Investment Trusts by tdt18397

 ~ As of October 31 2006 ~ Yields internet generated and subject to check
Canadian Trusts                                              SYM         Yield
A&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund                            AW.UN           6.82%
Acadian Timber Income Fund                                   ADN.UN          8.82%
ACS Media Income Fund                                        AYP.UN         10.29%
Advantage Energy Income Fund                                 AVN.UN         15.49%
Aeroplan Income Fund                                         AER.UN          4.68%
Ag Growth Income Fund                                        AFN.UN         10.03%
Agtech Income Fund                                           AGT.UN          9.50%
Alexis Nihon Real Estate Investment Trust                    AN.UN           8.24%
Algonquin Power Income Fund                                  APF.UN          9.11%
Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust               AP.UN           6.24%
AltaGas Income Trust                                         ALA.UN          7.13%
Altus Group Income Fund                                      AIF.UN          8.89%
Amtelecom Income Fund                                        AMT.UN          9.56%
ARC Engery Trust                                             AET.UN          8.59%
Arctic Glacier Income Fund                                   AG.UN           8.12%
Armtec Infrastructure Income Fund                            ARF.UN          8.08%
Arriscraft International Income Fund                         AIN.UN          8.75%
Art In Motion Income Fund                                    AIM.UN         24.59%
Associated Brands Income Fund                                ABF.UN          0.00%
Atlantic Power Corporation                                   ATP.UN          9.92%
Atlas Cold Storage Income Trust                              FZR.UN          4.81%
ATS Andlauer Income Fund                                     ATS.UN          9.11%
AutoCanada Income Fund                                       ACQ.UN          8.20%
Avenir Diversified Income Trust                              AVF.UN         10.10%
Badger Income Fund                                           BAD.UN          7.87%
Baytex Energy Trust                                          BTE.UN          8.99%
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund              BA.UN           8.08%
Bell Nordiq Income Fund                                      BNQ.UN          6.22%
Benvest New Look Income Fund                                 BCI.UN          9.27%
BFI Canada Income Fund                                       BFC.UN          6.00%
Big Rock Brewery Income Trust                                BR.UN           6.73%
Bird Construction Income Fund                                BDT.UN          8.44%
Black Diamond Income Fund                                    BDI.UN         10.53%
BlackWatch Energy Services Trust                             BWT.UN         11.89%
Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust                       BEI.UN          3.63%
Bonavista Energy Trust                                       BNP.UN         10.73%
Bonnett's Energy Services Trust                              BT.UN           9.18%
Bonterra Energy Income Trust                                 BNE.UN          7.87%
Boralex Power Income Fund                                    BPT.UN          8.70%
Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund                           BPF.UN          6.61%
Boyd Group Income Fund                                       BYD.UN          0.00%
BTB Real Estate Investment Trust                             BTB.UN         13.33%
Builders Energy Services Trust                               BET.UN         11.43%
Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust                        CWT.UN          5.24%
Calpine Power Income Fund                                    CF.UN           9.03%
Canada Cartage Diversified Income Fund                       TRK.UN          8.93%
Canadian Apartment Properties REIT                           CAR.UN          5.52%
Canadian Energy Services L.P.                                CEU.UN         13.10%
Canadian Equipment Rental Fund LP                            CFL.UN         12.05%
Canadian Helicopters Income Fund                             CHL.UN         11.41%
Canadian Hotel Income Properties REIT                    HOT.UN    6.84%
Canadian Oil Sands Trust                                 COS.UN    3.96%
Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust                    REF.UN    4.61%
Canetic Resources Trust                                  CNE.UN   13.97%
Canexus Income Fund                                      CUS.UN   11.14%
Canfor Pulp Income Fund                                  CFX.UN   11.34%
CanWel Building Materials Income Fund                    CWX.UN   15.80%
