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Teaching Florida SSS through Vid


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Through Video Game Development

  By Paul Ackerman
Edgewater High School
   Orlando, Florida
    Session Outcome Goals
What should YOU be able to do after you leave
this break-out session?
– Have a better understanding of Video Game
  Development as a tool for teaching Florida Sunshine
  State Standards.
– Be able to find the FL SSS on the web.
– Correlate FL SSS standards to activities performed in
  your classroom.
– Understand how VGD can help raise FCAT scores.
– Laugh a little
My teaching situation
– Magnet Program
– Classes taught
Short Biography
– Teaching Experience
– Disney Teacherrific Award
– Plans for the future
        Edgewater High School
         EST Magnet Program
Students from entire Orange County may apply
and attend. (Transportation not provided.)
College preparatory curriculum, heavy in
technology, computer applications, and
Selection criteria:
–   Application process through OCPS.
–   3.0 GPA
–   Passing FCAT Reading and Math (Level 3 minimum)
–   Essay
              Classes Taught
Video Game Development (Fresh. EST)
– Learning Basic Computer Language
– 12 weeks total
Video Game Development (Open to all students, all
grades, not just EST students)
– Semester-Long Class
– Has grown from 14 to 26 students this school year. Students are
  being shut out because of computer station limits.
Pre-AP Computer Science (Soph. EST)
– Beginning Java class
– 12 weeks total
AP Computer Science (Jrs. And Srs.)
– In Java Computer Language
– Year-long course
      Teaching Experience
Escambia County, Pensacola, Florida (Three
– Woodham High School
– Escambia High School
– Taught Earth Science, Biology, Physical Science,
  Marine Biology
Orange County, Orlando, Florida (Twenty Years)
– Dr. Phillips High School
– Edgewater High School
– Taught Earth Science, C++, Java, AP Comp Sci,
  UCF/EHS Engineering, Video Game Development.
       Disney Teacherrific
Submitted class curriculum and results as
a project to Disney: “Having Fun and
Learning with Video Game Development”
November 11, 2006 Award Ceremony
EHS Received a “Top Program” award for
Video Game Development class project.
Will submit again next year with new
project and additional data.
         Plans for Future
Continue at Edgewater High School
Continue with Video Game Development
Continue research on test score results
     More Introductory Info
The Need:
– Pique student interest in technology classes.
– Reinforce “21st Century Skills”
– Appeal to “real life” situations.
– Give students hands-on experience.
– Reduce discipline problems.
– And the ones you came to hear about:
    Fulfill administrative requirements for aligning class
    activities with FL SSS.
    Raise test scores!
            21st Century
       Basic Knowledge/Skills
English Language (spoken)
Reading Comprehension (in English)
Writing in English (grammar, spelling, etc.)
Foreign Languages
   21st Century Applied Skills
Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
Oral Communications
Written Communications
Information Technology Application
Lifelong Learning/Self Direction
Professionalism/Work Ethic
Ethics/Social Responsibility
 Some Statistics from FCAT
Last Year’s (2005-2006) Study Group:
– 9th and 10th grade students in Magnet
    Most are reading at level 3 or better.
    Most are at level 3 or better in math.
– 81% Maintained FCAT level or improved.
– 19% digressed in either Math, Reading or
    Curious group!
               Cold Stats
In 2005-2006 School year: 178 Students
exposed to VGD curriculum
– 105 Sophomores
– 73 Freshmen
Students with no score from previous year were
thrown out of statistical data.
– 24 freshmen, 1 sophomore
Learning gains were defined as a student
maintaining or improving upon their previous
year FCAT Criterion Referenced Test Level.
        Freshmen Gains

39 out of 49 (80%) showed Reading gains

44 out of 49 (90%) showed Math gains
       Sophomore Gains

73 of 104 (70%) showed Reading gains

90 of 104 (87%) showed Math gains
Warm Stats and Student Reactions
 Student enthusiasm is UP!
 Students arrive early.
 Students have to be encouraged to leave!
 Some students buy the software and work
 on developing games at home.
 Students helping students.
        How Did We Do It?
Video Game Development Software from I
Support Learning.
– Steve Waddell, CEO
– Olathe, Kansas
– Minimal Training
Supportive Administration
– Mr. Robert Anderson, principal EHS.
– Mr. Howard Hepburn, admin in charge of EST
– Dr. Alice Joossens, admin in charge of curriculum
       How Did We Do It?
Outstanding Technology Coordinators
– Paula Nowell
– John Sudik
Some Prep Work!
  Video Game Development
Recently Updated Computer Lab
Dell Optiplex GX 260 Mini-towers
Advanced Radeon 7500 Video Cards
1.8 MHz Processors
256 MB RAM
Video Game Development…
Video Game Development… The
Video Game Development… The Projects
Video Game Development… Dark
 Video Game Development

