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									                                                       Scott Elrond LeBlanc
1)To become a vital part of a team that unleashes their creativity and originality into the new millennium, producing immersive worlds and
stunning works of art that captivate and inspire; and, 2) to have fun doing it.

Proficient in: 3D software: Maya; 3D Studio Max; Character Studio; Compositing and 2D software: Photoshop & Illustrator; Genetica Pro;
Crazy Bump; After Effects; Premiere;Also Familiar with: Zbrush; Vue Xstream; Motionbuilder;


3DGAP, LA, California                                                     July 2008 - Jan 2010
Lead Set Design and Senior Animator on Pansy Warrior Music Video
     Conceptual design of characters, and digital sets.
     Model, texture and/or procure assets and complete final layout of set design.
     Storyboards for animated sequences.
     Animate using a combination of motion capture and key framed styles.
Wild Tangent, Redmond, WA                                                 January 2008 - July 2008
Senior Animator/3D Artist on the Fate: Undiscovered Realms Expansion
     Animated 60% of the characters using 3DS Max Character Studio and key framed styles.
     Conceptual design and creation of props, textures.
POETICART STUDIO, HANCOCK, NH                                        JANUARY 2004 - PRESENT
Lead Animator/3D Artist/Creative Director/Owner,
     Creative Director: establish and oversee a small production team: Project outlined below.
     Create an animated short, a chapter in a larger CGI movie, 'A Blip in Time'. Produced by Sterling Youngman/3DGap.
     Write story/script and shot list.Create storyboards, concept art. Assist in all areas of pre and post production.
ATI Research, Inc., Marlboro, MA                                          March 2002 - June 2003
3D Artist/ Animator on Demo Team,
     Concept, storyboard and create animated screen saver based on Escher's Moebius Strip with marching ants:
     Remodel and texture 90% of the hi-res instruments for Animusic‟s Pipe Dreams to enable running in real-time engine.
     Completely reproduced Debevic‟s Rendering with Natural Light originally shown at SIGGRAPH „98 for display in real-time on ATI
        9700 line of graphics cards.
    Above demos seen at:
     Model and texture environments for Non-Photo-realistic Rendering and Chimp demo:

                                                                GAME CREDITS

Cyberlore Studios, Northampton, MA                                      April 1997 - March 2002
3D Artist/Animator, Modeler,
    Lead Character Designer: Design, model and texture characters and supporting weapons/props.
   Risk: Global Domination, developed by Cyberlore Studios, published by INFOGRAMES
    Texture, rig, animate hi-res characters. Set up environments, light, cameras and FX.
   Pool of Radiance II, cinematic developed by Stormfront Studios, published by Ubisoft
    Senior Cinematic Artist: Environment concepts. All phases of creation for Ardania cinematic fly-thru. Assist on box design. Design, model
        animate characters, buildings, and terrain objects. Concept to completion 90% of the spell FX, FX on upgrades and animated icons.
   Majesty, developed by Cyberlore Studios, published by HASBRO
    Model, texture and lip-synch animations for interactive talking races. Design segues.
  Deadlock II: Shrine Wars, developed by Cyberlore Studios, published by ACCOLADE
    Model, texture, rig, and animate characters using Character Studio. Set up cinematic environments, lighting, cameras and FX.
  Borg Assimilator, developed by CYBERLORE Studios to be published by ACTIVISION

      1. Advanced Studies in Character Animation: Berkeley, CA
             AnimationMentors: Justin Barrett, Scott Carrol, Raquel Coelho, Morgan Kelly, Ricardo Curtis, Ethan Hurd
                                                            Thank you!
      2. Certificate of Completion: Management, Circulation, Distribution, Marketing, Sales:Boston Globe, Boston MA
      3. BFA: University of New Hampshire Durham, NH
      4. Jet Engine Technician: Honor Graduate, Chanute Tech School, USAF Chanute, IL


3D Artist/Animator on Demo Team at AMD/ATI Research, Inc

•   "Working with Scott was a lot of fun. His boundless enthusiasm and talent helped us to develop some great product demos.
    Scott has an amazing hunger to create and learn which made him a perfect candidate for the rapidly changing environment at
    ATI. Scott's even temperament and great people skills also helped us significantly during the more stressful parts of the
    project. He is a pleasure to work with and I have no problem recommending him to anyone who requires an injection of
    creativity and passion." August 3, 2007

Callan McInally, Senior Manager, AMD / ATI Research, Inc
managed Scott at AMD / ATI Research, Inc

•   “Scott and I worked together ATI creating real-time product launch demos. He is a very inspirational and enthusiastic person
    to work with and has a tireless desire to better his craft. Scott has a unique ability to envision a story and bring it to life. With
    just a staff of 3 artists ATI requires its artist to have a broad range of artistic and technical skills. Scott successfully delivered
    multiple demos for the Radeon 9700 product launch all while learning Maya. I would recommend him for any team that needs
    an experienced and versatile artist.” July 16, 2007