CanWest MediaWorks Income Fund                           CWM.UN   11.62%
Carfinco Income Fund                                     CFN.UN    8.25%
Cargojet Income Fund                                     CJT.UN   11.77%
Cathedral Energy Services Income Trust                   CET.UN    8.84%
CCS Income Trust                                         CCR.UN    5.67%
Centerplate, Inc.                                        CVP.UN    9.66%
Chartwell Seniors Housing Real Estate Investment Trust   CSH.UN    7.65%
Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund                          CHE.UN   13.78%
Chesswood Income Fund                                    CHW.UN   15.13%
CI Financial Income Fund                                 CIX.UN    6.86%
Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund                              CGX.UN    8.30%
Clean Power Income Fund                                  CLE.UN   11.18%
Clearwater Seafoods Income Fund                          CLR.UN   11.49%
CML Healthcare Income Fund                               CLC.UN    6.19%
Coast Wholesale Appliances Income Fund                   CWA.UN   16.53%
Colabor Income Fund                                      CLB.UN    9.30%
Cominar REIT                                             CUF.UN    5.89%
Connors Bros. Income Fund                                CBF.UN   12.13%
Contrans Income Fund                                     CSS.UN    8.68%
Countryside Power Income Fund                            COU.UN   10.40%
Crescent Point Energy Trust                              CPG.UN   12.00%
Creststreet Power & Income Fund LP                       CRS.UN   12.48%
Crombie REIT                                             CRR.UN    6.45%
Custom Direct Income Fund                                CDI.UN   17.13%
Davis + Henderson Income Fund                            DHF.UN    7.73%
Daylight Resources Trust                                 DAY.UN   17.14%
Deepwell Energy Services Trust                           DWL.UN   11.33%
DirectCash Income Fund                                   DCI.UN    7.84%
Dominion Citrus Income Fund                              DOM.UN   14.81%
Drive Products Income Fund                               DPI.UN   13.14%
Duke Energy Income Fund                                  DET.UN    6.91%
Dundee REIT                                              D.UN      6.36%
E.D. Smith Income Fund                                   JAM.UN   11.84%
Enbridge Income Fund                                     ENF.UN    6.45%
Energy Savings Income Fund                               SIF.UN    6.03%
Enerplus Resources Fund                                  ERF.UN    8.29%
Enterra Energy Trust                                     ENT.UN   18.07%
Entertainment One Income Fund                            EOF.UN    0.00%
EPCOR Power L.P.                                         EP.UN     8.06%
Essential Energy Services Trust                          ESN.UN   12.42%
Eveready Income Fund                                     EIS.UN   10.14%
Exchange Industrial Income Fund                          EIF.UN    9.78%
Fairborne Energy Trust                                   FEL.UN   12.29%
Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Trust                   FC.UN     8.97%
First National Alarmcap Income Fund                      FNA.UN   12.78%
First National Financial Income Fund                    FN.UN     6.51%
FMF Capital Group Ltd.                                  FMF.UN    0.00%
Focus Energy Trust                                      FET.UN    8.21%
Fording Canadian Coal Trust                             FDG.UN   11.31%
Foremost Income Fund                                    FMO.UN    8.00%
Fort Chicago Energy Partners L.P.                       FCE.UN    7.86%
FP Newspapers Income Fund                               FP.UN    12.30%
Freehold Royalty Trust                                  FRU.UN   11.30%
Futuremed HealthCare Income Fund                        FMD.UN    7.49%
Gamehost Income Fund                                    GH.UN     4.74%
Gateway Casinos Income Fund                             GCI.UN    7.86%
Gaz Metro Limited Partnership                           GZM.UN    6.82%
General Donlee Income Fund                              GDI.UN   11.95%
GENIVAR Income Fund                                     GNV.UN    8.10%
Gienow Windows & Doors Income Fund                      GIF.UN   16.00%
Golf Town Income Fund                                   GLF.UN   10.20%
Granby Industries Income Fund                           GBY.UN   16.82%
Great Lakes Carbon Income Fund                          GLC.UN   11.50%
Great Lakes Hydro Income Trust Fund                     GLH.UN    6.49%
H&R Real Estate Investment Trust                        HR.UN     5.73%
Halterm Income Fund                                     HAL.UN    6.38%
Hardwoods Distribution Income Fund                      HWD.UN   15.86%
