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					Expanding Mobility
Through the FTA New
Freedom Program

   IATR Conference
   September 20, 2010
Session Overview
   Discuss funding opportunities to expand taxi
    services and other private transportation services,
       Specific focus on accessible services and the Federal
        Transit Administration’s (FTA) New Freedom Program
   Discuss examples from across the country
   Provide additional resources and information
   Discuss what this can mean in your community,
    obtain your thoughts, and answer your questions

   TLPA entered into a cooperative agreement with FTA to
    assist private transportation operators in understanding
    and becoming involved in the transportation planning
    process….and the opportunities for business and
    contracting that may follow

   Assistance included eleven “Planning Ahead” seminars
    around the country

   Modules will be available on TLPA Website in near future

 Some Funding Opportunities for
 Private Operator Participation
 Key FTA Programs
      New Freedom
      Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC)
      Section 5310
      Section 5307 and Section 5311

 Other Key Programs
      Medicaid
      Title III B
      Veterans Medical Care Benefits

 State and Local Programs
New Freedom Program -
Section 5317

   Formula program to support new transportation services
    that go beyond the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
       Population < 200,000 = Designated State recipient
       Population > 200,000 = Designated public entity

   Projects must be competitively selected by designated
   Projects must be derived from a coordinated
    transportation plan

New Freedom Program
   Projects are eligible for both operating and capital
    and operating funding
       Operating: 50% Federal funds
       Capital: 80% Federal funds

   Eligible subrecipients includes “Operators of
    public transportation services, including private
    operators of public transportation services”
    (check with New Freedom recipient)

New Freedom Program – Some
Opportunities to Expand Services
   Participate in coordinated transportation planning process
   Potential projects for private operator involvement or
    partnership include:
     Accessible vehicles for use in taxi, ridesharing, and vanpool
     Expansion of paratransit services beyond ¾ mile ADA
     Expansion of paratransit service hours beyond ADA requirement
     Same day paratransit service
     Door Through Door paratransit service
     Vouchers to individuals with disabilities to purchase taxi trips
     Mobility management program

Some Examples

 New Freedom grant awards to purchase
  accessible taxis:
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Los Angeles, California
    Washington, D.C.

 Accessible taxi demonstration program in
  Boise, Idaho is considering New Freedom funds
  to support program
Coordinated Planning Requirements
 Projects funded through the FTA’s New Freedom
  Program must be derived from a “locally
  developed coordinated public transit-human
  services transportation plan”

 Process must include “representatives of public,
  private, and non-profit transportation and human
  service providers, and participation by members
  of the public”

Some Realities
   For a variety of reasons, private transportation operators
    may not be as involved in these programs as they could
     Planning process may seem convoluted and difficult for private
      operators to determine where they fit in
     Going to more meetings may not be high on their list – unless
      they know there are potential business opportunities
     Outreach to private operators may be lacking
     Old stereotypes may affect the way private transportation
      operators are perceived
     Need for stronger relationships between funding agencies and
      private operators
     Lack of forum for private transportation providers to form
      partnerships with disability service providers, social service
      agencies, and other organizations

“Eighty percent of
success is showing up”
-- Woody Allen
Upcoming Resource
             Provides information on the
              transportation planning process
             Review key funding programs,
              including the New Freedom and
              JARC Programs
             Companion brochure to assist
              planners and others working
              with private operators
             Final drafts currently under
              review by FTA

Guidebook Objectives
   Provide a working knowledge of the various transportation
    planning processes

   Discuss the benefits of being involved in the planning

   Review key Federal funding programs and help identify
    potential opportunities for private providers

   Help assess objectives for participation in the planning

   Provide tips on aligning a private transportation company
    with new business opportunities
Some Guidebook Highlights
 Self-assessment questionnaire
 Action plan
 Tips for participating in the process
 Common terms and acronyms
 Examples of successful involvement
 Various resources, i.e. private participation
  Q and A
 Helpful websites

Private Sector Opportunities
Guidebook provides information on various
opportunities, including:
    Premium Taxi Service
    Contracting for Paratransit Services
    After Hours Service
    Human Service Transportation
    Coordinated Transportation Services
    Mobility Management
    Emergency Preparedness and Response
    Bus Services

Navigating Through the Process

 Guidebook provides guidance on opportunities
  through the New Freedom and other funding
  programs, including:
    Determining who administers funding programs
    Networking through the planning process
    Determining which programs offer the best

Additional Resource
   Can help facilitate discussion
    between private operators,
    regulators, disability
    community, transit industry,
    and others

   Topics include:
       Public Policy
       Vehicle Design and Costs
                                     Available through the Easter
       Incentives
                                     Seals Project ACTION store
       Contracts and Operating      at
       Licensing

TLPA Toll Free Hot Line
   Questions on being involved in the planning
   How to overcome problems in getting involved
   Developing services for consideration in the
    planning process
   1-866-928-6550

Some Helpful Websites
   Federal Transit Administration (FTA):

   United We Ride:

   A Transportation Planning Process: Key Issues document:

   Private Enterprise Participation in Planning and Service Delivery:

So, What’s This All Mean to Your
   Additional transportation resources for residents and
   Good for business, tourism, attracting conventions, etc.
   Expands opportunities for local taxi companies
   Helps provide a link between public transit and private
    transportation operators
   Make use of federal funds

Possible Follow-up in Your
   Direct private operators toward these resources
   Encourage the use of New Freedom Program
    funds to expand accessible taxi services
   Help identify public policies that can help provide
    incentives for accessible taxi services
   Assist with data collection of accessible taxi
   Participate in outreach that helps educate the
    community on the need for accessible services

Contact Information
   Dan Dalton
    Senior Transportation Planner
    KFH Group

   Hal Morgan, TLPA