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                                Hard Disk Drive Crusher

                        SP 03/2010

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                              In the Information Age, Information Security is

                              Digital storage needs maximum protection. High storage capacities
                              and different types of information stored together on digital media is
                              critical to all kind of abuse.
                              Modern Hard Disk Drives or magnetic storage tapes as LTO or QIC
                              can contain millions of written pages, together with other confidential
                              information like pictures, films, presentations, financial calculations or
                              even banking data.
                              All this information is typically secured during use. But after use just
                              deleting all files does not solve the problem. All deleted or formatted
                              information can easily be restored.
                                               Spot tests, made an disposed computers and hard disk
                                               drives, came to the result that more than 80% of all
                                               tested Hard Disk Drives were not even deleted and still
                                               contained personal data, even more critical that roughly
                                               50% of this data was hazardous.

                                            Your organization´s safety and reputation depend on the
                                            quality of your data destruction processes. With the
                                            intimus® 1000 hard disk drive crusher, your organization
                                            can think beyond the endpoint!

                                                                  SP 03/2010
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                                                Digital Security by intimus®
                                                Our new intimus® 1000 hard disk drive crusher is the perfect
                                                solution to add physical security to every degausser. Combining it
                                                with our high value degaussers matches the ultimate needs of
                                                information security.

                                                intimus® degaussers are ideal solutions for magnetic media
                                                information security. But many companies and government
                                                institutions also ask for visible proof of a successful degaussing
                                                process. As degaussers destroy the magnetic storage mechanisms
                                                of the hard disk drive, the housing remains undamaged and offers
                                                no visible proof of successful data elimination.

                                                The intimus® 1000 physically destroys the hard disk drive by
                                                bending, breaking and mangling the components of the drive.
                                                When it has done its work, data platters are bent and separated
                                                from the hub, the hard disk drive housing is cracked and the PCB
                                                boards are broken. This hard disk drive crusher is the optimal
                                                complement to put the finishing touches on your degaussing

                                                As it does not rely on software, it is able to destroy all kinds of hard
                                                drives regardless of size, operating system or interface. With an
                                                included auto height detection system the intimus® 1000 is able to
                                                destroy even multiple hard disk drives in a single sequence.

                                                The intimus® 1000 was designed to be exceptionally user-friendly.
                                                Its one-button operation and user-friendly interaction offer a perfect
                                                solution for all kinds of security needs. Its small dimensions and
                                                quiet operation are well-suited for every kind of office use.

                                                                    SP 03/2010
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                                                Technical Data: intimus® 1000


 Power Supply           230V / 50Hz (others on request)
                                                ƒ Power Consumption       1.2 A at 230V
                                                                          2.0 A at 120V
                                                ƒ Destruction System      Physical Destruction
                                                                          Electrically Driven Wedge
 Destruction Time       10 Seconds Destroy Cycle

                                                                          20 Seconds Full Cycle
                                                                          Max Throughput: up to 180 cycles/hour
                                                ƒ Media Capacity:         1 Hard Disk Drive Full Size (1.66” / 2”)



                                                                          2 Hard Disk Drives Standard Size (1”)


                                                                          6 Laptop Hard Disk Drives


                                                                          within one working cycle


                                                ƒ Temperature Range       +5°C to +40°C
 Humidity Range         10%H - 40%H (without condensation)
                                                ƒ Weight                  30 kg, with Packaging 36 kg
 Dimensions L x W x H   175 x 400 x 350 mm
 Accessories            Deployment / Shipping Case included,
                                                                          Manual and Power Cable


                                                                        SP 03/2010
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                 Government-approved Security…                                          … Major Benefits…


                 The intimus® 1000 will assist you in meeting compliance           ƒ
   Proven Destruction:

                 standards for sensitive information disposal, including:               Suitable for all types of HDD. Can operate up to 6 drives in
                                                                                        one cycle. No adapters needed.
   Intuitive Use:


                 ƒ NSA Emergency Destruction Guidelines                                 Simple and self explaining one button operation.


                 ƒ PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard               Fast and Reliable:


                 ƒ NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)                20 seconds cycle time. No cooling cycles necessary.


                   Guidelines for Media Sanitization                                    Clear Indication of the Operating Status:

                 ƒ NIST SP 800-36                                                       Indicator lights show the actual status.
                 ƒ NIST SP 800-88                                                  ƒ
   Exceptionally User-friendly:


                 ƒ HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act)        Insert media and press the button. Auto height detection for
                 ƒ PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic               easy use and internal adjustment.
                   Documents Act)
                 ƒ GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)                                        … and Suitable for Office Environments
                 ƒ California Senate Bill 1386

                 Europe:                                                                Footprint is less than 0.1m² weight is 30kg. Deployment
                 ƒ EN 15713                                                             case is included for easy transportation.

                                                                                    	   Easy to Use:
                                                                                        Operates on any standard 1-phase wall outlet.
   Environmentally Friendly:

                                                                                        Electrically driven wedge. No hydraulic fluids, no mess.
   Low power consumption

                                                                                                       SP 03/2010
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                                                                                              entimus CRYPTO
                 Other intimus® Products for Information Security:


                intimus® 8000:                                            intimus® 9000:

                Our new intimus® 8000 pulse degausser combines the        Our intimus® 9000 high volume degausser was
                ease of use of a small desktop unit with the highest      designed especially for the needs of high throughput,
                standards of information security.                        together with a maximum level of security using the
                                                                          newest APT technology.
                Using the newest APT technology, this unit delivers the
                highest level of reliability in eliminating stored        Simple one-button operation or high performance auto
                information on magnetic drives, together with low         mode operation offer a new dimension of highest class
                energy consumption. Simple one-button operation           information security, especially made for larger
                leads to effective processing of magnetic media, saving   organizations or information assurance service
                time and money for the user.                              providers.

                The new intimus® 8000 is the perfect choice for all IT    Due to this high volume approach, the intimus® 9000
                departments, offices or midrange companies with high      is engineered for heavy workloads and is designed to
                security needs.                                           be energy efficient, reliable and easy to use.

                                                                                        SP 03/2010

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                 Telephone +49 (0) 7544 60-0, Fax +49 (0) 7544 60-248



                                                                                           Large-Scale Data Shredding Systems

                                                                     SP 03/2010

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