Understanding the patenting process Your interaction with IP by uym49082


									    Understanding the patenting process: Your interaction with IP
                          Salesh Swami, Kathy Wong
                                47 Bowes Street
                                  IP Australia
                            Phillip, ACT, Australia
         salesh.swami@ipaustralia.gov.au, kathy.wong@ipaustralia.gov.au

Research and development in the field of polymeric materials has come a long way.
New ideas are born everyday. Some of them have amazing scientific and commercial
prospects. More than ever there is need to have appropriate Intellectual Property (IP)
protection for such innovations. But how to operate within this complex system?

IP Australia is a government agency responsible for the operation of the Australian
patent system, the provision of advice to the Australian government on IP, and the
grant of Australian patents.

This presentation will provide an overview of the patenting process via the national
and international routes with a particular focus on the roles and responsibilities of
both IP Australia and the applicant. The key legal concepts of novelty and
inventiveness will be discussed in the context of polymer technology and the various
forms of patent protection available under Australian Patent law canvassed.

Finally the presentation will briefly discuss the role of IP Australia in promoting
innovation in Australia, its co-operative initiatives with patent offices around the

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