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					Eating Disorder Treatment in Orange County,
            Southern California

By: Dion Silva

First step towards addiction recovery is detox!

There are various factors which lead to getting a person addicted
the various drugs and alcohol. But only one factor leads them to get
out of this mess and that crucial factor is the willingness or longing
to quitting this addiction and to lead a sober life. Many people do
so for their loved ones, many do so for themselves. Whatever the
reason be, to face the uneasiness for denying body the pleasure it is
used to may cause tremendous pain in body, requires lot of courage
and a very strong will power. It needs lot of determination and
courage to put your body through the painful experience.

Apart from these personal factors, external factors such as expert guidance, well equipped
rehab, personal monitoring during recovery, individualistic recovery treatment, following
approach during recovery and the most important to reform the thinking pattern of the newly
sober to refrain from going back the addiction are the basic and most significant things one
should look for while finding a right rehab. Nowadays most of the rehabs follow these
guidelines and offer compassionate and sophisticated recovery treatment to their clients.

Right after admitting into a rehab an evaluation process, to measure the intensity of the
addiction is carried out. Based on the outcome of these evaluations, the medical experts draft a
personalized recovery plan for the addicts. The very fundamental and primary goal of those
professionals is to get the toxins out of the body, so that the drugs can be effective in fighting
against the cravings and foreign substances. Getting the toxins out of the body is called
detoxification. As the name suggest, it detoxifies the body. This term does not limit itself to
removal of toxins from human body, but it may also include the withdrawal period, caused due
to denying the body the usual substance, to which the body is addicted.
In conventional medicine, detoxification can be achieved by decontamination of poison
ingestion and the use of antidotes as well as techniques such as dialysis and (in a very limited
number of cases) Chelating therapy. Many alternative medicine practitioners promote various
other types of taking the poisonous substances out such as "diet detoxification," but there is
little evidence that such methods have any health benefits. Most of the rehabs follow
sophisticated drug detox methods. Alcohol detox gives a proper platform to impart recovery
treatment. These methods help in getting the body cleansed and conditions it for a better

Substance abuse: a self imposed slavery to drugs!

                              Many times I am forced to think, what on the earth makes people
                              get addicted to drugs or alcohol? Always have failed to get the
                              answer to this question, until I happened to read an article on the
                              internet about factors leading to addictions! There were many
                              reasons leading to addiction, all of them were valid. One reason
                              caught my attention the most was as follows: many of us get
                              addicted to get emotional strength. This point got my thought
                              process rotating. Why does one have to depend on the external
                              factors to be strong? Is it not sufficient to have a strong mind and
                              acknowledging it? All my questions may be true in their own
                              respect. Later, with some extensive research, it was clear to me,
                              that very few of us have the ability to know and realized how
                              strong our own mind is and how well we ourselves can control the
                              mind to make it our slave.

Though it sounds very tough and hard, on the contrary it is the most easily learned art. One
should know when to let it go scot free and when to hold it back. There is one apt proverb in
literature, it says, a will can move mountains! Do you think it is physically possible for person
to move mountains? The answer might be “NO”. But with power of will paired with efforts
people can reach at the top of the mountain. So power of mind is the mightiest tool humans
have, we should acknowledge it and make accurate use of it. But very few of us realize this
principle. Those who realize it, move far ahead in their lives. For those who do not understand
it, think life as hard task, and seek help outside self, get easily addicted to substances to gain a
feeling of being well.

Ativan is one drug used for getting a feeling of relieved from anxiety. It has a very soothing and
calming effect. This drug is used in psychological therapies by the professionals. It is also
recommended by the practicing medical experts for a shorter term. It has a characteristic to
make the user habituated to this drug. Similarly people use cocaine for getting the euphoric
feeling. Ativan addiction needs careful and expert medical care in the treatment which begins
with detoxification. Cocaine addiction affects the central nervous system. The basic difference
between these addictions is the earlier one is a prescribed drug whereas the other one is
Compassionate healing words work wonders!

The other day one of my closest friends had a fight with her
partner. She came to me and shared her perspective. The reason of
the fight was really petty but it created havoc in her life. We
decided to call her husband as well to know his version of the
story. All four of us sat down and had a prolonged discussion. In
the end, the matter was solved between them. Our mind plays a
huge role in perceiving things around us. What we feel and the
vibes we get from those things determine how we respond to them.
Many small things can turn into a big brawl due to perception.

One of the great authors has mentioned a story of a monkey to describe how the mind can
manipulate circumstances around us and then change the entire look out towards those things. It
happens so; a monkey gets trapped in a tower and gets locked into a room accidentally. After
trying out various ways to get out, it fails. There are only two windows in that room. It thinks
that, it is eternal hell with no way to get out. Numerous tries in vain and it looks around. After
inspecting the room, looking out of the window it realizes that, things, it could see from the
window were not that bad. As the matter of fact, the monkey started to enjoy the view, the
peace inside the room etc. it’s changed perception towards the eternal hell.

In a similar way, there are many ways to look at things people do not realize. It is the duty of
the loved ones to make them realize and lessen their burden. Especially for those, whose loved
ones have been admitted into rehabs. Changing the perspective towards life changes
everything! The psychologists and medical therapists have recommended certain rules for
conversing with the loved ones in rehab they guide the families about what to say to an
addict. They recommend that certain topics which are pertaining to their past or which might
remind them of the addiction should be avoided. Similarly, certain things should be told to them
to change their perspective towards life. Psychologists educate families about what to say to
an alcoholic. Tensions from past should be buried and the sober life should be embraced with a
brand new perspective. Kind words can make a whole lot of difference!

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