CarbonAde Project: Game Arena
   Standards Alignment                                                                Phase One-
                                                                                     Certification I


                                                                         Chocolate Milk
                    Introductory                        Opening Video       Program                Video- Changing
                     Paragraphs                        from Boss Nikki     Simulator               the Cubes Size                                  Certification
                                                                                                                                                   Worksheet /

                                                                                                                         LA.B.1.4 Student uses
LA.A.1.4 Student uses the        LA.A.2.4 Student         LA.C.1.4:          MA.A.5.4                                                                  LA.B.1.4         LA.B.1.4 Student
                                                                                                MA.A.3.4 Student            writing processes
       reading process         constructs meaning       Student uses          Student                                                                Student uses          uses writing
                                                                                             understands the effects      effectively:.2(writing
 effectively:1(previewing,      from wide range of         listening        understands                                                                 writing              processes
                                                                                                  of operations on         that is focused and
     anticipate content),      texts:.1(determines         strategies    theories related         numbers, selects                                     processes      effectively:.1(writes
    .2(Make and confirm                 main            effectively .1      to numbers                                                              effectively:..3   text, notes, outlines,
                                                                                             appropriate operations
  inferences, interpreting     idea),.2(determines          Selects          .1(applies              for problem                                    writes fluently       comments, and
    diagrams),.3(Refines              authors           strategies for        number                                                               for a variety of     observations that
  vocabulary for technical    purpose),.4(analyzes          solving        relationships     effects of add, subtract,                                 occasions,          demonstrate
    meanings),.4(Applies     written information for      problems,            such as                                                              audiences, and     comprehension and
                                                                                               multip. and division.
     response strategies:           real-world            evaluating      sequences and                                                                purposes,      sythesis of content,
summarizing relating what       tasks),.5(identifies      intent of a     series to real-                                                               making            processes, and
   is read to experiences)   devices of persuasion      presentation            world                                                                 appropriate      experiences from a
                                  and methods of                             problems)                                                                  choices          variety of media
                               appeal),.7(analyzes                                                                                                 regarding style,
                              reliability of primary                                                                                                 tone, level of
                             source of information)                                                                                                    detail, and
                                                                                                                  Phase Two-

   Standards Alignment


      Criteria and
        "Open                    Visit the Lab                                                                           Equations in
                                    Video                           Game Story                                           Code- Video
                                                                      email                                             Demonstration

                              LA. C. 1.4. .3(listening           LA. B. 2.4. 2S tudent
                                   actively and                       Writes to
                                                                                                                           MA.A.1. 4
                            reflectively, connecting             communicate ideas
    LA. A. 2.4 Student                                                                                                       Student
                             to and building on the               and inf ormation
  constructs meaning                                                                                                      understands
                               ideas of a previous                     f
   from wide range of                                                                                                     the different
                                     speaker)                                                                                 ways
  texts:. 1(determines
            main                                                                                                          numbers are
  idea), . 2(determines                                                                                                   represented
          authors                                                                                                          and used in
 purpose), .4(analyzes                                   . 2 Organizes                                                       the real
written inf  ormation for                                 information                                                         world:
       real-world                                             using               . 3 Writes                               numbers),,
   tasks), .5(identifies                                 appropriate           f          or
                                                                                luently f a
devices of persuasion                                       systems              variety of
     and methods of                                                            audiences and
  appeal), .7(analyzes                                                           purposes,
 reliability of primary                                                             making
source of information)                                                          appropriate
                                                                                  regarding      . 1(associates        . 2(understands
                                                                                style, detail,                        the relative size    . 3(understands
                                                                                                   verbal and
                                                                                      and                                 of integers,       concrete and
                                                                                                 written names
                                                                                organization                                rational            symbolic
                                                                                                 with standard
                                                                                                                           numbers,        representations
                                                                                                 numerals with
                                                                                                                           irrational          of real and
                                                                                                                         numbers and            complex
                                                                                                                        real numbers)     numbers in real-
                                                                                                 numbers, and
                                                                                                                                          world situations)
                                                                                                          Phase T hree-

   Standards Alignment                                                                                         i  t
                                                                                                          Certf ca i on III

                                                                                                             Act ivi ty

                                                                      i at
                                                               Certi f c ion
                                        i at
                                 Certi f c ion                 W orkshee -  t
    W atch Video                 W orkshee   t                         h
                                                               "Mat c the                     Camera in as
     "Objects"                    Load cert                    X, Y, Z axis                   Game Vi deo/
                                  3_2-demo                      wi th the                            Load
                                                              cube s surf  ace                      i at
                                                                                             Certi f c ion 3_4

