interrupted Claire so that she could

introduce herself to Shelly herself.

        “Anderson... Good you’re here to, that’s almost everyone in your cabin group.” Stated Shelly as

Ellie and Claire grabbed their things and hauled them to one of the last empty bunk beds that was near

the back door of the cabin.

        “Do you want top bunk or bottom?” Asked Claire as she dropped her things on top of a trunk

that was at the foot of the bed.

        “I’ll take the top, thanks Claire.” Decided Ellie as she threw her hiking backpack on top of the top

bunk bed which after she did rolled off the top of the bed and spilt out it’s continents all over the floor

just as another camper’s suitcase managed to tumble off the top of the bunk bed and spill out it’s

continents as well.

        “Oh great.” Mumbled Ellie in both frustration and embarrassment.

        “Anderson… Is that you?” Asked Jessie as she met up with Ellie identifying her as the other

person who had managed to spill their stuff.

        “Yes- -Sorry for the mess Jessie.” Replied Ellie as her cheeks began to flush red in


        “Don’t worry about it Ellie, crap happens.” Responded Jessie as she continued to pick up her

things as Ellie started to pick up hers.

        Feeling aggravated and embarrassed Ellie hurriedly stuffed al her things back into her hiking

backpack and then she stopped as she pricked her finger on something sharp.

        “Ouch stupid thing!” Exclaimed Ellie as she dropped the sharp object that she had grabbed.

Something that turned out to be an eighteenth century styled dagger wrapped with a blood red ribbon

tied to the handle of it.

        “Oh Ellie, I wouldn’t be calling that stupid if I were you, do you have any idea whose that is?”

Asked Jessie as her eyes widened in alarm.

        “Jessie what- -Whoa, please don’t tell me that you brought that thing in here.” Remarked Claire

as she headed to the opposite side of the bed and then interrupted herself in mid-sentence as she

recognized what item Jessie had remarked on.

        “I certainly did not, I have no idea where Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger came from!”

Retorted Jessie.

        “L-L-Lucas Greensley, oh no not another one.” Remarked Ellie as she clasped her hand over her

finger to keep it from bleeding.

        “What do you mean another one?” Asked a short and pale skinned girl with short and black

spunky hair.

        As Ellie was able to get a better look at the girl Ellie realized that the girl had dark green eyes

and that she was wearing black baggy punk pants and a black T-shirt with a white skull in the middle of

it. Attire that matched the girls punk- Goth attitude.

        “Oh Ellie was just referring to another accident Marsha, that’s all.” Replied Claire as she quickly

answered for Ellie.

        “Accident… No offense but with you around I guess I shouldn’t be to surprised, here it will help

to stop the bleeding.” Remarked Marsha as she handed Ellie a torn piece of a black bandanna that she

could use to wrap her finger with.

          “Thanks… Um what are we going to do with the dagger, should we tell Shelly about it?” Asked

Ellie in a concerned tone of voice as she wrapped and then knotted the bandanna around the finger that

she had pricked herself with the dagger.

          “No!” Replied Jessie, Claire, and Marsha in unison.

          “Why not?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

          “Because she’ll tell “spy” Malloy on us, and we’ll all be sent home from camp.” Informed Jessie.

          “Jessie’s right, “spy” Malloy will be severely harsh on us if she finds out.” Agreed Claire.

          “Harsh, that’s an understatement Claire, “spy” Malloy will go ballistic.” Corrected Marsha.

          “Then the best thing that we can do is…” Started Jessie as she put a sock over her hand and then

pulled the dagger up and out from in-between the floor boards and then rushed to the back door of the

cabin opened it and then threw it as high and far away as she could where it landed somewhere with a


          “Problem solved, now it’s gone.” Concluded Jessie as she shut the back door of their cabin and

then headed back over to her bunk bed.

          “The dagger might be gone, but that doesn’t mean that it’s curse isn’t.” Reminded Marsha.

          “C-c-curse, don’t tell me that this cabin has a curse on it.” Interjected a soft and timid voice that

belonged to a tall and slender girl with big brown eyes and long black braided hair.

          “Of course it doesn’t, uh what’s your name anyway?” Asked Claire as she realized that she

hadn’t meant the big brown eyed girl that joined their small group before.

        “I’m Aiyana Waki, it’s native American for wise shelter… I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but

considering that a curse was mentioned well I’d like to know exactly what it’s all about.” Requested

Aiyana in a voice that was just barely loud enough for everyone to hear.

        As Aiyana spoke Ellie realized that Aiyana was wearing blue jeans, and a loose white cotton T-

shirt with a tan leather vest over it. A leather vest that matched her leather moccasin like shoes. Attire

that along with the beads that were embroidered into to leather matched the Native American features

that she had.

        “Curse, oh you don’t want to hear about a curse, don’t be silly.” Replied Claire as she tried not

to sound as nervous as she was feeling.

        Aiyana was about to respond when she was interrupted by a tall and slender long blond haired

girl with big blue eyes. Someone who from her designer fit jeans and silk lined jean jacket looked like a

runway model more than a camper.

        “Is that who I think it is—Why it is, Claire Welsh, I’m surprised that you like actually came back

to camp Greens Lake this year, especially considering that you and that Oz Wilson kid like got trapped in

Earl Greensley’s dungeon last year, if I was you I surely wouldn’t of like returned to camp Greens Lake

again this year.” Interrupted the runway model look alike girl.

        “Claire has just as much of a right to be here as anybody else does Kate, so for once keep your

big mouth shut!” Interjected Jessie as she jumped off the top bunk bed and purposely landed between

Claire, and Kate.

        Not expecting Jessie to come off of the top bunk bed Aiyana cowered slightly and retreated to

claim the open bunk bed that was beneath Jessie’s. As Aiyana did this Crissy, and another girl with long

light brown hair, and maple brown eyes who was dressed in designer jeans and a fitted blue half sleeved

flannel shirt made her way up to Kate who was glaring furiously at Jessie.

        “Kate that’s go finish unpacking our things at our bunk, if we hurry we might have some time to

socialize with some of the other campers before campfire tonight.” Suggested the light brown haired


        “Your like right Dawn, besides the like only curse that this cabin has is the one that Claire like

brought into it.” Concluded Kate as she flipped her hair back over her shoulder and turned to leave to

follow Dawn back to their bunk.

        “Looks like Kate hasn’t changed at all from last year, I can’t believe I got stuck in the same cabin

with her again… It’s a good thing that she wasn’t here earlier, otherwise she might have spotted Lucas

Greensley’s bloodshed dagger.” Informed Jessie as she accidentally revealed to Marsha, Aiyana, and

Crissy that Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger had been in our cabin.

        “That’s what cursed you, I hope that you got rid of it.” Said Marsha as she realized what Ellie and

Claire had been talking about.

        “Oh Jessie got rid of it alright, and as unfortunate as it is to of had it in our cabin we must not let

anybody else know that it was in here in the first place.” Explained Claire as she stressed how important

that it was that they kept Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger a secret.

        “That’s the second unfortunate circumstance of the day Claire, do you guys have any idea who

brought it inside of the cabin?” Asked Crissy in a concerned tone of voice.

        “At first I thought it was Jessie- -“ Started Claire.

        “- -Hey you know I’d never do that Claire.” Interrupted Jessie.

          “I said at first I thought it was you Jessie, but considering that our luggage was handled by a lot

of people after it was unloaded from the bus, I guess it could be anybody.” Explained Claire with a

frustrated sigh.

          “It might even be the same person who was responsible for Bonnie Greensley’s ax that that was

discovered in our bus’ tire.” Concluded Ellie as she realized that Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger and

Bonnie Greensley’s ax might have been taken by the same person.

          “Well whoever it is, they better be careful that “spy” Malloy or Giles Greensley doesn’t catch

them, or there will be more than a few curses that they will have to deal with.” Explained Crissy.

          “We better make sure that nobody else discovers that Lucas Greensley’s dagger was in our

cabin, the best thing that we can do is to keep it a secret between the five of us.” Explained Claire.

          “You mean like a cabin secret, sure Claire, I won’t tell anybody.” Agreed Jessie as she realized

what Claire was trying to do.

          “I won’t tell anyone either.” Agreed Ellie.

          “Considering the current circumstances I won’t be telling anybody else about it as well.” Agreed


          “Don’t worry I won’t tell anybody, as far as I’m concerned nobody really did anything wrong.”

Agreed Marsha.

          After Marsha said this Claire, Ellie, Jessie, and Marsha turned to face Aiyana indicating that they

were ready for her to answer.

          “Oh me… of course I won’t tell anyone.” Reassured Aiyana.

        “Then it’s settled then, come on Crissy, that’s finish unpacking.” Said Marsha as she realized that

there was no need to discuss anything further about Lucas Greensley’s cursed bloodshed dagger.

        “Good idea.” Agreed Crissy then she and Marsha headed back to their bunk bed to finish

unpacking the rest of their camp things.

        “Sometimes I wonder if I really am cursed or something.” Stated Ellie with a sigh as she picked

the remaining things that she had dumped out of her hiking backpack arranging her things inside of her

hiking bag so that it was somewhat organized.

        “Oh Ellie the bloodshed dagger curse is only temporary, a person only bleeds for as long as they

have direct skin contact with it, it’s only a superstitious curse, you don’t actually think that it really

cursed you, do you?” Asked Claire in a concerned tone of voice as she stopped arranging her things in

the trunk that was at the foot of her and Ellie’s shared bunk bed.

        “It’s not the dagger that cursed me, it’s Aaron, he’s the one who made me come here, being his

twin is far worse than any stupid bloodshed dagger curse.” Explained Ellie as she clarified what she

meant by what she had said.

        Claire was about to respond but she stopped as she was interrupted by the last camper in their

cabin that she hadn’t meant. A camper who was dark skinned with long brown braided hair. Aside from

the girls big dark brown eyes the girl wore a multicolored shawl that had all of the cabin colors woven

into it with a blue and red outer outline. Aside from the shawl the girl wore a white short loose sleeved

blouse, and a long loose brass colored cotton skirt. A skirt that matched her large hoop earrings. All

attire that gave her a slightly gypsy appearance.

        “None believer still, if you ask Serena it is best to believe.” Explained the gypsy girl as she

indirectly introduced herself as Serena.

        “I thought you looked familiar from somewhere, please don’t give Ellie a hard time like you gave

me in Earl Greensley’s castle last year, leave the story telling to “tell- tale” Rex.” Stated Claire as she

realized who the gypsy girl was.

        “Claire you return to Camp Greens Lake, Serena surprised you did, for not many return after

they see a ghost of the Greensley family.” Explained Serena in a far off and warning tone of voice.

        “Must everybody keep bringing that up, no offense Serena but I’d appreciate it if you kept me

out of your ghost stories.” Replied Claire as she patiently reasoned with Serena.

        “Alright, if you say so, Serena have feeling you want her to leave, so Serena will, just consider

Serena’s warning that all nonbelievers are in for the worst if they aren’t aware of the nonbeliever’s

curse.” Warned Serena then she gracefully turned on her heel and walked away to return to her bunk

while humming an unfamiliar tune.

        “Great, that’s just great.” Grumbled Ellie to herself the moment that Serena left.

        “What are you mumbling about?” Asked Claire in a confused tone of voice.

        “Oh nothing really, Serena just seems a little weird, was she that weird when you first meant

her?” Asked Ellie the moment that she was sure that Serena was out of earshot.

        “I wouldn’t consider Serena weird Ellie, essentric, and superstitious perhaps, but that doesn’t

make her weird, she’s just as weird as about half of the Camper’s at camp Greens Lake.” Stated Claire as

she indirectly defended Serena.

        “Claire you give Serena to much credit, when it comes to being weird Serena’s a pro, I wouldn’t

be surprised if she was the one who was responsible for the two supposive “accidents” that happened.”

Injected Jessie as she butted into Claire and Ellie’s conversation.

           “That’s not jump to conclusions Jessie, Serena couldn’t have been responsible for the

“accidents” She wasn’t even on our bus.” Concluded Claire.

           “She didn’t have to be Claire, Bonnie’s ax was discovered outside of the bus, and considering

that our belongings were handled by a lot of people Serena could have easily slipped Lucas’ dagger into

my duffel bag, come on Claire you remember all of those unexpected accidents that happened at Earl

Greensley’s castle last year, accidents that Serena always seemed to be around when they happened,

Serena would do anything to get people to believe in those stupid ghost tales of hers.” Explained Jessie.

           “G-g-ghost tales, d-d-don’t even joke about things like that, the last thing that we need is to see

an actual g-g-ghost.” Stammered Aiyana in a small and nervous tone of voice.

           “Aiyana- -“ Started Jessie but before Jessie had the chance to finish what she had to say Aiyana

quickly walked away from the bunk that she was sharing with Jessie indicating that she didn’t want

anything more to do with the conversation that Jessie, Claire, and Ellie were having.

           “Wow Aiyana’s sure jumpy, She’s almost as jumpy as “jittery” gen.” Commented Jessie.

           “Jumpy or not, I just hope that you don’t scare Aiyana to death with those pranks of yours

Jessie.” Said Claire in a tone of voice that indicated that she wasn’t impressed with Jessie’s pranking


           “Oh give me a break Claire, Aiyana is going to be fine, besides you know that I only prank those

who deserve to be pranked, I don’t prank innocent bystanders like Curtis did and probably still does.”

Reassured Jessie.

           “Just don’t do anything that might get our cabin into trouble Jessie.” Warned Claire.

        “Of course not Claire, I’d never do a thing like that, now if you will excuse me I have some

unfinished business to take care of.” Replied Jessie as she quickly disappeared out the back door of the

cabin unintentionally slamming the screen door after a loud squeak.

        “I guess there’s no stopping Jessie when it comes to pranking people, I just hope that Jessie

doesn’t take things to far this year.” Concluded Claire as she realized that there was no use in trying to

stop Jessie from pranking people.

        “Aaron has a tendency to do that as well, I just hope that neither one of them end up pranking

an innocent bystander by mistake.” Responded Ellie as she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

        “That’s hope that they don’t, at least now that Jessie is pranking again both Aaron and Curtis will

be pranked back from the pranks that they pulled on the bus.” Explained Claire as she measured the

positive things of Jessie’s pranking.

        “That is true, it’s about time that Aaron got pranked back, something which I’ve been waiting to

happen to him for many years.” Concluded Ellie.

        As many things that had gone wrong at Camp Greens Lake Ellie was comforted in knowing that

Aaron would finally be pranked back. Something which Ellie knew Aaron deserved.

                                                                                     Andria Marie Monique

                                                                                         Camp Greens Lake


                                        Chapter Three: Campfire legends

        About two hours later at the first camp fire…

        “Okay Shelia’s we better get a move on, come on, we don’t want to be late for the first camp

fire.” Announced Shelly as she poked her head inside Ellie’s cabin door to gather up the rest of the

camper’s that were inside of it.

        “Do we like have to go Shelly, for if you ask me we like shouldn’t have to gather around a fire

sitting in like the dirt.” Complained Kate.

        “There are logs for us to sit on, and if we can get a good seat… A seat that is away from the

ashes of the fire, and out of the wind filled smoke section.” Explained Shelly as she managed to

persuade Kate to join our cabin at camp fire.

        “Shelly makes a good point Kate, besides we don’t have to sit with our cabin group, you can

choose who you sit by.” Added Dawn as she helped Shelly persuade Kate to come with our cabin to the

camp fire.

        “Oh you’re like so right Dawn… you guys like heard Shelly, come on, Move it!” Stated Kate as she

eagerly and hurriedly headed out the front door of our cabin nearly running Shelly over in the process.

        “Sorry about that.” Apologized Dawn to Shelly as she excused herself and met up with Kate who

was following another cabin group down to the camp fire.

        “Kate better not be like that the entire time we are at camp, or I might smack her upside the

head or something.” Said Jessie in an annoyed tone of voice.

        “I assume you were being sarcastic shelia… no worries, some people are just like that, I’m used

to it, now come on, that’s head on down to campfire, we don’t want to be late.” Responded Shelly in a

calm and reasoning tone of voice as the rest of our cabin group gathered towards the front of the cabin

and then filed out the door.

          Once our cabin group was outside of our cabin Shelly had us stop for a brief moment.

          “Now shelia’s does everyone have their torches?” Asked Shelly.

          “Torches?” Asked Jessie in a confused tone of voice.

          “She means flashlights Jessie.” Explained Crissy as she held hers up to visually show what Shelly

had meant.

          “That’s exactly what I mean, good, now if you lot will all follow me and stick to the trails then

we’ll be there in no time.” Concluded Shelly as she started to lead the way down the dirt and wood

chipped path out of the pink cabin campsite.

          “Does this “tell tale” Rex really tell ghost stories at campfires every night?” Asked Ellie in a tone

of voice that she hoped didn’t sound as bitter as she felt.

          “Yeah pretty much Ellie, but they’re not exactly your typical ghost stories, some of “tell tale”

Rexes stories are based on real events that have happened at or around Camp Greens Lake.” Replied


          “As corny as some of the stories are, “tell tale” Rex only tells a couple of them, most of them on

the first and last night when all of the campers will be at camp, the rest of the campfires are mostly

marshmallow roasting and typical camp sing alongs.” Added Crissy.

          “I just hope that “tell tale” Rex’s stories don’t get on my nerves.” Stated Ellie.

          “Oh Ellie, you just need to give them a chance, trust me they aren’t that bad.” Said Claire in an

encouraging tone of voice.

        “All right, I guess it won’t kill me to at least give it a try.” Replied Ellie as their cabin group

stopped at what looked like a swinging rope bridge.

        “Okay shelias, I only am going to tell you this once! Don’t run across the bridge! And cross with

no more than five people across it at a time!” Shouted Shelly loud enough so that everyone was able to

hear her.

        “I guess we’ll have to wait till the others finish crossing.” Said Crissy as she stopped with Jessie

just a foot away from the bridge to wait for Aiyana, Claire, and Ellie.

        “Is this bridge safe?” Asked Aiyana in an uneasy tone of voice.

        “It’s safe as long as you are, If we don’t run I’m sure that we won’t end up like—Oops never

mind… Sorry Jessie.” Apologized Crissy as she realized that she had almost revealed something to

Aiyana, Claire, and Ellie.

        “It’s alright Crissy, I’m sure that Claire has already heard about it, and judging from the distance

of Shelly’s flashlight and the campers that have followed her, it looks like nobody else has fallen in… and

don’t worry Crissy I don’t think that I’m going to get stuck in the middle of the bridge like I did last year…

the last thing that I want to do is to freak out like I did again.” Explained Jessie.

        “You freaked half your cabin out Jessie, I just wish that Kate hadn’t been there to see you freak

out like you did- - I’m just glad that nobody actually fell in, even if you thought you saw someone fall in

before you crossed.” Stated Crissy.

        “You saw somebody fall off the bridge, you never told me that Jessie, do you know who it was?”

Asked Claire in a curious tone of voice.

        “If I answer that question honestly I don’t think you guys are going to like the answer to it.” Said

Jessie in a slightly embarrassed and slightly annoyed tone of voice.

        “Oh come on Jessie, just tell us who it was.” Prompted Claire.

        “It was someone who looked like Marcine Greensley… but there’s no way that it actually could

have been her.” Explained Jessie.

        “You mean you saw a g-g-ghost, oh boy, I sure hope I don’t see one.” Stated Aiyana in a small

and frightened tone of voice.

        “Trust me Aiyana in this camp that’s actually the last thing that somebody wants to see, for

seeing a ghost is- - Well that’s just say it isn’t to pleasant, besides ghosts tend to appear usually when a

person is alone some place, and we’re in a big group, they don’t like to attack large numbers of people.”

Stated Claire as she calmly reassured Aiyana that they weren’t likely going to see a ghost.

        “Claire you weren’t alone when you saw Earl Greensley’s ghost, wasn’t Oz with you?” Asked

Jessie in a confused tone of voice.

        “He physically was, but consciously no… anyways it looks like the rope bridge is clear now Crissy,

Why don’t you and Jessie lead us the way.” Suggested Claire as she purposely changed the subject.

        “Claire’s right, come on Jessie that’s go.” Replied Crissy as she gently nudged Jessie to go ahead

of her and then crossed the swinging rope bridge just a few steps behind Jessie.

        “Okay here it goes.” Stated Aiyana in a small voice. Then after taking a deep breath Aiyana

followed just about five feet behind Jessie.

        After Aiyana was about five feet away Ellie started to cross the bridge but then she stopped as

Claire stopped her by grabbing onto her upper forearm.

          “Claire what- -“ Ellie started to protest. But then she stopped as the sound of a snapping twig

came from somewhere behind them. A noise that sounded to loud for an animal to make.

          “Ellie, did you hear that noise?” Asked Claire as he eyes went wide with alarm.

          “What- -“ Started Ellie but then she stopped as the sound of footsteps could be heard from

somewhere behind them.

          “Weren’t we the last cabin to leave the campsite?” Asked Ellie in a slightly alarmed tone of


          Claire nodded silently in agreement. Then both she and Ellie turned around both clicking on

their flashlights to see if they could spot anything that might have been hiding in the dark blanket of

shadows that was starting to spread as the last remainder of sunlight started to disappear. Both Ellie and

Claire skimmed their flashlights a couple of times. But the only things that they discovered were trees,

rocks, and woodchips.

          “It probably was the wind breaking a tree branch or something, come on Ellie that’s go catch up

to the rest of our group.” Informed Claire as she tried to rationalize what she and Ellie had heard.

          “The wind, sure, that was it.” Replied Ellie in a half distracted tone of voice as she took one last

glance behind them before she followed a few steps behind Claire and headed across the swinging rope


          As dangerous as it was to cross the rope bridge during the day, it was even more dangerous to

do at night. If Ellie and Claire hadn’t brought their flashlights then it would have been extremely difficult

to see their way across the bridge. A bridge that was above an unstable body of water that was making

loud splashing noises as it toppled over the tops of rocks about ten to twenty feet beneath the bridge.

        “Slow and steady Ellie, it’s just a bridge, take it easy.” Ellie silently told herself as she continued

to follow a few feet behind Claire.

        As uneasy as Ellie was feeling. Ellie could tell that Claire was feeling uneasy as well. Because as

they both gripped with their freehand onto the rope twined guard railing they could feel the rope bridge

shake slightly in response to their movements.

        “Keep moving Ellie, we’ll be off the bridge shortly.” Encouraged Claire as she and Ellie continued

to make their way to the end of the swinging rope bridge where Shelly with a large lantern light greeted


        “Great, you shelia’s are the last two, don’t worry crossing the bridge will get easier.” Reassured

Shelly as she lead both Claire and Ellie down the rest of the path and out to the campfire where their

cabin and the rest of the camper’s at camp greens lake had gathered.

        Shelly turned off her lantern light and headed up towards “spy” Malloy with the rest of the trail

blazers to report that the rest of her cabin had successfully arrived to camp fire.

        “Come on Ellie that find a seat that’s downwind away from the smoke.” Suggested Claire as she

began to head towards the northwest side of skull rock.

        Claire and Ellie both turned off their headlights and headed past several groups of chatting

campers and they were stopped as Todd, and Oz greeted them departing from a group of rowdy boys

towards an empty log that was meant to sit four campers in.

        “Care to adjoin us ladies?” Asked Todd as he flashed Ellie and Claire a toothy grin.

        “Sure I guess, as long as you guys don’t pull any pranks on us.” Stated Claire.

        “We won’t do that, Curtis and Aaron are the one’s doing that, it’s getting annoying already.”

Said Oz as he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

        “You guys must have the same cabin with them, sorry to hear about that.” Replied Claire with a

short and polite giggle.

        “And I’m sorry to hear that you got the same cabin group as Kate Blake, I’m glad you guys

arrived, now Oz and I don’t have to sit next to her anymore, she’s very conceited.” Stated Todd.

        “Yeah I noticed.” Replied Ellie as she took a seat on the open log.

        “She’s got to you already, wow that sure didn’t take long.” Stated Todd as he took a seat next to

Ellie as Claire and Oz took the last open seats beside him.

        Ellie could feel her cheeks grow warm with embarrassment and she would have responded if

“spy” Malloy hadn’t blasted her air horn to signal to all of the campers that it was time to be quiet so

that they could get campfire started.

        “Settle down for a moment! Thank you, welcome to the first campfire at camp Greens Lake, for

those who are new to camp Greens Lake take note that it’s not mandatory for you to stay at campfire…

However it is forbidden to go anywhere around Camp Greens Lake without a trail blazer, or head

tribesperson, during the story telling portion of campfire any camper can feel free to shout Ollie out! A

command that will notify the nearest trail blazer or tribesperson that you are either feeling sick or

unable to continue through a camp activity, then you will be guided either to the blood bank nursing

station or back to your assigned cabins.” Explained “Spy” Malloy.

        “Ollie out, I can’t believe they’re still using that ridiculous catch phrase, if it was up to me I’d

come up with something a little more creative like “chicken check” or “cowards call, at least then people

would actually know what the call really means.” Commented Todd as he turned towards Claire and Oz

and then towards Ellie to see if he could catch any of their reactions.

        “That’s not a very nice thing to say, besides haven’t you ever heard the phrase better safe than

sorry?” Asked Claire in a slightly annoyed tone of voice.

        “Haven’t you ever heard the phrases scardy cat or dead duck?” Remarked Oz in a bitter and

sarcastic tone of voice.

        “Thanks a lot Oz, there’s no need for sarcasm, I’m just saying that there’s a reason that the Ollie

out rule is enforced at Camp Greens Lake, a rule that was necessary to use a couple of times.” Replied

Claire as she put an end to the side conversation that she, Oz, Todd, and Ellie were having.

        After Claire had finished saying this “tall tale” Rex headed on top of skull rock with a black

cordless microphone in his hands. Then Rex put on a large tan colored cowboy hat. A hat that cast a dark

shadow over his dark eyes. Something that made him appear slightly more creepy along with the pale

orange glow of the burning fire that seemed to reflect off of his skin.

        “For those who might of heard this story before, don’t ruin it by telling the end before I get to it,

for it’s one of the most famous Camp Greensley stories that I have to tell, a story that will help to explain

the bizarre and twisted mind of Earl Greensley, or should I say “one eyed” Earl.” Explained “tell tale” Rex

as he started to go off into his ghost story.

        “Earl Greensley used to be a brilliant scientist, his inventions and homemade medicines were

some of the greatest ones ever made during his time, Earl Greensley used his inventions to aid other

townspeople with simple farm work, and to help to help to cure people who were sick, that was until his

sister Helen died mysteriously by drowning on her twenty ninth birthday, when this happened Earl

Greensley became obsessed in trying to discover a way to bring the dead back to life.”

        At this point of “tell-tale” Rex’s story Claire let out a half frustrated and half disappointed sigh.

Something that indicated that she wasn’t pleased with the story that “tell –tale” Rex chose to tell. But

being patient Claire kept quiet and let “tell- tale” Rex continue with his story.

         “During one of Earl’s experiments Earl lost his left eyeball from a large corkscrew breaking loose

from one of his inventions and then popped Earl straight in his left eye, as a result from this accident

Earl went completely blind in his left eye, ashamed of this deformity Earl wore a black eye patch to

conceal it, after the accident folks in town called him “one eyed” Earl.”

        “That must be why Earl was so angry… I mean never mind.” Mumbled Oz. After mumbling this

Oz pulled the hood of his sweatshirt up and allowed “tell-tale” Rex to continue with the rest of his story.

        “After that unfortunate accident people say that Earl began to gradually become insance,he’d

spend several days obsessing on creating an elixir that he distributed to several lab rats and trangualas

each producing an odd deformity or side effect, but none which he could use to revive his deceased

sister, “One eyed” Earl continued on this experiment until eventually he died sixty years later, a death

that nobody has been able to figure out how it happened, some claim that “one eyed” Earl is still alive

for his insane laughter can still be heard resounding around Earl Greensley castle estates, “one eyed”

Earl’s laughter serves as a warning to those who venture to Earl Greensley’s Castle estates, for first

comes the laughter, then comes “one eyed” Earl’s ghost, a ghost that very few people whom are alive

have seen without mysteriously disappearing or becoming cursed.”

        After “tall tale” Rex finished saying this Claire and Oz exchanged a brief look with each other.

Then Claire let out an involuntary shudder.

        “Oh brother, not this again, Ollie- -“ started Claire.

        “- - Whoa hold on there Claire, don’t tell me that you’re scared already?” Interjected Oz as he

purposely interrupted Claire.

        “I’m not scared Oz, I’m just annoyed, that’s all.” Explained Claire.

        “I’m annoyed too Claire… I remember what happened in “one eyed” Earl’s lavatory, I was there

with you remember- - at least people aren’t ridiculing you about what happened.” Reminded Oz.

        “Other people might be ridiculing you and Claire about what happened, but I won’t be ridiculing

you guys, trust me I know as well as anyone that nobody deserves to be picked on.” Interjected Ellie as

she reassured both Oz and Claire that she wouldn’t be making fun of them because of what happened in

Earl Greensley’s lavatory.

        “That’s nice to know, and don’t worry you guys I won’t be ridiculing you guys either, I promise.”

Promised Todd.

        It was at that moment that Ellie was starting to enjoy her stay at Camp Greens Lake. For with all

of the unintentional accidents that had been happening around her along with the ghost stories and odd

people Ellie knew that she could take comfort in knowing that she had made at least a couple of friends.

A few people who she could comfortably socialize with.

        By this time “tell-Tale” Rex had finished telling his story and “spy” Malloy had approached the

microphone eager to start giving instructions again.

        “Well that was fun, and we’re right on schedule, haunting captivators please meet up with your

assigned trail blazer and return to your campsite, that is all.” Instructed “spy” Malloy as she brought the

campfire to a close.

        “That wasn’t that bad.” Commented Todd as he and Oz got up from the log that they had been

sharing with Claire and Ellie.

        “It was short… Well compared to most of “tell tale” Rex’s stories anyways.” Commented Claire

as she and Ellie got up from the log.

        “Well we did talk through half of “tell tale” Rex’s story, hopefully he didn’t notice.” Informed

Ellie as she realized how rude they all had been.

        “Don’t worry Ellie, I don’t think he noticed, see you guys around tomorrow.” Responded Todd

with a half a smile as he and Oz headed away from Ellie and Claire to see if they could spot anybody else

from their cabin.

