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Trip to The Great Passion Play
 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

         July 1 - 3, 2002
       By Bus - Toby Tours
      Entrance to
“The Great Passion Play”
       • This beautiful fountain and sculpture
         of the Holy Family by artist Steven
         Petruzates is located at the entrance
         to the grounds of The Great Passion
       • It depicts the loving expressions of
         Mary and Joseph as they gaze on the
         newborn Christ Child.
       • The Great Passion Play in Eureka
         Springs, Arkansas, is the #1 attended
         outdoor drama in the USA.
        The Great Passion Play
• A cast of 200
  depicts the life,
  death, resurrection
  and ascension of
  Christ; the
  production includes
  live animals.
   The Sanhedrin Council Hears
       of Christ’s Arrival in

• A scene from the Great Passion Play, presented in a
  4400 seat amphitheater
The Church in the Grove

        • A favorite of many, the 100
          year-old Church in the Grove
          is a small rural church
          building that was moved to
          the Smith Foundation
          grounds in 1986.
        • It is a reminder of the basic
          freedom that helped to
          establish our nation.
The following slides are some of
        the exhibits in...

  The New Holy Land at the
    Great Passion Play in
  Eureka Springs, Arkansas
      Moses’ Tabernacle in the

• A full-scale replica of God’s dwelling place with the
  Hebrews in the wilderness, as given in the Old
  Testament scriptures.
• An inspirational exhibit.
          Ten Commandments

• The Law of God given to Moses as he met with God on
  the mountain. The Commandments were engraved in
  stone by the Finger of God (Ex. 32:15,16).
Watch Tower

     • When a vineyard was
       planted a watch tower
       was built in the midst of
     • When it was nearing
       harvest a watchman was
       put in the tower to
       watch for thieves.
       Sea of Galilee
First Century Fishing Boat
                 • A half scale
                   reproduction of a
                   typical fishing boat
                   on the Sea of
                   Galilee, during the
                   time of Jesus.
                 • Jesus called men to
                   leave their fishing
                   nets and follow

• Patterned after an ancient house in Israel.
• The Greek term for inn signifies a “place to loose one’s
• When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem there was
  no room for them in the inn.

• Three priests would serve in the Holy Place for 24
• Here is the Lampstand, Table of Shewbread and
  Golden Altar of Incense.
• The High Priest can also be seen here.
• This is a part of the Tabernacle exhibit.

• Usually located on an elevated area to take advantage
  of the wind when threshing grain.
• The wind would blow the chaff and straw away.
• The grain was put in a sack and then stored until
  needed (Ruth 3).
             • This was simply a
Upper Room     “Room Upstairs”
               which was a guest
             • It was a furnished
               room which Peter
               and John made
               ready for Jesus
               and His disciples
               to celebrate the
               Passover (Luke
The Potter   • Joe Smith
               portrays the
               potter in the 30-
               minute, one man
               “The Parables of
               the Potter”.
             • “Behold, as the
               clay is in the
               potter’s hand, so
               are ye in mine”
               Jeremiah 18:6
     Replica of the Garden Tomb

• This replica of Christ’s tomb impresses many guests
  because of the exactness of its construction in size and
  appearance to the original tomb outside the city of
Ark of the Covenant
        • The only item in the
          Holy of Holies was the
          Ark of the Covenant.
        • Inside the Ark were the
          Stone Tablets, Golden
          Bowl of Manna and
          Aaron’s Rod that
        • On top is the Mercy
          Seat, which was God’s
          dwelling place.
             A Walk With Peter

• Henry Johnson portrays the apostle Peter in the New
  Holy Land on the Great Passion Play grounds.
• Peter shares his experiences with Christ and the lessons
  he learned from him.
The Christ of the Ozarks

           • This giant statue, located
             on Magnetic Mountain is
             seven stories high, with an
             arm span of 65 feet, and
             weighs nearly 2 million
           • The statue was completed
             in 1966 and is one of the
             major attractions in the
This concludes the Presentation
 of the Fairview Youth Trip to
      Eureka Springs, AR

      Hope you enjoyed it…..

         God Bless You!