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									                            Athlete Biography
                 Lori Fung-Methorst – Rhythmic Gymnastics

Lori Fung-Methorst made history at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles when she
captured the first gold medal awarded in rhythmic gymnastics.

She is the holder of seven Canadian all-around titles and four Four Continents all-
around titles during the course of her career.

After retiring just prior to the 1988 Olympic Games, Fung-Methorst continued to stay
involved in the sport of gymnastics as both a coach and a judge. A former Canadian,
American and Mexican National Team Coach, Fung-Methorst gained respect as a
world-class instructor with a reputation for excellence, extraordinary effort and
enthusiasm. She is currently an international judge for rhythmic gymnastics.

Among her notable accolades, Fung-Methorst is a recipient of The Order of Canada,
The Order of British Columbia and is also a member of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame
and the BC Sports Hall of Fame.

In 2004, she made her motion picture debut as a performance dancer in the movie
“Catwoman” starring Halle Berry.

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