        “Claire I wasn’t sure before, but I think that I’m going to like it at Camp Greens Lake after all.”

Commented Ellie as soon as she was sure that Todd and Oz were out of earshot.

        “I think I know what you mean Ellie.” Replied Claire as she caught a quick glance at Oz and Todd

before they adjoined Aaron and Curtis from his cabin group.

        “Come on Ellie we better find Shelly.” Added Claire as she tried her best to keep a straight face.

        “Good idea.” Agreed Ellie.

        “Hey there’s Serena and Jessie, that’s go see if they’ve found Shelly yet.” Suggested Claire as she

spotted Serena and Jessie in front of the footpath that lead to their cabin site.

        As Ellie and Claire approached Jessie and Serena they realized that Jessie was arguing with

Serena about something.

          “Those stories of yours aren’t going to help Serena, Why do you keep telling them? If it wasn’t

for those stupid stories of yours then Aiyana wouldn’t have had to call Ollie out like she did!” Argued


          Instead of replying Serena’s eyes filled with tears and she took a step back and away from Jessie

indicating that Jessie was making her feel uncomfortable.

          “Oh jueez Jessie, Aiyana was pretty jumpy in the first place, I’m sure that it wasn’t Serena’s

stories that caused her to call Ollie out… Besides I almost called ollie out myself, that’s not jump to

conclusions.” Explained Claire as she calmly reasoned with Jessie.

          “You almost called Ollie out—Oh come on Claire surely the story wasn’t that scary.” Replied

Jessie as she tried her best not to laugh at Claire.

          “I know it wasn’t Jessie, I was just getting a little annoyed by the story, that’s all.” Concluded


          “Legend of “one eye” Earl annoy Claire, Serena knew that, Serena have feeling that Claire have

bad experience with “one eye” Earl, like said in campfire story people who see “one eye” Earl ghost

either disappear or get curse… hopefully that not happen to Claire or anyone else.” Injected Serena in a

calm and mysterious tone of voice.

          “Thanks a lot Serena, but if you don’t mind that’s not bring up that particular subject again.”

Retorted Claire as she calmly defended herself.

          By this time Marsha and Crissy had joined Serena, Jessie, Claire, and Ellie in hopes to find the

rest of their cabin group.

        “Hey Serena wasn’t Aiyana with you and Jessie during campfire?” Asked Marsha as she realized

that Aiyana wasn’t with their group.

        “No Aiyana leave with Shelly by call ollie out, Serena and Jessie stay here with rest of group,

Shelly should be back by now.” Replied Serena.

        “That would explain where Shelly went.” Remarked Crissy.

        “Now all that we need to do is to wait for—“ Started Claire.

        But Claire was unable to finish the rest of her sentence as Kate let out a shrill scream. A scream

that told the rest of Ellie’s cabin group where she and Dawn were.

        “You—You little creep, stay away from me!” Hollered Kate as she stormed away from a group of

boys with Dawn trailing just behind her.

        After shaking her head in annoyance Dawn’s eyes met with the remaining members of her cabin

group and she pointed out where they were to Kate. Kate turned on her heel and then her eyes met

with Ellie’s as she and Dawn met up with the remaining members of their cabin group.

        “You- - Can’t you like control that brother of yours!” Ranted Kate.

        “Um unfortunately no… What did he do this time?” Asked Ellie as she felt her cheeks redden

with embarrassment.

        “He and that like Curtis kid got this green slime on like my new boots, boots that he better not

of like ruined!” Ranted Kate as she kicked off the remaining green slime from her boots.

        “Kate… it looks like it came off anyway, see there’s hardly any left on your boots.” Informed

Dawn as she realized that Kate had managed to kick most of the green slime gunk that Aaron had gotten

onto her boots.

        “Really—how like fortunate, in the like future just make sure that your like brother keeps away

from me!” Snapped Kate.

        Ellie would have said something back to Kate if Shelly hadn’t arrived back from their campsite.

Something that put an end to Kate’s argument.

        “Oh great shelias your all here, now turn on your torches and that’s head on back to your cabin

like we did before.” Instructed Shelly in an encouraging voice as she realized that her entire cabin had

already met up with each other.

        “That is like a good idea.” Agreed Kate as she quickly turned to glare at Ellie and then began to

follow Shelly back towards the swinging maiden bridge turning on her flashlight as she did.

        “Sorry about that Ellie, don’t worry Kate will get over it.” Whispered Dawn as she made a quick

apology to Ellie and then met up with Kate and Shelly.

        “Hopefully Kate will get over herself as well, I hate it when she does that.” Commented Jessie as

she fidgeted slightly with her flashlight.

        “It not Kate people need worry about, other things could cause more harm.” Warned Serena.

        “Oh brother, don’t start that again.” Replied Jessie as she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

        “Serena no start anything, just warn about a curse, the nonbeliever curse, lots people here know

about that, it not from Serena story, Serena just warn all nonbeliever to be careful for a nonbeliever

shall have curse if meet a Greensley their fate be worse, believe and shall survive, that way one stay

alive.” Warned Serena ending with an odd cuplet.

        “Oi vai Serena, you don’t have to say it like that, that’s not start on that subject again, that’s

concentrate on getting back to camp, see Kate, Dawn and Shelly have already crossed Maiden’s bridge,

now it’s our turn to cross.” Informed Crissy as she turned on her flashlight and brought Serena’s odd

cuplet story to an end.

        “Many nonbelievers in group, Serena understand.” stated Serena as if she was speaking out loud

to herself.

        “Great, I don’t know about you guys but Crissy’s right, it’s time to head back.” Agreed Marsha as

she turned on her flashlight and followed Crissy back across the bridge.

        “Just to let you guys know, I didn’t intentionally start an argument with Serena, I just don’t want

her to scare Aiyana.” Explained Jessie as she realized that she Claire and Ellie were alone together.

        “You already explained that to us in your own way earlier Jessie, just try not to yell at Serena

you almost made her cry.” Replied Claire as she pointed out to Jessie what her yelling could eventually

cause Serena to do.

        “Oops, I didn’t mean to do that, guess I’ll just have to try to be more patient with Serena… Come

on that’s head on back.” Responded Jessie as she turned on her flashlight and started to head back

across the bridge.

        Once again Ellie and Claire were alone with each other. Something that gave Ellie the perfect

opportunity to ask Claire a few things without being interrupted.

        After Claire and Ellie turned on their flashlights Ellie intentionally stopped Claire by tapping

lightly on Claire’s shoulder blade.

        “What—is something wrong Ellie?” Asked Claire in a concerned tone of voice.

        “You remember earlier before camp fire when we thought that we were being followed.”

Explained Ellie as she started to nervously fidget with her flashlight.

        “Yeah, what about it?” Asked Claire in a concerned tone of voice as she prompted Ellie to

continue with what she had to say.

        “That wasn’t the first time that I felt like I was being followed at camp, earlier when we were

coming off of the bus, I felt like I was being followed by someone… not to sound paranoid or anything

but is there a possibility that a large animal might have made its way onto the campgrounds or

something?” Asked Ellie.

        “I doubt that Ellie… you probably felt like you were being followed before because you were

nervous for camp, then after all of those camp legends, and curses, you might have been spooked by

them or something, especially considering that you did have direct skin contact with Lucas Greensley’s

cursed bloodshed dagger.” Explained Claire.

        “Right, Aaron’s stories in the car on the way to New York City didn’t help to much on that one…

I’m probably just overly tired or something, maybe a good night’s sleep will to make me feel better.”

Replied Ellie as she dismissed the feelings that she had been feeling as simple first night at camp jitters.

Jitters that Ellie had no idea would become worse as she continued to stay at Camp Greens Lake.

                                                                                             A.M. Monique

                                                                                        Camp Greens Lake


                                      Chapter Four: Close Encounters

        Exhausted from their long days of traveling nobody in Ellie’s cabin had trouble falling asleep

after campfire. Everything was quiet and everyone was sound asleep. That was until Ellie began to have

an unexpected nightmare. A nightmare that caused her to toss and turn in her sleep.

        Ellie’s nightmare started when she found herself in a stone dungeon of some sort. A stone

dungeon that was filled with two long rusty metal tables with empty and grimy glass beakers and jars,

and rusty cages and tools scattered on top of them. Along with the tables there was a strange

eighteenth century doctors chair. The kind that doctors used leather straps to keep their patients in the

chair when they worked on them. All things that transformed the dungeon into a lavatory.

        “Oh please don’t tell me that I ended up in “one eyed” Earl’s lavatory, stupid camp ghost

stories.” Stated Ellie out loud to herself in the dream.

        Ellie had just finished saying this when everything in the lavatory started to shake as if it was in

some sort of an earthquake. Then a dense fog followed by a high pitched raspy laugh filled the lavatory.

The shaking in the lavatory intensified and Ellie could feel herself stumbling around until she grabbed

onto the patient chair for support. Then as just as Ellie caught herself to keep herself from falling the

shaking in the lavatory stopped as the figure of a transparent tall and slender man with white unkempt

hair, and a white lab coat appeared with his back turned towards Ellie. Then as the transparent man

turned around Ellie discovered that he had on an eye patch over his left eye and his right eye was a pale

blue color. All things that gave the transparent man the appearance of “one eyed” Earl.

        Ellie found herself momentarily paralyzed and unable to respond to “One eyed” Earl. Something

that Ellie wasn’t comfortable with doing.

        “What’s the matter, to much of a skeptic to believe in Earl Greensley’s ghost?” Asked the

transparent man as he identified himself as Earl Greensley.

        “N-n-no way, y-y-your not real.” Stammered Ellie as “one eyed” Earl began to get even closer to

her. Closer and closer until Ellie fell on top of the patient chair which unexpectantly strapped it’s leather

straps around her wrists and ankles.

        Even though it was a dream Ellie felt like the leather straps were actually binding her wrists and

ankles. Something that only seemed to get worse as she unsuccessfully tried to struggle to break free.

        “This can’t be happening.” Said Ellie in the dream as “one eyed” Earl continued to hover over


        “Oh but it is.” Said “one eyed” Earl as his cold ghostly finger began to linger down Ellie’s arm

until it reached her finger that had been pricked by Lucas Greensley’s cursed bloodshed dagger.

        “Oh I see you’ve already come across my son’s dagger, to bad it didn’t kill you, I could have used

a spare heart.” Said “one eyed” Earl as he started to burst into his high pitched laughter again. Laughter

that had became so shrill that it began to hurt Ellie’s ears.

        “Stop it! Stop it!” Hollered Ellie as “one eyed” Earl’s laughter intensified until the cut on the end

of her finger started to burn for a brief second before it started to bleed slightly again.

        “One eyed” Earl reached underneath the patient’s chair and then the bloodshed dagger came

out from beneath it and hovered over Ellie waiting to hurl itself towards her.

        “Stop ,no!” Screamed Ellie then with a loud thud Ellie finally awoke herself from the nightmare

that she was having unintentionally banging her head on top of the headboard of the bunk bed in the


        After Ellie opened her eyes she discovered that she hadn’t just awakened herself from her

nightmare but she had also awakened Jessie and Claire as well. At first Jessie just stared in alarm sitting

up on the top bunk of her and Aiyana’s bunk bed while Claire perching herself carefully on the edge of

the bottom bunk of her and Ellie’s bunk bed so that she could visually confirm that Ellie was alright.

        “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you guys up, I’m alright, it was just a bad dream.” Reassured Ellie

as she unintentionally started to rub her wrists. Something which caused her to realize that there were

strange bumps on top of them.

        “Seems like more of a nightmare.” Said Claire in a whispered, and sympatric tone of voice.

        “Whatever it was, it sure freaked you out Ellie, you were as white as a ghost there for a

moment.” Commented Jessie as she dropped her voice to a whisper as well.

        “Interesting choice of words Jessie.” Replied Ellie as she Claire, and Jessie continued to talk in

whispers to each other.

        “Oh Ellie, don’t tell me that those camp stories have gotten to you already.” Commented Claire

in a disappointed tone of voice.

        “It’s not really the stories, it’s all of those strange events, and after seeing “one eyed” Earl’s

ghost in my dreams tonight, I’m starting to think that I actually might be cursed after all.” Explained Ellie

in a defeated tone of voice.

        “You saw “one eyed” Earl in your dreams… well that would explain why you screamed.” Replied

Claire as she started to realize what had caused Ellie’s nightmare.

        “Claire I hate to bring it up again but did “one eyed” Earl ghost a figure who had on a long white

lab coat who had white bushy hair, and a pale blue eye along with a black eye patch over his left eye?”

Asked Ellie as she started to become more curious.

        Before Claire verbally responded her eyes went wide in alarm. “Y-y-yes did I tell you what he

looked like or something?” Asked Claire in a surprised tone of voice.

        “No, I had no idea what “one eyed” Earl looked like, that is until tonight.” Explained Ellie.

        “Very few people have any idea what “one eyed” Earl looks like—Ellie are you bleeding, wow

that’s more blood then before.” Stated Jessie as she interrupted herself mid sentence as she realized

that Ellie’s finger was bleeding beneath the bandanna.

        “Ellie let me see—“ Started Claire as she gently grabbed Ellie by the wrist to check on her cut to

discover that a bruise had formed around Ellie’s wrist as well.

        “Oh Ellie what happened?” Asked Claire in an alarmed tone of voice.

        “W-What, Oh no… there’s no way that could of happened.” Stated Ellie as she pulled off her

socks to uncover two strange bruise markings as well. Markings that like the ones on her wrist looked

like they had been made with leather straps.

        “Ellie what exactly did happen in your nightmare?” Asked Claire in a concerned tone of voice.

        “I don’t know if you want to hear about it Claire.” Replied Ellie in a nervous tone of voice as she

slid her socks back on.

        “We both want to hear about it Ellie, tell us everything.” Explained Jessie in a half concerned

and half eager tone of voice.

        “Alright, I will as long as you guys don’t tease me about it.” Explained Ellie.

        “Of course I won’t Ellie, you know that.” Replied Claire.

        “Neither will I, it will be our little secret.” Promised Jessie.

        After Jessie said this Ellie took her cue and told every detail of her dream. From details about the

lab along with details about the deformed trangualas and rats, and everything that happened in the

strange doctor’s lab chair to her encounter with “one eyed” Earl.

        After Ellie finished saying this Claire began to feel like she was responsible for Ellie’s nightmare.

“Oh Ellie I’m sorry, if I’d known it would have caused you nightmares then I would have never told you

about the encounter that Oz and I had with “one eyed” Earl.” Apologized Claire.

        “You didn’t cause the nightmare Claire, Aaron’s babbled about “one eyed” Earl a few times

before, and although he didn’t give me nightmares from his stories about him, it doesn’t mean that you

did, besides you didn’t really tell me a story about “one eyed” Earl, you just told me about what

happened with you and Oz in Earl Greensley’s lab.” Explained Ellie as she reassured Claire that she

hadn’t caused her nightmare.

        “You told her about that, Claire you hadn’t told anybody about that, did you and Oz really see

“one eyed” Earl’s ghost?” Asked Jessie in a surprised tone of voice that was slightly above a whisper.

        “Yes, shh keep it down Jessie or you’ll wake up Aiyana, Ellie do you think that you’ll be able to

get back to sleep?” Asked Claire in a stern whisper as she politely changed the subject.

        “Yeah, I believe so, thanks you guys.” Replied Ellie as she let out a yawn. A yawn that indicated

that by talking with Claire and Jessie she wasn’t feeling as uneasy as she had intentionally felt.

        “No problem, we better turn in as well.” Suggested Claire as she climbed back down the side of

Ellie’s bunk bed and then settled back into the bottom bunk preparing it so that she could sleep for the

rest of the night.

        “You still owe me an explanation for what happened in Earl Greensley’s lab Claire, but your

right, we better turn in, good night.” Replied Jessie with a yawn as she repositioned herself back

beneath her covers in her bunk.

        For a moment Ellie laid still with her eyes open. Then after listening to both Claire and Jessie’s

steady rhythematic breathing Ellie closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep.

        Seven O’clock the following mourning…

        Ellie and her cabin mates awoke to the sound of a buggle call on a horn that was blaring through

a loud speaker that was just above the front door of their cabin.

        “Wake up campers, breakfast is at eight, and after the morning meal I would like to see the

members of pink cabin number four in my office for an important announcement, that is all!” Bellowed

“spy” Malloy’s voice through the loud speakers.

        “Like no way.” Protested Kate with a shrill and aggravated scream as she got out of the bottom

bunk that she was sharing with Dawn, grabbed a set of clothes and her bathroom things and then

stormed out to the central cabin where the showers were just off of the head tribes people and

trailblazers cabin.

        “Oi, if “spy” Malloy hadn’t woken us up, Kate sure did, she’s really not a mourning person isn’t

she.”Commented Crissy as she grabbed her glasses that were laying on top of her trunk at the foot of

her bed something which took her several attempts to do.

        “Kate’s like that every morning, don’t worry at least this time she managed to leave the cabin

before she continued… I guess I better go and check on her before she wakes up all the trailblazers and

“angel” Anella.” Said Dawn with a sigh as she gracefully jumped off of the top bunk bed and then

grabbed a set of her clothes and her bathroom things just before she headed out to the bathroom area

to meet up with Kate.

        “Dawn has got to be one of the most patient people that I know, nobody puts up with Kate’s

crap better than she does.” Remarked Jessie as she jumped down and out of the top bunk of the bunk

bed which unintentionally startled Aiyana awake.

        “W-w-whoa, oh it was just you Jessie.” Commented Aiyana as she crawled out of the bottom


        “Sorry Aiyana, just to let you know, I’m not trying to startle you on purpose.” Explained Jessie.

        “That’s hope that you aren’t Jessie… Ellie are you awake yet?” Asked Claire as she got out of bed

and politely tapped Ellie’s foot to see if she was awake yet.

        “Jueez your hands are cold, don’t worry, I’m awake, I don’t want to be, but I’m awake.”

Answered Ellie as she groggily awakened herself from her sleep.

        “Correct me if I’m wrong but did “spy” Malloy say that she wanted to see pink cabin number

four in her office after breakfast?” Asked Marsha as she made her way towards where Jessie, Aiyana,

Claire, and Ellie had gathered already dressed for the mourning.

        “Yes I believe she did.” Answered Claire.

        “D-d-do you think she knows about what happened in our cabin yesterday?” Asked Aiyana in a

nervous tone of voice.

        “Of course not, there’s no way that “spy” Malloy could have known about that, unless

somebody told her about it.” Explained Jessie as she quickly defended her cabin.

        “That’s not jump to conclusions, just because “spy” Malloy called our cabin into her office it

doesn’t mean that we are in trouble.” Explained Claire in a calm and reasoning tone of voice.

        “Claire’s right, besides we didn’t do anything wrong as far as I’m concerned.” Added Marsha as

she agreed with what Claire had to say.

        “What exactly happen in cabin that might get cabin into trouble?” Asked Serena as she

unexpectantly appeared behind Marsha fully dressed and ready for the day.

        “Serena—you’ve got to stop doing that, it’s creepy.” Stated Marsha as she jumped slightly from

not expecting Serena to appear behind her like she had.

        “Sorry Serena not mean to, now tell Serena what think cabin might be in trouble for?” Asked

Serena in a curious tone of voice.

        Not knowing if they should answer Claire, Ellie, Aiyana, Jessie, and Marsha exchanged uncertain

looks with each other. But before any of them had the chance to answer Crissy politely interrupted


        “At Camp Greens Lake it is easy to get in trouble for just about anything, as long as our cabin

realizes that they haven’t done anything wrong then it’s best to conclude that we aren’t in any trouble in

the first place, besides without any incriminating evidence our cabin is innocent until proven guilty.”

Explained Crissy as she stated the facts for everyone.

        “Crissy the short version please.” Said Jessie as she tried to understand what Crissy had meant.

          “We’re not in any trouble as long as there isn’t any evidence to get us into trouble.” Clarified


          “Next time just say that.” Replied Jessie then she began to fumble in her duffle bag so that she

could get ready for the day.

          “Well if we don’t want to get into any trouble then we better finish getting ready you guys.”

Suggested Claire.

          “Good idea.” Agreed Ellie.

          “Sense I’m already ready I suppose I better go and check to see if Dawn and Kate are ready yet.”

Said Marsha as she started to head out towards the front door of the cabin.

          “Wait Marsha, Serena come too, we check together.” Said Serena as she quickened her stride so

that she could catch up with Marsha. Something that Serena was just barely able to do before she and

Marsha both disappeared out of the front door of their cabin.

          As Serena and Marsha disappeared Crissy retreated back to her bunk and finished getting ready

for the mourning. Something that she had been halfway in the process of doing already.

          “I hope nobody told “spy” Malloy about that dagger, it would be a shame to be kicked out of

camp on the very first day.” Commented Jessie as she finished changing and then grabbed her bathroom

things and waited for Ellie, Claire, and Aiyana to finish changing so that they could head out to the

bathroom area together.

          “Nobody is going to get kicked out of camp, and that’s keep it that way.” Stated Claire in a

determined tone of voice as she finished getting dressed for the day.

        “I agree.” Agreed Ellie as she finished getting dressed for the day. Although Ellie had been

annoyed that she had been tricked into going to a haunted themed camp Ellie knew that she didn’t want

to be sent home early. The last thing that she needed was to get into trouble. If she did that then she

would never hear the end of it from her parents. As concerned as Ellie was about getting sent home

early Ellie was even more worried that Aaron might be getting dangerously close to being sent home

early as well.

        Fifteen minutes till eight…

        Everyone in Ellie’s cabin group had gathered around the main pink cabin area expecting to met

up with Shelly which they successfully did. Shelly had managed to make her way down to the haunting

lodge just as Aaron’s cabin group who was being lead by a tall and slender dark skinned man with a bald

head that was as shiny as his dark brown eyes.

        As orderly as Ellie’s cabin group was Aaron’s cabin group was the complete opposite. Something

that was demonstrated as Jonas unintentionally rammed into Shelly’s backside. Something which almost

threw Shelly off balance.

        “Jonas, come on mate, you know better than that!” Scolded Shelly as she tried her best not to

lose her temper with Jonas.

        “Oh it’s cool, no need to get all upset, check it.” Replied Jonas in a confident tone of voice as he

cleared his throat and then started to freestyle rap.

        “Stop crew! Ya aint no fool! That’s obey the camp rule, no need to yackie yak, settle down for I

got ya back! Holla!”

        As odd as Jonas’ freestyle rap was it seemed to be the perfect thing to get his cabin group to

somehow settle down.

        “Thanks mate.” Replied Shelly as she turned her attention away from Jonas back to her own

cabin group. “Alright shelia’s we have table number twelve, After you get your grub just return to that

assigned table.” Instructed Shelly as she motioned for her cabin group to head inside.

        “Crew we got table thirteen, Go ahead and chow down!” Instructed Jonas just moments after

Shelly had finished instructing her cabin group.

        As soon as Jonas said this his cabin group started to burst inside of the haunting mess hall nearly

running over a few people from Shelly’s cabin group in the process.

        “Oh no you don’t Curtis! We were here first!” Protested Jessie as she shoved Curtis and Aaron

out of her way.

        “Don’t shove Jessie, and it’s first come, first serve!” Protested Curtis as he and Aaron took off

after Jessie.

        “Simmer down mates, there’s plenty of food for everyone, please keep an orderly line… Don’t

run… Jonas would you kindly control your cabin!” Requested Shelly as she tried her best to restore order

to the chaos that was unfolding between her and Jonas’ cabin group.

        By the time Shelly requested this she was too late for both cabin groups had managed to get

themselves into the haunting mess hall and both of them weren’t making an orderly line. That was until

the sound of “spy” Malloy’s bullhorn could be heard and “spy” Malloy appeared in front of the haunting

mess hall with a displeased scowl on her face.

        “Order! Retain order at once!” Commanded “spy” Malloy as she barked orders through her


        After “spy” Malloy said this everyone in Shelly and Jonas cabin groups stopped what they were

doing and lined up in an orderly line in front of the breakfast buffet table.

        “That’s better!” Commented “spy” Malloy then she returned to what she had been doing before

she had been interrupted.

        “I hope it’s not going to be like this at every meal time, there’s already enough chaos in camp as

it is.” Commented Ellie as she followed Claire into the breakfast buffet line that they had made.

        “It only gets that way when two cabins arrive at the same time, I’m just glad that nobody got

hurt this time.” Commented Claire.

        “So this has happened before, I guess I should have figured that.” Replied Ellie.

        “It’s just a part of the camp Greens Lake experience Ellie.” Responded Claire.

        “Claire’s right Ellie, and I’m sure that things won’t be as crazy next time.” Remarked Todd as he

and Oz adjoined Claire and Ellie in the breakfast line.

        Upon seeing Todd again Ellie could feel her cheeks glowing warm in embarrassment. Something

that seemed to happen to her a lot when Todd was around.

        “I guess it could have been worse, I’m just glad that Aaron has temporarily stopped pranking

people.” Responded Ellie in a relieved tone of voice.

        “Me too, between Curtis and Aaron our cabin has to constantly be on the look out for their

pranks, I was hopeing they’d grow tired of that by now.” Said Todd with a smile.

        “Oh that’s great.” Replied Ellie in a falsely enthusiastic tone of voice.

        “Don’t worry about it Ellie, I’m sure that Jessie will get them back again, she’s pretty good at

doing that.” Responded Todd with a light laugh.

        Claire, Ellie, Todd, and Oz continued through the breakfast buffet line together and when they

reached the end Todd and Oz departed to head for their table while Claire, and Ellie departed for theirs.

        “Told you Camp Greens Lake isn’t that bad.” Explained Claire as she and Ellie took a seat besides

Jessie and Aiyana.

        “It would be better if we’d all stay out of trouble.” Interjected Aiyana in a quiet tone of voice.

        “Oh Aiyana you worry to much, I think we’d know if our cabin group was in trouble or not.”

Remarked Jessie.

        “It would be best if we all just tried to keep out of trouble.” Suggested Claire as she intentionally

looked towards Jessie.

        “Trouble, oh Claire, we’ve already been through that, don’t worry, I’ll behave.” Reassured Jessie.

        Claire was about to respond when “spy” Malloy blew her bullhorn and called for everyone’s

attention as she stood in the front of the haunting mess hall.

        “Settle down! Settle down! Thank you, it has come to my attention that a haunting captivator or

a group of haunting captivators has already broken a Camp Greens Lake rule!” Informed “spy” Malloy as

she spoke through her bullhorn.

        “There was an artifact that was discovered in the filtration system that runs into Camp Greens

Lake.” Informed “spy” Malloy as she held up a bandaged hand that held in a clear zip lock bag nothing

other than Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger.

        Upon seeing this there was an audible gasp throughout the entire haunting mess hall. A gasp

that indicated that several haunting captivators recognized the item that “spy” Malloy was holding.

        “For those who are new to Camp Greens Lake this is Lucas Greensley’s dagger, a dagger that

somehow managed to appear along with Bonnie Greensley’s ax on Camp Greens Lake’s grounds, items

which belong to Earl Greensley’s castle estates.”

        “Now Giles Greensley—the estate owner of Earl Greensley’s castle and this camp wants me to

remind everyone that he will not tolerate people trespassing on his private property—yet alone stealing

artifacts from it!”

        “Sense I have no way of identifying who has removed these artifacts your trail blazers will be

doing an inspection of your cabins as we speak, for several other artifacts have been reported missing

from Earl Greensley’s castle estates, at Camp Greens Lake we will not tolerate this sort of behavior, and

if anybody has any information on who might of smuggled Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger into

camp feel free to inform me or any member of the Camp Greensley staff…”

        “Do you think that she knows.” Whispered Jessie so that only Claire, Aiyana and Ellie could hear


        “I-I-I hope not, the l-l-last thing that we need is to get into t-t-trouble.” Stammered Aiyana so

softly that she could barely be heard above “spy” Malloy who was still talking through her megaphone.

        “… and thus ends that.” Concluded “spy” Malloy then she paused for a moment and then

returned her megaphone to her mouth as if she had just remembered something.

        “Oh yes and pink cabin number four please wait here until after breakfast.”

         As soon as “spy” Malloy left Jessie, Aiyana, Clare, Ellie, Crissy, and Marsha exchanged nervous

glances with each other. For they all knew that their cabin had a secret and the last thing they needed

was for “spy” Malloy to figure that secret out.

                                                                                                A.M. Monique

                                                                                           Camp Greens Lake

                                    Chapter Five: More Close Encounters

After breakfast...

         Ellie and the rest of her cabin group remained inside of the cafeteria to wait for “spy” Malloy

along with another pink cabin trail blazer with long black hair and green eyes who spoke with a slight

British accent and went by the name Lana.

         “Not to fret you lot, I’m sure you’re not in any trouble.” Reassured Lana with a warm and gentle


         “Lana, not that I’m not thrilled that you are here but where’s Shelly?” Asked Claire in a

concerned tone of voice.

         “Oh uh… Shelly is in the blood bank—um nursing station.” Explained Lana.

         “What? How’d she end up in there?” Asked Jessie in a surprised tone of voice.

         “She had a rather unfortunate accident on the swinging maiden bridge, a bridge that luckily

Giles Greensley was successfully able to repair.” Explained Lana.

         “It’s not like Shelly to just fall off of a bridge Lana, Shelly’s always been extremely careful.”

Interjected Crissy.

          “If Shelly didn’t fall off Crissy then somebody had to of pushed her off or something.” Suggested


          “No need to jump to conclusions Jessie, Shelly wasn’t pushed off, a rope portion of the bridge

broke loose on Shelly and Shelly lost her balance and fell… Like I said it was an unfortunate accident.”

Explained Lana in a calm and reasoning tone of voice.

          “So it wasn’t the entire bridge that collapsed, it was just a section of it… interesting.”

Commented Crissy as she tried to figure out what had happened to Shelly.

          “Now I don’t want you lot to fret about any of this, it’s all taken care of… I wonder what’s

keeping Tai—It’s not like her to be late.” Concluded Lana as she politely changed the subject.

          The moment after Lana said this “spy” Malloy emerged from the door to her office along with a

twelve year old Asian girl with long jet black hair, and brown eyes that resembled Tai’s slightly.

