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									Planerp - Ontario's Premier Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions Provider
PlanERP is Ontario's leading ERP solutions providers, with years of experience implementing and helping companies to select computer-based
solutions. From companies that are just at the very inception of an ERP project to those companies who have proceeded through the implementation
stage and require experts for a specific module to be customized; PlanERP has expertise that can be provided at any stage of an ERP project for all
technical and functional requirements throughout a project's lifecycle.

Companies searching for top level enterprise resource planning in Ontario choose PlanERP for the following reasons; knowledge, expertise and top IT
and ERP resources. Chief among these reasons is their network of specialists who are certified through major ERP providers such as Oracle, SAP,
IBM and Microsoft. Because PlanERP selects only the top minds from each product area, their clientele know that the company has the expertise to
help manage successful ERP software projects.

In order to provide the best quality enterprise resource planning solutions in Ontario, PlanERP acts as a Tier 1 consulting service provider for Oracle
Canada and USA, specializing in the implementation, customization, upgrading and support for Oracle product lines such as PeopleSoft, Hyperion,
Siebel and JD Edwards.

As one of the top enterprise resource planning providers in Ontario, PlanERP engages with their clients in every level of the process by creating an
ERP project roadmap. This implementation roadmap then becomes vital in helping companies to realize their ERP project objectives. The PlanERP
experts, each with a tremendous amount of industry-specific functional and technical knowledge, can advise an organization of the best possible
solution to their technical requirements at each stage of the project, from planning through to post-implementation.

Whether the company is purchasing new Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM software, Business Intelligence Tools or not, one of the most important
benefits received by PlanERP clients is business process re-engineering; reviewing and changing business processes to conform to best practice.
When it comes to best practices, PlanERP leads the way in knowledge and achieving quality results for their clients.

All companies in Ontario looking for experience providers of ERP consulting and management go to PlanERP to help them streamline their business
processes, implement a new or existing IT solution and get the best resources in the field to provide the technical and functional necessary

Any companies searching for an enterprise resource planning provider in Ontario need look no further than PlanERP; the company trusted for all ERP

About PlanERP:
PlanERP is a Toronto-based company specializing in the delivery of enterprise resource planning solutions and services to companies across Ontario.
For further information about the services the company provides please visit planerp.

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