Youth Ministry meeting minutes by pengxiuhui


									                            Central Maryland Youth Ministers
                                 Meeting Minutes - May 26, 1999
                                     Mt. St. Mary’s College

Attendees: Joanne Cahoon – Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
          Mary Jablonski – St. Ignatius Urbana
         Denise Jackson – St. John’s Frederick
         Yvette Leith – St. Anthony’s, Emmitsburg/Our Lady of Mt. Carmel-Thurmont
         Susan Moody – Holy Family Middletown
         Dawn Miller – St. Peter’s Libertytown
         Sandra Maxey – St. Timothy’s
         Ruth Puls – Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
         Mark Pacione – Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
         Christopher Weber – CEM Center

Chris Weber led the opening prayer and welcomed attendees. Youth ministers were asked about the
various events that they have held or will be holding in the coming year. Following are some of the

Susan Moody-Holy Family:
 held a “Cardboard Village” in conjunction of Youth pilgrimage. Youth stayed overnight in
    boxes in parking lot to create empathy with the homeless they would see. Were made to
    “move” houses throughout night.
 Working with Advocates for Homeless Families. Youth do babysitting while women in class.
 Food collections for foodbank.
Dawn Miller, St. Peter:
 Youth Mass held 4th Sunday of month at 10:30 AM in Parish Center (not held during June or
 Held Christmas dance in Parish Center
Denise Jackson-St. John, Frederick
 Held mini session prayer for 7/8th graders regarding the Columbine killings.
 High school leadership meeting held re: paint ball, youth chose not to do event.
 Team building with group in Bethany Beach. Jr’s and Sr’s work together and teams plan all
   aspects of time. Invitation only event. This year taking 6 girls and 4 guys.
Yvette Leith-St. Anthony/OLMC
 Holds Rec. nights once a month during the summer at the ARCC at Mt. St. Mary’s for $2-3 per
   person. Groups can rent for certain number of hours to swim, play “walleyball” and basketball.
   Contact: Denise at MSM at 301-447-5290 for more information.
Sandra Maxey-St. Timothy
 Kids (9-12 grades) invite senior citizens to Christmas gathering for small gift exchange, carols,
Regional Projects/Events were discussed and planned.
Joanne Cahoon and Ruth Puls from the Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry asked for
suggestions for topics for the workshops for the adolescent catechetical training scheduled for
January 20 & 27 and October 6, 13, & 20, 2000. Youth ministers were asked for training ideas and
what they felt they needed. Topics desired included:
 Basic course in catholic doctrine
 Small group facilitation
 Creative discipline in a group
 Gender specific learning
 How to make a presentation

Selection of Regional Projects.
 Ideally the group would like to hold a yearly rally, retreat, and service project. Ideas for the events
 Service Project: Interfaith housing project; kids stay at college, work on project for a number of
 Youth Rally: Christian performer Bob Rice. Dawn Miller will look into booking him for the Fall
    of ’99. Fee of $500 affordable if commitment made for region. Area ministers expressed
 Retreat Day/Overnighter for seniors: Hold in Spring of 2000? To be discussed.

Upcoming Regional Events
Crossroads: Denise Jackson, St. John-Frederick, discussed the Crossroads event coming up in
August to be held as a regional event on August 11, 1999. This group of college students is walking
across America with a pro-life message. Parishes are needed to host these students for one night.
Ideas discussed were having a picnic in Walkersville Park and holding a pool party at Ft. Detrick.
Youth Ministers supported this idea, and core group set up meeting to further plan event. Denise
Jackson, 301-662-8567, is project coordinator.

Div. of Youth and Young Adult Ministry shared upcoming events” August 6-Kings Dominion Day,
October 23-cruise from Baltimore to Annapolis, and the “Passport to Jubilee” year which starts in
December ’99.

Setting of Meeting Dates for 1999/2000
It was decided to meet on a quarterly basis to plan/discuss regional events. Following are next
meeting date and time for upcoming year.
 Wednesday, September 29th from 11:30-1:30 at Mt. St. Mary’s
 Wednesday, January 5, 2000 from 11:30-1:30 at St. Peter’s – Libertytown
 Wednesday, April 5, 2000 from 11:30-1:30 at home of Denise Jackson

FYI: following are scheduled dates for APYM meetings. September 10, November 3, January 20,
March 21, and May 17. Locations are available from Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry.

Chris Weber concluded the meeting by thanking all who came and shared and offered thanks and
good-byes to Mary Jablonski who will be returning to Ohio.

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