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What is Powertrain Warranty?


									                               In the automobile world the Powertrain consist of all the components
of a vehicle's drive system. This includes the engine, the transmission, and any separate
driveshafts, differential etc. Sometimes, "powertrain" is used to refer to simply the engine and
transmission, including the other components only if they are integral to the transmission.

Most automobile drivers are not aware that makers car warranty starts on the completion date of
manufacture not the day the vehicle was sold. So make sure you find this out before the
purchase. Be clear on how long the Powertrain is covered and what specific parts are included in
the coverage. As with all contracts be sure to read the whole policy. Not doing your scheduled
maintenance can void your warranty.

Most Powertrain Warranties pay the mechanic over the phone directly however a few
Administrators still require the policy holder to pay the facility and then get reimbursed. So make
it clear with your agent that you do not want a reimbursement policy. Another thing thats is not
universal with all warranties is the ability to use any mechanic you please. Make sure you can
use any repair facility in case your mechanical failure occurs out of town.

Some Factory Warranties cover the Powertrain for 5 years and 100k miles but most only cover
for 3 years and 36k miles. Many Extended Auto Warranty and Car Service Contract companies
offer Powertrain Warranties. You may even qualify for a Full Comprehensive policy but if
money is tight the Powertrain components cost the most when you do breakdown so at least
purchasing a Powertrain only policy will give you the peace of mind that most of the expensive
parts like the engine, transmission, drive axel and drive shaft are covered. An accredited Auto
Warranty Company will have agents that walk a customer through what and what is not covered.

Powertrain Warranties are something a high mileage or older model car owner must take into
consideration. When the Powertrain has failure you either pay lots of money to have it fixed or
send it to the junk yard. There is however a third option and that is preventative measure`s. Many
companies sell Powertrain Warranties and many have different levels of powertrain coverage.
The latest policy to land in the Extended Warranty arena is a Powertrain Enhanced Warranty.
Along with the Powertrain it also covers most of the Air Conditioning systems and some
electrical components. Regardless of the level of coverage a Powertrain Warranty is a great way
to protect your budget.

The important items requiring special attention on the Car Warranty contract is the mandatory
requirements like waiting period and mileage needed to drive before a policy takes effect. Be
aware of what extra`s the coverage has like;towing, roadside assistance, trip interruption, auto
deductible, rental coverage and out of state coverage. If these items are not contained in the
warranty it could cost you or leave you stranded. Also look for the auto warranty "rights of
refusal" to repair.

One important factor that a car owner must do to qualify for coverage is all of the recommended
maintenance. All of this is listed in your car`s owner manual. Most Powertrain Warranties
outline that a driver must replace their timing belt at specific mileage as well as regularly
changing oil and other fluids. Hurricane's floods and other natural disasters are not covered with
a Powertrain Warranty or any other car warranty for that matter.

Prior to purchasing your car warranty do some research on the internet which provides the best
place to obtain information about the company. They also have consumer ratings or contain
content as to problems that may have occurred. In any event purchasing the right extended auto
warranty to protect your vehicle and especially the powertrain will be the best investment you

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