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									                             Melrose Youth Soccer
                           April 2008 Meeting Minutes


                   Rich Altonaga          Dennis McCarthy
                   Bill DeSimone          Trish McElligott
                   Bob Lynch-Galvin       Heather McSween
                   Beth Fantozzi          Sean O’Brien
                   Steve Finley           Gary Smith
                   Janice Mancini
1. Secretary:
    Agenda items submitted and March 2008 meeting minutes accepted
    March 08 meeting minutes sent to Dave Foulser for posting
    Group agreed to take rotational turn for recording minutes. Heather wrote
      April 08 minutes. Sean to take May meeting minutes (at June 2 nd meeting)

2. Treasurer:
    Janice mailed $100 check to City for MYS donation to Memorial Day parade.
    Janice to start providing quarterly reports on MYS account activity
    MYS paid $7,700 for gym time used in March for travel practices and coach
           $5700 was for travel practices ($80/hour for MVMMS and $70/hour for Marcoux)
           $2000 covered the gym expenses for the coach training sessions.
    Janice to write reimbursement checks for City Coaches spring registration

3. Co-President Ite ms:
 U10 City subcommittee to meet in May to draft a proposal / recommendation as
   to whether or not MYS will continue to sponsor U10 City program. Bill chairing;
   Steve S., Sean, Gary and Steve Finley to participate. Proposal to be presented to
   board at next meeting.
 Summe r Camps Discussion:
        The board discussed Dean Serino’s Melrose Soccer Academy. Rich spoke
          to Richard Branney at MAYS about insurance. MYS would have to
          upgrade our insurance in order to host camps. Because Dean is not
          affiliated with MYS and he profits from the camp, Dean’s soccer camp is
          not covered by MYS’ insurance. MAYS advised MYS that it is not a
          good idea to accept checks on behalf of the Melrose Soccer Academy only
          to turn them over to Dean. The board Voted to approve that MYS
          separate completely from the Melrose Soccer Academy. Dean will need
          to obtain his own permit for the fields, his own mailing list and purchase
          his own insurance. Bill to advise Dean and Ann Marie Giordano of

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                            Melrose Youth Soccer
                          April 2008 Meeting Minutes

         board’s decision and to tell them to remove any reference to Melrose
         Youth Soccer from their registration form.
       Bill advised the Board of his partnership with the Recreation Department
         to host a soccer clinic in the summer months. The Rec Department is
         handling all money/registration for the camp. 40% of profit will go to
         Coaches, 40% to the Rec Department and 20% goes to MYS. This camp
         is covered by the Recreation Department’s insurance. The board agreed to
         endorse this camp. Our endorsement is posted on the web-site. Bill will
         remove MYS from the medical consent form.
       The board discussed endorsing Rene Novoa’s boys soccer clinic. The
         board agreed to endorse and post it as an option in the summer camps
         section of the web-site (this is already done). Gary would like MYS to
         also post information about the St. John’s camp – he will provide
         information to Heather for inclusion in the web-site. Heather also to look
         up Endicott college program (girls) for posting in the summer camps
         section (not under the endorsed list).
  Saugus Youth Soccer Partnership
       The board discussed partnering with Jen McLellan from Saugus Youth
         Soccer to host Goalkeeping clinic as well as winter futsal training. Bill or
         Heather to contact Jen to set up subcommittee meeting to obtain all
         information and will present to the Board at next meeting.

4. Registrar

      Sean reported that he followed up on all U8 CORIs. Bob / Gary to request a
       report from MAYS that shows all adults registered with MYS, and all adults
       who CORId with MAYS under MYS name. Status to be provided at May
           1. Registrars need to ensure that all adults CORId are registered as adult
               volunteers for MYS so they are covered under MAYS insurance.
           2. Registrars also need to ensure that any adult registered but NOT
               CORId complete the online CORI process.

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                          Melrose Youth Soccer
                        April 2008 Meeting Minutes

