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					    Victim of MKULTRA Mind Control Sues Government And
                Others For Torture And Abuse

Steve Smith set out hitchhiking and ended up in a CIA controlled psychiatric hospital.
Forty years later he is still trying to get justice along with 80 other victims in a class
action suit going on for nine years and stalled by government lies and deceit.

By Greg Szymanski
15 Mar 2006

When Steve Smith was young, free and without a care in the world he starting
hitchhiking across Canada, looking for adventure and enjoying every moment of life one
day at a time. His journey began at a time in history when thumbs on the road were a
common sight and when North America was still a relatively safe place to travel alone.

It was 1968 and Smith, then 18 and a confirmed "Hippie," embarked on his soul
searching escapade like so many others his age during a time marked by a social change
and a flower-child mentality.

When Smith left hitchhiking, the Vietnam War was in full swing, Crosby, Stills, Nash
and Young topped the music charts, young men were wearing shoulder length hair and
millions of disenchanted Americans were marching in the streets, calling for end to a
useless war taking the lives of thousands of GI's and innocents abroad.

The 60's turmoil, of course, has been well-documented in American history with most
every Baby Boomer, a group now reaching retirement age, having their own story to tell
like "the time they went to Woodstock and were a half a million strong" or the time they
tried to "buck city hall" and were greeted with tear gas and police batons.

While many of the 60's free-spirited personal adventures have been documented, Smith's
hitchhiking trips remains a virtual mystery and needs to put at the top of the list of untold
stories. It needs to be put on the list since he didn't end up at Woodstock, gazing at the
stars and listening to Hendrix, but instead ended up, through basically no fault of his own,
at a CIA-funded psychiatric hospital, being worked on like "an experimental animal."

Now almost 40 years later, Smith, a successful businessman with a stable family life, has
filed a lawsuit in Canada seeking some semblance of justice for the tortuous abuse he
endured from defendants including unscrupulous psychiatrists on both sides of the
border, doctors working under government sanctioned programs with ties to CIA

And the incredible fact about Smith's story is that he isn't alone, being one of thousands
of adults and children who had their medical records changed overnight from sane to
insane while being subjected to illegal experimentation.
Adding credibility to Smith's story are 80 other plaintiffs who together are seeking
retribution in what has turned into a class action lawsuit filed nine years ago,
documenting torture and abuse the likes of which no human being have to endure.

Further, stories like the wholesale experimentation of hundreds of thousands of children
documented in what has become known as the The Duplessis Orphans case, adds to the
enormity of the problem that Smith and other victims claim is still going on today.

Although Smith kept quiet for many years about his eight months of torture and abuse in
what has come to be known as one of the CIA's MKULTRA mind-bending programs, he
hopes "going public" in the lawsuit, which he admits may never get to court, eventually
creates a public outcry bringing an end to the ongoing government-sponsored
experimentation programs.

"I was hitchhiking across the country when I was 18 and got caught stealing a car, which
I know was stupid and I am not proud of," recalled Smith this week on Greg Szymanski's
radio show, The Investigative Journal. "What happened afterward was a nightmare.
Somehow I ended up in a psychiatric institute, after learning I had been declared insane
for no reason.

"What I endured and what the others there underwent was unbelievable. Back then they
were still trying to create the perfect Manchurian Candidate by force, torture and abuse.
The idea is to change or rearrange someone's personality in order to get them to do things
they normally wouldn't do.

"They used illegal drugs on me daily like LSD and Mescaline, as well as many others. I
was tortured and put in a round cubicle naked with others while being deprived of sleep
and fed and given water through straws coming out of the walls. It's all documented in
my lawsuit and still after all these years, it is very difficult to talk about."

Smith also said he is reluctant to talk about his harrowing experience, saying it is the type
of story difficult for others to comprehend and leaving doubt in the minds of listeners as
to his own sanity

"I finally felt the need to tell my story, get justice and perhaps help stop the illegal
experimentation from continuing," said Smith, adding he has become realistic after nine
years in the lawsuit with the government fighting tooth and nail that he may never get his
day in court. "We may never get to court, but I hope telling my story like this can bring
some justice and shed the light on the corrupt government programs and doctors, some
who are still doing the same thing today. I would like to mention that the abuse is
probably even more widespread today and the programs being even more sophisticated
and effective as technology advances.

"I think the powers that be realize torture may not be the most effective way to get their
intended mind control result and they are now relying and testing more subtle and
sophisticated methods."
Although Smith said that thousands of people have been experimented since the 1960's,
he mentioned the case of Matthew Charles Lamb has remained under the radar screen and
needs to be investigated in order to understand the sinister and diabolical nature and
motives behind the mind control programs.

"Lamb's case needs to be researched if your looking for the perfect Manchurian
Candidate story," said Smith. "He was the prime patient, or better yet, victim of one of
the main doctor's performing the illegal experiments. Lamb actually killed four people in
Canada and eventually declared insane and returned to the doctor's care.

"He then turned up in Israel doing who knows what and eventually was killed overseas in
1976. The question has to be asked, how was a confirmed killer being allowed to travel
freely overseas if he wasn't being used in some diabolical way?"

Although no solid evidence has been uncovered indicating the mass murderer was used
as government contract killer, Smith claims Lamb's story if properly investigated, could
provide the tip of the iceberg into many other people being manipulated by worldwide
intelligence agencies for terrorist acts and assassination plots.

Greg Szymanski

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Description: Steve Smith talks about his experience as an unwilling test subject in the CIA's mind control program known as MKULTRA. Steve's experience happened in Canada.