Hartco Income Fund                                      HCI.UN   17.39%
Harvest Energy Trust                                    HTE.UN   13.94%
Holloway Lodging Real Estate Investment Trust           HLR.UN    8.65%
Home Equity Income Trust                                HEQ.UN    7.88%
Hot House Growers Income Fund                           VEG.UN    0.00%
Huntingdon Real Estate Investment Trust                 HNT.UN   12.07%
IAT Air Cargo Facilities Income Fund                    ACF.UN    7.25%
IBI Income Fund                                         IBG.UN   10.00%
Impax Energy Services Income Trust                      MPX.UN   16.00%
Innergex Power Income Fund                              IEF.UN    6.93%
InnVest Real Estate Investment Trust                    INN.UN    8.47%
Inter Pipeline Fund                                     IPL.UN    8.33%
IPC US Income Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust   IUR.U     8.08%
IPC US Income Real Estate Investment Trust              IUR.UN    8.13%
Jazz Air Income Fund                                    JAZ.UN    9.33%
K-Bro Linen Income Fund                                 KBL.UN    7.34%
KCP Income Fund                                         KCP.UN   10.99%
Keyera Facilities Income Fund                           KEY.UN    6.67%
Keystone North America Inc.                             KNA.UN   12.55%
Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Income Fund                   LIF.UN    5.33%
Lakeport Brewing Income Fund                            TFR.UN    7.24%
Lakeview Hotel Real Estate Investment Trust             LHR.UN    9.76%
Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust               LRT.UN    9.66%
Legacy Hotels REIT                                      LGY.UN    3.48%
Liquor Barn Income Fund                                 LBN.UN    6.60%
Liquor Stores Income Fund                               LIQ.UN    6.31%
Livingston International Income Fund                    LIV.UN    7.08%
Macquarie Power & Infrastructure Income Fund            MPT.UN    8.93%
Madacy Entertainment Income Fund                        MEG.UN    0.00%
Medical Facilities Corp.                                DR.UN    11.85%
Medisys Health Group Income Fund                     MHG.UN    7.76%
Menu Foods Income Fund                               MEW.UN    0.00%
Morguard REIT                                        MRT.UN    7.96%
Morneau Sobeco Income Fund                           MSI.UN    6.79%
Movie Distribution Income Fund                       FLM.UN   14.02%
Mullen Group Income Fund                             MTL.UN    7.99%
NAL Oil & Gas Trust                                  NAE.UN   12.46%
New Flyer Industries Inc.                            NFI.UN   12.50%
Newalta Income Fund                                  NAL.UN    6.79%
Newport Partners Income Fund                         NPF.UN   13.39%
Noranda Income Fund                                  NIF.UN    8.61%
Norcast Income Fund                                  NCF.UN   16.64%
North West Company Fund                              NWF.UN    4.92%
Northern Property Real Estate Investment Trust       NPR.UN    5.26%
Northland Power Income Trust                         NPI.UN    7.10%
Oceanex Income Fund                                  OAX.UN    8.24%
OFI Income Fund                                      OFB.UN   13.34%
Osprey Media Income Fund                             OSP.UN   12.19%
Otelco Inc.                                          OTT.UN    8.40%
Pantera Drilling Income Trust                        RIG.UN   11.78%
Paramount Energy Trust                               PMT.UN   13.90%
Parkland Income Fund                                 PKI.UN    6.99%
PDM Royalties Income Fund                            PDM.UN   13.91%
Peak Energy Services Trust                           PES.UN   12.41%
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund                         PIF.UN    6.86%
Pengrowth Energy Trust                               PGF.UN   13.53%
Penn West Energy Trust                               PWT.UN    9.71%
Petrowest Energy Services Trust                      PRW.UN   12.85%
Peyto Energy Trust                                   PEY.UN    7.62%
Phoenix Capital Income Trust                         PNX.UN   11.07%
Phoenix Technology Income Fund                       PHX.UN    9.69%
Pizza Pizza Royalty Income Fund                      PZA.UN    8.54%
Pollard Banknote Income Fund                         PBL.UN    8.60%
Precision Drilling Trust                             PD.UN    11.60%
Premium Brands Income Fund                           PBI.UN   10.55%
Primaris Retail REIT                                 PMZ.UN    6.10%
Primary Energy Recycling Corp.                       PRI.UN   10.95%
Prime Restaurants Royalty Income Fund                EAT.UN   13.24%
Primewest Energy Trust                               PWI.UN   10.56%