          “Sorry to have kept you lot from your mourning activity but I thought that it was important that

I introduce to you my niece.” Stated “Spy” Malloy.

          “Names Lynn Chang… thanks Aunt Tai.” Said Lynn softly as she was careful not to interrupt her


          “Right, thank you Lynn, she’ll be the last member joining your cabin group… As for your

mourning activity Lana can take you to that.” Explained “Spy” Malloy as she indirectly dismissed

everyone and returned inside of her office.

          “Welcome to pink cabin number four Lynn, I’m Lana, I will be your temporary trail blazer until

Shelly returns.” Informed Lana as she warmly welcomed Lynn to her new cabin group.

         “Shelly—Oh she must be the trail blazer that was sent to the blood station.” Stated Lynn as she

realized who Lana was talking about.

         “You saw Shelly, man I sure hope she wasn’t seriously hurt.” Commented Jessie.

         “S-s-seriously hurt I s-s-sure hope not.” Murmured Aiyana.

         “Shelly’s fine, from what I saw her injuries are minor.” Replied Lynn.

         “Minor, then like Shelly should like be back here with us.” Commented Kate.

         “Not while she has a minor concussion, Tai suggested that Shelly take the day off, from what I

heard about her she probably will be back tomorrow, today you lot will be joining cabin thirteen at the

howling stables area, come on trail blazer Hugh, Ray and Anella will be there waiting for us.” Instructed

Lana as she motioned for everyone to follow her.

         As the rest of Ellie’s cabin group started to follow Lana through the trail that lead to the crossing

coordinator bridge that lead to the howling stables Ellie paused for a moment as if she had just realized


         “Ellie aren’t you coming?” Asked Claire as she realized that Ellie wasn’t following the rest of their


         “Oh I’m coming, I just realized whose cabin group we’re going to be paired up within our

mourning activity.” Replied Ellie as she started to follow Claire and the others towards the crossing

coridatior bridge.

         “Oh right your brother is in that cabin group, and I hate to break it to you Ellie but we’re

probably going to be paired up with their cabin group for all of the mourning activities for the week.”

Replied Claire as she tried to sound more optimistic then she was feeling.

        “All week, I’m going to be stuck with his cabin all week, ugh I was hoping to avoid that.”

Grumbled Ellie.

        “Oh Ellie it’s not that bad, after lunch we will have free time each afternoon, then you can

escape from your brother, besides if I can deal with Curtis then I’m sure that you can deal with Aaron.”

Reminded Claire as they stopped with the rest of their group at a tan and brown covered bridge. A

bridge that was wide enough for horseback riding in.

        “This is the Crossing Coordinator Bridge, we will be riding back through it on horseback later on,

come on the stables are just up ahead.” Instructed Lana as she started once again to lead everyone

towards the howling stable area.

        With Lynn around everyone in Ellie’s cabin was quiet as if they were afraid to say anything that

might get their cabin into trouble. That was until Lynn spoke up to put an end to the awkward silence.

        “Why is it that every time my aunt Lynn introduces me to someone they always seem to get

nervous?” Asked Lynn in a tone of voice that indicated that she didn’t really expect a complete answer.

        “Wh-wh-who said we were nervous.” Murmured Aiyana so softly that barely anyone could hear


        “Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that your aunt is as friendly as a military drill

sergeant.” Replied Jessie as she unsuccessfully tried to mask her sarcasm.

        “”Jessie—“ Started Crissy as she briefly turned around to try to tell Jessie off.

        “—actually Crissy in Jessie’s own ways she makes a good point for everyone at Camp Greens

Lake can’t help but to be a little bit intimidated by “spy”… ur Tai.” Interjected Claire as she intentionally

interrupted Crissy to make her point.

         “If that’s what you guys are worried about then you don’t need to be, because in case you

haven’t noticed I’m nothing at all like my aunt, I can guarantee that.” Reassured Lynn.

         After this brief conversation Ellie and the rest of her cabin group had finally managed to arrive at

the howling stable. Something that Ellie’s cabin group was eager and ready to do just as much as Aaron’s

cabin group was.

         As Ellie’s cabin group arrived a dark haired man on a black stallion horse rode up towards them.

Something that made him appear slightly intimidating at first. But after getting a second glance at the

man Ellie realized that he was wearing trail blazer attire. Something that indicated that he was a trail

blazer for Aaron’s group.

         “Group’s ready Lana, Anella rounded up the horses for your group, alls left is for you to properly

instruct your group on how to properly mount a horse… helmets are with the horses.” Grumbled the

dark haired man.

         “Uh thanks Hugh.” Replied Lana as Hugh turned his horse around and returned back to where

Aaron and a few of his cabin mates were still trying to properly mount on their horses.

         “During our riding trip I don’t want any of you squirts wondering off the trail, I’d hate for you to

mysteriously disappear or something.” Grumbled Hugh.

         “D-d-disappear oh rubbish Hugh, nobody’s going to disappear as long as we keep in our trail

groups.” Added Lana as she made her way towards the end of our reorganized trail riding group as Hugh

made his way towards the front end of the trail group to signal to “which way” Ray that everyone was


        “Oh right, follow closely everyone, this way!” Instructed “which way” Ray as he nervously began

to lead the first half of the haunting captivators with Hugh as “angel” Anella and Lana hung back slightly

to gather up the tail end of the group.

        Jessie, Curtis, Aaron, Kate, and Dawn trailed close behind “angel” Anella while Ellie, Todd, Claire,

Oz and Aiyana trailed close to Lana as everyone continued on horseback down the trail. A trail covered

with tall oak trees and beautiful green grasses and wild flowers. Things that took away from the spooky

feeling that was generally associated with Camp Greens Lake.

        “It’s beautiful out here.” Commented Ellie out loud with a sigh.

        “I don’t get to see much of this back home, perhaps that’s why I let my parents send me back

here again this year.” Added Todd as he allowed his horse to stride up to join ranks behind Claire’s horse

that was just behind Ellie’s.

        “I gave the feeling that you wanted to come back Todd… but your right we sure don’t get to see

a lot of this naturistic scenery when we’re back at home, it makes a person realize just how valuable it

really is.” Commented Claire as she politely joined into Ellie and Todd’s conversation.

        “I’m glad that you lot feel that way, to bad we can’t get Giles to share that same viewpoint.”

Commented Lana as she joined in on Ellie, Todd, and Claire’s conversation.

        “What do you mean Lana?” Asked Claire in a confused tone of voice.

        “Well…. It’s not really my place to say anything but there’s talk that Giles is considering selling

off some more of the Greensley land.” Informed Lana.

        “Surely you’re not talking about the land that Camp Greens Lake resides in, are you?” Asked

Claire in a concerned tone of voice.

          “Oh no not Camp Greens Lake Land, Land that is considered to be part of Greensley Estates and

other land that Giles considers to be his private property.” Informed Lana.

          “I sure hope that Giles doesn’t for as I can recall from last year Giles has already closed many of

the horse trails through here already.” Commented Claire.

          “Giles said he’s be closing off trails that he considered to be unsafe, as unfair as that might seem

I guess Giles is doing the right thing.” Replied Lana with a dissatisfied sigh.

          “If Giles is trying to keep everyone safe then he’s probably doing the right thing, going on a trail

that is considered to be unsafe isn’t a good idea.” Interjected Aiyana as she and Oz adjoined the small

group that had already formed.

          “Aiyana’s right, if we steer clear of the trails that Giles has closed off then we won’t have to

disappear like Luna and Rick did from Earl Greensley’s castle last year.” Interjected Oz.

          “You just had to bring that up Oz, thanks a lot.” Replied Claire in a sarcastic tone of voice.

          “Sorry.” Apologized Oz as his cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

          “That must have been what Anella was so worried about.” Commented Lana out loud to herself.

          “What was Anella worried about?” Asked Todd in a confused tone of voice.

          “Oh nothing its probably nothing.” Replied Lana as she, Ellie, Todd, Claire, Oz , and Aiyana

arrived at a wide open clearing that divided into a Y intersection with the left trail being closed off. An

intersection that Jessie was arguing with Curtis at as Kate and Dawn watched in confused amusement.

          “You should have never dared him to Curtis, why would you do such a stupid thing!” Hollered


         “It was a joke Jessie! How was I to know that Aaron would seriously go through with it, besides

as I recall you were the one that spooked Aaron’s horse!” Replied Curtis.

         “I did not!” Retorted Jessie.

         “Did too!” Countered Curtis.

         “Hey!” Called out Lana as she let out a shrill whistle. A whistle that put an end to Curtis and

Aaron’s argument.

         “Would you lot please tell me calmly exactly what happened.” Added Lana as she brought her

horse up to step between Aaron and Jessie’s horses.

         “Isn’t it like obvious Lana.” Responded Kate.

         “Is what obvious?” asked Lana.

         “Something like spooked Aaron’s horse and then it like took off down that like closed trail.”

Informed Kate as she pointed towards the left trail that was just behind where Ellie and her horse stood.

         “After Anella found a note of some sort she mumbled not again and then as soon as she

remounted her horse she took off down the trail to get Aaron.” Added Dawn.

         “A note? Do any of you guys have an idea what it said?” Asked Lana in a concerned tone of


         “No nobody was able to get a proper look at it before Anella left.” Replied Jessie.

         “If the note caused Anella to take off after Aaron then it must of said something important, how

long ago did Anella take off after Aaron?” Asked Lana in a concerned tone of voice.

        “I don’t know—“ Jessie started to reply but then she was cut off as someone’s loud scream

interrupted her in mid sentence a scream that Ellie recognized as Aaron’s.

        “Aaron! oh no don’t tell me that my brother has done something stupid and ended up getting

hurt! Curtis please tell me that this is one of your and Aaron’s practical jokes!” Hollered Ellie as she

began to scan down the closed off trail where she had heard Aaron’s scream come from.

        “Uh this is no joke Ellie, even I’m not stupid enough to play a joke like that.” Replied Curtis.

        After Curtis said this Ellie’s horse began to wien slightly and prance around as if it was feeling

uneasy about something.

        “Easy girl, Easy—“ Ellie tried to instruct her horse as it wiened again and then let out a loud

neigh. Then without any warning it turned made a tight loop and then jumped over the wooden log


“No! No! No! Go back! Whoa!” Hollered Ellie as her horse began to take off in full gallop down the trail.

        “This isn’t happening! This can’t be happening!” Thought Ellie silently to herself as she tried to

regain control of her horses only to drop its reins instead.

        Ellie in an attempt to try to regain control of her horse ducked down for a brief moment to try to

grab her horse’s reins only to have her horse come to a sudden hault at the foot of a cliff where it reared

up and nearly dropped her off of it.

        “Whoa! Easy girl!” Commanded Ellie as she finally managed to grab back onto her horses reins

as her horse finally managed to get itself to calm down.

        After Ellie had managed to get her horse to settle down she dismounted her horse and started

to look around to see if she could spot Aaron anywhere.

         “Aaron! Aaron where are you?! Aaron!” called out Ellie so loudly that her voice echoed

throughout the forest.

         Determined to find Aaron Ellie turned her horse around and called out once more. “Aaron!

Aaron where the heck are you?! If you’re playing some sort of a joke it isn’t funny! Aaron where are


         Once more Ellie continued to search through the forest with no success of finding her brother.

Feeling frustrated Ellie mounted back onto her horse just in time to spot a bright glint that was reflecting

off of something that was dangling off of a tree branch that was sticking out of a steep dirt pile ledge. A

ledge that a bunch of pine trees wound through.

         As Ellie got closer to the shiny reflective object she dismounted her horse and carefully slid

down to retrieve it. After retrieving it Ellie immediately recognized the shiny object as Aaron’s metal and

glass Boy Scout compass. This meant that Aaron had been somewhere near the steep dirt hill.

         “Aaron! Aaron!” Called out Ellie as she temporarily ditched her horse and cautiously started to

slide down the dirt hill to find Aaron.

         “If something happened to him—oh please let Aaron be alright, he has to be alright.” Thought

Ellie silently to herself.

         “I’ve just got to find him.” Declared Ellie out loud to herself as she continued to slide her way

down the dirt hill sliding from tree trunk to tree trunk as she descended further and further down the

hill. As Ellie reached the end of the hill she discovered Aaron lying on his backside unconscious about ten

feet away.

         “Oh no, Aaron!” Hollered Ellie as she ran up to Aaron and dropped to her knees beside him.

         After Ellie did this Aaron began to regain consciousness and he let out a groan of discomfort.

“Ellie?” Asked Aaron as he began to look around to try to see where he was.

         After Aaron said this Ellie threw her arms around him and embraced him in a quick and relieved


         “Oh Aaron thank goodness you’re alright—what happened?” Asked Ellie in a concerned tone of


         “I-I-I’m not sure… How the heck did I end up here? Did I fall or something?” Asked Aaron in a

slightly disoriented tone of voice as he realized where he was.

         “It looks like you did Aaron, by the way you dropped this on your tumble down the hill.”

Explained Ellie as she handed Aaron back his Boy Scout compass that she had been holding onto.

         “I was wondering where that went, it must have fell out of my pocket before my horse bucked

me off… that must be how I supposive fell down the hill… Do you think that something spooked my

horse or something?” Asked Aaron in a curious tone of voice.

         “I don’t know Aaron, whatever it was it probably was the same thing that spooked my horse as

well.” Replied Ellie.

         “Hmm interesting… I wonder why we ended up at the back stable area of Bonnie Greensley’s

barn, see it’s just a few yards ahead.” Explained Aaron as he pointed towards a tall two story cherry red

half barn with white wooden shudders. A half barn that looked both eerie and unsafe.

         For a few moments Ellie and Aaron stared at Bonnie Greensley’s barn in awed silence. As Aaron

continued to look at the eerie barn he began to get an intrigued gleam in his eye. A gleam that Ellie

instantly recognized and didn’t like.

        “Aaron you’re not seriously thinking about going in there alone? For if you are you can forget it,

it’s against camp rules.” Informed Ellie as she attempted to reason with Aaron.

        “Forget the rules Ellie, there’s a reason that we were brought here, I just know there is… stay

here if you want I’m going to head inside.” Stated Aaron in a determined tone of voice as he quickly

picked himself up off of the ground and started to take a few steps towards the back entryway of the

barn before he stopped for a moment to see if Ellie was going to follow him.

        “Forget it Aaron I’m not going in there, it’s structurally unsafe.” Stated Ellie as she assured Aaron

that she didn’t want to go into the barn.

        “Suit yourself Ellie—“ Started Aaron but before he had the chance to finish he was cut off as a

startled scream could be heard from somewhere inside of the barn. A scream that sounded a lot like


        “Oh please don’t tell me that was “angel” Anella, Aaron come on we should go back to get

help.” Explained Ellie in a nervous tone of voice that indicated how uneasy she was starting to feel.

        “Forget that Ellie, we can help her, come on I think she’s somewhere inside on the upper area of

the barn.” Informed Aaron as he instantly headed into the barn before Ellie had the chance to stop him.

        “Aaron!” Called Ellie in protest after Aaron as she lingered outside of the barn wondering if she

really should head inside of the barn after him.

        “I just know we’re going to get in so much trouble for this.” Thought Ellie silently to herself as

she hesitantly started to head inside of the barn to retrieve Aaron.

        Shortly after Ellie had headed inside of the barn Ellie discovered Aaron up in the hay loft area

squatting down near the ladder that he had climbed up with a finger pressed up to his lips which let Ellie

know to be silent.

        “Aaron what—“Started Ellie in a whisper as she started to climb up the ladder.

        “Shh, they’ll hear us.” Whispered Aaron back as he reached down and helped Ellie up the last

couple of feet on the ladder and then cautiously and quietly lead Ellie towards a slightly ajar door in the

hayloft area that lead to the upper front storage area of the barn. An area that two people could be

heard having an argument with each other.

        Curious as to what was going on Ellie and Aaron peered through the slightly ajar door to

discover Anella and a thin and wiry gray-haired man who was wearing dusty overalls and a rumpled red

flannel shirt, and holding a hay pitchfork. As for the rest of the gray haired man’s features Ellie and

Aaron couldn’t tell because the gray-haired man had his back turned towards them.

        “Giles, for the last time I told you I didn’t mean to trespass, I just want to know why you be

selling the land that Bonnie Greensley’s stables be on?” Asked “angel” Anella in a calm and reasoning

tone of voice.

        “It’s my land and it don’t concern you!” Snapped Giles.

        “It’s land that you share with Camp Greens Lake Giles! That makes it public domain as well, now

tell me why are you selling more of the land when there isn’t a need to?” Asked “angel” Anella in a

determined tone of voice.

        “This land is cursed! That camp of yours don’t want no cursed land, not if they understand all

the bad memories that this land holds.” Explained Giles as his harsh tone started to soften slightly.

        “Cursed? Oh Giles the land isn’t cursed, don’t be absurd.” Explained “angel” Anella.

        “Absurd! Absurd! The curses of these lands are not the least bit absurd!” Hollered Giles as he

started backing Anella towards the guard rails of the storage area that overlooked a ten to fifteen foot

drop to the stables below.

        “Giles please you need to listen—“ Started “angel” Anella.

        “No you listen!” Interrupted Giles as he stepped forward towards “angel” Anella with the

floorboards groaning slightly with both of his and “angel” Anella’s weight.

        Creak! Moan! Snap! Just like that the floorboard that “angel” Anella was standing on snapped

which caused her to lose her balance and then topple into and against the guard rails that lined the front

ledge of the storage area.

        “You see what I mean, go away! Just leave us alone!” Shouted Giles as he waved an angry fist

towards the ceiling. Then before “angel” Anella had the chance to react Giles retreated and started to

head towards the door that Ellie and Aaron were looking through. A door that Ellie and Aaron had just

barely enough time to hide behind before Giles rushed out of it and then descended down the ladder

and ran out of the back of the barn refusing to turn back.

        “Wow and I thought that I had problems, I wonder who besides “angel” Anella he was talking

to?” Asked Aaron in a curious tone of voice as he and Ellie came out of hiding from behind the door to

the front storage area of the barn.

        “Not now Aaron, come on, that’s go and check on “angel” Anella.” Suggested Ellie as she quickly

changed the subject and lead Aaron out towards where “angel” Anella was.

        “Aaron?! Ellie?! If that be you lot then best stay in the door way, for as you can see it’s not

exactly safe over here.” Cautioned “angel” Anella as she cautiously made her way from the front storage

area back towards the back hay loft area that Aaron and Ellie were standing in.

        “What are you lot doing away from the rest of the group?” Asked “angel” Anella in a concerned

tone of voice.

        “My horse like yours followed something here.” Explained Aaron.

        “He means someone, and now that we know that the someone is Giles perhaps we should head

back to meet up with the rest of our group.” Suggested Ellie.

        “I take it that you lot overheard Giles and my argument then… sorry you had to see that.”

Apologized “angel” Anella.

        “It’s alright Anella, we’re just glad that you’re okay.” Replied Ellie.

        “I’m glad that both of you lot are okay, how’d you find out where Bonnie Greensley’s barn was

anyway?” Asked “angel” Anella in a curious tone of voice.

        “We didn’t find it we were lead here.” Explained Aaron.

        “Aaron means we were unintentionally lead here by our horses whom got spooked by

something on the trail.” Explained Ellie.

        “Well it’s a good thing that the stables area near Bonnie’s barn is near by, come on, that’s go

and see if we can find out where everyone else is.” Suggested “angel” Anella as she started to descend

down the ladder which both Ellie and Aaron did shortly after.

        After Aaron, and Ellie followed “angel” Anella out of the barn they followed “angel” Anella

around the front entry of the barn and down a short dirt path that lead to the stable area of the barn

where everyone else had managed to meet at.

        As “angel” Anella, Ellie, and Aaron approached they realized that Lana was missing.

        “Hugh, Hugh where did Lana go?” Asked “angel” Anella in a concerned tone of voice.

        “Oh so you’ve returned… Ray and I found one of the rider’s horses loose on one of the trails,

Lana went after the other one, you know the one that usually likes to follow your horse Anella.”

Informed Hugh.

        “That must be why your horse took after Anella’s horse Aaron, that explains why it must have

behaved like it did.” Explained Ellie to Aaron as she realized what must have happened.

        “Well you lot don’t need to fret about my horse for Giles took him back to the howling stable

area, he didn’t seem to like us being out here for some reason.” Explained “angel” Anella.

        “You guys ran into Giles Greensley, jueez that’s worse than seeing a ghost.” Commented Jessie

as she, Claire, Aiyiana, and Curtis, adjoined their small group.

        “Oh come off it Jessie, Giles aint that bad, he’s just—well he’s pretty much set in his own ways.”

Replied “angel” Anella.

        “He still shouldn’t have yelled at you like he did Anella, besides Bonnie Greensley’s barn isn’t

private property so you didn’t really do anything wrong as far as I’m concerned.” Explained Aaron.

        “As much as I hate to admit it Anella Aaron’s right, Giles shouldn’t have yelled at you, and left

you like he did, I mean after the board in the storage area broke Giles just got spooked, he should of

staid and made sure that you were alright.” Stated Ellie.

        “The storage area of Bonnie Greensley’s barn, is that where you lot were?” Asked Lana as she

emerged through the dirt trail that everyone had gathered near.

        “Yes, sorry I took off like I did, I just had to talk to Giles about this land agreement contract that I

found.” Explained “angel” Anella as she pulled out the piece of paper that she had discovered earlier.

        “A land agreement, Anella is that what the fuss was all about, both you and Giles know that

Bonnie Greensley stables is owned by both Camp Greens Lakes and the Greensley family, Tai told us that

in the staff meeting.” Explained Lana.

        “Well Tai should mention that to Giles, he was in no mood to listen to me when I tried to talk to

him about it.” Responded “angel” Anella with a frustrated sigh.

        “Perhaps Tai can… Oh Anella please don’t tell me you lost your horse.” Said Lana as she realized

that “angel” Anella was horseless.

        “I didn’t lose him, Giles took him back to the howling stables, speaking there of , we best be off

for we don’t want to be late for lunch.” Explained “Angel” Anella.

        “Well we’re two horses short Anella, how do you suggest we get everyone back?” Asked Hugh

with a dissatisfied grunt.

        “That be easy Hugh you and Ray’s horse can double back ride, that is if you don’t mind bareback

riding on the way back.” Suggested “angel” Anella.

        “Had the feeling you were going to say that, okay which one of you squirts will I be paired up

with?” Asked Hugh.

        “Aaron will be double backing with you Hugh, Ellie I’ll take you back to Ray, he has your horse,

and I’ll be double back riding back with him.” Explained “angel” Anella as she lead Ellie to where “which

way” Ray, Todd, and Crissy’s horses were waiting for them.

        “Oh A-A-Anella glad to see that you made it back, you remember how to get back to the stables

right?” Asked “Which way” Ray in a slightly confused tone of voice as he realized that “Angel” Anella

was back.

        “Of course I do, and considering that I don’t have me horse I be double backing with you and

yours.” Explained “angel” Anella as she mounted onto the backside of “which way” Ray’s horse as Ellie

mounted back onto her horse.

        “Okay guys, that’s head back to the howling stables!” Instructed “angel” Anella then her an

“which way” Ray’s horse sped up slightly and began to lead the way back to the howling stables with the

other horses trailing in pairs behind it.

        “We were so worried when you and Aaron disappeared Ellie, I’m glad that you’re both alright.”

Commented Todd as he and Ellie’s horse fell in stride next to each other.

        “Oh it was no big deal, just a little run in with Giles Greensley, that’s all.” Explained Ellie as her

cheeks began glow red with a slight blush.

        “Giles Greensley, is that who we heard before you Aaron and “angel” Anella came?” Inquired

Todd with a sincere smile.

        “I sure hope it was him, for if it wasn’t I don’t really want to know who or what it was, all that

I’m hopeing for right now is to avoid another crazy meal frenzy like we had earlier this mourning.”

Explained Ellie as she politely changed the subject.

         “Oh Ellie but that’s all a part of the fun of Camp Greens Lake, for through chaos there usually is

an element of fun entangled in it.” Replied Todd with a short and soft chuckle.

         “I guess you can say that.” Agreed Ellie with a smile as she and Todd continued to talk the entire

way back to the howling stables. Something that Ellie was glad to do for Todd seemed to be the one

element of fun that Ellie had encountered during the chaos that she had been put through in Camp

Greens Lake.

         After lunch during free time…

         Everyone in Ellie and Aaron’s cabin group had managed to separate out into multiple activity

groups. Being new to Camp Greens Lake Ellie wasn’t sure what activity she wanted to try at first. But

after a moment of wondering around near the spook nook shack Ellie decided to rest in the shade for a

moment to allow herself to think.

         “Serena think it be hot to Ellie.” Greeted Serena as she unexpectedly appeared next to Ellie in

the shade just beneath the spook nook shack.

         Not expecting Serena to be with her Ellie jumped slightly and then after recomposing herself she

turned to face Serena.

         “You’ve got to quit doing that, you’re going to give somebody a heart attack.” Scolded Ellie.

         “Sorry bad habit… Ellie may Serena ask you something?” Asked Serena in a concerned tone of


         “Uh sure, what’s up?” Replied Ellie as she tried her best to read Serena’s puzzling expression. An

expression that wasn’t very readable.

        “People say Ellie and Aaron met Giles Greensley, Is Giles mean like they say?” Asked Serena in a

curious tone of voice.

        “Not exactly, he’s pretty much just grouchy, why are you asking about him?” Asked Ellie in a

confused tone of voice.

        “Giles Greensley have power to shut down Camp Greens Lake… much like Giles close off those

horse trails, people say Giles worried about curse.” Explained Serena.

        “Curse, oh please Serena that’s not start that again, the last thing I want to hear about is

another Camp Greens Lake curse.” Replied Ellie as she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

        “Serena not tell about another curse, just remember what Serena say about no believer curse,

for from incident that keep happening at Camp Greens Lake nonbeliever curse seem to be behind

them.” Explained Serena.

        “Oh don’t be silly Serena, those are just coincidences, don’t be so superstitious.” Replied Ellie as

she started to walk away from Serena.

        “Ellie this no superstition! Be careful or they come get you too!” Hollered Serena as Ellie went

from a speed walk to a sprint in order to get as far away from Serena as she could.

        Ellie continued to run away from Serena until she came to another shady spot near the baseball

diamond area where Chrissy sat on a bench reading while Jessie, Lynn, Claire,Aiayana, Curtis, Todd, and

Aaron had gathered with some other campers to play an unorganized game of baseball. A game that

everyone was getting into.

        A dark skinned boy was the pitcher with Todd as the catcher and Jessie was at home plate with

Claire standing on third base.

        The pitcher wound up and then released the pitch which with a loud crack Jessie hit straight out

deep into the woods at the right side of the diamond. A hit that was hard to tell if it was foul or fair.

        Believing that the pitch was fair Claire gracefully made it home to home plate and Jessie quickly

sprinted around the bases sliding into home plate exclaiming “Home run baby!”

        “That wasn’t a home run Jessie it was a foul!” argued Curtis who came as Aaron started to head

towards the right side of the field and then into the woods to retrieve the baseball that Jessie had hit.

        “It was not!” Countered Jessie.

        “Was too!” Objected Curtis.

        “Was—“ Started Jessie.

        “Will you two knock it off, hey uh—Aaron! Stop you’re not supposed to go in there!” Called out

Lynn who had spotted where Aaron was heading to and then decided to sprint down the field after him.

        “I hate to break it to you guys but Aaron might be a while.” Explained Curtis with a nervous


        “What?! Curtis what kind of a crazy thing did you get him to do this time you creep?!” Objected

Jessie as she gave Curtis a rough shove.

        “I didn’t dare him to do anything—besides look, Lynn’s already stopped him guess nobody’s

going to know where the ball landed.” Explained Curtis as he pointed towards the woods where Lynn

and Aaron were coming out of.

        As Aaron and Lynn came back Ellie realized that Aaron looked like he was going to be sick or


          “Aaron are you alright?” Asked Claire in a concerned tone of voice as both Aaron and Lynn

approached home plate where she and Todd had gathered with Curtis at.

          “I’m fine I just need to sit down and rest for a moment.” Replied Aaron as he headed out to the

bench that Crissy was sitting reading at while Ellie stood behind it.

          Deciding not to finish the rest of the game Jessie, Lynn, Todd, Curtis, and Claire headed out of

the baseball diamond and met up with Crissy, Ellie, and Aaron.

          “You guys don’t have to quit because of me, we still don’t know who won the game.” Said Aaron

as he let out a dissatisfied, and exaggerated groan.

          “Nobody won and nobody lost the game, it all depends if Jessie’s ball was foul or not.” informed


          “And the balls all the way at Cheeves fishing deck, so unless somebody wants to break camp

rules to go and get it then we’ll never know.” added Lynn.

          “Maybe it’s best that we don’t know.” stated Claire.

          “Are you kidding Claire, if that ball is foul then Jessie’s out and both your and her homerun don’t

count, I’m going to find a way to get that baseball back and when I do I’ll finally be able to say that I’ve

won against Claire Welsch, and Jessie Nelson.” said Curtis in a determined tone of voice.

          “Dude if you get caught then “spy” Malloy will freak.” warned Todd.

          “That’s if he gets caught.” Explained Lynn in an encouraging tone of voice.

          “Lynn please don’t encourage him.” Replied Claire in a slightly annoyed tone of voice.

          “You know Curtis even if you do retrieve the baseball there still is a possibility that it was a fair

ball, and that both Claire and Jessie’s home runs count.” explained Crissy as she momentarily stopped

reading her book.

          “What are you trying to say brainiac?” asked Curtis in a confused tone of voice.

          “Here at Camp Greens Lake we go by Greensley rules and Greensley rules say that ; If the ball is

in the shrink shack then it is safe, if it is in the water it is foul, that’s how they used to play before Giles

closed off the fishing decks.” Explained Crissy.

          “That’s a really strange rule, but it sounds fair to me, all that we need is for someone to go and

get the ball, if they come back with it then it had to have landed near or in the Shrink shack, if somebody

can make a distraction then I can go and get it.” Explained Curtis.

          “There’s no way I’m letting you go alone you cheat, if you’re going then I’m going.” interjected


          “You both can go, I’ll stay here with someone to make a diversion.” suggested Lynn.

