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Equal Opportunities Policy - CAM



Equal Opportunities in Employment - Statement of Policy
1.   All job applicants and employees have a right to equal opportunity in employment.
     The purpose of this statement is to set out clearly and publicly CCABS' commitment
     to preventing discrimination and stimulating equality of opportunity in employment
     with the organisation.

2.   CCABS accepts that in society certain groups or individuals may have been denied
     equal opportunities in the past and that as an employer, it is committed to taking
     positive steps to remedy this situation.

3.   CCABS believes that in providing a service in a multi-racial area like Camden it is
     essential to eliminate discrimination and promote good relations and equality of

4.   In addition to its moral and social responsibilities CCABS accepts the statutory
     requirements laid down in the Race Relations Act, the Sex Discrimination Act and the
     Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act.

5.   CCABS commits itself to establishing an equal opportunity policy for employees and
     potential employees. Areas of discrimination the policy specifically aims to cover are:
     age, class, creed or religion, disability, marital status, race (ethnic or national origin),
     sex, sexual orientation and spent convictions of ex-offenders.

6.   CCABS recognises that passive policies will not in themselves improve and extend
     employment opportunities. Black, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities are
     under-represented in the workforce. CCABS commits itself to taking positive steps to
     redress the balance and ensure that equality of opportunity is genuinely available.

7.   CCABS recognises that in addition to its role as employer it has a duty to ensure that
     the service it provides is equally and freely available to all people. This policy
     statement should be taken in conjunction with statements from the Management
     Committee on the implementation of equality of opportunity within the Committee
     itself and in service provision.

8.   The aims of the equal opportunity in employment policy are to ensure that:

     a)   No job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment than another.

     b)   No applicant or employee is placed at a disadvantage by requirements or
          conditions which are not strictly job-related and by disregarding assumptions
          and preferences which are discriminatory.

     c)   Where appropriate and where permitted under relevant legislation employees of
          under-represented groups are given encouragement to achieve equal
          opportunity within the organisation.


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