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									  Granite countertops: How to care and maintain!

Granite is a firm, durable substance that can last for decade and this
is one of the major reason tombstones are being create out of
granite. If right care is given then a granite countertop may exist for
long time. Therefore, you have to know how to take care of them so
that they stay beautiful.

All the stones are naturally capable of soaking up liquid so as marble
because it is also come under the same category. As kitchen is the
place for cooking and cleaning, tiles are open and exposed to
chemical substance especially in this area. The place where
countertops are installed and how frequently they are being used
decide whether they need to seal once or twice in a year.

 A sealant application on your countertop will keep them away from
soaking up chemicals, which can cause spots and staining. It is
better to ask your dealer about sealing, they may suggest you
whether to use a special sealing product prepared for granite
countertops, or use any kind of wax material.

Even though marble is hard and durable material to make
countertops, but it also contains some kind of soft minerals that can
be broken easily. In order to avoid any type of scratching on your
countertop, always utilize a chopping slat whenever cutting
vegetables or fruits for preparing food.

Moreover, you should not use a rough clothe to clean your tiles rather
use a soft sponge to wipe up the surface. Try to make them dirt free
and ensure that there should not be dust in between the countertop
as well as the vessels or pans that you keep on their surface.

Even though granite is resist for heat and you can put a hot pot
openly onto the surface, but it is good to use a stand or clothe to
avoid any damage. Whenever you use a heavy container and keep it
on the tiles, get support of a stand to avoid any kind of scratching on
the counter.

There are some profitable cleaners that use acidic element and
harmful products or chemicals that can take away the minerals or
sealer of your countertop. Therefore, you must read the label and all
the detail about material safety for all cleaning items before utilizing
them. Always try to avoid products that enclosed ammonia, bleach,
acid and lemon or orange.

Another thing to remember is not to keep toiletries, hair care or nail
care items on your granite countertop, as these products contain
acetone and may harm the tiles. Avoid placing heavy weight on their
surface, as too much burden applied on the particular place can
cause it to split. It will be funny to say but don't be seated or stand on
your granite countertop.

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