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 South Jersey Math/Science
    at Rowan University

      Dr. Eric Milou
      Dr. Jill Perry
                                 Project Goals
Intensive, Sustained, Ongoing PD to:
   Improve student achievement in mathematics and
   Improve teachers’ mathematical and scientific content
    knowledge, pedagogical skills, and classroom practices
   Increase teachers’ and students’ use of technology
   Increase the number of highly qualified teachers
   Increase the number of teachers obtaining Elementary
    Certification with Subject Matter Specialization (Upon
    completion of 15 credits and passage of Praxis II)
   Increase the number of middle grades
    mathematics/science teachers with graduate degrees
               Professional Development

 Summer ‘07 two-week institute
  (Math/Science via Robotics)
 Fall ‘07 Course (Algebra or Space Science)
 Spring ‘08 Course (Geometry or Life
 Summer ‘08 institute (Prob/Stat/Discrete
  Math or Chemistry)
                   Fall 07 & Spring 08 PD
 Two courses (one per semester)
 $750.00/course (successful completion)
 Graduate credits (3 per course)
 Graphing calculator, CBL, CBR, software,
  texts, and manipulatives
 AMTNJ, NJSTA convention trip
 3 full days of in-class support/teacher
    District provides subs/coverage during visitation
                   Graduate Credits

ALL Graduate credits count towards:
 Certificate of Graduate Studies (COGS)
  in Middle School Mathematics or
 M.Ed. in Standards-Based Teaching
                 Teacher Contract
 Attend all course modules and complete all
 Work closely with assigned facilitator and be
  visited by evaluation team
 Submit all SJMP forms in a timely manner
 Teach in their present district for the duration of
  the project (2 years minimum)
 Cooperate with and participate in the continuing
  monitoring plan
 Administer a pre/posttest content assessment to
  their students
                        Data Collection
 Teacher Content Pre/Post (Treatment and
  Comparison Groups)
      Mathematics - LMT
      Science - MOSART
 Student Content Pre/Post
   NAEP released items
 Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol
 Module Evaluation (Developed by Evaluator)
 Instructional Strategy Inventory (2000 National
  Survey of Math/Science Education, Horizon)
 Praxis II Results
Results from 05-06 & 06-07
  Type of Data       Instrument Used             Pre-       Post-
                                                 test        test
  Content            LMT
  Knowledge of                                  38.89       47.87*
  SJ MP Teachers
  Instructional                 nal
                     2000 Natio Survey
  Strategy           of Science and
  Inventory          Mathematics Education       2.81       2.92*

  Evaluation of      Module 1                           4.69**
  SJ MP Modules      Module 2                           4.73**
                     Module 3                           4.68**
  Observation of
                     RTOP                        51.9       72.2*
  SJ MP teachers
  Knowledge of       NAEP items                   8.1        9.3*
  students in SJMP
                                  *p< .001, ** 5-level Likert scale
Further Results (from 05-06 and 06-07)
 97 of our 100 teachers completed the
  full program (250 hours of PD)
 All teachers reached HQ status
 76% passed the Middle School Math
  Praxis II
 100% passed the Middle School
  Science Praxis II
 Nearly 50% have continued their
  education towards a M.Ed.
                       Challenges Faced
 IHE Faculty Expectations and Teachers’
  Content Knowledge
    Balance between teachers’ lack of content
     knowledge and IHE faculty members’ expectations
     (graduate credits)
 Teachers’ Technological Expertise
    On-line discussions were less than focused. We
     responded to this by posting prompts for each
    We developed a rubric that indicated how teachers
     were to be assessed on their online work.
Cohort 1 & 2 PD Experiences
                07-08 Grant Year                           08-09 Grant Year
    Sum 07           Fall 07           Spr 08           Sum08           Fall 08
2 week institute 40 hours (15       40 hours (15 2 -week institute 40 hours (15
   (10 days)     weekly classes) weekly classes)      (10 days)      weekly classes)
   3 credits        3 credits         3 credits        3 credits       3 credits
                Cohort 1: 25 Teachers of Grades 3-4
                                 Cohort 2: 25 Teachers of Grades 5-8
  Integrated       Algebraic         Geometric        Prob, Stat,     Numerical
  Numerical        Reasoning         Reasoning         Discrete       Reasoning
  Reasoning            OR                OR               OR              OR
    Physical       Space Sci                                           Physical
   Sciences                        Life Sciences      Chemistry
                   Astronomy                                           Sciences
                     Classroom Observations
         Cohorts 3 & 4 PD experiences
              08-09 Grant Year                              09-10 Grant Year
   Sum08           Fall 08         Spr 09        Sum09           Fall 09      Spr 10
   2 -week      40 hours (15 40 hours (15        2 week       40 hours (15 40 hours (15
institute (10      weekly          weekly     institute (10      weekly       weekly
    days)          classes)       classes)        days)         classes)     classes)
  3 credits       3 credits       3 credits     3 credits       3 credits    3 credits
         Cohort 3: 30 Tch of Gr. 3-8
                                                      Cohort 4: 30 Tch of Gr. 3-8
 Robotics       Algebra &                      Robotics       Algebra &
                             Geometry &                                     Geometry &
 Summer          Physical                      Summer          Physical
                            Space Science                                  Space Science
 Institute       Sciences                      Institute       Sciences
                 Classroom Observations                        Classroom Observations
South Jersey Math/Science
at Rowan University

                     Dr. Eric Milou
                      Dr. Jill Perry
 The instructional practices
 and assessments discussed
or shown in this presentation
    is not intended as an
  endorsement by the U.S.
  Department of Education.