Priszm Canadian Income Fund                          QSR.UN    9.66%
Progress Energy Trust                                PGX.UN   10.70%
Proventure Income Fund                               PVT.UN   10.00%
Provident Energy Trust                               PVE.UN   10.79%
PRT Forest Regeneration Income Fund                  PRT.UN    8.59%
Public Storage Canadian Properties Ltd.              PUB       7.98%
Rainmaker Income Fund                                RNK.UN   14.04%
Resolve Business Outsourcing Income Fund             RBO.UN   11.56%
Retirement Residences Real Estate Investment Trust   RRR.UN    5.05%
Retrocom Mid-Market Real Estate Investment Trust     RMM.UN   13.40%
Richards Packaging Income Fund                       RPI.UN   13.04%
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust                  REI.UN    5.33%
Rogers Sugar Income Fund                             RSI.UN    9.88%
Royal Host REIT                                      RYL.UN    7.80%
Royal LePage Franchise Services Fund                 RSF.UN    8.52%
Royal Utilities Income Fund                          RU.UN     7.64%
SCI Income Trust                                     SMN.UN    6.69%
Scott's Real Estate Investment Trust                 SRQ.UN    8.85%
Second Cup Royalty Income Fund                       SCU.UN    9.59%
SFK Pulp Fund                                        SFK.UN    5.63%
Shiningbank Energy Income Fund                       SHN.UN   14.01%
SIR Royalty Income Fund                              SRV.UN   12.35%
Sleep Country Canada Income Fund                     Z.UN      5.31%
Somerset Entertainment Income Fund                   SOM.UN   18.99%
Sound Energy Trust                                   SND.UN   17.17%
Specialty Foods Group Income Fund                    HAM.UN    0.00%
Spinrite Income Fund                                 SNF.UN    0.00%
Stephenson's Rental Services Income Fund             RNT.UN   17.57%
Sterling Shoes Income Fund                           SSI.UN    8.24%
Stoneham Drilling Trust                              SDG.UN    7.61%
Student Transportation of America Ltd.               STB.UN    8.94%
Summit Real Estate Investment Trust                  SMU.UN    0.00%
Sun Gro Horticulture Income Fund                     GRO.UN   12.73%
Sunrise Senior Living Real Estate Investment Trust   SZR.UN    8.10%
Superior Plus Income Fund                            SPF.UN   11.86%
Supremex Income Fund                                 SXP.UN   11.87%
Swan Hills Energy Limited Partnership                SWE.UN    0.00%
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Income Fund         SWS.UN    7.73%
Taylor NGL Limited Partnership                       TAY.UN    7.77%
Temple Real Estate Investment Trust                  TR.UN    11.34%
Teranet Income Fund                                  TF.UN     7.16%
TerraVest Income Fund                                TI.UN    17.47%
The Brick Group Income Fund                          BRK.UN   12.67%
The Consumers' Waterheater Income Fund               CWI.UN    7.69%
The Data Group Income Fund                           DGI.UN   11.31%
The Keg Royalties Income Fund                        KEG.UN    7.93%
Thunder Energy Trust                                 THY.UN   19.35%
TimberWest Forest Corp.                              TWF.UN    7.95%
Total Energy Services Trust                          TOT.UN    8.80%
TransAlta Power L.P.                                 TPW.UN    9.66%
TransForce Income Fund                               TIF.UN    8.74%
Tree Island Wire Income Fund                         TIL.UN   16.80%
Trilogy Energy Trust                                 TET.UN   12.40%
Trimac Income Fund                                   TMA.UN    9.79%
Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust                TDG.UN    9.79%
True Energy Trust                                    TUI.UN   19.76%
UE Waterheater Income Fund                           UWH.UN    7.17%
Vault Energy Trust                                   VNG.UN   18.90%
Vermilion Energy Trust                               VET.UN    5.60%
Versacold Income Fund                                ICE.UN   10.46%
Vicwest Income Fund                                  VIC.UN    9.29%
Voxcom Income Fund                                   VOX.UN   10.19%
Wajax Income Fund                                    WJX.UN   10.47%
Wellco Energy Services Trust                         WLL.UN   12.20%
WesternOne Equity Income Fund                        WEQ.UN   14.00%
Westfield Real Estate Investment Trust   WFD.UN    7.34%
Westshore Terminals Income Fund          WTE.UN   11.32%
Whiterock Real Estate Investment Trust   WRK.UN    9.03%
XS Cargo Income Fund                     XSC.UN    8.86%
Yellow Pages Income Fund                 YLO.UN    6.87%
Zargon Energy Trust                      ZAR.UN    6.53%

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