Daniel Roeger , Senior 3D Artist, AMD / ATI Research, Inc
worked directly with Scott Elrond at AMD / ATI Research, Inc

                                            3D Artist/Animator at Cyberlore Studios

•   “Scott is full of creative juices and pours his all into his work. He strives to inject his tremendous artistic vision into his tasks -
    taking them further than others perhaps thought they could go. He is even-keeled and was certainly a pleasure to work with.”
    July 9, 2007

Joe Minton , From Studio Director to President , Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
managed Scott Elrond indirectly at Cyberlore Studios

•   “I've always had great respect for Scott's focus and dedication to creating great art. Regardless of the specifics of the task or
    the tools involved, Scott always brings a burst of creative energy to the effort and manages to maintain his high level of
    enthusiasm through the thick and thin of any project span.” July 11, 2007

Seth Spaulding , Studio Manager/Art Director , Cyberlore Studios
managed Scott Elrond at Cyberlore Studios

•   “Scott's mind is a torrent of creativity and incomprehensible beauty! If you need someone to raise the bar of your game's
    visuals then there simply is no better choice than Scott. He has a ravenous hunger for new technology and is constantly
    looking for innovative and better ways to express the fantastic visions that well up from his id. I have worked by Scott's side
    and also as his lead and it was always a humbling experience to have such a knowledgeable and compassionate colleague. A
    comprehensive set of skills including concept development, modeling, animation, and cinematic environments are all at
    Scott's command. Sounds too good to be true? I assure you Scott is the real deal!!!” July 26, 2007

Dave White , Art Director, Senior Artist , Cyberlore Studios
managed Scott Elrond at Cyberlore Studios

                                        3D Artist/Animator at Cyberlore Studios cont.

•   “Scott has an unparalleled passion for creating fantastic art. Plus he has the endurance and wide range of technical expertise to
    support that drive. Scott developed majestic 3D cinematic sequences and exquisitely detailed game art while I worked with
    him on several projects over the years. He is extraordinarily capable.” July 10, 2007

Thomas Gale , Lead Artist, Cyberlore Studios
managed Scott Elrond at Cyberlore Studios

•   “Working with Scott was a blast! He is a traditionally schooled artist who can beautifully capture his visions digitally as well.
    He is a professional, talented artist, and a solid contributor to any team.” July 6, 2007

Chris Tohline , Senior Programmer , Cyberlore Studios, Inc.
worked with Scott Elrond at Cyberlore Studios

                                         Creative Director/Owner at PoeticArt Studio
•   "Scott is a great friend and wonderful mentor. His expertise in animation is exceptional and he always manages to remain on
    the cutting edge of technology and solutions. When I have a question, he's there to help, and ready to share the answer. He has
    helped me integrate Passion and Love with Work and I am lucky for any second that we spend together. He knows how to
    solve problems and will always do it with a smile on his face. He has taught me the secret of any success in life : "Passion",
    "Dedication" and "Constance". I have no hesitation to recommend him for any level of a creative role."” September 3, 2009

Andrea Cunsolo , 3d Senior Illustrator at Arup ,Freelance 3d artist at PoeticArt Studio
worked directly with Scott Elrond at PoeticArt Studio

•   “Working for Scott and the Poetic Art Studio has been a rewarding experience for me. Scott is capable to manage and guide
    any team from the initial concept stage to the completion of the deliverable meeting the deadlines. He is efficient and
    responsive and quite capable to handle unforeseen issues keeping the project on track at all times.” July 11, 2007

Simone Massaro , Product development Manager, Iconics, Inc. ,Freelance 3d artist at PoeticArt Studio
worked directly with Scott Elrond at PoeticArt Studio

                          Creative Director/Animation Artist at Pansy Warrior Princess Prods.

       I have had the pleasure to work with Scott LeBlanc on several different projects over a number of years. Scott has brought
        a wide array of creative talent to fill gaps and/or lead various aspects of our broad needs. His proficiency has shined in
        everything from traditional storytelling and story boarding to CGI related production, including character design,
        modeling, phenomenal animating.
       Scott has also been a valuable asset when it comes to choosing and learning new technologies. He tends to master these
        quickly and can easily implement them into a functioning pipeline.
       Scott brings fresh, creative ideas to everything he puts his talents to. He is a great listener, and thorough thinker. Scott
        offers multiple solutions to every problem. In the end he provides 100% or more of what is needed.
        Scott's sense of humor, even temper and experience are a joy to work with, which help keep things in balance. He
        processes criticism better than most people I've worked with. This results in a positive spin on everything he does."
        November 9th, 2010

Sterling Youngman, Executive Producer, Pansy Warrior Princess - LIVE,
Director, I'm Pansy Warrior Princess – stereoscopic music video
Director, A Blip in Time, feature CGI
Produced and Directed Scott at 3DGAP and Contracted him for work on various projects over the last 5 years.

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