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					                               RYANI Youth Squad Selection Policy 2010-11

Introduction and aim

The RYA Northern Ireland Youth Squad has the aim of providing the foundations for those who show potential
at regional level to progress to GBR or IRL National Squads and ultimately perform at ISAF Youth Worlds or

The Squad programme requires commitment to 6 weekends’ training, fitness testing, Irish Domestic events
and commitment to a RYANI supported event in the summer. Travel grants are available for agreed RYANI
supported events. Expectations are outlined in full later in this document.

A financial contribution will be required for winter training sessions and any coach supported events. Training
camps may include residential weekend(s).
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Consideration for squad places will be based upon assessment at a RYANI Training weekend on 9 & 10
October, performance at the RYANI Youth Championships and, furthermore, participation on Irish/ UK
circuits (other classes included). This system will make the selection process more transparent against
measurable criteria. Previous Squad selection will not automatically equal reselection.

NOTE: Due to the transition nature from junior classes, previous results from other classes will be considered
but attendance to the training weekend is compulsory. Sailors unable to attend the outlined date must
contact the RYANI Performance Manager in writing, outlining reasons.


Squad members must be under 19 years of age in Standard and Radial classes, and under 17 in the Laser 4.7
class on the 31 December 2011. All members must be residents of/ born in Northern Ireland.

Sailors who are members of IRL or GBR National Squads should still apply for the NI Youth Squad and must
attend the NI Squad weekend programme and all fitness tests when not at National Squad Training Camps/
events. This reflects their commitment to their national Squad programme which may clash with RYANI

Selection Criteria

New Youth Squad applicants

The following criteria are taken into account when selecting new member to the Youth Squad:
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     1.   Performance at the RYANI Youth Championships, SLYC, 4 &5 September 2010;

     2.   Performances at regional/ national or international regattas;
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     3.   Attendance of the Training weekend on 9 &10         October 2010, CSBC;

Sailors re-applying to the Youth Squad

                                                                         RYA NI Youth Squad Criteria 2009-10
Sailors who have been members of the RYANI Youth Squad in previous years must have a GBR or IRL National
ranking in the Laser class with attendance to a minimum of 3 relevant competitions, plus criteria 1 & 3 above.
Sailors who have not achieved this must write to the Performance Manager stipulating reasons why. The
selection panel will hold the right to refuse membership on this basis.

Selection Procedure

Sailors should submit an application form online through Applications must be made by the
12 October 2010.
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Sailors must attend the training weekend on 9 & 10 October 2010. If unable to attend, applicants should
contact the RYANI Performance Manager in writing, indicating reasons why. Sailors may be requested to
attend a squad weekend as an alternative.

Sailors do not need to have taken part in other RYANI Squad programmes. All are welcome to apply.

Squad Size

The Squad size will vary depending upon the strength and depth of talent. It is anticipated that the Youth
Squad will consist of up to 18 sailors based on the composition below:

             Laser 4.7 (U17)                         Laser Radial                        Laser Standard
                   6                                         8                                  2
Where there are more talented sailors in any particular class, numbers may be added to that class. Where
there are insufficient sailors in one or more categories to fill the available places, these places will be offered
on a discretionary basis. The overall size will reflect all sailors, including those on National Squads, however if
the number of sailors on National Squads is large, selectors may consider expanding the squad size.

Sailors may be invited to attend some or all of the RYANI arranged Youth Squad Training. This is at the
invitation of the Squad Coach and Performance Manager.

Informing applicants

RYANI will offer places to sailors in writing by e mail. Sailors must accept the letters of offer within 1 week of
receiving them. If sailors have not accepted an offer, RYANI will base decisions to offer further places on the
above criteria to other eligible candidates.

                                                                          RYA NI Youth Squad Criteria 2009-10
Selectors have the discretion to determine:

           The size of the squad, taking into account the target size and no’s on National Squads
           Which of the criteria to take into account
           Who to select
In making their decisions and exercising their discretions Selectors are expected to:

           Use their expertise and experience.
           Rely on their observations of the competitors, together with the observations made by other
            individuals, such as class coaches and class representatives.
By entering an event or activity that is part of this selection series the competitors agree that the Selectors
have such discretion.

There will be no appeals against the selection criteria and the decisions of the Selectors. On applying for the
squad the competitors agree to this condition.

Selectors include the Youth Squad Head Coach, RYA NI Performance Manager and relevant coaches.

Selectors may extend the selection process beyond the series.

Squad Expectations and Review
Sailors invited to participate within Youth Squad training will be reviewed at regular intervals and continued
invitations to training will be dependent upon satisfactory progress being made.

         Sailors are expected to train on the water a minimum of 3 hours/week in winter and 10 hours/week
         in summer as an essential part of their development.
         Sailors are also asked to commit to a fitness programme that may include other sports.
         Training groups are advised at local clubs or at key clubs where Laser racing takes place.
         Squad sailors are expected to attend a minimum of 3 Irish Laser events, including the National (or
         UK National) Championships. They are also expected to attend either the ISA or RYA Youth National
         Championships or a UK Laser ‘Q’ event. Attendance at the RYANI Youth Championships is expected
         of all squad sailors.

Sailors must be able to commit to the full Squad training and event programme. Sailors who do not commit
to the full programme with satisfactory reviews may not be included in further Squad activities and may be
unable to access funds/ support for selected summer events.

The Royal Yachting Association NI (RYA NI)’s policies and procedures are subject to change from time to time,
including variations required to comply with Sports Northern Ireland’s directions on the investment of funds.

The RYA NI reserves the right to amend, supplement and/or discontinue at its absolute discretion, for
whatever reason, any or all of its policies and procedures.

                                                                         RYA NI Youth Squad Criteria 2009-10