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					                                   YMCA YOUTH & GOVERNMENT
                                   DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS 2006

Lucy Helm*, Chair                                  Jim Bricker
Starbucks Corporation                              PEMCO Financial Services

Mike Egan*, Vice Chair                             Bob Butts
Microsoft Corporation                              Office of Sup’t of Public Instruction

Jennifer Joly, Secretary                           Jim Ferrell
                                                   King County Deputy Prosecutor
Sam Bovard, Treasurer
Key Bank                                           Judge Robert Lewis
                                                   Clark County Superior Court
Joan Yoshitomi, Past Chair
Office of Sup’t of Public Instruction
                                                   Advisory Board Members:
Pam Curtis-Bjornsen*, Past Chair
Center for Evidence-based Policy at                Scott Washburn, COO
Oregon Health & Science University;                Greater Seattle YMCA
Pam Curtis & Associates Consulting
                                                   Sharon Tomiko Santos
Stuart Elway*                                      Representative, Washington State
Elway Research
                                                   Sam Reed
Enid Layes*                                        Secretary of State, Washington
Blue Skies
                                                   Ralph Munro
Judge William Downing                              Former Secretary of State, Washington
King County Superior Court
                                                   Justice Robert Utter*
Don Brevik                                         Washington State Supreme Court, retired
YMCA of Tacoma

David H. Smith                                     Staff:
Garvey Schubert Barer                              Janelle Nesbit
                                                   Executive Director
Garrison Kurtz*
Foundation for Early Learning                      Sarah Clinton*
                                                   Program Coordinator
David Morrell
State Mock Trial Representative                    Kandace Lee
                                                   Administrative Coordinator
Addison Tice
Youth Governor

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