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									       Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

 How To Quickly Create
 Unique Content From
Your Dusty PLR Articles
         By Kamran Chowdhury

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                              Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content


Have you ever wanted to use PLR articles in your website, but hesitated because you
were worried about duplicate content issues?
I understand how you feel. And I understand your skepticism. I would feel the same way
in your position.
You know and I know that one way to make any decent amount of money on the web is
to publish a lot of articles. The more articles you publish, the more money you can
potentially make.
And if you've been working in any area of internet marketing recently, you've probably
acquired a healthy collection of private label article packs. People are selling them,
giving them away, and offering them as bonuses left, right and center. Private label
articles are everywhere!
And if you're like most people, they're all sitting on your hard drive, taking up space,
and not making you a penny.
           But have you taken the time to think of these articles as assets?
They won't make you millions, but if you can quickly create content sites monetized
with Adsense ads and affiliate links, you can make a lot of money.
But there is a problem and I know what you are thinking now. There are hundreds of
other people who are using the same PLR articles that you are using. Google will NOT
rank your site anywhere near the first few pages of its results. How do you solve this
problem? How can you then use PLR articles as content?
           It is simple: All you need to do is make these PLR articles unique
You see, although it may seem very tedious and time consuming to rewrite PLR articles,

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                             Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

there are other ways to make them unique without completely rewriting the article.
That’s where this report comes in. I will show you how I quickly and easily create
unique content from PLR articles.

                    The Quick and Easy Steps
There are some software and wordpress plugins that create unique content by
replacing synonyms or by inserting special invisible HTML characters within the article. I
am not talking about those. Although these software manage to successfully create
unique articles, they have one big problem. The content they produce is gibberish. It
doesn’t make any sense to human readers, although search engine spiders may love
them. The technique I will show you in this guide will produce a content that is not only
attractive to the search engine spiders but also to the human readers.
Instead of rewriting the whole article, this technique involves something different.

                           So what exactly is this technique?

This technique involves inserting additional paragraphs to the PLR articles. You will add:
   • An Introduction to the article
   • A conclusion to the article
You can also add a third paragraph somewhere in between the content.
Two things happen when you do this:
   1. Your article length increases which is a very good SEO factor
   2. Your article becomes unique to the search engine spiders
This technique may seem very simple, but I have used it several times and each time

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                                  Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

my search engine position improved. Not only that, when I used this technique, not a
single one of my pages got de-indexed or sandboxed in Google.

    What should you write in the Introduction
               and Conclusion?

There are many ways you can introduce an article, try to be unique and try to make one
yourself so that it is different and unique from everyone else. Here is an example
introduction that I used recently with a PLR article on the topic of registry cleaners:
As you know, I am always on the lookout for quality content on Registry Cleaner, knowing that a
registry cleaner is essential for the proper functioning of a Windows operating system. Today, I came
across a very good article that discusses Registry Cleaners from a different light. Make sure you check
out this article and let me know what you think. Today’s article is titled "What is the best registry
cleaner for my PC?" and you can find the full article published below for convenience:

Again, the conclusion can be something simple like:
Although I am in complete agreement with the author, I have some reservations. Do you agree with
the author? Let me know by commenting below

Simple isn’t it? But don’t underestimate its usefulness. This simple technique is
responsible for ranking many of my PLR articles in the first page of Google.
What will this mean for your site?
Well naturally your content is going to start looking a whole lot more interesting and
unique in Google’s eyes, so they will begin offering your website better chances of
ranking higher than they did before. But there is an additional benefit that is not so
Your visitors are going to pay more attention to the article because you have just
personalized the article by adding an introduction and a conclusion. Most blogs that

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                              Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

use PLR articles give the impression that there is no living person behind the blogs. It
almost looks like it is an automatically generated blog. But this technique is going to
solve this problem

              Proof that this technique works
In order to check the effectiveness of this technique, I carried out an experiment. I
bench marked the number of indexed pages before adding introduction and conclusion.
Using the Google's search operator “site:” I checked the number of pages indexed by
The site that I used was betteramusements.com, the site has 260 posts at the time of
writing this. All of these posts are PLR content.

Before implementing this technique, the site had 42 pages indexed:

After adding introduction and conclusion to all the posts automatically (I will tell you
how I automated this), Google indexed all 260 pages. Whats more, it also indexed
category, archive and tag pages. Overall, the same search displayed 542 indexed pages:

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                             Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

              How to automate this technique

So far so good. There is just one problem though.
Who is going to add a different introduction and a conclusion to all those PLR articles?
Do you have enough time? Consider this...
To maximize your earning potential, you need to create websites in a lot of niches. You
need to be active in a lot of niches.
Do you have the time to keep adding a different introduction and a conclusion for your
content sites? I, for one, don't. And that's not all...
How many hours a day can you realistically devote to this technique anyway? There are
only 24 hours in a day, mind you, and you have to fit EVERYTHING into those 24 hours.
And no matter what, I need some time off for rest, sleep, family, and friends, and I bet
you do too, especially since...
It SUCKS to have to create content and making them unique day in and day out!
Although I loved this technique and it was making a lot of my sites highly successful, I
have to admit it was way too time-consuming and boring.
That’s why I decided to automate this technique, and a few weeks later my new plugin
PLR Unique was born.
PLR Unique is an easy to use wordpress plugin that allows the user to automatically
add unique introduction, in-content text and signature to each and every post.
Wait a minute….
Did I say unique?
But if the same introduction is added to all the posts in the wordpress blog, how can

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                              Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

they be unique from each other.
This plugin solves this issue by allowing the usage of spin-ready text. You will be able to
use spin-tags within the introduction and conclusion and the plugin will automatically
add a unique version to each post. Smart isn’t it?

It takes less than 15 minutes to transform an entire site. Simply spend 10-15 minutes

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                            Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

writing some unique content, paste it in the PLR Unique options page and you're done!
The whole site has now been transformed and now contains effective unique content
that works time and time again. And Google rewards you by indexing more pages and
sending you more traffic :)

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Quickly Create Unlimited Unique Content

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