Toilet Seat Covers And How They can Protect You by yankirby


									Toilet Seat Covers And How They can Protect You.

Normally, a well managed company will clean its restrooms three days per week. Of
those three cleaning days, the toilet seats will be cleaned maybe once. If you are
employed by a company that has 50 employees with five toilets in the building, the
average toilet seat will be sat on 50 times before it's wiped down and cleaned off. What
this implies is that when you sit down on a toilet in that company, 50 more individuals
have sat there before you with nothing separating there bare behind from the toilet seat
you're right now sitting on.

Toilets breed bacteria and germs, it is a moist warm environment where certain bacteria
that are very bad for us thrive. A great method to protect yourself from germs living in a
toilet and germs spread from person to person is to make use of a toilet seat cover when
you sit on a toilet. Many private and public restrooms provide toilet seat covers which
are usually mounted on a toilet stall wall in a toilet seat cover d ispenser. For every
restroom that offers toilet seat covers, there are no less than 10 that do not. A toilet seat
cover can be folded up into a fairly small piece of paper smaller in size than the average
envelope. They can be easily brought in a pocket or a purse for when you need it.

Toilet seat covers come in one basic style and are utilized as a layer between you and a
well used toilet seat. Some toilet seat covers are treated with a wax so they can be
dispensed much more easily from a toilet seat cover dispenser. Toilet seat covers can be
bought on cleaning supply web sites and are generally sold in packs of 250 to 1000 toilet
seat covers per pack. Toilet seat cover dispensers are available in many styles and
colours and can highlight any taste in decorating. These dispensers start at about five
dollars and can be a welcome sight in any public restroom. Toilet seat covers aren't as
expensive as you would imagine, the typical toilet seat cover costs simply over a penny

By supplying basic sanitary needs for your employees, you can cut down on pricey
absences and maintain a much more productive work environment. It is a proven fact
that an employer who shows they care will have employees that care much more about
their jobs and as a result are more productive. If you are an employee that works for a
company that doesn't have toilet seat covers readily available in their restrooms, you can
still protect yourself by obtaining your own and using a toilet seat cover anytime you are
in public restroom.

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