                             MA.C .1. 4 St ude    nt
                              describes, draws,
  MA.B .1. 4 St ude   nt        i dent ifies, and
 measures quanti ti e    s        l   s
                             ana yze two- and
i n t he real world a  nd    t hree -dim ensi ona l
use the m ea
     s           sures t o                                  MA.C .2. 4 St ude   nt
                                     sha  pes                                             MA.C .3. 4 St ude    nt uses
  solve problems: . 1                                  visuali ze as nd il lust rates
                                                          ways i n whi ch sha  pes        coordi nat e geometry t o
  Uses conc    rete and
                                                              ca be combi ne
                                                                n              d,       l ocate objects i n bot h t wo
  graphi c models f   or
                                                       subdi vided, and changed         and t hree di mensi ons and
  f nding pe   rim eter,
                                                       . 2(Analyzes and appli es                                ct
                                                                                              t o describe obj e s
     area of t wo and
                                                        geometric relat ionships                      al
                                                                                           algebrai c ly .2 Using a
  t hree -dim ensi ona l
                                                                           r ross-
                                                         i nvol ving plana c                  ct ngul a coordi nate
                                                                                           re a         r
          sha pes
                                                       se ions (the int e
                                                           ct               rse ion
                                                                               ct            syst em, appli es and
                                                          of a pl ane and a three  -                  s
                                                                                           properti e of t wo a  nd
                                                            dim ensi ona figure  ).     t hree               l
                                                                                                -dim ensi ona figure s.
                                                             Phase Four-

Standards Alignment                                          Certification


                     Visit the Lab
                        Video                      Story Help                4_2 Collisions               ISL Prototype
                                                   Worksheet,                    Code
                                                     Write 2                  Modification
                                                 paragraph game

                                                 LA.B. S tudent
                                                     Writes to            MA.C Geometry and               SC.H Nature of
                                                  communicate               Spatial Sense                      Science
                                                   2.4.1 Writes                                          SC.H.3.4 Student
              LA.C Listening, Viewing:
                                                    text, notes,         MA.C.1.4.1 Student               understands that
            1.4.1(Selects listening strategies
                                                      outlines,      describes, draws, identifies,        science, tech, and
          according to the intended purpose,
                                                  comments that     and analyzes two- and three-      society are interwoven
                such as solving problems.
                                                   demonstrate           dimensional shapes             and interdependent
               1.4.3(listening actively and
                                                  comprehension          MA.C.2.4 Student             SC.H.3.4.1 Knows that
             reflectively, connecting to and
                                                 and synthesis of    visualizes and illustrates        performance testing is
          building on the ideas of a previous
                                                      content.       ways in which shapes can          often conducted using
                                                 2.4.2 Organizes     be comb ined, subdivided,          small-scale models,
                                                   information              and changed                computer simulations,
                                                       using        2.4.1: Understands geometric      to reduce the chance of
                                                   appropriate      concepts such as flips, slides,        system failure.
                                                     systems.       turn, enlargements, rotations.
      Charles Schultz

The following is the philosophy
of Charles Schultz, the creator
of the "Peanuts" comic strip.
You don't have to actually
answer the questions. Just read
straight through and you'll get
the point.
        Charles Schultz
Name the five wealthiest people in the
Name the last five Heisman trophy
Name the last five winners of the Miss
Name ten people who have won the Nobel
or Pulitzer Prize.
Pause to Ponder
How did you do?
The point is, none of us remember
the headliners of yesterday. These
are no second-rate achievers, and
they are the best in their fields. But
applause dies, awards tarnish,
achievements are forgotten, and
accolades and certificates are buried
with their owners.
Here's another quiz. See how you do on
this one:

– List a few teachers who aided your
  journey through school.

– Name three friends who have helped
  you through a difficult time.

– Name five people who have taught you
  something worthwhile.

The lesson: The people who make a
difference in your life are not the ones with
the most credentials, the most money, or
the most awards. They are the ones that
Teachers who care make a difference in
students lives!
Pass this on to those people who have
made a difference in your life.
        Important Links
To the FL DOE
To the Sunshine State Standards
To the 9-12 Science Standards
To the 9-12 Math Standards
To the 9-12 Language Arts Standards
To I Support Learning
       Farewell and Adieu
Thank you for attending.
Thank you for your attention.
Feel free to email me if you have any
questions or comments.
     More Important Links
Edgewater High School
– http://www.ehs.ocps.net/
Paul Ackerman Teacher Web Page
– http://teachers.ocps.net/ackermp/
Paul Ackerman Email
– ackermp@ocps.net


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