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Auxiliary Adult Activities and P


									                                            Auxiliary Adult Activities and Programs

Adult members can participate in a wide variety of activities and programs within the American Legion Auxiliary while offering
tangible benefits, professional development and opportunities to impact the lives of others.

Adult Activities Include:

        Americanism                                                   Leadership
            Participate in parades and patriotic activities                 Creative opportunities to expand leadership skills
            Promote patriotism throughout our nation                        Learn protocol and the art of communication
            Support our military troops                                     Travel to other cities or states for District,
            Blue Star Service Banner                                            Department (State) and National Meetings
            Flag etiquette and awareness
        Community Service                                                         Learn history of the poppy and its significance to
            “Operation Welcome Troops Home”                                       the Legion Family and our veterans
            Habitat for Humanity                                                 Help veterans make poppies
            Domestic Violence Centers                                            Distribute poppies at Memorial Day and/or
            Senior Citizens Centers                                               Veterans Day celebrations
            Adopt-a-Highway
            Recycling                                              Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
                                                                             Help raise awareness for homeless veterans
                                                                             Enhance the continuum of care provided by VA
                                                                                 hospitals and medical centers
                                                                             Work with the Veterans History project

Adult Programs Include:

        Children and Youth                                                       Legislative
             Substance Abuse Prevention                                              Support for veterans programs
             Crisis Intervention                                                     Citizen Flag Alliance
             Family Support                                                          Grassroots Lobbying
             Child Safety Immunization
             Children’s Miracle Network                                         National Security
                                                                                      Support for military
        Education                                                                     Disaster Prevention and Relief
            Literacy Programs                                                        Homeland Security
            Scholarships and Grants                                                  USO
            American Education Week
            Veterans in the Classroom


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