          “If Curtis is going to the shrink shack then I’m definitely going with him.” stated Aaron in a

determined tone of voice. The last thing that Aaron wanted was to miss out on an opportunity to

explore something that dealt with subject matter in his field of expertise.

          “Oh that’s great, send the three of you, how do we know that you three won’t try to play some

sort of a practical joke on us or something?” asked Claire as she tried not to sound as annoyed as she

was feeling.

          “Then why don’t you come to make sure we don’t.” suggested Curtis.

        “Uh nice try Curtis but the last time I went with you there you pushed me into the lake, I smelt

like a sewage plant for that entire afternoon thanks to you, perhaps a non biased party like Ellie or Crissy

should go.” Suggested Claire.

        “I’d prefer to stay here and help Lynn with the diversion part if you don’t mind.” Replied Crissy.

        For one awkward silent moment everyone stared at Ellie waiting for her to respond just long

enough to make Ellie become both nervous and curious.

        “Fine, stop looking at me like that you guys, I’ll go as long as I can be assured that we won’t get

caught.” Agreed Ellie.

        “Oh you can be assured that you won’t be caught if Crissy, Lynn, and I work together, I have an

idea, an idea that just might be crazy enough to work.” Stated Todd with a confident smile.

                                                                                            A.M. Monique

                                                                                        Camp Greens Lake


                                         Chapter Six: Orderly Chaos

        Ellie, Jessie, Aaron, and Curtis waited for their cue by the far corner of the basketball blacktop

that would lead them into the woods, and to Cheeves fishing dock.

        “What’s taking them so long?” Asked Curtis in an impatient tone of voice as he stomped his foot

in aggravation.

        “Give them time Curtis, Todd told us that we’d know when it was safe to go, just be patient.”

Advised Ellie as she let out a soft frustrated sigh.

        “Hopefully they don’t take to long, because there isn’t a whole lot of time left before supper,

and nobody wants to be late for that.” Replied Jessie as she impatiently started to tap her foot.

        “It won’t take to long if we find what we’re looking for, even if what you’re looking for isn’t the

same thing that Curtis and I might be looking for.” Answered Aaron in a long and confusing statement.

        “Aaron you’re making even less sense then you usually are, you better not be looking for

something that you shouldn’t be looking for because I’m not going to let you get yourself into trouble,

no matter what you might say, or what you’d like to try to do.” Warned Ellie in a stern tone of voice.

        “Look who’s not making sense now, jueez Ellie, don’t be such a worry wart.” Retorted Aaron.

        “I wouldn’t have to worry if you would just try to keep out of trouble.” Countered Ellie.

        “Trouble, oh please Ellie, you hardly know the meaning of the word.” Replied Aaron with an

unsatisfied grunt.

        “Of course I do, you’re the living definition of it.” Retorted Ellie as she tried her best not to lose

her temper with Aaron.

        Aaron was about to respond when a loud echoing boom could be heard from somewhere just

behind the restroom area. An echoing boom that was followed by a series of several other booms that

sounded a series of fireworks. Something that wasn’t exactly legal to bring into Camp Greens Lake.

        “That must be the diversion—come on you guys this is our chance!” Hollered Jessie as she

quickly headed into the woods with Aaron trailing close behind her.

        “I sure hope that nobody gets into trouble for that.” Responded Ellie as she took one last look

towards the restroom area where she had heard the fireworks coming from and then quickly turned

around and trailed behind Aaron and Jessie with Curtis just a few feet behind her.

        Quickly and carefully Jessie, Aaron, Ellie, and Curtis made their way through the woods dodging

twigs and branches along the way. Jessie, Aaron, Ellie, and Curtis went as fast and safely as they could

through the woods and all the way to the ledge of a dirt trail that lead them to a wooden fishing dock. In

between the dirt path and the wooden fishing dock laid a rusty white metal sign with black lettering that

read: Cheeves Fishing Dock. Above the black lettering in big bold red letters read: DANGER, and written

in black permanent marker beneath Cheeves Fishing Dock a handwritten message that read: turn back

now or else.

        Ignoring the warning sign Jessie, Aaron, Ellie, and Curtis made their way down the fishing dock

each of them quietly looking around to see if they could spot the baseball that Jessie had hit. Something

that they all discovered was slightly harder than they had originally thought.

        As Jessie, Aaron, Ellie, and Curtis made their way to the right side of the fishing dock they

spotted a small and rust tin roofed and sided fishing shack. A shack that Ellie and Aaron realized had to

be the Shrink Shack. A shack that didn’t look like it was really safe to go inside of.

        “Whoa wicked… Now this is the footage that I need!” Exclaimed Aaron as he pulled out a

handheld cam corder that he had stoed in a waist pack that he had swung behind himself.

        “Aaron I can’t believe you’re still carrying around that thing, you’ll be lucky if you don’t end up

breaking it.” Stated Ellie in an annoyed tone of voice.

        Pushing the record button and then momentarily pointing the camera lens at himself Aaron

started to make verbal commentary for what he was filming. “Note to all viewers please ignore any

commentary from my corky sister.”

        “Whatever, that’s just find the baseball and get out of here.” Suggested Ellie as she politely

changed the subject.

         “The sooner the better, no wonder Giles wanted to shut this dump down, it’s in even worse

shape than it was last year, and it’s literary falling apart.” Commented Jessie as Curtis started to make

his way inside of the shrink shack as if he had spotted something.

         “Jessie’s right, this place is a real dump!” Replied Curtis from inside of the shrink shack.

         “Interior scenery is unpleasant, very likely untouched for many years, that’s take a look at the

exterior scenery.” Commented Aaron as he continued to film and make commentary for what he was

filming. Something that Aaron continued to do as he continued scanning along the edges of the woods

where he stopped as something in his camera lens caught his eye.

         “What the heck—whoa what is that?” asked Aaron out loud as he refocused his camera lens and

zoomed it in to take a closer shot at what he was filming. Something that looked like a tall and gangly

figure of someone wearing a long white lab coat.

         “Aaron you are such a dork, would you stop fooling around and—“ Started Ellie but then she

stopped herself short as she spotted the same figure that Aaron had spotted through his camera lens.

         “Earl Greensley? No way, that’s impossible.” Stated Ellie out loud as she recognized who the

figure was.

         “Oh cool its “one eyed” Earl!” Exclaimed Aaron in an excited tone of voice.

         “Hey guys I found the baseball! Now— ” started Jessie as she emerged from behind the other

side of the shrinking shack and stopped just outside of the front door of the shrink shack only to have its

front door unexpectantly close behind her just missing her by inches.

         “Curtis that wasn’t very funny!” Hollered Jessie as she banged on the tin door of the shrink


        “I didn’t do that Jessie—let me out! Let me out!” Shouted Curtis as he frantically started to

pound on the shrink shack’s door.

        With all the commotion Ellie and Aaron lost site of the possible figure of “one eyed” Earl that

they had seen.

        “Whoa that’s just not normal.” Exclaimed Aaron in an excited tone of voice.

        “Jessie open the door!” Hollered Curtis as he continued to pound on the shrink shack’s door.

        “I’m trying! I’m trying! Jueez what’s this thing made out of solid steel… Ellie, Aaron a little help

please!” Shouted Jessie as she unsuccessfully tried to jerk the shrink shack’s door open.

        “Curtis it has to be locked, try unlocking it from the inside!” Suggested Ellie as she realized that

there might be a simple solution to explain why the door wouldn’t open.

        “There’s no lock Ellie, it opens by key! Break the door down if you have to! Just get me out of

here!” Plead Curtis in a tone of voice that sounded like he was starting to lose his breath as if he was

going to hyperventilate.

        “Oh jueez… this is bad, really bad! Don’t worry man we’re going to get you out!” Called Out

Aaron as he shut off his video camera and stoed it back in his waist pack and then joined Jessie in her

effort to try to pry the door open.

        “Ellie it won’t budge, we’re going to have to find something we can use to either bust the door

down or pry it open!” Hollered Jessie.

        Frantically Ellie searched the fishing docks to see if she could find something to use on the door.

Then there came the sound of shattering glass sound from somewhere behind the shrink shack

something that although Ellie was scared she was curious to try to figure out.

        “There might be a way out of the back of the shrink shack, you guys keep trying to open the

front door! I’ll be back in a moment!” Called out Ellie as she sprang into action and began to make her

way to the back of the shrink shack where someone dressed in black pants and a white shirt could be

seen standing at the foot of the deck just before they jumped and disappeared beneath a large splash

into the water.

        “Please don’t tell me that I saw another ghost, I’ve had enough hallucinations already.”

Mumbled Ellie out loud to herself as she spotted a broken glass bottle two feet at the foot of the fishing

dock. A broken glass bottle that had it fragments scattered over a yellowed piece of paper attached to a

thick brass key.

        “Um guys I think I’ve found a key! Hold on I’ll be right there with it!” Hollered Ellie as she quickly

grabbed the note and key and then carefully made her way back to the front of the shrink shack with the

brass key and note in her hand.

        “I don’t want to even know how you managed to get a hold of a skeleton key, but I’m sure glad

that you did.” Commented Jessie as she recognized the brass key that Ellie was holding.

        “Skeleton key… okay whatever, just use it to open the door and let Curtis out.” Suggested Ellie

as she handed Jessie the brass skeleton key that she found which Jessie used and with a loud click it

immediately opened the door to the shrink shack.

        “Gang way! I’m outta here!” Hollered Curtis as he barged out of the shrink shack and took off

running down the fishing dock and then back through the woods all the way back to camp.

        “Jueez, Claire was right, Curtis is claustrophobic.” Replied Jessie in a surprised tone of voice as

she pulled out the baseball she had momentarily stoed in her baggy cut off sweatshirts pocket and

replaced it with the brass skeleton key.

         “Also looks like both Claire and my home runs count.” Added Jessie as in an effort to ease all the

tension that had built up.

         “Bummer… I’m just glad that we found more than the baseball while we were out here—Ellie is

that a note that you’re holding?” Asked Aaron in a curious tone of voice.

         “Oh I guess it is.” Replied Ellie as she opened up the folded piece of parchment to reveal a

handwritten message that had been written on a piece of parchment that had a large calligraphy G

printed seal on top of it.

         “Whoa dude that’s Earl Greensley’s seal, what’s the note say?” asked Jessie in an excited tone of


         “It just says use it well and you’ll rescue everyone, it doesn’t even say who it’s from.” Explained


         “Bummer, must just be one of those false notes people like to make… Oh well at least the key

worked, here you were the person who found it anyways.” Stated Jessie as she handed Ellie back the

brass skeleton key that Ellie had discovered.

         “You better not lose those Ellie, if “spy” Malloy catches you with those who knows what will

happen.” Stated Aaron.

         “Gee thanks… Come on you guys that’s return back to camp before anybody discovers that we

are missing.” Replied Ellie as she wrapped the brass skeleton key up in the piece of parchment and

tucked it into the back pocket of her jeans.

         “Good idea, we better hurry before Curtis gets to hysterical—he tends to get that way after

something seriously scares him, the last thing that we need is for Curtis to make the entire camp

paranoid or something.” Explained Jessie as she started to lead the way back with Ellie and Aaron

trailing just a few steps behind her.

        “Ellie you didn’t happen to see anything weird in the lake did you?” Asked Aaron in a curious

tone of voice.

        “Nothing that should concern you.” Replied Ellie.

        “So you did see something, I knew you weren’t the one who made that big splash in the lake.”

Responded Aaron in and eager and excited tone of voice.

        “Aaron don’t start please, you were doing so well, don’t ruin it by starting to annoy me again.”

warned Ellie as she cast a warning glare at Aaron.

        “Alright jueez Ellie, lighten up.” Reassured Aaron as he continued his walk back with Ellie and

Jessie in silence until they made their way through the woods and safely back to the basketball courts in

the hoot and holler gym.

        As Jessie, Aaron, and Ellie started to head back across to the other side of the blacktopped

basketball court area they discovered Todd, Claire, and Lynn huddled together with Curtis who was

practically jumping up and down in hysterics.

        “I’m telling you there was something out there.” Explained Curtis as Jessie, Aaron, and Ellie

adjoined the small group that they had created.

        “Curtis haven’t you calmed down yet, chill out before you give yourself a heart attack or

something.” cautioned Jessie in a half teasing tone of voice.

        “Jessie Curtis said that something caused the door to the shrinking shack to close on him, did

you have something to do with that?” Asked Claire in a concerned tone of voice.

        “Must you always blame things on me, of course I didn’t do that, the door just blew shut on its

own!” argued Jessie as she tried her best not to lose her temper with Claire.

        “No need to bite my head off Jessie, I was only asking.” Replied Claire in a calm and reasoning

tone of voice.

        “If nobody in your group closed the door on Curtis then who or what did?” Asked Lynn in a

curious tone of voice.

        “That’s probably one of those questions that its best that we don’t know the answer to Lynn, it’s

probably best that we don’t know, speaking of things we don’t know, did anyone find the baseball that

was hit on Cheeves Fishing dock?” Asked Todd as he politely changed the subject.

        “Oh I did.” Replied Jessie as she pulled out the baseball that she had been carrying from her

sleeveless sweatshirt’s pocket.

        “But that wasn’t the only thing that we found.” Added Jessie as she tried her best to contain her


        “Although I’m not sure if I really should ask you guys this, what else did you guys find on

Cheeves Fishing dock?” Asked Claire as she prodded either Jessie, Aaron, or Curtis for an explanation.

        “Ellie—show Claire what we found.” Replied Aaron in an excited tone of voice as he gently

jabbed Ellie in the ribs to get her attention.

        “Uh, oh right.” Replied Ellie in a half distracted tone of voice as she pulled out the piece of

parchment and the brass skeleton key that she had been holding onto.

        The moment that Ellie revealed the note and brass skeleton key both Claire and Lynn’s eyes lit

up indicating that they both recognized what it was.

        “Ellie, do you have any idea what that is?” Asked Claire in a stunned tone of voice.

        “Uh sort of, Jessie told me that it was some sort of a skeleton key.” Explained Ellie.

        “If that’s a skeleton key then you better make sure that my aunt doesn’t catch you with it.”

Warned Lynn.

        “What? Oh please don’t tell me that this has a curse on it too?” Asked Ellie in a frustrated tone

of voice.

        “Oh it’s no curse Ellie, it’s just that a Greensley skeleton key is very rare, there are only four

known skeleton keys that allow anybody to have access to anywhere on Earl Greensley’s properties, if

my aunt catches you with it then you’ll be instantly disqualified from the scavenger hunt that is going to

happen in two days at Earl Greensley Castle Estates.” Informed Lynn.

        “A scavenger hunt, why would a skeleton key be illegal to have in a scavenger hunt?” Asked Ellie

in a confused tone of voice.

        “Because there are only two skeleton keys to find in the haunted hedge maze, if one of the head

tribes people or “spy” Malloy discover that you have one ahead of time you’ll be disqualified Ellie, there

are two skeleton keys to find in the hedge maze, one for each scavenger team, if you already have a

skeleton key then you will have an unfair advantage against the other scavenger team.” Explained Claire.

        “Sounds very complicated.” Replied Ellie.

        “It only sounds complicated… what else do you got Ellie?” Asked Claire as she noticed that Ellie

was holding more than one item.

        “Oh it’s a note, I’m not really sure what it means or who it’s from.” Replied Ellie as she handed

Claire the piece of parchment that she had discovered.

          After Claire was able to take a look at the note she let out a surprised gasp. Then she quickly

reread the note.

          “Ellie this is “slick” Rick’s handwriting… I recognize it because the letters curl slightly at the

bottom just like the letters that “slick” Rick used when he wrote notes to “love bug:” Luna.” Explained


          “It’s from “slick” Rick? How do you know that?” Asked Jessie in a curious tone of voice.

          “Kate intercepted one of their notes last year and showed it to me, the handwritings very

similar, I’m positive that it is.”Replied Claire.

          “If that’s true then that means that “slick” Rick didn’t disappear like we thought he did, maybe

he or “love bug” Luna have made other notes to get someone to rescue them or something.” Suggested


          “Maybe it was one of them that Aaron and I mistook for “one eyed” Earl’s ghost while we were

at Cheeves fishing dock.” Suggested Ellie.

          “You saw “one eyed” Earl’s ghost? Oh Ellie not again.” Stated Claire.

          “Again—ha! I knew someone had seen him before—Ellie you should have told me!” Exclaimed

Aaron as he started to become excited.

          “Settle down Aaron I didn’t exactly see “one eyed” Earl, I just had a weird dream, there’s no

such—“ Started Ellie.

          “—That’s take a look at Aaron’s video that he made, Curtis said that Aaron managed to get

something weird on film, that’s take a look at that.” Suggested Claire as she purposely interrupted Ellie.

        “Oh right I did, it was so cool.” Replied Aaron proudly as he pulled out his camcorder and turned

on his camera and rewound the video through the viewfinder lens and then played it back on the display

monitor projecting an image that showed Todd, Lynn, and Claire what he and Ellie had seen at Cheeves

fishing dock.

        “Whoa, hey Aaron rewind it a little bit and pause the frame, I think I just saw “one eyed” Earl’s

face.” Suggested Curtis as he caught a glimpse of what Aaron has seen through the viewfinder.

        With a smile Aaron happily obeyed Curtis and paused the figure in the frame. Then after

carefully zooming and reframing the figure’s face Aaron revealed the distinct outline of an old man’s

face. An old man who looked slightly like “one eyed” Earl but wasn’t “one eyed” Earl.

        “Aaron I hate to break it to you but that’s no ghost, I think it might be Giles.” Explained Claire.

        “I don’t know Claire, it sure looks a lot like “one eyed” Earl… It’s hard to tell.” Commented Jessie

as she tried to make out what they had seen in Aaron’s camera’s viewfinder.

        “Then I’ll just have to get a better visual picture to see if it is.” Informed Aaron in a determined

tone of voice as he turned off his camera and then tucked it back into his waist pack.

        “Oh no you’re not, we’re not ever going back to that creepy dock again.” Stated Ellie.

        “Oh chill Ellie, I don’t need to capture “one eyed” Earl at Cheeves’ fishing dock again, I just plan

on capturing him at Earl Greensley’s castle estates, then we’ll see how real this ‘one eyed’ Earl ghost

really is.” Clarified Aaron as a determined gleam filled his eyes. A determined gleam that Ellie knew

meant that Aaron was determined to capture “one Eyed” Earl on film and there wasn’t anything that

anyone could do to stop him.

                                                                                             A.M. Monique

                                                                                       Camp Greens Lake

                                  Chapter Seven: Messenger or Ghost?

        The following morning after breakfast…

        Once again both Ellie and Aaron’s cabin groups were eager and excited for their mourning

activity. A mourning activity that gathered both Aaron and Ellie’s cabin groups around the life saving

station to meet up with “lean” jean and “competitive” Lyle before they headed out into the unknown

waters of Greens Lake.

        “Alright haunting captivators here are the rules for swimming; rule one do not swim past the

boundary lines that have been marked with orange buoys and or cones, rule two never swim alone or by

yourself, rule three no food or drink allowed in the swimming area, and rule number four if you want to

be able to go into the deep end then you must be able to tread water for at least two minutes.”

Explained “lean” Jean.

        “If you can’t tread water for at least two minutes I’d advise using a life vest which are provided

in the white cabinet near the restrooms.” Informed ‘competitive” Lyle as he pointed to where Jonas and

Shelly were standing next to a large white wooden box near the restroom area.

        “Aside from life vests there are also various swimming equipment that you can barrow as well.”

Explained “lean” Jean.

        “Anyone can barrow the equipment as long as it is returned properly and kept within the

swimming area, don’t do anything uncool like trying to steal it or anything, the equipment is for

everyone to use.” Informed “competitive” Lyle.

          “And bearing that in mind everyone is free to head into the water as soon as they are ready to.”

Stated “lean” Jean as she gave the all clear signal to Shelly and Jonas. A signal that scattered everyone in

a variety of different directions.

          Several things happened at once after “lean” Jean gave the all clear signal. Things that added to

the continuous people experienced at Camp Greens Lake.

          Curtis threw a worm at Kate which slid its way down her backside causing her to shriek in

protest. Aaron and a dark skinned boy cannon balled into the lake nearly getting Aiyana and Lynn wet in

the process. Then lastly Jessie, and Todd gathered armfuls of swim equipment and placed them in a pile

next to where Claire and Ellie had been watching all the chaos.

          “You two aren’t just going to stand there and watch?” Asked Jessie in a playful tone of voice.

          “Of course not.” Replied Claire as she started to pick through the pile of swim equipment to see

if Jessie or Todd had brought anything decent.

          “I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to get as far away from Aaron and Curtis as I possibly

can, especially considering that they seem to be in their pranking mode already.” Informed Ellie as she

picked up a mask and snorkel, and then started to make her way towards the opposite side of the lake

that Aaron was.

          A side that Crissy and Serena were at as they both sat on a log and dangled their feet into the


          “Good day for swim, no?”Greeted Serena as she attempted to make conversation with Ellie and


          “As long as I’m away from Aaron then it’s a perfect day.” Replied Ellie with a smile. Then after

reading Serena’s expression Ellie’s smile quickly disappeared.

          “What’s wrong Serena?” Asked Ellie in a concerned tone of voice.

          “It nothing really, Serena be okay.” Replied Serena in a tone of voice that suggested that she

wasn’t being honest about how she really felt.

          “Serena if Kate is still giving you a hard time then ignore her, if you say that you have nothing to

do with all the accidents that have been happening then I believe you, don’t let Kate make you think

otherwise.” Interjected Claire.

          “Thank you Claire, good to know, Serena just think that accidents or incidents that have happen

at Camp Greens Lake they happen for a reason, maybe spirits trying to tell us something.” Suggested


          “Serena just because incidents have been occurring at the same location that “tell- tale” Rex

mentions in the campfire stories it doesn’t mean that the spirits are disturbed by it, it’s just a

coincidence.” Interjected Crissy as she politely stated her opinion.

          “Call it that if like to Crissy, Serena still think that there something going on at Camp Greens Lake

that’s not supposed to be happening, something that anger Greensley spirits—“ Started Serena.

          “Oh Serena stop it, Greensley or no Greensley spirits that’s just let the deceased rest in peace,

and leave it at that.” Interrupted Claire as she intentionally didn’t let Serena finish what she had to say.

          “So once again nobody listen to Serena! People call Serena crazy! People think Serena be to

superstitious! Fine Serena warn people for last time, if something bad happen then Serena know it’s

nonbeliever fault!” Shouted Serena as she finally lost her temper and then got up from the log that she

had been sitting with Crissy on and stormed to an out cove that was on a narrow part of sand just

beneath a swimming dock that the camp called crock’s dock.

        “That’s probably are cue to leave.” Suggested Crissy as she got up from the log that she had

been sitting at and started to walk back up towards the beach.

        “I can’t believe we made Serena mad like that, do you think that she’ll be alright?” asked Ellie as

soon as she was sure that she and Claire had walked far along the shoreline that Serena wouldn’t be

able to overhear their conversation.

        “Oh I think she’ll be alright if we give her some time to cool down, Serena’s probably just one of

those people who take camp Greens Lakes legends seriously.” Replied Claire.

        “To seriously if you ask me, if Serena wants people like Kate to quit picking on her then she

needs to learn not to believe in a bunch of silly ghost stories.” Commented Ellie as she put on her mask

and snorkel and dove into the murky lake water swimming as fast as she could to escape all the noise

that her fellow haunting captivators were making.

        Ellie continued to snorkel further and further into the deeper part of Greens Lake till she could

no longer hear and splashing or noise in the water apart from her own splashing and the sound of her

breathing through the snorkel spout.

        Through the swim mask Ellie peered up towards the sun that was reflecting off the surface of

the water. Something that happened to be the only thing that Ellie could see through the murky water.

After a few moments of quiet daydreaming Ellie tilted her head up and resurfaced on top of the water.

Then after treading water Ellie tilted the swim mask up and looked around to see where she had

managed to swim off too.

        Looking around Ellie spotted an orange buoy. A buoy that informed Ellie that she had swam a lot

further then she had thought she had.

        “Wow I didn’t mean to swim this far.” Thought Ellie silently to herself as she spotted Crock’s

dock that was about fifty feet away from her.

        “Is Crock’s dock out of bounds?” Thought Ellie silently as she began to swim her way towards it

where she grabbed the end of it firmly with both hands and then pulled herself out of the water and

onto the smooth wooded surface of Crock’s dock.

        For a moment Ellie sat on the ledge of Crock’s dock just enjoying herself. But after about five

minutes Ellie’s moment of relaxation was interrupted as Jessie came running down Crock’s dock.

        “Ellie! Oh there you are! We’ve been looking for you!” Called out Jessie as she stopped for a

moment to catch her breath.

        “Is something wrong Jessie?” Asked Ellie in a concerned tone of voice as she realized that Jessie

seemed like she had something serious to tell her.

        “We’re not sure Ellie, we just thought that we saw someone on Crock’s deck with you, are you

here alone?” Asked Jessie in a curious and slightly concerned tone of voice.

        “I was here alone until you came and found me, other than that the closest person that I’d be to

would have to be Serena, that is if she’s still pouting in the cove beneath the bridge about the argument

that Claire, Crissy, and I had with her.” Replied Ellie.

        “That’s weird, I could have—“ Started Jessie but she stopped as a loud splash beneath the deck

interrupted her.

        “Do you think that was Serena?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

        “I don’t know, but I’m sure going to find out replied Jessie as she jumped off Crock’s dock and

swam under and then resurfaced on the other side of Crock’s dock.

        “Did you see anything?” Asked Ellie in a curious tone of voice.

        “No, hey let me borrow that mask and snorkel.” Suggested Jessie.

        Without hesitating Ellie tossed Jessie the mask and snorkel that she had been using to Jessie.

Then Jessie disappeared back underneath the water. Silently Ellie waited on top of Crock’s fishing dock

watching the snorkel as Jessie skimmed along the surface of the water.

        Absorbed by watching what Jessie was doing Ellie turned her back to the opposite side of the

dock for just enough time for a cold and wet hand to tug her and then pull her backwards and into

water. After Ellie hit the cold and murky waters of Greens Lake. Although the lake itself was cold it

wasn’t as cold as the hand that pulled her into the water was. As quickly as the ice cold hand grabbed

her it quickly released Ellie. After this happened Ellie quickly resurfaced just above the surface of water.

        For a brief moment Ellie could spot the outline of a figure dressed in a black aquatic trench coat

of some sort. Realizing that they had been exposed the figure quickly dove under the water instantly

startling Ellie in the process.

        “Wait—“ Started Ellie just as a large jet stream of water sprayed out from in front of her which

immediately interrupted her and helped to conceal whoever the figure was. Then in the blink of an eye

the jet stream along with the figure disappeared beneath the surface of the lake.

        “Ellie! Oh my God Ellie! Ellie are you alright?” Asked Jessie in a surprised tone of voice as she

resurfaced and appeared next to Jessie as they both grabbed onto the ledge of Crock’s dock for support.

        “I-I think so.” Answered Ellie as she quickly pulled herself back out of the water and up back

onto Crock’s deck.

        “I have no idea what just happened, but I think that it’s best that we both get out of here.”

Suggested Jessie as she pulled herself up and out of the water and joined Ellie on Crock’s deck.

        “That’s a good idea.” Agreed Ellie as she and Jessie made their way back to the shore of Greens

lake as they finished walking the rest of the way down Crock’s dock.

        As Ellie and Jessie reached the end of Crock’s dock Shelly greeted them. As Shelly approached

both Ellie and Jessie realized that Shelly had a worried expression on her face. Something that signaled

that she had seen what had happened in the water near Crock’s dock.

        “Are you alright shelias?” Asked Shelly in a concerned tone of voice.

        “We’re both fine Shelly.” Reassured Jessie.

        “Good, the both of you gave us a fright, especially you Ellie, whatever was in the lake with you

just barely missed you, did you happen to see what it was?” Asked Shelly.

        “Uh it was human, other than that I didn’t really see who it was.” Replied Ellie as she let out an

involuntary shudder.

        “So you didn’t see who it was, that’s to bad… but no worries I’m just glad that nobody got hurt.”

Replied Shelly in a disappointed tone of voice as she politely left to return to her trail blazer duties.

        “I wish I was able to get a better look at who it was before they got away, even with the mask

the murky lake water made it impossible to see who it was.” Said Jessie in a frustrated and disappointed

tone of voice.

          “Why does this keep happening to me? Why don’t they—whoever they are just leave me

alone?” Asked Ellie in a slightly frustrated tone of voice.

          “Ellie I don’t think they’re trying to annoy you, I think they’re just asking for your help.” Replied


          “Me? I’ m new to Camp Greens Lake, why would they be asking me to help them?”

          “I don’t know, but if it was the same person that it was from Cheeves’ fishing dock then I doubt

that they are going out of their way to annoy you, you remember the note, the one that Claire said was

from “slick” Rick… huh I wonder how Claire was able to tell that it was him so quickly?”

          “Jessie you’re not thinking that Claire’s the one behind all of the “accidents” that have been

happening lately? Do you?” Asked Ellie as she realized that Jessie had her suspicions about Claire.

          “Think about it Ellie Claire knows an awful lot about Camp Greens Lake… I’m not saying that it’s

necessarily her, I’m just saying that it could be.” Replied Jessie.

          “I sincerely doubt that she is Jessie, she’s the last person that I’d expect to be playing ghost, so

to speak.” Countered Ellie.

          “D-d-did you just s-s-say ghost?” Asked Aiyana as she unexpectantly appeared in front of Jessie

and Ellie.

          “Aiyana jueez don’t do that.” Responded Ellie as she jumped slightly from the sound of Aiyana’s


          “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I just thought I heard somebody say the word ghost… that’s

not what you guys saw at the end of Crock’s dock was it?” asked Aiyana.

        “I don’t think so Aiyana we’re not exactly sure.” Responded Ellie.

        “It was probably nothing Aiyana.” Reassured Jessie.

        “I don’t know you guys, it sure seemed like there was a ghost out there, for they say that Greens

Lake like the rest of Camp Greens Lake is haunted by ghosts, and the last thing that I’d want to do is to

be the one responsible for ticking them off.” Concluded Aiyana as she politely left before Jessie or Ellie

had the chance to say anything else to her.

