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					Need a new Toilet? What Type Should You Choose?

With today’s increasing concerns with regards to saving water and cutting down on
utility costs, a lot more individuals are directing their attention to their toilet. The toilet
accounts for as much as 30% of total household water usage and therefore, should be a
major concern to cut down on your water wastage. However, the toilet isn’t exactly most
people's field of expertise with regards to selecting the right design for your needs. Here
is a breakdown of the most popular types of toilets, and their functions.

1.      Gravity - The vast majority, as much as 99% of household toilets are of the
gravity kind. Since the inception of 6-litre toilets, gravity type flushing action has been
greatly improved. A gravity bowl works on siphoning action, pulling water from the bowl
and with today’s design technology, 6-litre gravity toilets really outperform old large
volume toilets.

2.       Vacuum-assist - Unlike gravity toilets, vacuum-assist toilets have a mechanism
that generates a small vacuum in the trap to help in the flushing water from the bowl. The
fill valve and early closing flappers are identical to gravity kind toilets.

3.     Pressure-assist - This toilet design doesn’t make use of a traditional flapper
mechanism, rather there's a vessel inside the toilet tank that traps air. The tank fills with
water and uses the pressure from the water line to compress the trapped air. This
compressed air is released and rather than a siphoning action sucking water from the
bowl, you have a pressurized “push”, clearing waste from the bowl.

4.      Tip Bucket - This zany toilet makes use of a bucket situated at the top of the toilet
tank. The bucket, rather than the tank is filled with water, and when the lever is lowered,
the bucket tips over into the tank and drains into the bowl. The essense is similar as a
gravity type toilet, however the difference is with the water kept in the bucket, you don’t
need to have a flapper in the tank, so you have no chance of leaks and no internal
components to replace.

5.      Dual Flush Toilets - Dual Flush Toilets are unique in that they have two handles
or buttons. One handle usually flushes a 1 gallon or four liter flush while the other handle
delivers a full tank. This allows for a decreased flush for liquid wastes along with a full
flush for solid wastes. Dual flush technology has been mandated in Australia for several
years and is very common in Europe as well, nevertheless the technology is simply
beginning to catch on in North America. This toilet kind can really use as much as 26%
less water than any other 1.6 gallon toilet.

When choosing a toilet design for your home, be aware of the likelihood of leakage and
also the toilet tank volume. Older toilets can be retrofitted or replaced and the initial cost
will pay itself off in spades when you begin counting the gallons of water each day that
could be saved. With only a bit of awareness, you are able to significantly cut down your
family’s water footprint and decrease your utility bills.
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