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					When purchasing a new or used automobile, future vehicle repairs should be considered.
Individuals should consider obtaining an automobile warranty if it is not automatically provided.
There are several things that vehicle owners should look for in an Auto Warranty in order to get
the best coverage.

The auto warranty that includes bumper-to-bumper coverage offers the most extensive coverage
available. These plans are so comprehensive they list what is not covered rather than what is
included. However, they do not always cover each part on the vehicle, so consumers should read
the policy to identify exactly what items are covered. These auto warranties usually also include
additional benefits such as towing, wear and tear, roadside assistance, seals and gaskets, car
rental and travel interruption reimbursement, and high-tech electronic equipment coverage.

An alternative to the bumper-to-bumper plan is one that provides full comprehensive coverage.
This policy covers most of the major components and parts on the vehicle. The covered
components and parts are listed in the policy. These policies are the best choice when the vehicle
does not qualify for a bumper-to-bumper policy. They often include additional benefits and
optional coverage from which a consumer can select.

A powertrain warranty covers the transmission, engine, drive shaft, and drive train. Some of
these extended auto warranties also include additional parts or components. This coverage is
ideal for an older vehicle with high mileage. The vehicle owner will not need to worry about
repair bills for major powertrain components.

Whether the vehicle owner is interested in a bumper-to-bumper, comprehensive, or powertrain
auto warranty, some comparison-shopping should take place. The individual should compare the
items included under each policy, the available deductibles, and the policy costs. The ideal plan
will provide all of the necessary coverage at a reasonable price.

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