        “Wow looks like the “accidents” are making more than one person jumpy at Camp Greens

Lake.” Said Jessie as she stifled a nervous laugh.

        “Right sure that’s it.” Replied Ellie in a half distracted tone of voice as she realized that there

was more to the “accidents” that had been happening at Camp Greens Lake then she had realized.

                                                                                              A.M. Monique

                                                                                          Camp Greens Lake

                           Chapter Eight: Misunderstandings and Fierce Rivalry

After lunch during afternoon free time….

        Aaron, Todd, and a boy named Zek from the black cabin group had been playing basketball with

Jessie, Lynn, and another red headed girl named Reeda from the purple cabin group when a loose out of

bounds ball nearly hit Curtis in the back of the head at the Spook nook shack where he Ellie, Claire, and a

handful of other haunting captivators had gathered.

        “What the—Nelson watch it! You almost hit me with that one!” Hollered Curtis as he angrily

threw the loose basketball back to Jessie as she and Aaron came strolling over towards the Spook Nook

shack to retrieve it.

        “Oh chill out Curtis it completely missed you, no need to be so dramatic!” Argued Jessie.

        “Dramatic! I am not being dramatic—I bet this is your idea of payback—which makes completely

no sense considering that you and Claire scored the winning home runs in yesterdays baseball game, I

bet you were trying to get me injured, that way I wouldn’t be able to participate in tomorrow night’s

overnight scavenger hunt that we have to participate in the haunted hedge maze before we arrive at the

overnight that we’re going to have in Earl Greensley’s castle Estates tomorrow… if you’re trying to off

me or something then you will have to do better than that!” Retorted Curtis.

        “The overnight’s tomorrow, wow I didn’t expect it to be that soon.” Responded Claire in a

surprised tone of voice.

        “What’s the matter Claire are you scared?” Asked Curtis in a mocking tone of voice.

        “I’m not scared, just slightly surprised that camps going by so quickly.” Responded Claire.

        “Yeah right Claire, you’re scared, I bet you were going to be spending the night in Marcine’s

cabin a.k.a. the chicken coop instead of Earl Greensley’s castle, you were probably afraid that ”one

eyed” Earl was going to get you after what you and Oz did in his lavatory last year.” Remarked Curtis as

he began to mock Claire even more.

        “Curtis why don’t you just shut your mouth for once! You have no idea what happened with

Claire and Oz in “one eyed” Earl’s lavatory, and if you don’t shut it then I’m going to slug you in the

face!” Threatened Jessie as she immediately stood up for Claire.

         “It’s alright Jessie, I’m sure that won’t be necessary, Curtis can be as annoying as he wants, as a

matter of fact I bet Curtis is trying to scare us into going into the chicken coop, that way he won’t have

to spend an overnight in Earl Greensley’s castle.” Suggested Claire.

         “That’s not true, I can stay overnight in there if I want to, and I bet I can stay in their longer than

any of you guys can, I’ll even win the scavenger hunt this year… with Aaron’s paranormal expertise you

guys don’t stand a chance against experts like us.” Retorted Curtis.

         “Claire and I beat you before Curtis, and I’m sure that we can do it again.” Responded Jessie in a

confident tone of voice.

         “just because you’ve done it before, it doesn’t guarantee that you will do it again… this year

things will be different because not only will the scavenger team that I’m paired on beat the opposite

scavenger team, I bet I’ll be able to unveil one of the Greensley ghosts in the process.” Suggested Aaron

in a confident tone of voice.

         “Oh Aaron please don’t start that again.” Replied Ellie with an aggravated groan.

         “What’s the matter Ellie are you afraid of a challenge?” Asked Aaron in a challenging tone of


         “Oh please Aaron beating your team would hardly be a challenge.” Replied Ellie in a confident

tone of voice.

         “Oh you would think so my dear naive sister, well I beg to differ, Curtis and I are going to beat

you, Jessie, or Claire, or anyone else who is on your scavenger team, and I bet we’ll find even more than

just the items that are on the scavenger list.” Challenged Aaron.

          “Aaron if you honestly think that you’re going to discover ghosts at Camp Greens lake then you

are crazy… as much as you would like to prove that ghosts do exist I’m going to prove that they don’t

exist, then that will put an end to this silly supernatural charade that you are doing.” Replied Ellie as she

tried her best not to lose her temper with Aaron.

          “Of course you of all people would try to do that Ellie, we’ll see who’s right just you wait, just

wait and see, I’m going to do whatever it takes to prove that those ghosts are real!” Retorted Aaron.

          “And I’m going to do whatever it takes to prove that they’re not!” Countered Ellie as she

indirectly made a challenge against Aaron.

          As much as Ellie hated to have to go to Earl Greensley’s castle Estates she knew that she would

have to go in order to find the proof that she needed to prove that Aaron was wrong about the ghosts.

After all aside from disproving everything that Aaron wanted to prove was right if Ellie went to Earl

Greensley’s castle Estates then she might be able to find a clue to help to explain who or what was

behind all of the strange accidents that had been happening at Camp greens Lake.

                                                                                                A.M. Monique

                                                                                           Camp Greens Lake

                               Chapter Nine: A Disappearance and a Challenge

          Later that night at campfire…

          “I still don’t think that it was a good idea to challenge your brother like you did Ellie.” Stated


        “Oh come on Claire, you can’t blame Ellie for doing that, Aaron and Curtis have been boasting

about winning the scavenger hunt to practically everyone around camp, it’s about time that someone

other than me decided to step up to the challenge.” Interjected Jessie.

        “It’s not the scavenger hunt that I’m worried about Jessie, it’s the disproving ghosts part of the

challenge that I’m worried about.” Explained Claire.

        “Claire you’re not going to throw that nonbeliever’s curse at me again are you?” Asked Ellie in a

half annoyed tone of voice.

        “Well there’s that and there’s the fact that everyone who had tried to prove that the Greensley

ghost legends was either killed by a curse or they mysteriously disappeared.” Explained Claire as she

nervously bit her lower lip.

        “Claire you worry to much, don’t worry I’ll be careful, I promise.” Promised Ellie as she Claire

and Jessie found an open log that was in front of a log that Oz, Crissy, and Serena were sitting on.

        “Uh where did Aiyana go? Wasn’t she just with you guys?” Asked Jessie as she realized that

Aiyana was no longer with Serena and Crissy.

        “Lana took her back to the cabins, she said she was feeling sick.” Replied Crissy.

        “Jueez, I hope it isn’t anything contagious.” Replied Jessie.

        “Oh you don’t have to worry about that, it’s probably an upset stomach or food poisoning from

something that she ate.” Informed Crissy.

        “I sure hope she feels better.” Said Claire in a sympathetic tone of voice.

        “Me too.” Agreed Ellie.

        After Ellie said this “spy” Malloy’s voice resounded through the microphone as everyone

managed to get settled in for campfire.

        “I’m pleased to announce that there have been no further instances of thefts from Greensley

Castle Estates and other areas just outside of Camp Greens Lake grounds, as you all know tomorrow

night is the night that we are all invited to Earl Greensley’s castle estates for an overnight either in

Marcine’s Cabin or Earl Greensley’s castle, in order to make it to Earl Greensley’s castle one will have to

pass a few challenges along the way, challenges that have been set up in the haunted hedge maze area

this year, more details will be discussed tomorrow, now without further delay here’s Rex with tonight’s

campfire story.” Informed “Spy” Malloy as she stepped aside from the microphone and allowed “tell-

tale” Rex to start his story.

        “Last night you all heard about the curse of Dead man’s swamp, the curse that Earl Greensley’s

favorite servant put in the waters that surround the abandoned fishing dock, but what was worse was

the curse that “one eyed” Earl put on another servant named Marcine Warren, a curse that was only

meant for his son Lucas and Marcine but instead ended up cursing him and his wife Bonnie as well.”

Started “tell-tale” Rex.

        “This one again.” Mumbled Claire under her breath as she recognized the story that “tell-tale”

Rex was telling.

        “What’s the matter Claire are you scared?” Asked Curtis in a mocking tone of voice from a log

that he was sharing with Aaron and Lynn who were sitting next to the log that Jessie, Claire, and Ellie

were sharing.

        “No just annoyed.” Replied Claire as she tried not to sound as aggravated as she was feeling.

        “If you’re so annoyed Claire then why don’t you just leave?” Asked Curtis.

         “Because if I can learn to deal with you then I can also learn to tolerate “tell-tale” Rex’s stories.”

Retorted Claire with a soft sigh as she returned her attention to “tell-tale” Rex as he started to tell his


         “Marcine Warren was the youngest servant that was employed at Greensley Estates, she was

twenty five years old and to the twenty eight year old Lucas Greensley she was the most beautiful

women that he had ever seen.”

         “Oh brother not this sickening love story again, why doesn’t he just get to the part of the story

that talks about the curse and skip the whole love story introduction.” Commented Curtis as he rolled

his eyes in annoyance.

         “He’ll get to it momentarily Curtis, now please be quiet.” Requested Claire as she calmly got

Curtis to settle back down again so that “tell-tale” Rex could continue with his story.

         “Lucas knew that his father would never allow him to marry someone from the lower class like

Marcine, but Lucas didn’t care, he was head over heels in love with Marcine and he didn’t care what

class she was from, as soon as “one eyed” Earl discovered that Lucas was in love with Marcine he

threatened that Marcine would lose her job if they chose not to keep away from each other, he stated

that as long as Lucas lived in his castle that he could never have contact with Marcine again.”

         “Realizing the loophole in “one eyed” Earl’s demand Lucas made a log cabin just outside the

borderlines of Greensley estates, a log cabin that he chose to move in with Marcine, it’s the same log

cabin that still stands just outside of Earl Greensley estates today.”

         “Furious that Lucas decided to disobey and then marry Marcine “one eyed” Earl fired Marcine,

about a week later “one eyed” Earl and Lucas Greensley’s big argument “one eyed” Earl brought a

cursed dagger to Lucas and Marcine’s cabin as a peace offering.”

        “Having no idea that the dagger was cursed with a rare type of poison that would cause any

open wound to be poisoned both Marcine and Lucas Greensley accepted this dagger, a dagger that both

Lucas and Marcine had mysteriously got cut just enough to absorb the poison that would cause their

wounds to never stop bleeding, it was this curse that brought their untimely deaths, a curse that

became as Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger curse, a curse that would curse anyone who had direct

skin contact with the dagger.” Concluded “tell-tale” Rex as he finally brought his story to a close.

        During “tell-tale” Rex’s story Ellie could feel the gash on her finger prickle slightly in

remembrance of having contact with Lucas Greensley’s cursed bloodshed dagger. A curse that after

Bonnie Greensley’s ax was discovered in the bus tire seemed to be what started all of the unfortunate

accidents that had been happening around Ellie at Camp Greens Lake.

        “Get real Ellie, there’s no way that Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger cursed you, it’s just a

Camp Greens Lake superstition, the dagger isn’t really cursed, that’s impossible… it’s the old poison in

the dagger that caused Marcine Warren and Lucas Greensley’s untimely death, not the dagger, it just

couldn’t be the dagger that was cursed.” Thought Ellie silently to herself.

        “Ellie, hey Ellie! Snap out of it! Are you alright?” Asked Claire as the sound of Claire’s voice

brought Ellie’s troubled thoughts back to reality.

        “I think so… I mean of course I am.” Replied Ellie in a half distracted tone of voice.

        “Don’t worry about Lucas Greensley’s bloodshed dagger curse, it only curses the person that

held it for the amount of time that they held it, and the amount of time that you had direct skin contact

with it, well it wasn’t enough to curse you… anyways we better go and join the others the last thing that

we want to do is to be stranded out here alone in the dark.” Reassured Claire as she politely changed

the subject.

         “Right the others, that’s head back.” Agreed Ellie as she turned on her flashlight and shook

herself out of the half distracted state of mind that she had been in.

         Ellie and Claire continued to quietly make their way back to their cabins until they arrived at the

end of the swinging maiden bridge where they met up with Lynn and Jessie just as Serena stormed off

shouting something at Jessie.

         “Fine no believe Serena, next time Serena no help, next time Serena just see Jessie disappear

like others!” Shouted Serena as she took off to head back to the cabins before Jessie had the chance to

respond to her.

         “Uh do we even want to know what happened?” Asked Claire in a slightly concerned tone of


         “Oh Serena just nearly pushed me off the swinging maiden bridge, I can’t believe she did that

just to try to prove that her stupid ghost stories were true.” Grumbled Jessie.

         “Jessie if you don’t mind me saying, I don’t think that Serena was lying to you when she said that

she didn’t try to push you off of the bridge.” Interjected Lynn politely.

         “What? Oh come on Lynn, Don’t tell me that you believe that a ghost tried to push me off the

bridge too?” Asked Jessie in an annoyed tone of voice.

         “I don’t believe that it was a ghost, but I know that it couldn’t have been Serena.” Explained


         “Lynn besides you she was the only one there, if it wasn’t her then who else could it of been?”

Asked Jessie as she tried not to lose her temper.

         “I believe that’s a question that neither one of us really wants an answer for Jessie… Look

Serena was to far away from you to have pushed you off of the bridge, unless Serena was an extremely

fast runner then it’s not likely that she tried to push you off of the bridge.” Explained Lynn.

         “I hate to interrupt but we better head back up to the cabins before we unintentionally break

curfew.” Warned Claire.

         “Whatever.” Grumbled Jessie as she started to head back to the cabin area without waiting for

Claire, Ellie, or Lynn.

         “First Kate, now Jessie, Serena sure seems to be getting into a lot of arguments with people

lately at camp, if she doesn’t stop those ghost stories of hers then she won’t have any friends at Camp

Greens Lake at all.” Commented Ellie.

         “I’m not sure what happened between Kate and Serena but from what I saw happen between

her and Jessie it seemed to be a result from a misunderstanding.” Explained Lynn as she Claire, and Ellie

started to head back to their cabins together.

         “Misunderstandings… well around Serena that does seem to happen a lot.” Commented Claire.

         “It’s interesting how a simple misunderstanding can cause someone to jump to wrongful

conclusions about someone, something that I can definitely relate to.” Replied Lynn.

         “That must mean that you notice how strange some people act when they are around you when

they discovered that you are “spy”—ur Tai’s niece.” Explained Claire as she realized what Lynn was

talking about.

         “Yeah those conclusions, people think that just because I’m related to “spy” Malloy that I’m

going to turn them in, but what they need to realize is that the only person that I’m going to turn in is

the person that is responsible for all of the unexplained accidents that have been happening at Camp

Greens Lake, accidents that if you ask me don’t seem to be happening by accident.” Replied Lynn in a

determined tone of voice.

        “I plan on exposing whoever it is too, if I can expose whoever it is then I can burst that

supernatural bubble that Aaron seems to be expanding at camp.” Stated Ellie.

        “If your thinking of taking Aaron down then you must be thinking of taking Curtis down as well,

if that’s the case then I’m in too, it’s about time someone put an end to all of the chaos that has been

happening at Camp Greens Lake.” Agreed Claire as she realized what Ellie was planning to do.

        “Chaos at Camp Greens Lake, now what would be giving you that sort of an idea?” Asked Lynn in

a playful and sarcastic tone of voice.

        “Everything.” Concluded both Claire and Ellie in unison.

        In response to this happening Claire, Ellie, and Lynn let out a short and relieved laugh.

Something that indicated that in spite of all the chaos that had been happening at Camp Greens Lake

that there were still some ways to have fun as well.

        The following morning at the long range archery range…

        Ellie and Aaron’s cabin groups lead by Shelly and Jonas again had managed to arrive safely and

on time to the long range archery range. A place where they were meant by “jittery” Gen. The last head

tribesperson that they had expected to have an archery range.

        “G-g-good mourning haunted captivators, p-p-please gather round so that we can go over the

rules.” Instructed “jittery” Gen.

        “Figures “jittery” gen would be our instructor again, hopefully this year she won’t end up

breaking anything like she did last year.” Murmured Jessie so that it was just loud enough for a couple

people around her to hear.

        “R-r-rule one, s-s-siece fire while any living person or creature is in the archery range, r-r-rule

two, n-n-no shooting outside of the long range archery area, a-a-and rule three, a-a-all equipment is to

be returned immediately after the archery range session from where one originally got it from.”

Instructed “jittery’ Gen.

        “F-f-form four lines, t-t-then we can get things started.”

        After “jittery” Gen finished instructing this all of the haunting captivators in Aaron and Ellie’s

cabin groups made four unorderly lines. Unorderly lines that both Jonas and Shelly had to reorganize.

        “Check this shot out!” commented Curtis as he stepped up to shoot at the target board that was

in front of the archery range station that he was planted in front of.

        After focusing for a moment on the target board Curtis sent an arrow soaring towards the target

board which landed on the second outer yellow circle near the inside of the target.

        “You call that a shot! Try beating this one!” Called out Jessie as she stepped up to her archery

target and shot off an arrow that just barely missed the inside of the black bulls eye and of the target

and ended up landing on the first yellow center ring.

        “Whoa, that was close Nelson.” Commented Oz as he set up a shot at his station which landed

on the outer white circle of the archery target. A mark that strayed far away from the others.

        “Dude I sure hope you didn’t mean for that mark to miss—whoa—“ Commented Aaron as he

struggled to get the bow and arrow that Curtis gave him to shoot. Something that when Aaron took his

shot caused Aaron’s arrow to hit the lower wooden post of the archery board.

        Glad that Aaron’s overconfidence had managed to do him in Ellie lined up to take her shot. A

shot which landed her arrow just a few centimeters above Jessie’s arrow.

        “Whoa Ellie you almost took out Jessie’s” Commented Todd as he lined up to take his shot which

missed the yellow rings of the target board and landed on the inner red target ring instead.

        “Green who was that to.” Challenged Curtis.

        “Hey it beat Oz’s didn’t it.” Responded Todd in a playful tone of voice.

        After Todd finished saying this Aiyana shyly walked up to her archery station. Then with

trembling hands she nervously picked up an arrow and received the bow that she needed to use from


        “Whoa, are you alright?” Asked Oz in a concerned tone of voice.

        “Uh-huh.” Replied Aiyana as she nervously bit her lip.

        Silently everyone watched Aiyana load her bow with her arrow then she pulled back on the bow

and with trembling hands she released the arrow. As the arrow was released from Aiyana’s bow it

curved away from the target and veered off into the woods.

        “T-t-that was the last arrow, n-n-now everyone siece firing until all of the arrows have been

retrieved by their archers.” Instructed “jittery” Gen.

        Curtis, Aaron, Claire,Ellie, Jessie, Todd, and Aiyana immediately headed out into the archery

range to retrieve their arrows and everyone returned to their assigned archery station except for Aiyana

who seemed to have disappeared as she went searching for her arrow in the woods.

        “Do any of you guys have any idea how far Aiyana’s arrow went?”Asked Crissy in a concerned

tone of voice as she realized that Aiyana still hadn’t returned.

        “Not that far, I wonder what staking Aiyana so long, that’s not like her.” Replied Claire in a

concerned tone of voice.

        “D-d-don’t tell me that she wondered into the woods, i-i-it’s not good to go into the woods

alone, i-i-it’s not good at all.” Stated “jittery” Gen in a nervous tone of voice.

        “Gen that’s not over react, I’ll go and check in the woods for her if you’d like me to, that way

you and Jonas can stay her and keep things going.” Suggested Shelly.

        “S-s-sure that would be fine, b-b-be careful.” Agreed “jittery” Gen.

        After “jittery” Gen had agreed to let Shelly go to search for Aiyana a loud thud followed by the

sound of snapping twigs could be heard. Then the sound of Aiyana’s startled scream. A scream that

indicated that something was wrong.

        “O-o-oh no, n-n-not again.” Murmured “jittery” Gen.

        “Gen don’t start, I’ll go see what happened.” Replied Shelly as she calmly and quickly descended

into the woods to see if she could find Aiyana.

        After Shelly disappeared into the woods a strange thick fog started to billow out from behind

her. A fog that seemed to come and disappear from out of nowhere.

        “O-o-oh no, n-n-not this year, c-c-come on everyone get behind me.” Instructed “jittery” Gen as

she signaled for everyone to get behind her inside of the long range archery station.

        Quickly everyone obeyed what “jittery” Gen instructed and they gathered behind her just as

what looked like a shadow hovered just behind a tree a couple feet away from the archery range.

        “Wicked.” Murmured Aaron as he quietly got out his handheld cam corder and started to record

what everyone was seeing.

        “Aaron this is hardly the time for that.” Scolded Ellie.

        “It’s the perfect time, now sush, you’re going to ruin it.” Retorted Aaron as he intentionally

ignored Ellie.

        “Gen what’s going on yo?” Asked Jonas in a concerned tone of voice.

        “I-I-I’m not sure.” Replied “jittery” Gen.

        “L-l-look whoever you are go away, y-y-you don’t belong here, g-g-go away, g-g-go away from

where you came, t-t-this is private property, p-p-property that belongs to Camp Greens Lake!”

        The shadowy mass hovered for a moment then with a bright white flash of light and smoke it

disappeared along with all of the fog that had gathered.

        “Was that a ghost or something yo?” Asked Jonas in a concerned tone of voice.

        “I-I-I don’t know, t-t-that’s never happened before.” Explained “jittery” Gen.

        “A-a-anyways, i-i-if everyone’s okay that’s continue the morning activity, I-I-I’m sure that Shelly

will be back shortly.” added “jittery” Gen as she managed to get everyone to reline themselves and then

start up their archery stations again.

        About an hour and a half later…

        It was the end of the mourning long range archery session when Shelly finally managed to

reappear at the long range archery station. Something that considering that Aiyana wasn’t with her

indicated that Shelly hadn’t found Aiyana either.

        “Sorry mate, but I only found her stray arrow and this beaded bracelet.” Reported Shelly as she

handed “jittery” Gen the arrow that Aiyana had shot along with one of Aiyana’s beaded bracelets.

        “Shelly no find Aiyana, please tell Serena it not so, say it not so.” Said Serena in a half stunned

and half disappointed tone of voice.

        “Sorry… but we’ll keep looking.” Replied Shelly.

        “W-w-we’ll do more than that, w-w-we’ll find her, o-o-one way or another we will find her, I-I-

I’m not losing another haunting captivator.” Stated “jittery” Gen in a determined tone of voice.

        By the determined look on “jittery” Gen’s face everyone could tell that she wasn’t going to give

up until she found Aiyana. This meant that “jittery” Gen was going to keep searching for Aiyana no

matter what happened.

        Later on that afternoon at lunch…

        All of the haunting captivators from Ellie and Aaron’s cabin groups had gathered at their usual

table. As Ellie sat and stared at the empty seat that Aiyana usually sat at she began to feel slightly guilty

and awkward. Something that caused Ellie to nervously start babbling.

        “Aiyana was so quiet, and considerate, I can’t believe that she disappeared like she did, As

frustrating as it is that she disappeared what’s even more frustrating is that we have no idea who caused

Aiyana to disappear, nobody deserves to disappear like Aiyana did, nobody does.”

        “My Aunt Tai said that people have disappeared from Camp Greens Lake before, until now I just

thought it was just one of those camp stories that people made up.” Commented Lynn.

        “It just doesn’t make any sense, I’ve heard of people disappearing from Camp Greens Lake, but

there was never any actual concrete proof like physical evidence to prove that people actually have

disappeared, as a matter of fact I think that Aiyana has to be the first haunting captivator who’s actually

disappeared so close to actual Camp Greens Lake grounds.” informed Crissy.

        “So the rumors are true, somebody actually disappeared from your cabin group?” Asked a short

blond haired girl who happened to be passing by on her way to her lunchroom table.

        “It’s not really something we like to talk about, and I’m sure that somebody will find Aiyana

soon.” Interjected Claire as she politely got the short blond haired girl to leave and return to her table.

        “At least I hope they do.” Added Claire as soon as she was sure that the short blond haired girl

was out of earshot.

        “What if nobody find Aiyana, what if Greensley spirits to angry at nonbelievers?” Asked Serena

in a concerned tone of voice.

        “Oh Serena don’t start that—“ Started Jessie.

        “—Do no call Serena superstitious!” interrupted Serena.

        “Alright, jueez Serena calm down.” Replied Jessie.

        “Calm down! Aiyana is missing and Jessie tell Serena calm down! Serena calm down when

nonbeliever curse is broken.” Responded Serena as she calmly recomposed herself so that she wouldn’t

lose her temper.

        “Curse’s aside that’s just try to stick together, and avoid straying off of the trails, for we can’t

help to find Aiyana if we end up disappearing like she did.” Informed Claire.

        “If we want to help find Aiyana then we’re going to need physical evidence like Crissy

mentioned.” Explained Lynn.

        “Then we’ll just have to find a way to get some without disappearing like Aiyana ourselves.”

Replied Claire.

        “You know Claire it’s like funny how people seem to disappear when they are like around you.”

Accused Kate as she hinted that Claire might have been the one responsible for all the disappearances.

        “Kate if you are trying to pick a fight this is hardly the time.” Replied Claire as she politely

refrained from losing her temper.

        “I’m not like trying to start anything Claire, I’m just like suggesting that it’s interesting that you

should happen to be around Aiyana right before she disappeared just like you were with “love bug” Luna

and “slick” Rick before they like disappeared.”

        “Kate that was just a coincidence.”

        “Coincidence or like no coincidence Claire, I’d like hate to be the one responsible for like all of

the supposive accidents that have been happening.” Warned Kate.

        “Accidents that we can stop if we can gather up enough evidence to figure out who is

responsible for all of the accidents.” Informed Ellie as she intentionally interrupted Kate and Claire to

keep them from having an argument with each other.

        “Accidents that oddly seem to be happening around the same places that are mentioned in

“tell-tale” Rex’s nightly stories... Duh I should have seen it before, that’s how it happened, up until

Aiyana’s disappearances all of the accidents or disappearances seem to coincide with the stories.”

Explained Claire.

        “Wow Claire I didn’t realize that before, if the accident happen in the places that “tell-tale” Rex

is telling in his stories then the next accident will be staged at either Earl Greensley’s Estates or at the

“chicken coop”—ur Marcine’s cabin, if the accidents follow the stories then I bet that somebody is going

to stage another accident there.” Commented Jessie as she caught onto what Claire was explaining.

        “As if, that’s not like jump to conclusions.” Replied Kate.

        “I’m not saying that it will happen Kate, I’m just saying that it’s a possibility that somebody on an

opposing scavenger team might try to stage another accident.” Retorted Jessie.

        “If they do then hopefully they will get themselves caught, that way nobody has to get hurt with

all of the ridiculous accidents that have been going on, hopefully then the best scavenger team will win.”

Suggested Lynn.

        “Are you guys talking about the scavenger hunt teams, for if you are guess which cabin team

you’re going to be against again?” Asked Curtis who happened to be passing by Ellie’s cabins table with

Aaron just a few feet behind him.

        “We already know that we’re going to be against your team Curtis.” Replied Claire.

        “We also agreed that we’re going to kick your butt.” Added Jessie.

        “Oh I remember out challenge, but keep in mind that it all depends on whoever the first two

members out of the haunted hedge maze are, after all whoever is paired on their team might be able to

get clues for the scavenger hunt before anyone else has the chance to, something that may the best

person win.” Challenged Curtis as he and Aaron quickly walked back to their table which put an end to

the conversation that they were having,.

        “Great now we have yet another challenge to met up to.” Stated Claire in a falsely enthusiastic

tone of voice.

        “Oh come on Claire it’s just a game, besides if we happen to be the first people that are inside of

Earl Greensley’s castle then we might be able to keep any unexpected accidents from happening,

accidents that someone who would come in later might be responsible for.” Reminded Ellie.

        “Oh that challenge, that one I’ll gladly accept.” Stated Claire and she and Ellie agreed to team up

with each other to keep whoever was responsible for all of the supposive accidents from having another

opportunity to attack.

                                                                                           A.M. Monique

                                                                                      Camp Greens Lake

                                  Chapter Ten: The Haunted Hedge Maze

        Later on that afternoon after dinner…

        Ellie and the rest of the haunting captivators gathered in their colored cabin groups and paired

themselves in pairs so that they could head through the haunted hedge maze together. Something that

didn’t take Ellie or Claire long to decide to be paired with each other.

        “There are so many ways into the maze, I sure hope that we don’t get lost.” Said Ellie in a

slightly nervous tone of voice.

        “Don’t worry, as long as we stick together then we don’t have to worry about that, the trick is to

know where you have been on your way through the maze, that way you don’t end up walking endlessly

in circles.” Explained Claire.

        “Claire means keep your eye on the trail markers, they mark the way like “spy” Malloy

instructed, keep track of them and you don’t have to worry about getting lost.” Explained Crissy who

was behind Ellie and Claire with Jessie right behind her.

        “I’ll be happy if we all make it through without mauling each other over like you and a group of

haunting captivators did last year Jessie.” Stated Claire in an annoyed tone of voice.

        “What I was just having a little fun Claire, besides you still beat me anyways.” Reminded Jessie.

        “I just want to make sure that we beat Aaron and Curtis, that way they don’t try to prank us or

something if they end up getting into Earl Greensley’s castle before us.” Explained Claire.

        “Afraid of a little competition?” Asked Curtis in a challenging tone of voice as he and Aaron met

up with Ellie and Claire by pushing their way up the line that had been formed.

        “Don’t start Curtis.” Murmured Claire.

        “Dude save it for the hedge maze… whoa hey what was that?” Asked Aaron as he pulled out his

camcorder and then pointed with his free hand straight down the hedge maze.

        “There’s nothing there Aaron, don’t tell me that you’re hallucinating already.” Commented Eliie

as she unsuccessfully tried not to sound as annoyed as she was feeling.

        “Ellie I’m not joking I saw something.” Explained Aaron in a tone of voice that indicated that he

was being serious.

        “Aaron it probably was just your imagination, for once would you please let it go.” Plead Ellie as

she tried her best not to lose her temper.

        “No way Ellie, when they signal us to start through the hedge maze, I’m going to find out what it

was.” Retorted Aaron.

        “Aaron—“ Started Ellie but she was cut short as “Spy” Malloy blasted the horn on her air horn

and interrupted everyone.