   Fall 08 registration: online registration process opened 4/28/08. Program fees
    are $90 for travel and $75 for City. The board agreed on the following dates
    for the fall registration:
         1. City and Travel Open: 4/28/08
         2. Travel Closes: 6/15/08
         3. City Closes: 8/15/08
                  Wait list for City in effect 8/16/08.
   The Board agreed to implement a Wait List in the online registration software.
    Any person registering after the Close date is placed on a Wait list and will be
    assigned to teams on a first in/first out basis. Wait list registrants are not
    guaranteed a slot on a team and will not pay until they are assigned to a team.
    If they do get assigned to a team, they pay the registration plus the late fee.
   City late fees are $15.00; Although we don’t normally accept late
    registrations for travel, the board agreed to increase Travel late fees to $30 due
    to the expense MYS incurs whenever we have to submit roster changes after
    the MYSL deadline ($10 per change on a roster).
   The board reviewed the registration messages in the scheduling software
         1. The board agreed to keep friend requests as an option for both
            Munchkins and U8. Friend requests are not applicable to U10 or
            Travel. Will modify language to indicate that not all requests are
         2. Coach requests will remain as an option for Munchkins and U8 only.
            Not applicable to U10 or Travel
         3. Removed question re: entering the name of the coach a travel player
            had in prior season. MYS has records of that.
         4. Removed question re: where player placed in prior travel season.
            Again, MYS has records of that
         5. Agreed to keep questions in re: other activities that impact
            participation in travel soccer.
         6. Agreed to keep question re: Medical issues.

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                              Melrose Youth Soccer
                            April 2008 Meeting Minutes

5. Fields
           Scheduler Information
               o Heather submitted resignation as Field Scheduler and will
                  advertise need for replacement (along with write-up of job
               o 4/5/08 rainouts are supposed to be made up by 5/2/08. All rainouts
                  are on schedule to be completed before this date with the exception
                  of the BU18 and GU18 reschedules that were postponed and the
                  BU12-3 game vs. Malden that was rained out on 4/29/08.
                  Alternate dates have been offered for these games.
               o East Side Knoll: Joan does not have an update on ESK. City is
                  still putting together proposal for fixing the field. Soil sent out for
                  testing (to determine salt level and impact to soil). Field will
                  probably not be ready for use until fall 08 season. The 5/31 and 6/7
                  games scheduled for the ESK have been updated in the MYSL
                  database to reflect the Franklin field. Updated list was sent to Al
               o Board discussed Greenleaf Place and resident’s concerns. Bill to
                  look at pricing for portable speed bumps that we can provide to
                  residents to use in the street. Email sent to all U8C, U10C and
                  U12 travel coaches to advise them to drive slowly and to advise
                  their team’s families of same. Resident advised that a men’s
                  group is using the field at night and they have been rude. Heather
                  advised Joan of this and Joan will monitor field to advise
                  whomever is using it that they don’t have a permit. Trish also on
               o Board received copy of Mayor Dolan’s letter appointing Joan Bell
                  as Nick’s replacement.
               o Joan’s meeting with Hank Kezer re: Pine Banks issues is scheduled
                  for April 30th . Joan has a list of concerns from MYS to address
                  with Hank; including the issue that MYS has the field on the
                  Friday dates promised to us. Joan will advise Heather of meeting
               o Joan to have meeting in May about user group’s fall field
                  requirements. Field replacement will need to meet with Joan.
                  Heather to provide outline of what MYS had for fields in fall

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                             Melrose Youth Soccer
                           April 2008 Meeting Minutes

6. Field Manager
            o West Side Knoll is being reconfigured by the City (who will pay
               cost of relining) to move U10 field down to the parking lot end and
               push the full size field down towards the tennis courts. This is
               being done to minimize field use by full size goal mouths. Joan
               Bell to advise when this move will take place – not scheduled yet.
            o Franklin field being lined by 5/2/08 for U10. U10 lining will run
               N-S in different color from U8 lining. U10 City will use lower
               field for their games that had to be moved off the WSK due to the
               U16/U18 venues at Melrose. ELM charging $250 for U10 lining.
            o Tony Hurd still doing relining of fields. Trish to talk with him
               about making sure he walk slowly when lining the field in order to
               get enough paint on the field. Trish noted that Tony is saving the
               board approximately $3100 / season by not using ELM to do the
            o Bill to provide info on field lining machine ; $1100 holds 7
               gallons paint (as opposed to cans of spray paint) and makes 4 inch
               lines. Board will review and possibly purchase machine for fall
            o Trish voiced concerns with lack of coach participation in getting
               the field set up. Gary to canvas MOV40 group for volunteers to
               help with field setup. Also will assign coaches responsibilities.

7.   Equipment Coordinator –
        2nd Storage bin up and running.

8. City League

     Munchkins: Munchkins are up and running. Coaches happy with lesson plans

     U8 league: U8 up and running. Follow up coaches clinic scheduled for Thursday
     5/1 at Roosevelt with Mike Singleton from MAYS. List of U8 coaches provided
     to Janice for reimbursements.

     U10 league: Up and running. Steve to provide Janice with list of U10 coaches
     for reimbursements.