        “Now haunting captivators you know the rules, there are red and blue markers marking the

trails, follow them and you won’t get lost! Find the two skeleton keys and then return to the finish line

of the end of the hedge maze! Now go and have fun!” Hollered “spy” Malloy as she signaled that it was

time to start the contest.

        “Forget that contest I’m going to see what that strange mist was.” Commented Aaron as he took

off running down the hedge maze.

        “Oh no you don’t! Not this time!” Hollered Ellie as she took off after Aaron abandoning Claire

just like Aaron had abandoned Curtis.

        Ellie continued to chase after Aaron until she lost sight of him through an unexpected and

mysterious fog.

        “Aaron! You’re not supposed to wonder off alone! Aaron!” hollered Ellie as she took off after

Aaron in an attempt to keep him out of trouble.

        As much as Ellie hated having to chase after her brother what she really hated was being in the

hedge maze alone. Something that considering that she was new to Camp Greens Lake wasn’t such a

good idea.

         Determined to keep moving Ellie took a right turn and then another right turn until she arrived

at a large black iron gate that was standing just behind the strange fog. A gate that was swinging back

and forth as if it had just been opened.

         “Aaron? Aaron are you here?!” Called out Ellie as she started to wonder inside of the gate.

         Ellie had just taken a few steps inside of the gate when a strange black shadow darted across the

path in front of her. A black shadow that Ellie knew definitely wasn’t Aaron.

         “Look whoever you are just leave me alone, I don’t know who you think you are, but I’m not

going to let you take me like the others! You hear me! Just leave me alone!” Hollered Ellie as she could

feel her heart starting to beat faster inside of her chest.

         After Ellie finished saying this the strange dark shadow stopped unexpectantly in the middle of

the pathway that it was trying to dart across, and it stood silently waiting almost motionlessly as it

glanced back over its shoulder and looked straight at Ellie. Not knowing what to do Ellie began to shake

slightly as she stood frozen with fear. All that Ellie could do was to silently hope that the dark shadow

would go away.

         “Help us, free us all.” Murmured the dark shadow in a tone of voice that was just barely above a


         “Us? You mean there’s more of you?” asked Ellie in a half frightened and half surprised tone of


         “Danger lays ahead, help free us friend.” Plead the dark shadow once again in a voice that was

barely above a whisper.

        “What? Me? How can I help?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice as she started to make her

way towards the dark shadow.

        Realizing that Ellie was moving towards it the dark shadow darted across the pathway and

disappeared just as the sound of loud scream could be heard from a pathway that was only a couple of

feet away from Ellie. A scream that sounded like it belonged to Serena.

        “Serena?! Is that you?!” Called out Ellie as she shook off the encounter that had with the dark

shadow so that she could concentrate on searching for Serena.

        “Ellie! Ow! I’m here! Reeda help you find me! Keep talking to Serena!” Requested Serena as her

voice continued to resound around the hedge maze.

        “Reeda! Who’s—“ started Ellie but Ellie was cut short as a red haired girl with brown eyes

appeared behind her. A girl that Ellie assumed had to be Reeda.

        “Sorry—uh it’s Ellie right?” Asked Reeda as she quickly apologized for startling Ellie.

        “Yeah, where’s Serena?”

        “She’s over here.” Replied Reeda as she took a sharp left turn down a left path that Serena was

sitting next to a closed iron gate rubbing her shins.

        “Serena what happened?” Asked Ellie in a concerned tone of voice.

        “Oh no worry Ellie, Serena only slight hurt, Serena not expect gate to close by itself, strange

consider that gate never close when Serena here last year.” Replied Serena as she tried her best to

sound more positive then she was actually feeling.

        “A gate closed on you too? That’s weird the same thing just happened to me.” Responded Ellie.

        “Serena glad everyone okay… oh almost forgot Serena want Ellie to have this, that way Ellie can

choose team for scavenger hunt in Earl Greensley castle.” Explained Serena as she pulled out a large

brass key from her pocket. A key that looked almost exactly like the key that Ellie had found at Crock’s


        “Serena that isn’t just any ordinary key, that’s one of the skeleton keys, why are you giving it

away like that—I mean don’t you want to go inside of Earl Greensley’s Castle?” Asked Reeda in a

surprised tone of voice.

        “Greensley Castle… Serena been there before, many people disappear from there, people even

go missing last year when Serena explore Greensley castle, surely Claire can tell all about that, but Claire

no prefer to talk about that now, and nor do Serena… that why Serena stay away from Greensley

castle.” Explained Serena as her voice started to break with fear slightly.

        “Serena not everybody who has went into Greensley castle has disappeared, I mean Claire and

Oz went there last year, and neither one of them has disappeared now have they.” Stated Ellie.

        “That make Claire and Oz lucky, but that not make Serena change mind.” Explained Serena as

she dropped the key gently into Ellie’s open hand.

        “Serena although I sincerely doubt that by going into Earl Greensley’s Castle would cause you to

disappear, it’s alright that you don’t go, I’m sure that some people will get disqualified, and others won’t

want to go into Earl Greensley’s castle Estates either.” Suggested Ellie in an attempt to try to make

Serena feel better.

        “Ellie if you’re going then you will be able to pick four members to be on your team, if I can help

you guys make it out of this maze then do you think that you could pick me to be on your team?”

Requested Reeda.

        “If you can get us out of here, then of course I will.” Promised Ellie.

        “Good! Then that’s go!” Instructed Reeda as she excitedly took off down the hedge maze.

        Not wanting to get themselves lost Ellie, and Serena followed Reeda down the hedge maze. First

they made a right turn then a left. Then they almost lost Reeda on a right turn but then recovered and

took a straight path and then a left turn. Then finally after passing a blue trail marker they all reached

the finish line where “spy” Malloy and “Harpin’” Harold were waiting.

        Ellie, Serena, and Reeda had just arrived when Aaron came bursting through. Followed by a

winded Curtis. Then a few moments later Oz arrived with Jessie who was helping to carry a limping Lynn

out of the hedge maze.

        “I got the spare key!” Exclaimed Aaron with an excited whoop.

        “You mean you stole—“ Started Jessie but she was cut short as Curtis let out an excited and

shrill whistle a whistle that caught Ellie by surprise and caused her to drop the key that she had been

holding at “spy” Malloy’s feet.

        “Why it seems that we’ve already found both of the skeleton keys congratulations uh—“ “Spy”

Malloy started but then she paused as she struggled to remember Aaron and Ellie’s names.

        “It’s Ellie Anderson.” Informed Ellie.

        “And her cooler brother Aaron!” Exclaimed Aaron.

        “Right the scavenger hunt team captains are Ellie and Aaron Anderson! Congratulations!”

Announced “Spy” Malloy with the use of her bullhorn.

        “Ellie and Aaron, you two are the captains interesting.” Commented Crissy as she and Todd

headed out of the hedge maze opening and joined the crowd that was beginning to gather outside the

exit of the haunted hedge maze,

        A few moments after Crissy and Todd arrived Claire and Jessie arrived. As they both exited Claire

at first looked angry but then she looked relieved as she noticed that both Ellie and Aaron had finished.

        “Aaron! Ellie! Glad you both made it, next time please don’t take off on us like that, you both

could have gotten yourselves lost.”

        “Or they could have disappeared like some of the other people have.” Added Jessie in a half

joking tone of voice.

        “Jessie that’s not the least bit funny, seeing someone right before they disappear … Well it’s not

something that needs to be repeated considering that Aiyana has disappeared already.” Stated Claire.

        “Oh lighten up Claire, everyone’s okay and nobody seems to have been hurt.” Replied Jessie.

        “Uh guess again Jessie.” Interjected Crissy as she gestured towards the finish line of the hedge

maze where Lyn with Oz helping to support her came limping out of the hedge maze.

        “Oh good gracious Lyn what happened?!” Exclaimed “spy” Malloy in a worried tone of voice as

Lana and a brown cabin trail blazer came up towards her and Lynn with a first aid kit.

        “Aunt Tai it’s fine, I’m fine.” Insisted Lynn as she gracefully dropped from Oz’s shoulder and tried

to walk a couple feet only to stop and wince when her right foot hit the ground.

        “You’re certainly not fine.” Disagreed “Spy” Malloy as Oz helped to assist Lynn so that she could

sit on the ground.

        “Aunt Tai it’s just—whoa wait a minute.” Started Lynn but then she interrupted herself as she

spotted a silver fishing hook that she carefully pulled out of her shoelace.

        As Lynn held out the fishing hook it looked slight rusted as if it hadn’t been used in years. So

rusty that it was surprising that it hadn’t disinagrated when Lynn had touched it to pull it out.

        “Aunt Tai is this somebody’s idea of a joke or something?” Asked Lynn in a confused tone of

voice as she looked up towards “spy” Malloy for advice.

        “I certainly hope not, for whoever did this better hope that I don’t catch them whoever they

are!” Stated “Spy” Malloy in an angry tone of voice.

        After saying this “Spy” Malloy’s flushed slightly red with anger then after she had the chance to

take a calming breath it returned to its normal color .

        “Whoever is responsible for all these accidents will be stopped, especially now considering that

they have managed to try to get my niece! Mark my words they will be stopped one way or another!”

Exclaimed “spy” Malloy in a determined tone of voice as she allowed Lana and the other trail blazer to

help Lynn as she returned to accounting for the remaining haunting captivators that had exited out of

the haunted hedge maze.

        “Whoa I don’t think I’ve ever seen “spy” Malloy that mad before, I’d hate to be caught by her if I

was the one who was responsible for all of the supposive accidents that have been happening.”

Remarked Jessie as soon as she was sure that “spy” Malloy was out of earshot.

        “Whoever it is better hope that I don’t catch them either, I’m so sick and tired of these

supposive accidents, they keep happening and they are taking out all of the fun that Camp Greens Lake

has to offer, oh when I find out who’s behind all of this they’re going to be in a world of trouble.”

Explained Ellie in an annoyed and determined tone of voice.

          After Ellie said this a handful of haunting captivators finished out of the haunted hedge maze.

Something that indicated that not a lot of haunting captivators had gotten themselves lost inside of the

haunted hedge maze.

          “Well now considering that the majority of haunting captivators have finished Ellie and Aaron

feel free to choose the four other haunting scavengers that will be with you on the first stretch of the

scavenger hunt through Earl Greensley’s castle, a scavenger hunt that Ellie’s team will be paired with

Gen for the red team and Aaron’s team will be paired with Ray for the blue team.” Instructed “spy”


          “Four members alright, for my first member I choose Curtis.” Stated Aaron as he and Curtis

joined with an excited whoop.

          “Uh I choose Reeda!” Called out Ellie.

          “Choosing other cabin team members sis?” Inquired Aaron.

          “If you want a good team member then choose me!” Plead a brown curly haired boy with big

green eyes who was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

          “Alright I choose Jamie, our team could definitely make use of your energy.” Agreed Aaron as

Jamie joined him and Curtis.

          “I choose Claire next to be on my team.” Requested Ellie as Claire expectedly joined her and


          “Hey Aaron I dare you to pick someone from Ellie’s cabin.” Whispered Curtis.

          Aaron nodded his head in agreement with Curtis and then he stated the first name that came to

his mind. “Jessie, I choose Jessie.”

        “You split up a cabin group well two can play that game, Todd I choose Todd.” Stated Ellie as she

blurted out the first name that came to her mind.

        “Lastly I choose Oz, bet you know loads about Greensley castle.” Suggested Aaron as Oz

reluctantly joined Aaron and the rest of his group to form the first leg of the blue team scavenger group.

        “Lots of people know about Greensley Castle Estates, especially if they know where to look for

information about it.” Explained Crissy in a proud tone of voice.

        “Then in that case Crissy why don’t you join my team.” Suggested Ellie as she realized the

benefits that each member of her first leg of the red scavenger team had to offer her.

        “I’d be glad to join you.” Agreed Crissy.

        “By the way Claire isn’t the only one who knows some castle short cuts, I happen to know quite

a few myself.” Added Crissy in an unboastful tone of voice.

        “You choose Crissy, Oh I sure hope that her shortcuts don’t get you guys lost.” Commented

Jessie as she stifled a snicker.

        “That way one time Jessie, and in case you don’t remember it wasn’t my shortcut that got

Claire, Oz, “love bug” Luna, and “slick” Rick separated from the rest of the group it was yours.” Replied

Crissy in a calm and reasoning tone of voice.

        “Crissy were you even with the group that Claire and Oz got separated from?” Asked Curtis in a

confused tone of voice.

        “No I was with the last leg of the red group and you and Jessie happened to run into us,

apparently somebody hit a switch in Earl Greensley’s lavatory that separated your group, Oz later on

that night informed me in private that it must have been Jessie who switched the switch.” Explained


          “Enough focus on the past, that focus rather on the future, a time when the red scavenger team

will beat the blue one.” Declared Claire.

          “I beg to differ, now that we’ve been placed on opposite teams we won’t be holding each other

back, and I intend on making the blue scavenger team win.” Countered Jessie.

          “Then let the best scavenger ream win.” Chimed in Ellie.

          “Don’t worry we will.” Responded Aaron.

          Now that Aaron and Ellie were paired against each other everyone knew that the first leg of the

scavenger hunt would be interesting. Especially now that the two scavenger teams had members of the

same cabin group competing against each other.

                                                                                              A.M. Monique

                                                                                         Camp Greens Lake

                                    Chapter Eleven: Earl Greensley’s Castle Estates

          Anybody who arrived at Earl Greensley’s castle estates would choose the same two words to

describe it; dark, and eerie. It consisted of four massive tall and round stoned towers with four

extremely tall gray stoned walls which had layers upon layers of green ivy colored moss covering them.

          As Ellie approached it with “jittery” Gen and the first leg of the red scavenger team Ellie also

realize how dark and eerie Earl Greensley’s castle estates felt. A feeling that could make anyone feel

slightly sick to their stomach.

        “T-t-this is Earl Greensley’s castle Estates, w-w-where should we head to first, t-t-the main entry

way, o-o-or the basement?” Asked “jittery” Jen as she turned towards Ellie for an answer.

        “Me? I get to choose which way we go?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

        “Of course you do Ellie, you’re the one with the skeleton key, a key that as soon as you use it will

unlock the front door of Earl Greensley’s castle estates.” Replied Claire as she intentionally answered for

“jittery” Gen.

        “Oh swell.” Stated Ellie out loud in a sarcastic tone of voice.

        “Ellie if you don’t want to be the one to use it then you can always give it to another member of

your scavenger team.” Suggested Reeda.

        “Then you have it then.” Offered Ellie as she handed over the skeleton key that Serena had

given her to Reeda.

        At first Reeda looked surprised that Ellie had given the skeleton key to her so quickly but after a

couple of seconds she looked grateful and excited.

        “Thanks Ellie, now the trick is to head in the direction that the opposing team most likely won’t

be at, that way we don’t have to be tempted to steal each other’s scavenger clue.” Informed Reeda as

she lead everyone to a tall and thick wooden door which she used her skeleton key to unlock it with.

        Pushing open the front door to Earl Greensley’s castle Estates Reeda let out a gust of cold air

that seemed to be coming from somewhere just inside.

        “Don’t just stand there Reeda that’s supposed to happen, just like it did last year, go ahead and

head into the front entryway.” Suggested Claire as she realized that Reeda was a little to startled to


        “Right of course it is.” Agreed Reeda as she stepped inside with Claire just behind her.

        Ellie was about to head inside as well when she caught the glimpse of something moving near

the drawbridge of the castle. Something that made Ellie feel like she was being watched.

        “Ellie are you alright?” Asked Crissy in a concerned tone of voice as she gently nudged Ellie to

hint that she should head inside the castle with the others.

        “I think so, I just thought I saw something.” Replied Ellie as she tried to shake off the paranoid

feeling of being watched.

        “You saw it too didn’t you?” Whispered Crissy so that only Ellie could hear her.

        “Saw what?” Whispered back Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

        Ellie had just finished saying this when she heard something make a splash in the water beneath

the drawbridge. Then the sound of footsteps could be heard followed by someone yelling. Someone

who happened to be Todd.

        “Hey! Wait up! Wait a minute!”

        “T-T-Todd oh so sorry I didn’t mean to lose you.” Apologized “jittery” Gen.

        “Good thing you didn’t, nobody wants to get lost out there, by the way I could have sworn there

was someone out here with you guys, guess I scared them away or something.” Explained Todd as he

managed to catch up with Ellie, Crissy, and “jittery” Gen.

        “You saw someone with us on the drawbridge?” Asked Crissy in a concerned tone of voice.

        “I thought I saw someone, but now I’m not to sure that I did.” Replied Todd in a slightly

embarrassed tone of voice.

        “Whoever it was their not here anymore, I think that we should head inside before we lose

either Reeda or Claire.” Suggested Ellie as she politely focused her groups attention back onto the

scavenger hunt.

        “R-r-right, D-d-don’t want to get separated now do we.” Said “jittery” Gen as she quickly

ushered Crissy, Todd, and Ellie inside of Earl Greensley’s castle estates’ main entryway area to met back

up with Claire and Reed.

        As they regrouped Ellie realized that the front entryway was dusty and cobwebbed in some

areas more than others. Something that indicated where most of the groups that toured Earl

Greensley’s castle had been and where they had not been.

        Along the front entryway there was a long red and blue tasseled velvet rug draped right down

the middle of it. On the ceiling a large wax candled brass chandelier hung with several candles flickering

with orange fluorescent bulbed frames. Something that was the only thing that reminded Ellie that Earl

Greensley’s castle estates was set up to feel like it was haunted and that it most likely wasn’t haunted.

        On the east and west part of the front entryway in the center of the wall were two life sixe hand

painted portraits of Bonnie Greensley, and Earl Greensley.

        Bonnie Greensley’s portrait showed a short blond haired women with a round face and frame

with soft light brown eyes. A warm hearted picture of a sixty year old aristocrat with a light blue dress

and white sash.

        Earl Greensley’s portrait showed a dark and gloomy image of a thin framed man with wild pale

green eyes. A dark and gloomy picture of a sixty year old man with black dress trousers and a long white

lab coat. To Ellie the picture looked exactly like her dream version of “one eyed” Earl without the

missing eye and facial scar. A figure that still managed to give her the creeps.

        “Ellie are you alright?” Asked Claire in a concerned tone of voice as she noticed that Ellie had

stopped in front of Earl Greensley’s portrait and that she was staring uneasily at it.

        “Oh it’s nothing Claire, it’s just that, well maybe I’m being silly but that Earl Greensley looks

exactly like the Earl Greensley that I saw except he doesn’t have his eye patch and scar on his missing

right eye.” Explained Ellie.

        “That’s what he looks like now, this portrait was painted before he lost his eye in that tragic

accident.” Explained Claire as the rest of their group lead by Reeda joined where Claire and Ellie had


        “Good idea Claire and Ellie that use Earl Greensley’s shortcut, if I remember correctly it should

lead us to the library, a place where they probably hid that scavenger clue.” Stated Reeda as she

remembered the shortcut that was behind earl Greensley’s portrait.

        “It could be one of those shortcuts that might lead us somewhere else.” Suggested Claire as she

remembered what had happened the last time her team had unintentionally used a shortcut.

        “Then that’s go somewhere where we know where we are going, we could try Earl Greensley’s

study it’s in the east front tower.” Suggested Crissy.

        “The shortcut doesn’t involve using a key, and the front east entryway does, I suppose we can

explore the library shortcut once we take a quick look around Earl’s study.” Agreed Reeda as she lead

the group over to the front east tower where she stopped at a large wooden oak door. A door that let

out a loud squeak and then a click as Reeda placed the key inside of it and then unlocked it.

        “S-s-someday Giles is going to have to fix that, R-r-remind me to tell him that.” Replied “jittery”

Gen as she pushed open the study room door to the tower that turned out to be a door that lead up a

spiral .A spiraled stairwell that lead up to the top of the tower and stopped at a light wooden oak door,

and to an opening that lead to the top central hallway.

        In between the two exit ways was an iron torch that was lit with an orange glowing flame. A

torch that aside from a couple other torches at the bottom of the spiral staircase was the only good

source of lighting.

        “T-t-the study should be right through the door at the top, A-a-as soon as Reeda unlocks it we

can go ahead and search the study.” Instructed “jittery” Gen as she allowed Reeda to lead the group up

the spiraling staircase and all the way up to Earl’s study area.

        Reeda managed to make it all the way to the study door where she tried to unlock it only to

discover that it had already been unlocked.

        “That’s weird I thought that all of the doors in Earl Greensley Castle Estates were locked.”

Remarked Reeda.

        “They all were supposed to be.” Commented Claire.

        “Perhaps Giles accidentally forgot to lock one.” Suggested Crissy.

        “Or perhaps somebody was—“ Started Claire but her answer was cut short as Reeda opened the

door to Earl’s study only to be unexpectedly doused by a water balloon.

        “Beat ya here, oops sorry Reeda I meant to get Ellie.” Apologized Aaron as he allowed Reeda

and the rest of her scavenger group to pile into Earl’s study where he and the rest of his scavenger

group had gathered.

        “Aaron you were doing so well, why did you have to ruin it by starting to prank people again!

Are you trying to drive me nuts or are you just completely out of your mind?!” Hollered Ellie as she

immediately started to scold Aaron to embarrassed to even try to restrain herself.

        “I don’t have to be out of my mind to drive you nuts, that’s just an added bonus.” Replied Aaron

with a snicker.

        “It’s one thing to try to prank me, but when you end up getting someone else instead , Beware

there can and will be consequences, consequences that you can’t prank your way out of!” Scolded Ellie

as her cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

        “Jueez Ellie lighten up, it was only a water balloon.” Interjected Jessie.

        “Just a water balloon, just a water balloon! Sure that’s what it will start out as, but then the

pranking will only get worse, I don’t know what I did to deserve this treatment from you but it must

have been something rotten, otherwise I wouldn’t have been cursed with an annoying brother like you!”

Hollered Ellie as she allowed herself to unintentionally go to far with her arguing.

        Realizing what Ellie had said Aaron’s expression changed from a proud smile to a stunned scowl.

Something that Aaron didn’t usually do when he was arguing with Ellie.

        “Is that what it comes to Ellie, you think that you’re cursed to have a brother like me! Well

having you as a sister isn’t what I’d call a blessing either.” Grumbled Aaron.

        “Whoa that’s enough you two.” Interjected “which way” Ray as he brought Aaron and Ellie’s

argument to a close.

        “W-w-we should probably search another room, t-t-they were technically here first.” Suggested

“jittery” Gen.

        “No way, we don’t have to leave, not until we find that clue!” Protested Ellie.

        “Not if we find it first!” shot back Aaron as he and Ellie both started to search through Earl’s

study for the scavenger hunt parchment.

        After Ellie and Aaron started to search through things the rest of their scavenger team started to

search through things as well. All of them instantly getting caught up in the spirit of competition.

        “Books, books and more books! Come on give us something to work with!” Grumbled Jessie

who was searching through the bookshelf with Curtis Reeda and Crissy.

        Ignoring Jessie and the others Ellie began to search through some parchment paper that was

scattered on a dark oak study desk. As Ellie began to search through things on the desk a small scrap of

parchment fluttered to the ground next to Claire’s foot.

        “Ellie your making a mess… whoa Ellie, check this out.” Remarked Claire as she stopped

complaining and read the piece of parchment that Ellie had dropped.

        “Is it the scavenger clue?” Asked Ellie in a curious tone of voice.

        “No it’s another part of that note that “slick” Rick gave you, this one says beware of a traitor

amongst friends.” Explained Claire as she read the note out loud.

        “Are you sure that the notes from “slick” Rick?” Asked Ellie in a tone of voice that indicated that

she thought otherwise.

        “Ellie of course it is, I can prove it, do you still have that piece of parchment that you had

earlier?” Asked Claire.

        “Yeah… you can have it if you want it.” Replied Ellie as she pulled out the piece of parchment

from inside of her pocket and handed it to Claire.

        Claire carefully placed the two pieces of parchment on top of the study desk in front of her and

as she aligned the second note beneath the first note Ellie realized that it had been torn from the same

piece of parchment. A parchment that if Claire was correct was from “slick” Rick.

        “I can’t believe it, it really is from “slick” Rick.” Replied Ellie in a surprised tone of voice.

        “Curtis your on my foot! Get off!” Hollered Jessie as she pushed Curtis off of her foot and

knocked him against the side of the bookshelf which opened to reveal a secret passageway behind it.

        “Whoa Jessie, I knew having you on our team would have its advantages, I wonder where it

leads to?” Asked Aaron in an excited and curious tone of voice.

        “Oh you don’t want to go down that passageway.” Stated Oz in a nervous tone of voice.

        “Why not?” Asked Curtis as he started to head towards it.

        “Because that passageway leads to Earl’s lavatory, a place that nobody in the right state of mind

would like to be.” Interjected Claire as she blocked the entrance of the secret passageway just before

Curtis had the chance to reach it.

        “Oh yeah I remember that secret passageway got stuck on us when we tried to get “Love bug”

Luna, “slick” Rick, Oz, and Claire out of there last year, I don’t know how they managed to get all the

way into Earl’s lavatory, but somehow the four of them did.” Explained Jessie as she realized what Claire

was talking about.

        “We sort of accidentally stumbled into it… anyways you guys don’t want to go in there trust

me.” Warned Claire.

        “Afraid that we might discover something in there that you don’t want us to?” Asked Curtis in a

challenging tone of voice.

        “Curtis Claire’s right, we really don’t want to go in there, it’s to dangerous.” Warned Oz.

        “That particular secret passage way is filled with trap doors, doors that if you aren’t careful can

land you in an unfamiliar area of the castle, but if your with someone who knows the castle well then

you can find ways around those trap doors, if you don’t drop through the trap doors then you should

end up in the library.” Explained Crissy.

        “You guys can stay here if you want to, but I have the feeling that there’s a scavenger hunt clue

to be found somewhere out there in the castle, and wherever this passageway leads me I’m going to

search the room that it takes me into.” Stated Jessie as she unsuccessfully tried to get Claire to move out

of the way.

        “Claire get out of the way!” Hollered Curtis as he gave Claire a slight shove.

        “Yeah get out of the way! Some of us would actually like to get through it.” Piped up Aaron.

        “Aaron don’t start, you heard what Oz said, it’s to dangerous!” Snapped Ellie as she joined Claire

where she was standing to help her block the way to the secret passageway.

        “Ellie come on, not you too!” Protested Jessie.

        “Every time something gets a little bit interesting you always ruin it Ellie, it’s either to weird or

to dangerous! You always have to take the fun out of everything and I’m sick of it! Maybe it’s best if you

disappear as well!” Hollered Aaron as he lost his temper and gave Ellie such a violent shove that it

caused her to ram into Claire, and then tumble with Claire backwards into the secret passageway where

the bookshelf instantly closed behind them leaving Claire and Ellie in complete darkness.

         “Oh no not again! Aaron! Curtis! Hit the switch on the bookcase again! Let us out!” Hollered

Claire as she quickly picked herself up off of the ground and started to pound on the back of the


         Ellie and Claire could hear a clicking sound and the bookshelf started to reopen itself a few

inches then it caught on something and it wouldn’t open or shut.

         “Oh Ellie I’m sorry! Todd help me open the passageway!” Called out Aaron as he put away his

camcorder and grabbed hold of the bookshelf and yanked violently on it to try to force it back open.

         Todd quickly joined Aaron and they both tried to pull open the bookshelf only to unlock a trap

door that they were both standing on instead. Then before they knew it both Aaron and Todd dropped

through the trap door both of them screaming in startled surprise.

         “T-t-that wasn’t supposed to happen, t-t-that trapdoor was supposed to be sealed off.”

Commented “jittery” Gen.

         “Aaron! Todd! Are you two alright?” Asked “which way” Ray in a concerned tone of voice.

         “We’re fine! Ow! Who threw that!” Replied Aaron right before the trap door that he and Todd

had fell through slammed itself back shut and then locked with a loud click.

         “E-E-Ellie, C-C-Claire are you both still back there?” Asked “jittery” gen in a concerned tone of


         “Yes Gen, We’re both still here.” Answered Claire.

         “G-g-good then stay there, I-I-I’m going to get Tai, S-s-stay put.” Instructed “jittery” Gen.

         “Gen you can’t go alone, take the remaining members of your group with you.” Suggested

“which way” Ray.

         “R-r-right, R-R-Reeda I might need to use your key, R-R-Ray if you and the remaining members

of your group could search the rest of the castle, I-I-I’m sure that you might find a few haunting

captivators who might have gotten separated from their head tribes person, o-o-or trail blazer.”

Requested “jittery” Gen.

         “No problem which way should we start?” Asked “which way” Ray in a slightly confused tone of


         “S-s-start by retracing your steps, t-t-then go on routes that you are familiar with.” Suggested

“jittery” Gen.

         “Aw man that means that we can’t do any more exploring, this bites.” Grumbled Curtis.

         “Curtis we still will be exploring the castle, we just will be picking up stray haunting captivators

along the way, and if all your going to do is complain then I’ll give you something to complain about.”

Threatened Jessie.

         After Jessie said this she, Curtis, Oz, and the last haunting captivator in Aaron’s group named

Jamie left with “which way” Ray.

         “E-E-Ellie, C-C-Claire we’re going to get Tai, w-w-we’ll be right back.” Informed “jittery” Gen

before she Reeda and Crissy left to go and get Tai.

         Patiently and quietly Ellie and Claire waited for “jittery” Gen. Something that wasn’t easy to do

considering that the secret passageway that they were in was dark and creepy.

        “I don’t like waiting like this, there’s got to be another way out.” Said Ellie as she started to head

down the secret passageway.

        “Wait! Don’t leave just yet!” Warned Claire as she quickly grabbed Ellie by the forearm.

        “Claire—“ Ellie started to protest but then she stopped as Claire interrupted.

        “Shh, listen.” Advised Claire.

        Silently Ellie agreed and they both listened as the sound of loud tapping could be heard from

somewhere up ahead in the secret passageway. A tapping that seemed to be coming from somewhere

in the floor.

        Tap. Tap. Thud! Tap. Tap. Thud! The tapping continued to resound through the secret

passageway. Then the tapping ended with a loud bang followed by a squeak as a trap door somewhere

in the tunnel opened about ten feet away from where Ellie and Claire were.

        As the trap door opened Ellie and Claire’s eyes both adjusted to the dark as the outline of a pale

white hand could be seen grabbing the ledge of the trapdoor. A hand that began to shake in its effort to

hold on.

        “Help me, somebody help!” Called out a low and raspy voice.

        Startled by the sound of the voice Claire let out a startled gasp. Then Claire quickly recomposed

herself enough so that she could speak.

        “Leave, please just leave!” Requested Claire as she tried her best not to panic.

        “Help free us all! Help free us all!” Plead the low and raspy voice. After the voice said this a

corkscrew top with a note tied to it popped off of the bottle it was on and as the corkscrew top hit the

top of the secret passageway the sound of shattering glass could be heard from somewhere beneath the

trap door. Then as the corkscrew top toppled to the ground of the secret passageway the low and raspy

voice let out a dissatisfied groan and then the pale white hand dropped back beneath the trap door and

then closed the trap door with a loud thump.

        Silently Claire and Ellie waited for a moment until they were sure that they were alone in the

secret passageway again.

        “Okay Claire it’s officially getting weird, where’s the nearest exit?” asked Ellie in a slightly

startled tone of voice.

        “I’ve been to Greensley Estate plenty of times before and I’ve never seen that happen, maybe

someone really is trying to ask for our help.” Suggested Claire.

        “Scaring someone sure is a funny way to ask for help, if you ask—“ Started Ellie but then she cut

herself short as she unintentionally tripped over the corkscrew with the note.

        “Ow that hurt, stupid notes, why can’t they just leave us alone?” Asked Ellie as she started to

grow frustrated.

        “Ellie, someone is asking for our help, whether we like it or not, now come on that’s find

somewhere that has a better source of lighting.” Suggested Claire as she scooped up the corkscrew and

note and lead Ellie towards the area where the trapdoor was in the secret passageway where she

paused and knelt down to reopen the trap door.

        “Claire are you out of your mind, that’s the last place that we want to be, we should be running

away from the person or being that’s following us not following him or her… Claire are you even

listening to me?” Asked Ellie in a concerned tone of voice as she realized that Claire was still trying to pry

open the trap door.

        “Ellie I don’t like this anymore then you do, and of all the rooms that we had to be lead to we’re

about to enter the room that I like least of all, only this time I won’t be trapped in it as long as I know

this passageway can be used as our way out.” Replied Claire.

        “You’re going to take us to Earl’s lavatory, Claire are you sure?” asked Ellie in a concerned tone

of voice as she realized what room Claire was trying to get into.

        “Ellie it has to be done, now are you going to help me or not?” Asked Claire as she paused for a

moment to see if Ellie would help her to pry open the trap door.

        “If we’re going to be rescuing people of course I will Claire.” Agreed Ellie as she felt along the

secret passageway and tried to figure out where the trap door was only to unintentionally activate a

switch that activated the trapdoor which Claire unexpectedly fell through.

        After Claire let out a startled scream there was a thud and then Claire became quiet. Something

that didn’t help Ellie to know if Claire was alright or not.

        “Oh no, Claire! Claire!” Called out Ellie as she crawled over to the dark trap door hole and tried

to see what was on the other side.

        Although Ellie was frightened and that she had no idea what to expect on the other side of the

trap door Ellie knew that Claire shouldn’t be left alone. Wherever she was.

        “Claire if you can hear me I’m coming!” Called out Ellie as she slid to the side of the trap door

and then jumped feet first through it. Then after a brief moment of freefalling Ellie felt herself land on

her feet and then slide and slip seat first onto a cold and damp cement floor.

          After Ellie landed the trap door closed above her. Then after a brief moment of being

disoriented Ellie was able to discover where she was with the aid of two torch lights that hung on the

gray stone walls. Torches that lit up cement tables, empty cages, murky glass jars, and a large old

fashioned dentist chair. A place that looked exactly like Ellie had seen Earl’s lavatory in her dream.

          The only difference was that she wasn’t alone this time. Ellie was with Claire who was laying

very still on the floor of the lavatory.

          “Oh man please don’t be hurt.” Plead Ellie out loud as she headed over to Claire and discovered

that although Claire wasn’t hurt she had been knocked unconscious.

          “Okay Ellie don’t freak, there’s got to be another way out, there’s just got to be.” Instructed Ellie

out loud to herself as she started to search the lavatory to see if there was another way out.

          Ellie had just began to search the lavatory when the torch light went out. Then the sound of

someone else’s shuffling footsteps could be heard sliding along the lavatory floor. The shuffling

footsteps continued and then stopped at the area that Ellie had left Claire.

          Fearing that Claire was about to disappear Ellie began to shout even before she had the chance

to try to stop herself.

          “I know someone’s here! I can hear you! If you’re the one responsible for those disappearances

then keep in mind that you will be stopped this time! Nobody is disappearing this time! You hear me

nobody! Please, just leave us alone!”

          After Ellie finished shouting this the torchlight both burst into bright flames that illuminated the

entire lavatory. After the bright flames dimmed down to their normal lighting they revealed the same

lavatory that Ellie had first discovered except this time there was a figure dressed in black standing over


        “What do you want from us? Why don’t you just leave us alone?” Asked Ellie in an alarmed tone

of voice.

        Slowly the figure in black turned towards Ellie and dropped its hood to reveal a stubbly bearded

man in his late twenties with shaggy black hair and big blue eyes. Eyes that seemed pained rather than


        “You must not have been able to read my last note.” Explained the black figured man.

        “Are you talking about that note that was tied to that corkscrew… uh Claire has it, and no we

didn’t have the chance to read it.” Replied Ellie.

        “Claire? No wonder she seemed so familiar.” Said the black figured man out loud just before

Claire let out an audible moan indicating that she was regaining consciousness.

        Before Ellie could respond Claire opened her eyes and carefully sat herself upright. Then the

black figured man turned back to Claire and offered her one of his hands as he carefully helped her to

her feet.

        “Sl—I mean Rick is that you?” Asked Claire in a confused tone of voice.

        “Yes it’s me Claire, thank you for finding my notes.” Responded the figure in black as he

indirectly introduced himself as “slick” Rick.

        “You mean parts of your note, Ellie and I just received the last part of it.” Explained Claire as she

pulled out the last note fragment that she had picked up in the secret passageway and aligned it up with

the other two note portions on the corner of one of the stone lab tables to reveal a single note that

Claire immediately began to read out loud.

         “Use it well and you will rescue everyone, beware of a traitor amongst friends, and lastly aid in

the rescue and all shall be freed.”

         “You will have to rescue those who’ve been lost in and around Greensley castle and Greens

Lake, I can’t aid you any further, I must return to where I was being held before I am missed.” Explained

“slick” Rick.

         “Who wait a minute.” Said Ellie as she caught “slick” Rick by the forearm.

         “Neither Claire nor I have any idea where everyone has disappeared to, we don’t even know

who’s responsible for all of the disappearances, how can we help to rescue everyone if we don’t have

any idea where everyone is?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

         “Luna and I have given you a key Ellie, a key that unlocks more than just doors in Earl Greensley

Castle Estates, use it well and you won’t become trapped.” Advised “slick” Rick as the torch lights went

out and he quickly scampered away before the torch lights were able to turn themselves back on.

         “Now what do we do?” Asked Ellie as she turned to Claire for advice.

         “We find the others of course.” Replied Claire.

         “Alone? Do you really think that’s such a good idea?” Asked Ellie in a concerned tone of voice.

         “Ellie “slick” Rick asked for our help, if you still have that spare skeleton key that you were given

then there’s a chance that we will succeed at rescuing everyone.” Reassured Claire.

         “I hope you’re right Claire, I hope your right.” Responded Ellie.

         Now that Ellie and Claire had agreed to help to rescue everyone that had disappeared from Earl

Greensley’s castle Estates and Greens Lake there was no telling who or what they would run into. All

that they knew is that they had to help to rescue everyone before they ended up disappearing


                                                                                             A.M. Monique

                                                                                        Camp Greens Lake

                                      Chapter Twelve: Searching for an Escape

        When the torch lights managed to turn themselves back on in Earl’s lavatory Ellie and Claire

tried to find an exit. Something that they both discovered wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

        “I could have sworn that there was another way out, there’s just got to be a secret panel here

somewhere.” Murmured Claire out loud as she continued to search along the walls for the secret panel

that would provide her and Ellie with the exit that they needed to get out of Earl’s lavatory.

        “Okay this is officially getting frustrating, if we can’t find that secret panel then perhaps we

should try the trap door that got us here in the first place.” Suggested Ellie.

        “That would have been a good idea Ellie if we could actually reach it, and as you can see it’s to

high for us to reach.” Informed Claire as she pointed towards the trap door in the ceiling that was more

than ten feet above them.

        “Oh.” Replied Ellie in a disappointed tone of voice.

        “Don’t worry Ellie, no matter what happens we’ll find a way out.” Reassured Claire as she

started to search for a way out of the lavatory again.

        “Claire didn’t you mention that “slick” Rick and “love bug” Luna managed to escape through a

window that was down here?” Asked Ellie as she remembered what Claire had told her about “slick”

Rick and “love bug” Luna escaping from Earl’s lavatory.

        “Yea I remember mentioning that.” Replied Claire then when she realized what Ellie was hinting

at doing she added in a concerned tone of voice. “Ellie you aren’t seriously thinking of taking that route,

that’s how they both disappeared.”

        “Claire “slick” Rick reappeared if we find a way out then we might be able to find a way back in

to help to rescue the others, come on Claire we’ve got to try.” Encouraged Ellie as she tried to get Claire

to change her mind.

        “Ellie—“ Started Claire but she stopped as a scream followed by a thud could be heard from

somewhere in the secret passageway near the trap door.

        “Go away! Go away! Go away!” came the shouts of Aiyana’s voice through the trap door.

        After Aiyana finished the trap door opened and Aiyana landed gracefully onto her feet. Then as

the trap door closed itself again Aiyana let out a startled gasp when she realized that Ellie and Claire

were both with her in Earl’s lavatory as well.

        “Aiyana are you alright?” Asked Ellie in a concerned tone of voice.

        “I would be if I hadn’t just discovered who the person behind all of those unintentional

accidents and disappearances was.” Replied Aiyana as she nervously eyed Claire and began to back away

from her.

        “Aiyana what’s wrong with you? You know I’d never do things like that.” Denied Claire in an

offended tone of voice as she realized that Aiyana was indirectly accusing her.

        “Of course you’re never going to admit it Claire, but I know it was you.” Stated Aiyana as she

clenched her fists to her sides and started to shake slightly with either anger or fear.

        “Aiyana Claire was with me most of the time when the supposive accidents at camp happened,

she was with even with “jittery” Gen and the others when you disappeared at the long range archery

range, if Claire tried to pull something then don’t you think that somebody would have seen her?” Asked

Ellie as she immediately jumped to Claire’s defense.

        “Think about it Ellie who other than perhaps Serena, or maybe Crissy knows more about Camp

Greens Lake, who’s been at Camp Greens Lake long enough to know about the secret passage ways that

are in Earl Greensley Castle Estates, and Camp Greens Lake, I’m not crazy Ellie, it’s just that every time

something seemed to go wrong Claire just happened to be there, she was there from the very first

incident with Bonnie Greensley’s cursed ax, if it’s not Claire then who else could it be?” Asked Aiyana in

a slightly hysterical tone of voice.

        “Did we tell you about Bonnie Greensley’s cursed ax? I don’t think that we did, and how did you

know that was the first incident—unless—oh my gosh it’s you, you’re the traitor.” Replied Claire in a

surprised tone of voice as she realized that the only way that Aiyana could have known about Bonnie

Greensley’s cursed ax was if she was the one who had planted the ax herself.

        “Ellie your brother Aaron and Curtis told practically everyone in Camp Greens Lake, it’s easy for

people to discover things like that out.” Pointed out Aiyana as she continued to keep her distance away

from Claire.

        “Aiyana I’m telling you it isn’t me… you believe me Ellie don’t you?” Asked Claire as she turned

to Ellie for an answer.

        “I’m not sure who or what to believe anymore.” Replied Ellie as she let out a frustrated sigh.

        “Ellie Claire’s trying to blame me so that you’ll stay with you, she probably lead you here on

purpose so that she could trap you or something.” Suggested Aiyana.

        “Actually Claire was hesitant about coming here, and she didn’t expect to come her herself, I

know that because Claire sort of unintentionally got knocked out for a brief moment when either she or

I unintentionally activated that trap door in that secret passage way.” Explained Ellie as she realized the

differences between Claire’s and Aiyana’s landings in the lavatory.

        Claire had landed in a way that she hadn’t expected to land in Earl Greensley’s lavatory. Unlike

Aiyana who had landed in a way that she seemed to expect that she would be landing in Earl Greensley’s


        “If it isn’t Claire then I don’t know who it could be, and just because I happened to land on my

feet in this dungeon don’t think for a moment that I’m the one responsible for all those

disappearances.” Said Aiyana in a calmer tone of voice as she managed to unclench her hands that she

had been clenching at her sides.

        “We’re not doing in good just staying here accusing each other, we need to find a way out of

her.” Pointed out Ellie as she turned towards the lavatory window just as a figure in a white lavatory

coat walked by it.

        “Oh man not him again, this is no time to be playing ghost.” Added Ellie as she paused in her

effort to head towards the lavatory window.

        “Again? Oh Ellie don’t tell me that you saw “one eyed” Earl again?” Asked Claire in a concerned

tone of voice.

        “I wish I could say no, but I believe I just did.” Replied Ellie as she nervously bit the inside of her


        “This is getting annoying, it’s time to put an end to this.” Said Claire in a determined tone of

voice as she pushed aside the fear that she was feeling and headed over towards the lavatory window to

confront whoever had passed it herself.

        Claire had the chance to only go about a couple feet towards the window when there came a

loud echoing moan from somewhere in the lavatory. A moan that seemed to cause the temperature in

the lavatory to unexpectantly drop as billows of unfamiliar fog began to crawl out from underneath the

lavatory walls and then crawl their way across the lavatory floor.

        “Claire if you’re the one doing it stop it, I’m already scared enough as it is.” Plead Aiyana as she

darted towards the darkest corner of the lavatory and started to cower just as the torch lights briefly

went out and then turned themselves back on.

        As soon as the lights turned themselves back on a tall and slender figure of a gray haired man in

a lab coat stood before them. A gray haired figure down to the black eye patch looked like the figure of

one eyed Earl except this figure wasn’t transparent it was real.

        “What are you doing here?! Nobody belongs here!” Roared “one eyed” Earl.

        “S-sorry w-w-we were trying to leave, b-b-but t-t-there’s no exit.” Stammered Ellie as she could

feel the cut on her fingertip start to tingle again.

        “Exit! There’s always an exit!” Hollered one eyed Earl as he began to approach Ellie who

happened to be the closest to him.

        “I got the hint, sorry mister Greensley I’ll leave.” Apologized Ellie as she made an unexpected

mad rush for the lavatory window which she kicked slightly off the wall and then leapt up and grabbed

firmly onto the rusted window bars.

         Stunned that Ellie had made the jump “one eyed” Earl stood dumbstruck for a brief moment. A

moment that gave Ellie just enough time to pull herself up to the rusty iron barred window just as the

torches in the lavatory went out.

         “Ellie! Ow Ellie—“ Started Claire but she was interrupted as one eyed Earl grabbed her and

muffled out the rest of what she had to say.

         Knowing that one eyed Earl was going to head for her next Ellie hoisted herself up and then

remarkably right through the iron barred window which dropped right open as if it had been unbolted

from the wall. Not expecting this to happen Ellie dropped awkwardly out of the window and then landed

on the slightly soft ground in front of it.

         “Ellie run! They’re coming!” Hollered Claire’s voice through the open window just before one

eyed Earl let out a loud moan and then Claire let out a frightened scream.

         After Claire’s frightened scream two red beady eyed rats and two bumpy trangualas crawled out

of the open lavatory window. Alarmed by this Ellie let out a startled scream. Then she quickly got up and

started to run away from Earl’s lavatory as fast as she could until she stopped at the dirt path that met

up with the stone path to Earl Greensley’s castle estates where she stopped to catch her breath.

         “Okay that was definitely scarier than having a nightmare about “one eyed” Earl.” Said Ellie in a

startled tone of voice as she tried to get herself to calm down.

         “Ellie? Is that you, glad you got out of Earl’s lavatory, where’s Claire?” Asked Crissy in a

concerned tone of voice as she “angel” Anella, and Lynn came to met up with her at the end of the dirt


         “She’s still in Earl’s lavatory, a place that nobody wants to go to right now, trust me.” Advised


        “Ellie something happened in Earl’s lavatory, did Aiyana do something to you guys or

something?” Asked Lynn in a concerned tone of voice.

        “Aiyana, no she didn’t really do anything, but one eyed Earl sure did.” Explained Ellie.

        “One eyed Earl? Oh Ellie are ya sure ya didn’t see Giles by mistake?” Asked “angel” Anella in a

concerned tone of voice.

        “Giles no I don’t think so.” Replied Ellie.

        “Are ya sure Ellie, Crissy saw him run round back towards the lavatory area, he was wearing that

white lavatory coat of his, are ya sure it wasn’t him?” asked “angel” Anella.

        “Only if Giles really is one eyed Earl.” Answered Ellie.

        “Ellie there be something that we need to tell ya.” Said “angel” Anella in a tone of voice that

indicated that she didn’t have something pleasant to tell Ellie.

        “Giles isn’t the only person you need to worry about, there’s someone else you need to worry

about too.”Warned Crissy as her forehead wrinkled slightly with concern.

        “It be one of ya cabin mates Ellie, a cabin mate that Crissy, Lynn, and I just discovered was the

one responsible for the accidents that happened at Greensley Castle Estates and Camp Greens Lake.”

Explained “angel” Anella.

        “Who is it?” Asked Ellie in a curious tone of voice.

        “It be Aiyana.” Replied “angel” Anella.

        “Aiyana? You can’t be serious, I just left Aiyana alone with “one eyed” Earl and Claire, if Aiyana is

the one behind those supposive accidents then—“ Ellie started but then she cut herself short and let out

a startled gasp as she realized what was going to happen to Claire.

        “If you left Claire alone with Aiyana and Giles then it won’t take very long for Claire to disappear

like the others did.” Warned “angel” Anella.

        “Then we’ve got to find a way to stop her.” Said Ellie in a determined tone of voice.

        “Aiyana might be the one responsible for the supposive accidents but she isn’t the one who is

responsible for the disappearances, she’s not working alone.” Explained Crissy.

        “Of course she’s not working alone, she’s working with the “one eyed” Earl man I left in the

lavatory with Claire and Aiyana.” Said Ellie as she tried to piece together the information that she was

being given.

        “Or a descendent of “one eyed” Earl.” Explained Crissy.

        “A descendent… you’re not talking about the caretaker Giles Greensley, are you?” Asked Ellie as

she began to realize who Crissy was talking about.

        “That’s exactly who I’m talking about.” Answered Crissy.

        “Or related to him, oh I should have known, the Native American land deed, that be how he was

able to alter it, he must have been taking that deed to Aiyana before ya and Claire unintentionally

interrupted him.” Explained “angel” Anella.

        “Native American land deed? Anella what are you talking about?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone

of voice.

        “Crissy can explain that part to ya.” Replied “angel” Anella as she turned towards Crissy to cue

her for an answer.

        “While you Claire, Aaron, and Todd disappeared I came across an altered document that was

tucked inside of a Native American land deeds book, It was a land deed that the Greensley family had

with a Knoton Waki, the same Knoton Waki who is the great grandfather of Aiyana, according to the

land deed the land that Camp Greens Lake belongs on once belonged to the Waki family not the

Greensley family, if the Waki family hadn’t lost the deed in an unnecessary minor war with the

Greensley family then the Waki family would still have ownership of the land that Camp Greens Lake

resides on.” Explained Crissy.

        “Crissy the letters that my sister found from Marcine Greensley and the one that somehow

someone managed to give me from a Lucas Greensley explain how Marcine Warren feared of a curse

that be on Greensley castle, is a curse that according to legend was given by a group of Native American

settlers, their tribe is still unknown, it was this curse that cursed Earl Greensley’s Castle Estates.”

Explained “angel“ Anella.

        “Does Aiyana have any idea about this supposive curse?” Asked Ellie in a curious tone of voice.

        “Aiyana is the one continuing this supposive curse Ellie, ya see she is working with Giles

Greensley on all the strange things that have been happening at Earl Greensley Castle Estates, and Camp

Greens Lake.” Explained “angel” Anella.

        “Are you telling me that Aiyana and Giles are the ones responsible for all those supposive

accidents and disappearances, if the feud is between the Greensley family and the Waki family then why

aren’t they fighting against each other?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice as she tried to sort

through everything that she was learning.

        “The war between the two families ended long ago Ellie, unfortunately nobody was able to

retrieve the original land deeds until recently, land deeds that “slick” Rick said that both Giles and

Aiyana believed he and Luna stole from him.” Informed Crissy.

        “That would explain why they got captured.” Said Ellie as she began to make sense out of what

“angel” Anella and Crissy were telling her.

        “The only way that we are going to convince Giles to let everyone go is if we return the things

that be stolen from Earl Greensley’s Castle Estates.” Explained “angel” Anella.

        “Anella according to my aunt there are a lot of things that have gone missing from Earl

Greensley Castle Estates, it could take months to retrieve all of those things.” Pointed out Lynn.

        “Giles has my sister, she’s been missing for a year and I’m going to do what it takes to get her

back, it might be dangerous to face Giles alone, but Luna is family and when it comes to family ya do

what ya can to help them no matter how hard things get, or how scared you might be.” Replied “angel”

Anella in a determined tone of voice.

        After Ellie heard “angel” Anella say this she realized that she had to do the same thing for Aaron.

Even if Aaron hadn’t disappeared for as long as “love bug” Luna had Ellie knew that she had to help to

rescue him. After all she did make a promise to her mom and stepfather that she would stay out of

trouble at Camp Greens Lake.

                                                                                             A.M. Monique

                                                                                        Camp Greens Lake

                                   Chapter Thirteen: Cautions and Preparations

        “Anella’s going to get captured just like her sister did, what should we do? Should we go for

help?” Asked Lynn in a concerned tone of voice.

        “Reeda and “jittery” Gen are already getting your Aunt Lynn, we need to figure out where Giles

is keeping the people who have disappeared from Greensley Castle and Camp Greens Lake.” Explained

Crissy as she started to try to come up with a rescue plan.

        “Crissy how well do you know the grounds of Earl Greensley castle Estates and Camp Greens

Lake?” Asked Ellie.

        “Not as well as Claire does, but I know a few secret passageways, there’s even a secret

passageway from Earl’s dungeon to Luke’s Cabin, but to be able to use it we’ll need to be either in Earl’s

lavatory or Luke’s cabin.” Replied Crissy.

        “There has to be a secret passageway that’s connected to that one somehow, otherwise Earl

would of seen Luke when he used the passageway to see Marcine, that must be how he did it, how else

could you escape from Greensley Castle Estates without being seen, Crissy do you know of any secret

passageways that might be connected to the one that leads out of Earl’s lab?” Asked Lynn as she

explained how Lucas Greensley had managed to sneak out of Earl Greensley Castle Estates to see

Marcine in his cabin.

        “I don’t think so, but who knows what is in Earl Greensley castle Estates, Aaron and Todd were

able to activate a trap door in Earl’s study and if they didn’t land in Earl’s lavatory which is at the bottom

of the tower then they must have landed in the library or somewhere beneath it.” Concluded Crissy.

        “If we’re going to figure out where it leads to then we are going to have to take the same trap

door ourselves, I don’t know about you guys but I’ve got to find my brother.” Said Ellie in a determined

tone of voice.

        “Ellie you can’t venture off their by yourself, your new to camp, you might end up getting lost in

their or something.” Warned Crissy.

        “Then Lynn’s aunt or someone will find me, apparently “spy” Malloy is good at doing that sort of

a thing, besides I’m more concerned about getting captured by “one eyed” Earl—I mean Giles then I am

about getting lost, I’m going to find Aaron, when I find him I won’t be alone in Earl Greensley’s castle

estates.” Explained Ellie as she quickly took off towards the front entryway of Earl Greensley’s castle

Estates before either Crissy or Lynn could stop her.

        “Ellie! Ellie don’t!” Ellie could hear Crissy’s voice call out in the distance.

        Ignoring Crissy’ request Ellie broke off in a sprint and ran all the way to the front door of Earl

Greensley Castle Estates which she forcefully forced open and then slammed behind herself just as a

cool gust of wind passed her legs.

        Pausing for a brief moment Ellie rested against the front entryway door. Then she looked

around and found the door to the stairwell that “jittery” Gen had lead her scavenger group through.

Quickly Ellie rushed over towards the stairwell and then carefully and as quietly as she could Ellie began

to head up the spiraled staircase towards the area that Earl’s study was.

        “Okay Claire and I found a secret passageway behind the bookcase then the trap door that

Aaron and Todd fell through is in front of the bookcase.” Reminded Ellie silently to herself as she crossed

Earl’s study and then paused as she realized that a smaller bookcase that was beside the bookcase that

she and Claire had went through had been left open as if it was a door rather than a bookcase.

        Curious as to where it lead Ellie quickly peeked through it to discover that it lead to a room that

was filled from floor to ceiling with old books, globes, and other educational instruments. Most things

that seemed to belong to an eighteenth century library.

          “That must be how Crissy found the library, I’ll have to explore that later.” Said Ellie out loud to

herself as she pushed the door closed which caused a piece of parchment to drop out of the small


          A piece of parchment that after Ellie picked it up and opened it Ellie discovered was a love letter

that Marcine Warren had written back to Lucas Greensley. A love letter that read: Precious Marcine.

Why are you so afraid of Greensley castle? What happened? Tell me so that I can make thing right again.

If you are scared then I will comfort you. Please do not leave me. I love you with my whole heart and

soul. Do not run away. If you must leave then let me leave with you, if you are gone before reaching this

letter know that I will keep searching for you. I will resist aiding in the war so that I can searching for

you. I will not stop until the day we meet again. Hopeful then this bloody war will be over. Forever

searching Lucas Greensley.

          “This must be one of those love letters they were talking about, if it is I hope that Marcine was

able to receive it before she died, it’s a shame if she didn’t.” Thought Ellie silently to herself as she

carefully folded the piece of parchment into fourths and then absentmindedly tucked it inside of her


          “Okay that’s see if we can get that trap door back open.” Thought Ellie as she redirected her

thoughts and then headed just in front of the bookcase that Aaron and Todd had fell through the trap

door through feeling along the ledges to see if she could somehow pry open the trap door. Something

that Ellie was unsuccessful at doing.

          “Oh come on! Sure you’ll open when we don’t want you to, but when we need to of course

you’re not going to open, that would be far to covenant.” Commented Ellie in a slightly sarcastic tone of


          Growing frustrated Ellie kicked the lower corner ledge of the bookcase which was the trigger

that she needed to open the trap door that dropped open with a soft squeak.

          “Finally something is going right” commented Ellie out loud as she peered inside of the trap

door to see if she could find either Aaron or Todd.

          “Aaron?! Todd?! Are you there?!” called out Ellie in a concerned tone of voice.

          Patiently Ellie waited for a response. But all that she could hear was a soft sound that sounded

like someone weeping. Something that told Ellie that someone was scared beneath the trap door.

          “Is someone down there?” asked Ellie in a concerned tone of voice as she strained her eyes in an

attempt to see if she could see anyone through the darkness that was beneath the trap door.

          Again no response aside from the soft weeping. Weeping that seemed to be getting slightly


          “If someone’s there then let me help you, come towards the light near the trap door so that I

can see you” requested Ellie as she started to take charge of the situation.

          “Danger, you all are in danger” warned a soft and slightly hoarse female voice.

          “Danger? We’re not the only ones in danger, my brother and a few of my friends are trapped in

Earl Greensley Castle Estates, if you could help me find them, then we can all leave together, and I’m not

leaving without at least my brother Aaron” said Ellie in a determined tone of voice.

          Upon hearing this whoever had been beneath the trap door let out a startled gasp. Then the

sound of shuffling footsteps could be heard indicating that whoever had been beneath the trap door

was leaving.

        “Wait, we still need to get the others, wait!” Called out Ellie as she jumped carefully down into

the trap door in an attempt to try to get to whoever she had been talking to.

        Reacting to this the person who had been in the trap door disappeared behind a back wall panel

of the trap door, a back wall panel that after Ellie discovered was behind the hanging portrait of Earl

Greensley that she had discovered in the main entryway.

        Not wanting to be seen the figure that Ellie had been following quickly disappeared behind a

passageway that was behind Bonnie Greensley’s portrait.

        “Wait! You have to let me help!” called out Ellie as she quickly exited from behind Earl’s portrait

and then quickly entered through the secret passageway through Bonnie Greensley’s portrait.

        “Why did ya follow me? I told ‘ya to leave, ‘ya all must leave at once” warned a soft female voice

that had a light Irish accent. An accent and speech pattern that sounded a lot like “angel” Anella’s.

        “Luna is that you?” asked Ellie as she realized who the figure had to be.

        “Yes lassie, but that don’t matter right now, ya need to leave while ya still can.” Warned the

figurine as she indirectly introduced herself as “love bug” Luna.

        As the figure indirectly introduced herself she stepped into the brief shimmer of light that was

shining through the back of Bonnie’s portrait and Ellie was able to see what she looked like. She looked a

lot like Anella did except she looked slightly older and her hair was cut shorter.

        “Luna I can’t leave, not without my brother Aaron, he’s still somewhere inside of this castle, and

your sister Anella’s in here somewhere too, she’s determined to talk to Giles Greensley so that she can

somehow rescue you and the others” explained Ellie.

        “Anella’s in here, oh Giles will never listen to her, I thought she’d know that, unless ya have solid

proof of some sort then there is no way that he will listen to ya, trust me, I’ve been trying to do that for

a little over a year.” stated “love bug” Luna.

        “Proof like a Native American land deed that is signed by a Knoton Waki, and a Lucas

Greensley.” explained Ellie.

        “Ya found one?” Asked “love bug” Luna in a surprised tone of voice.

        “Actually Crissy and your sister did” replied Ellie.

        “She found the land deed, Rick and I have been searching everywhere for it, do ya have it with

ya?” Asked “love bug” Luna in a hopeful tone of voice.