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                           Melrose Youth Soccer
                         April 2008 Meeting Minutes

9. Travel League

         As noted in March meeting minutes, Rich resigned as Travel Coordinator.
          Rich nominated Heather as Travel Coordinator replacement. Board voted
          approval (prior to June elections) so Heather could start working with
          Rich on the fall 08 rosters, etc.
         Tryouts:
             o Spring tryouts with Mass Youth Soccer are scheduled and posted
                 on web-site. Beth finalized Travel Tryout documentation for
                 distribution with Registration notices. (doc attached to minutes).
             o Beth sent list of requirements for help at tryouts. List circulated to
                 travel coaches for assignments.
             o Mario from MAYS will run tryouts again this year.
                      Three (3) MAYS coaches will be present for U10 sessions
                      Five (5) MAYS coaches will be present for U12 sessions
                      Five (5) MAYS coaches will be present for U14 sessions
             o Beth requested a hard copy of MAYS comments as the electronic
                 version was difficult to read in spring 07 sessions.
             o Travel players should be strongly encouraged to register before
                 their placement sessions.
         MYSL notes:
             o Rich noted that MYSL constitution is being re-written to address
                 issues that MYSL has been facing with the league. There are
                 multiple board openings for MYSL in an effort to get MYSL
                 heading in the right direction.
             o The rules book is being rewritten and will be posted online for
             o There is the Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 21st to
                 vote on representatives. MYS gets 4 votes based on the # of teams
                 we had in the spring 07 season (one year earlier). Rich requested
                 that members of our board attend the meeting to take advantage of
                 our four votes. Dennis indicated he can attend.

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                              Melrose Youth Soccer
                            April 2008 Meeting Minutes

   10. Coaching Director:
           As noted in U8 section a follow up clinic for U8 coaches scheduled for
             Thursday, May 1st . Gary to ask if MAYS will grant G licenses to coaches
             who participated in April clinic and the 5/1 clinic.
           Gary provides curriculum to U8 and Munchkins coaches.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM. The May meeting is scheduled for Monday, June
2nd in the downstairs room at the Library.

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                                        M elrose Youth Soccer
                           April 2008 M eeting M inutes – Tryout Attachment

Melrose Youth Soccer
Travel Soccer
What is travel soccer?
Travel soccer is a competitive soccer league within the Middlesex League. Players are
separated by age and gender, and then sorted by skill to play other towns within the
Middlesex League of equal skill level. In a season a team will play half their games in
Melrose and “travel” to neighboring towns to play the other half.

How do we sort the players by skill?
Melrose Youth Soccer employs the expertise of Mass Youth Soccer. Independent
coaches pre-approved and selected by Mass Youth Soccer organize a “player
placement session” otherwise known as a tryout.

What happens at the “Player Placement Sessions”?
The Mass Youth Soccer coaches will run two modified practice sessions per age/gender
group. The players will be asked to participate with the same intensity that they would
have during a real practice/game situation. There will be warm-up drills and small sided
games. During each session the coaches will be circulating around the fields taking
notes and evaluating each player. Each player will be seen by at least 2 diffe rent
coaches. To remain objective, only the player’s bib number will be used by the coaches
as they assess the player’s technical, tactical, physical, offensive and defensive skills.
Their mental toughness and understanding of the game will also be noted.

When/where are these “Player Placement Sessions”?
All sessions will be held on the West Knoll field across from the Middle School.
U10 Girls – check-in 4:00; session 4:30 - 5:45 – Mon May 5 and Wed May 7
U10 Boys – check-in 5:15; session 5:45 – 7:00 – Mon May 5 and Wed May 7
U12 Girls – check-in 4:30; session 5:00 – 6:30 – Tues May 13 and Thurs May 15
U12 Boys – check-in 6:00; session 6:30 – 8:00 – Tues May 13 and Thurs May 15
U14 Girls – check-in 4:30; session 5:00 – 6:30 – Mon May 12 and Wed May14
U14 Boys – check-in 6:00; session 6:30 - 8:00 – Mon May 12 and Wed May14

What happens next?
A few weeks after the last session, the statistics and comments from the Mass Youth
Soccer coaches are shared with the Melrose Travel Coordinator. Using this tool
combined with input from the player’s present coach, the players are organized into
teams with similarly skilled players. Every player registering on time will be placed on a
team that matches their technical skills for fall 2008 season.

Why now?
To allow appropriate time to “digest” the input of the Mass Youth Soccer coaches and
meet Middlesex League deadlines, we have chosen to hold the “player placement
sessions” in the middle of the Spring Season.

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