        “No, I think Anella or Crissy has it” replied Ellie in an uncertain tone of voice.

        “Anella, oh no she’s going to try to reason with Giles again, we need to stop her before he

captures her as well.” Said “love bug” Luna in a concerned tone of voice.

        “When I was with Crissy, and Lynn we tried to stop her, but we couldn’t, Anella is determined to

do whatever it takes to get Giles to let you and the rest of the people that he has captured go, one

person who happens to be my brother Aaron” explained Ellie.

        “Aaron, is he the one that always seems to have a video camera attached to one of his hands?”

Asked “love bug” Luna in a tone of voice that indicated that she knew who Aaron was already.

        “Yea… I can’t believe he’s still trying to film all of this, he just doesn’t get that there are no such

things as ghosts” replied Ellie as she tried not to sound as annoyed as she was feeling.

        “Now I wouldn’t be saying that if I were you lassie, Giles may be behind some of the ghostly

encounters that be happening around Camp Greensley and Earl Greensley Castle Estates, but he’s not

behind all of them, there are a few encounters that just can’t be explained.” Corrected “love bug” Luna.

        “I have the feeling that I don’t want to know about the encounters that can’t be explained, the

less I know about those the better… now Luna do you know where my brother Aaron or any of the

others are?” asked Ellie as she politely changed the subject.

        “I think Aaron be in the library with another haunting captivator that I don’t recognize, As for

the others they be in an underground room that runs beneath Bonnie Greensley’s cellar to Earl

Greensley’s lavatory, tis not an area that is easily found, but that’s the area that Giles keeps the people

that he first interrogates in Earl’s lavatory in, if Earl is done interrogating people then ya can find them in

that underground room.” Explained “love bug” Luna.

        “Aaron and Todd are in the library, and the others are underneath Earl’s lab and Bonnie’s cellar,

just how many people has Giles captured?” asked Ellie in an alarmed tone of voice.

        “Less than a handful, till Giles began to suspect that campers were stealing from him, only Rick

and I be missing” replied “Love bug” Luna.

        “I can’t believe Giles is doing this, he must be very paranoid or something” remarked Ellie in a

bitter tone of voice.

        “He be extremely paranoid now, if we can get that land deed to him, then he’ll know that the

land that the Greensley family owns be partially owned by the Waki family, if he find out this then he

will understand that Aiyana was right about the Greensley family building upon Waki land, by learning

this Giles can help to end the curse.” Explained “love bug” Luna.

        “So if Giles and Aiyana make up with each other then the supposive land war between the

Greensley family and the Waki family will be ended like it should have a long time ago” added Aiyana as

she began to piece together the information that “love bug” Luna had told her with the other

information she had gathered about the Greensley and Waki family.

        “That be my thoughts exactly.” Agreed love bug” Luna.

        “That’s go find our siblings” said Ellie in an encouraging tone of voice.

        “Love bug” Luna nodded in silent agreement and she continued to lead Ellie down through

Bonnie Greensley’s portrait all the way to the end of it where “love bug” Luna paused with Ellie in a

room that was filled with bags of spices and rice, along with several wooden barrels, and loads of glass

bottles of wine. These things along with several utensils and things that were used for cooking were

stacked in and along tall wooden shelves that stretched from the ceiling to the floor. Something that

made it look more like a pantry then a cellar.

        “This must be Bonnie’s cellar, now how are we going to get to the others?” Asked Ellie in a

curious tone of voice.

        “Ellie had just finished asking this when a loud thud beneath one of the wooden barrels could be

heard. A thud that sounded two more times before the wooden barrel rolled over to reveal a hidden

trap door. A trap door that unexpectantly opened by itself.

        “Please tell me that was supposed to happen” commented Ellie after she managed to recover

from becoming startled.

        “I don’t think it was, that’s never happened before.” Replied “love bug” Luna in a surprised tone

of voice.

        “Luna come down here quick before Giles gets here! Hurry!” Called out “slick” Rick as he

appeared beneath the trap door and signaled for “love bug” Luna to come down and join him.

        Without hesitating “love bug” Luna carefully jumped back down through the trap door which

she immediately closed behind herself and then secured it with something that made a loud click.

        After a brief moment of being slightly dumbstruck Ellie dropped to her knees and then pressed

her ear up against the wood of the trap door and listened to see if she could make out anything.

        “There you… join back...others waiting.” Came the slightly muffled voice of Giles.

        “No more… you better not have… Giles leave them…” Plead “love bug” Luna’s voice.

        “… like your sister… she’s with the others… if she knows better she won’t… nobody crosses a

Greensley … come on! That’s go!” Hollered Giles muffled voice as the voices of “love bug” Luna and Giles

faded away indicating that they were moving.

        “Giles really has gone mad, oh I’ve got to get to go and get Aaron and Todd before Giles finds

them too.” Said Ellie out loud to herself as she quickly replaced the wooden barrel on top of the trap

door and then headed out of Bonnie Greensley’s cellar and into the main entryway where she stopped

as she nearly ran into Crissy, and Lynn who had stopped in the main entryway.

        “Ellie we’ve been looking all over for you” greeted Crissy as she and Lynn approached her.

        “What’s wrong?” asked Lynn as she and Crissy realized the concerned look that Ellie had on her


        “With some help from “love bug” Luna I was able to discover where she and the others are

being held captive, she told me where she had seen Aaron and Todd last as well, anyways Crissy do you

have that land deed that you and “angel” Anella discovered?” asked Ellie as she politely changed the


           “Yea, I have it.” Replied Crissy as she pulled out a rolled up piece of parchment that was tied

together with a small piece of twine.

           “Good, we’ve got to get that land deed to both Aiyana and Giles, they both need to know about

it,” said Ellie in a relieved tone of voice.

           “But how are we going to get the land deed to them without getting captured ourselves”? asked

Crissy in a concerned tone of voice.

           “I think we can help you guys out with that”, greeted Aaron as he and Todd appeared from

behind Earl Greensley’s portrait.

           “Aaron weren’t you and Todd just in the library?”, asked Ellie in a confused tone of voice.

           “We were, and you won’t believe what we discovered”, answered Todd as he pulled out two

pieces of parchment that looked similar to the piece of parchment that Ellie had discovered.

           “Ugh not more love letters, I’ve already discovered one already,” groaned Ellie as she pulled out

the letter from Lucas Greensley that she had discovered.

           “They aren’t exactly love letters Ellie, one is a letter that Bonnie wrote to Earl and another is

some sort of a journal entry that Earl wrote,” explained Todd.

           “Then that’s see what they say shall we.” Suggested Crissy as Todd handed her the two pieces of

parchment that he and Aaron discovered which Crissy immediately began to read out loud.

        “My dearest husband Earl, What have you done? Luke and his maiden Marcine are missing, You

seem to be getting sick dear, I wish you’d see a doctor, I hardly see you anymore dear, you spend hours

in your lavatory, you hardly eat or sleep anymore, you are seeing less patients then you have before, I

do not understand this dear, many are injured from the war and they need your help, please help them

and stop the madness that seems to be overpowering you, Bonnie Greensley.”

        “So Bonnie knew about the war too, apparently Marcine wasn’t the only person who was

against it, if Earl had listened to her then perhaps things would have turned out differently, what does

Earl’s journal entry say Crissy?” Asked Ellie as she filled in the others on some of the information that

she had received from the letter that she had discovered.

        After clearing her throat Crissy began to read again. “July twelfth nineteen forty eight, the

vaccine is nearly complete, now my experiment shall finally be completed, now to test it on my

specimens, I do hope for success, I need success, then this war will finally end and then my love struck

Luke and his maiden shall return to Greensley castle, after the war this unforgiveable curse on my

estates shall be broken, Earl Greensley.”

        “This is about that land deed war, we’ve definitely got to get that land deed to Giles.”

Commented Ellie as she realized what war Bonnie’s letter, and Earl’s journal entry were referring to.

        “Whoa wait a minute Ellie we can’t just run off and give that land deed to Giles, in Giles’ current

state of mind there’s no use reasoning with him, facing him alone would be extremely dangerous.”

Warned Crissy.

        “We’ve just got to find a way to get that land deed to Giles, and I think I know the perfect way to

do it.” Explained Aaron as the familiar “I’m up to no good” smile crept across his face.

         “Oh no, you’re not getting me to prank anyone.” Protested Ellie as she realized what Aaron was

up to.

         “Ellie it’s not going to hurt anybody, besides if my plan succeeds then Giles will let go of all of

the people that he has captured.” Pointed out Aaron as he tried to get Ellie to see the benefits of his


         “What if it fails? What if we get caught?” Asked Ellie in an annoyed and concerned tone of voice.

         “If we work together then it won’t.” Replied Crissy as she unexpectantly sided with Aaron.

         “Crissy, you can’t be serious, how is pranking Giles going to get him to let all of those people

go?” Asked Ellie in a slightly frustrated tone of voice.

         “It’s a prank that will turn the tables on Giles, but in order for it to work somebody will have to

get Giles to stay in either Bonnie’s cellar or Earl’s lab.” Explained Aaron.

         “Oh I see what you’re doing, if somebody can get Giles to stay in one of the room then

somebody else can rescue the others through the other room with the use of those trap door that you

were telling me about.” Added Todd as he caught on to what Aaron was planning to do.

         “Okay I’m going to set things up, who’s going to take the land deed to Giles?” Asked Aaron.

         “I will, Giles hasn’t run into any of you guys yet, I’ll get him to come to Earl’s lab—which is where

I saw him last—I’ll try to keep him there for as long as I can, you guys just make sure that there is a clear

escape route to Bonnie’s cellar.” Said Ellie as she immediately volunteered herself.

         “I’ll go with Aaron and Todd, that way we can make use of the secret passages, if we use those

we have less of a chance of getting caught, Lynn you should go with Ellie because she shouldn’t confront

Giles alone.” Said Crissy as she split everyone up into rescue groups.

        “Sounds like a plan.” Agreed Lynn.

        “It’s more than that Lynn, if this plan works then it will be a rescue.” Concluded Ellie as she and

Lynn headed towards the staircase towards the library while Aaron, Todd, and Crissy slipped behind the

secret passageway behind Bonnie’s portrait.

        “No matter what happens I’m going to make sure that all of those people are set free, and as

scary as it might be it’s about time that somebody takes down the “ghost” of “one eyed” Earl.” Said Ellie

in a determined tone of voice as she and Lynn descended down the staircase towards Earl’s lab where it

awaited for them to start a risky and dangerous rescue mission.

                                                                                             A.M. Monique

                                                                                        Camp Greens Lake

                                      Chapter Fourteen: The Rescue

        Ellie and Lynn waited quietly in Earl’s lavatory. A lavatory that didn’t seem to be as scary as it

was when “one eyed” Earl and the rats and spiders were in it. When it was empty it just didn’t seem to

be as threatening as it once had been.

        “You were lucky to escape from here Ellie, nobody’s ever been able to do that before.”

Commented Lynn in an impressed tone of voice.

        “I sure was, hopefully coming back here doesn’t turn out to be a big mistake.” Replied Ellie in an

uncertain tone of voice.

        “It’s no mistake Ellie, besides this time you’re not alone, if Giles shows then we’ll be ready for

him.” Reassured Lynn in an encouraging tone of voice.

        “Are you sure about that?” Asked Aiyana timidly as she unexpectantly popped out from the

darkened corner that she had apparently been hiding in.

        “Aiyana! Seriously you’ve for to quit doing that.” Scolded Ellie as she and Lynn recovered from

temporarily startled.

        “Sorry.” Apologized Aiyana as she stepped out into the torchlight. Something that as she did

revealed some scratched on the palms of her hands along with a bruise just above her left temple.

        “No Giles didn’t do it, I fell and hit my head on the ledge of the table as he tried to grab me,

Giles must have gotten Claire after I blacked out because all that I can remember is hearing Claire shout

stop just before everything went black.” Explained Aiyana in an embarrassed tone of voice.

        “After I made my escape was Claire able to tell you or Giles about a Native American land deed

between the Waki family and the Greensley family?” Asked Ellie in a curious tone of voice.

        “You mean Claire, ”angel” Anella, “love bug” Luna, and “slick” Rick aren’t lying, there really is an

actual Native American land deed?”, asked Aiyana in a surprised tone of voice.

        “According to this land deed it is.” Replied Ellie as she handed Aiyana the land deed that Crissy

and “angel” Anella had discovered.

        “I can’t believe this, Giles tricked me, the land once belonged to my great grandfather Knoton,

and it should now belong to my father Jacy Waki, I can’t believe Giles convinced me that everyone was

lying, if I’d known that then I would have never helped him to try to convince everyone at Camp Greens

Lake that the camp was haunted.” Concluded Aiyana.

        “You helped Giles, oh Aiyana why? Why would you do a thing like that?” Asked Ellie in a

confused tone of voice.

        “Because Giles told me that Camp Greens Lake was built upon his land, and he told me the only

way they’d be able to shut the camp down is if they were convinced that it was actually haunted, I’m so

sorry.” Apologized Aiyana in an ashamed tone of voice.

        “Now that we have proof that the land belongs to your father Aiyana he can own the land that

Camp Greens Lake and Earl Greensley’s castle Estates resides on, if your father doesn’t want the camp

to be shut down then it doesn’t have to be.” Explained Lynn.

        “You will do nothing of the sort!” Bellowed Giles as he unexpectantly dropped into the lavatory

from outside of the still open lavatory window.

        “Giles the land doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to my father, and as I told you before I hate it

when people take things that belong to other people and that includes you.” Said Aiyana in a firm and

serious tone of voice as she clenched her fists at her sides.

        “The land was my great grandfather Earl’s and it belongs to me now, it’s mine you hear me!

Mine! Mine! Mine!” Shouted Giles as he back into her hiding place.

        “This land deed says otherwise Giles, before you start yelling at people perhaps you should read

it and see the proof for yourself.” Suggested Ellie as she cautiously started to make her way towards

Giles while she extended the land deed to him in an offer for him to take it.

        “Give me that!” Snapped Giles as he grabbed the land deed from Ellie, unrolled it, and then read

through it.

        “So it does, the land really did belong to Knoton Waki, but as I recall that land was lost with the

war that the Waki tribe lost to the Greensley family.” Grumbled Giles as he tossed the land deed

carelessly to the ground.

            “I hate to break it to you Giles but I think that you’ve got your facts reversed, the land belongs to

members of the Waki family and their native tribe, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Corrected

Ellie as she picked up the land deed before Giles had the chance to wreck it.

            “You insolent little girl, how dare you talk to me that way, nobody talks to me like that!”

Bellowed Giles as he started to threateningly advance towards Ellie.

            “Whoa, hold on their Giles.” Interjected Lynn as she quickly stepped in between Ellie and Giles.

“Ellie’s right about the land belonging to the Waki family, but the property of Camp Greens Lake and

Greensley Estates well that does technically belong to you.”.

            “Technically, there’s nothing technical about it, it is my property!” Hollered Giles as he began to

shake slightly with anger.

            “Sorry, your right... Look Giles we’re not trying to take your property away, we’re just trying to

give the land back to the Waki’s, that’s all.” Explained Lynn as she managed to get Giles to calm down


            “It might be their land but that doesn’t make it right for people to be stealing my things,

especially when those particular things have curses on them.” Grumbled Giles.

            “Is that what you want? You want people to return the things that were stolen from you, if you

want people to return your things then why don’t you start by returning the land to the Waki family?”

Asked Ellie in a suggestive tone of voice.

            “I knew you were going to be annoying ever since the first day of camp, the day when you stole

Bonnie’s ax from me!” Hollered Giles.

          Before Ellie had the chance to protest Aiyana came out of hiding and finally spoke up. “Stop it

Giles! Nobody stole anything from you, the things that you claim were stolen were simply items that you

lost yourself, items that conveintly happen to be cursed!” Explained Aiyana in a stern and firm tone of


          “Silence! You’re going to ruin everything!” Growled Giles as he cast an ice cold glare towards


          “I’ve been silent to long, now that I know that Camp Greens Lake isn’t trying to take your land, I

think it’s time that they know who were the people responsible for all the accidents and disappearances

that have been happening at Camp Greens lake and Greensley Estates.” Explained Aiyana.

          “Don’t you dare! Tell and you’ll never see those who I have captured again.” Threatened Giles.

          Startled by this remark Aiyana let out a startled gasp and then retreated into hiding in her dark

corner again.

          “You can’t keep all those people trapped here it’s illegal… besides Giles I don’t think that your

ancestors are the only spirits that reside upon the lands of Greensley Estates and camp Greens Lake.”

Informed Ellie.

          “Don’t try and play ghost with me pipsqueak, trust me I can out ghost anybody anytime.” Said

Giles with a confident chuckle.

          “I was right all along, you are the ghost of “one eyed” Earl.” Stated Ellie as she exposed Giles for

who he was portraying.

          “That’s Earl Greensley.” Corrected Giles.

        After Giles corrected what Ellie had said a strange cold gust of wind blew in from the open

lavatory window. A gust of wind that blew in a strange white mist that seemed to be glowing and

dimming like an odd outstretched storm cloud.

        “You kids cut that out! That’s not funny!” Protested Giles as his eyes widened slightly with fear.

        “We’re not doing anything, and I have no idea what is going on.” Replied Ellie in a surprised tone

of voice.

        “What the heck is it? Get it away from me.” Protested Giles as he tried to get rid of the strange

white glowing mist by thrusting his arms out and then fanning his arms toward it only to have his hands

and arms pass through it like dead air.

        After batting a few times at the mist Giles stopped and let out a startled gasp. Then Giles closed

his eyes for a brief moment. Then when they fluttered back open they were filled with tears.

        “Giles.” Came a strange echoing voice.

        “W-w-what more do you want? I’ve seen enough, I’ll end the feud if you want, please just stop

haunting me.” Plead Giles.

        Right after Giles said this the strange glowing mist disappeared just leaving behind a cloud of

pale transparent fog. Relieved to be left alone Giles dropped to his knees. Then he sat himself on the

ground and stared wide eyed at the spot that the glowing mist had been to stunned to move.

        “Giles… are you alright?” Asked Aiyana as she came out of her hiding place and stood beside

Giles unsure of how she could or if she should comfort him.

        “The Greensley soldiers didn’t kill a savage barbaric tribe, they killed a peaceful tribe, a tribe

who used to live on this land… all those innocent natives, I can’t believe my great grandfather actually

had people do that, no wonder this land is cursed.” Explained Giles as his voice broke slightly with


        “There is a way to end the curse Giles, just give my family back their land.” Requested Aiyana.

        “What about Earl Greensley estates and the buildings at camp Greens Lake, what are we going

to do with them?” Asked Giles in a concerned tone of voice.

        “I’m not sure, that’s something you’ll have to work out with my grandfather Jacy.” Replied

Aiyana with a sincere smile.

        Aiyana had just finished saying this when a hidden door in the corner of the lavatory started to

swing open only to end up getting stuck once it was halfway open.

        “Again, I thought someone was getting this thing fixed.” Came the stern voice of “spy” Malloy.

        “That happened last year, here there’s a trick to it.”Came Jessie’s voice followed by two forceful

pounds which successfully opened the hidden doorway all the way open.

        “We’ll have to remember that trick next time… aw thank goodness Aiyana your safe, Ellie Lynn

good only a couple haunting captivators left.” Said “spy” Malloy in a relieved tone of voice.

        Then she turned towards Giles and added. “Giles honestly must you always wear that white lab

coat, someone’s going to mistake you for your great grandfather’s ghost.”

        “You’re a little late for that one Aunt Tai.” Replied Lynn with a short laugh.

        “Oh… by the way Giles I am happy to report that the last of your missing things have been

successfully returned.” Reported “spy” Malloy.

        “Already, wow thanks.” Replied Giles in a surprised tone of voice.

        “Tai? Tai we’ve found the last clue of the scavenger hunt!” Greeted Curtis in an excited tone of

voice as he and Oz joined “spy” Malloy and Jessie.

        “Curtis weren’t you supposed to help find Aaron and Todd with ji- Gen?” Asked Jessie in an

annoyed tone of voice.

        “Two more went missing… oh boy, that reminds me, excuse me.” Grumbled Giles as he quickly

excused himself as he remembered that he still had to free the other people that he had trapped.

        “Why do I have the feeling that I just missed something, and Ellie where’s Claire? Wasn’t she

just with you?” Asked Jessie in a confused tone of voice.

        “It’s a very long story Jessie, but to make a long story short that’s just say that we discovered

who the ghost of “one eye” Earl is, that the Waki family are the true owners of the camp grounds and

grounds that Earl Greensley Estates resides on, and by now I’m sure that Crissy, Todd, and Aaron have

freed all the missing haunting captivators along with two tribes people who went missing about a year

ago.” Explained Ellie as she quickly summarized all that she had discovered.

        “You guys found Luna and Rick, very impressive.” Said Oz in an impressed tone of voice.

        “Apparently you lot have discovered more then what was on the scavenger hunt list, something

that I don’t ever recall happening during the many years I have been in charge of Camp Greens Lake.”

Said “spy” Malloy.

        “Oh right, Crissy and Lynn discovered this land deed, it explains all that we discovered.”

Explained Ellie as she handed “spy” Malloy the land deed.

        “Oh I see, this must be that land deed Anella and Lana were trying to find, a land deed that

won’t let Giles to close down any more areas of camp Greens Lake, apparently the decision to keep

Camp Greens Lake resides with a Waki tribe member.” Said “spy” Malloy as she quickly read through the

land deed.

        “yeah my father Jacy to be precise, Giles has indirectly agreed to meet up with him to settle

things involving property verses land rights.” Interjected Aiyana proudly.

        “Whoa so your father is the person who gets to decide if Camp Greens lake gets to stay open for

another year or not, no way.” Concluded Jessie in a disbelieving tone of voice.

        “Yes way, I just hope that my father makes the right decision.” Replied Aiyana with a sigh.

        “We all do.” Agreed Lynn.

        “I never thought that I would say this, but I think I like Camp Greens Lake, especially now that

it’s not supposively cursed anymore.” Said Ellie in a pleased tone of voice.

        “Glad to hear that, now come on everybody that’s head back outside to join the others, I’m sure

their eagerly waiting for us.” Instructed “Spy” Malloy as she lead everyone out of the secret wall which

lead them back to the main entryway.

        “Hey Ellie check out your finger, it’s not bleeding anymore.” Remarked Jessie as Ellie’s finger

came partially uncovered and exposed.

        “So it is.” Replied Ellie as she unwrapped her finger to discover not only that it had stopped

bleeding but somehow it had managed to disappear leaving behind no scar or scab.

        “Guess that curse is over too.” Thought Ellie silently to herself as she followed “spy” Malloy and

the others out of Earl Greensley castle Estates which now didn’t seem to be as scary as they once had


                                                                                     A.M. Monique

                                                                                 Camp Greens Lake


                              Chapter Fifteen: Rightful Conclusions

       After Claire, “love bug” Luna, “slick” Rick, and the others had been successfully released

it hardly mattered that the blue scavenger team won instead of the red scavenger team. But

that didn’t keep Curtis from boasting.

       “Told you we’d win! Told you! Told you! Told you!” boasted Curtis.

       “Alright Curtis you made your point, no need to rub it in.” Said Claire in a slightly

annoyed tone of voice.

       “It’s great that we won Curtis but I can’t believe one of the newest members to Camp

Greens Lake unveiled the true identity of “one eyed” Earl, even I didn’t think that it was actually

Giles, that I must admit is cool too.” Greeted Jessie as she, and Aaron joined them in their


       “Well I couldn’t have done it if Aaron, Crissy, and Todd hadn’t rigged that strange

glowing mist, if that hadn’t freaked Giles out then who knows what would have happened, for

once I have to admit Aaron’s pranking abilities do have their usefulness.” Commented Ellie as

she indirectly thanked Aaron for his.

       “Glowing mist? We never staged that Ellie, we only rigged the false ghost voice you

heard.” Explained Aaron.

         “Then if you guys didn’t do that glowing mist who did?” Asked Ellie in a confused tone of


         “The answer to that is quite simple.” Greeted Aiyana as she once again unexpectantly

appeared and caused everyone to jump slightly.

         “Aiyana I thought you were going to work on that whole not sneaking up on people

thing.” Suggested Claire.

         “I wasn’t trying to sneak up on you guys, you just didn’t hear me join you, anyways the

strange glowing mist that you saw, well it’s not really a strange glowing mist at all.” Explained


         “Then what exactly was it?” Asked Ellie as she prompted Aiyana to continue with her


         “It’s a spirit mist, it’s very rare to see, and very common to feel.” Replied Aiyana.

         “What? Aiyana—“ Started Ellie.

         “I know it doesn’t make sense Ellie, some things in life don’t and never will, without the

spirit mist that appeared Giles would have never been able to see what his ancestors had truly

done to members of the Waki tribe, that is why he felt so sad after he encountered it.”

Explained Aiyana.

         “I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Aiyana, it was only a matter of time before Giles

broke down, Giles’ reaction could have been the result of a guilty conscience.” Explained Claire.

       “I hate to say it Claire but I think Aiyana is right, I don’t know what I saw, all that I know

is that I am thankful that whatever it was decided to appear and get Giles to change his mind,

now we can officially put an end to some of those supposive camp Greens Lake curses.”

Responded Ellie as she politely disagreed with Claire.

       “You mean like Lucas Greensley cursed bloodshed dagger curse?” Asked Jessie.

       “Uh not really that one… although my finger did manage to somehow fully heal itself

after that strange encounter in Earl’s lavatory.” Replied Ellie.

       “At least it was better than your first encounter… I can’t believe Giles did that.” Said

Claire as she shook her head in disgust.

       “Giles has done a lot of things that are hard to believe, I can’t believe he staged all of

those accidents, he was lucky that nobody got seriously hurt.” Commented Ellie.

       “Giles didn’t stage all of them, I managed to stage a couple of them like that bridge

incident with Shelly and the bridge incident with Jessie and Serena.” Admitted Aiyana in an

ashamed tone of voice.

               “You staged that… guess I owe Serena an apology.” Replied Jessie in a surprised

and then embarrassed tone of voice.

       “I didn’t mean for things to get as far as they did, and if I’d known that the land didn’t

belong to Giles… sorry you guys I should have never gotten involved in the first place.”

Apologized Aiyana.

          “He didn’t just trick you Aiyana, he tricked “spy” Malloy too, when she discovered what

really happened to “love bug” Luna and “slick” Rick she was furious, Giles will be lucky if he gets

anything once Aiyana’s father and “spy” Malloy finish their meeting with him.” Remarked


          “My father’s a very patient man, I’m sure that he won’t be to hard on Giles, especially

now that he knows that Giles wasn’t acting alone.” Explained Aiyana as she looked down at her

feet with shame.

          “Aiyana if I can forgive Aaron for his constant pranks then I’m sure that I can forgive you

for what you did, besides like I said at least nobody got seriously hurt.” Replied Ellie as she

forgave Aiyana for the “accidents” that she had created.

          “So you do forgive me for those pranks that I have pulled on you, it’s about time.”

Remarked Aaron in a playful tone of voice in response to what Ellie had said.

          “I might of forgave you for them, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to pull

pranks more often just because I forgave you for them.” Explained Ellie.

          “Admit it Ellie, once in a while pranks do have their usefulness, and you know they do.”

Commented Aaron with a proud grin.

          “Once in a while it does, that I will admit.” Replied Ellie.

          “As much as my pranking ability came in handy, your rationalization thinking came in

handy too, this entire time you knew that Giles was up to something, I had no idea that he was

the one who was playing the ghost of “one eyed” Earl, to bad “one eyed” Earl’s ghost wasn’t

real.” Commented Aaron as he complimented Ellie for her rational way of thinking.

       “Giles might have been playing the ghost of “one eyed” Earl but you never know there

might be real ghosts out there, you never know.” Commented Curtis.

       “One’s that it’s probably best that we don’t go looking for.” Warned Claire.

       “After the adventure that I’ve had at Camp Greens Lake I don’t think that I’ll need to be

looking for ghosts anymore, if I was meant to find one then I would have.” Concluded Aaron.

       “Are you telling me that your night going to try to look for ghosts anymore?” Asked Ellie

in a surprised tone of voice.

       “I’m not going to go looking for them, I’m going to let them find me, along with anything

else that wants to find me.” Replied Aaron.

       “Good luck with that.” Responded Ellie in a sarcastic tone of voice.

       “If anything ends up finding you Aaron then you’re going to have to e-mail me and tell

me all about it.” Remarked Curtis.

       “Don’t worry I will.” Replied Aaron with an excited smile.

       “After spending all of this time at Camp Greens lake I thought that you would have been

over that paranormal fascination by now, but I guess I was wrong… besides I have to admit

going to Camp Greens lake wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” Concluded Ellie.

       “Are you telling me that my idea of going to Camp Greens lake was actually a good

idea?” Asked Aaron in a playful tone of voice.

       “Yes, but don’t be getting a big head over that.” Replied Ellie.

       “I just hope that Aiyana’s father decides to keep Camp Greens lake open, otherwise we

might not be able to return to camp next year.” Stated Claire.

       “I have the feeling that he will, especially if my father realizes how much people really

like Camp Greens lake.” Concluded Aiyana with a confident smile. A confident smile that told

everyone that Camp Greens lake was most likely to remain open. Even if the legends wouldn’t

be as scary as they had originally been.

       After “spy” Malloy, Aiyana’s father (Jacy), and Giles meeting…

       At the end of “spy” Malloy, Aiyana’s father, and Giles’ meeting it was decided that Camp

Greens Lake would remain open, and that the areas that Giles had closed off would be

reopened. Aiyana’s father Jacy was granted ownership of Camp Greens lake and the land that it

resided on while Giles was granted ownership of Bonnie’s barn and Earl Greensley’s estates.

Properties that after he was guaranteed that nothing would be stolen from them he was more

than happy to share with the public.

       “Love bug” Luna and “slick” Rick returned to Camp Greens lake to work as

groundskeepers while “angel” Anella and “competitive” Lyle remained head tribes people.

Apart from that everything pretty much remained normal for the last couple days of camp.

Days that considering that they were spent at Camp Greens lake were as normal as they could

be with a not so haunted camp that had a haunted them to it.

                                             THE END


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