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   Youth centre is launched as a program of local office of NGO Local Democracy
    Agency for Central and Southern Serbia. The idea of establishing Youth centre
    was created by informal group of young enthusiast with creative and innovative
    ideas for solving problems in local community, with focus on problems of young
    people in Nis.
   Youth centre was established according to idea of forming an Info point
    by ALDA- Association of Local Democracy Agencies (Youth the right
    direction project), but it was redefined because of increased range of
    activities and number of interested future users of the program. Youth
    Centre, therefore, represents a build-up of Info-point.
   Youth Centre represents a programme that offers young people to finally
    satisfy the needs that are recognised as most important in one place.
   Developed democratic civil surrounding in which young
    people are key actors of decision making and development
    process and other relevant civil society processes.


   We are a group of young activists which, with active
    involvement of target group, by using all existing
    resources, works on uniting and development of creative
    potentials of young people and increasing the level of
    youth activism and engagement in key processes in local
           AIMS OF YOUTH CENTRE – priorities:

   youth education and development of various skills, (mainly
    with acknowledging the principle of peer education, youth
    for youth learning)
   membership networking and development of voluntarism
   development and support of youth initiatives and
   development of local cultural potentials and intercultural
   working on increasing the knowledge of youth about
    processes of involvement in EU processes, and
    encouraging them to take an active role in these processes

   Education (courses, seminars, trainings, workshops)
    Basic themes: PCM and writing project proposals, European integration
    processes, democracy, tolerance, processes of building civil society
   Publishing
   civil society development
   culture (organizing and promoting cultural events)

                       MAIN ACTIVITIES of Youth Centre:

   Informing youth about relevant issues, events, institutions; publishing and
    distribution of info material
   Education of youth (courses, seminars, trainings, workshops)
   Youth projects and initiatives, campaigns
   Networking and partnership building with NGOs and relevant institutions, both
    in national and international level
   Organization and promotion of cultural events according to recognized needs
    of youth
Info centre
   Gathering and distribution of information relevant for youth in Nis
   Enabling and empowering of free information flow, in order to help young people and provoke
    their activism, initiatives and projects

Voluntary Centre
   Promotion of youth mobility by international activities, with the dimension of informal education
    such as youth exchanges, volunteering, youth initiatives and trainings.
   Involvement in programs of promotion, education and implementation of defined project ideas

EU club
   Support from local level to EU integration process
   Education of youth about EU and integration process
   Education about legal, social and economical principles of EU, as well as about good and bad

Centre for promoting of youth international culture
   Cooperation with Embassies and Cultural Centres of other countries in Serbia in order to
    establish cultural exchange and cooperation
   Exchange of young artists and implementation of projects for affirmation of nonaffirmated young
   Presentation of film, music, art work of young artists
                                          TARGET GROUPS

   Target group primarily consists of young people in Niš (age 15-30) but all the
    other interested people are welcome. Start-up activities will be focused on
    students of University of Nis and pupils in secondary schools, as well as young
    people who are out of University, primarily unemployed ones. Our promotional
    efforts will be directed to all young people with no exceptions.


   Project teams of young experienced youth activists for each branch of the
    Youth Centre are established for launching the program.
   Young Ambassadors, chosen in the processes of establishing Info Point, have
    already taken an active role in the work of Youth Centre.
   Volunteers and interested young people from local community will be involved
    in work and capacity building and strengthening the organization.
   On this program, LDA has support of Local Government and ALDA network.

   Recent researches (there were only few) have shown that young people in Serbia, are
    inactive, apathetic, apolitical. Although this is commonly known, there is a lack of
    relevant information about all aspects of life of young people, both in terms of quality and
    quantity. Because of that, one of the first activities of newly established Youth Centre will
    in fact be a research about this matter. The data that we will focus on will primarily be
    related to their interest in voting on elections, involvement in youth initiatives, projects
    and campaigns, about their activism and fields of their engagement, events that they
    organize and take part in, sources of informing, active use of internet, what is the field of
    information relevant for youth in which they recognize the biggest lack, how they spend
    free time... This information will help as to realize the problems of youth and to mobilize
    them to work together on problem solving. We want to involve as many people as we
    can and to solve recognized problems by projects, step by step. We believe that this
    approach is more efficient and productive than the one in which target group is only the
    passive beneficiary of the project. In this way, young people can launch their own
    initiatives, so we hope to have multiplicative process...

   Insufficient and nontransparent distribution of relevant information for youth causes their
    low interest for important questions and inactivity, that results in missing significant
    opportunities for self education and development and unused potentials. Mission of
    Youth Centre is therefore: enabling and strengthening of free flow of information, with
    aim to help the youth and to start and develop youth activism, to support youth initiatives
    and projects. In that way, we would develop long term aim – strengthening of local
    community potentials by getting new, young, active and innovative people for leading
    development process.
BCIF - Balkan Community Initiatives Fund 15.11.2007. rejected
Partnership for Education and Community Development (PECD) Program in
Nis, Serbia 14.12.2007 rejected

Project - I want to know

   to make future students become aware of the
    decision making process about their future
   active participation and interactive cooperation of
    professors, parents and experts (pedagogue and
    psychologist) in helping students with making the
   to contribute to the decrease of prejudices about
    faculties and professions
SHL - Schüler Helfen Leben
15.1.2008. rejected

Project - A place for all: capacity building for youth centre

   Proposed project is focused on establishing and
    empowering Youth Centre that will respond to recognized
    most important needs of youth in Nis. It will be consisted of
    4 branches – info, volunteer and intercultural centre and
    EU club. They will have constant, (every-day) and also
    each one of them will have some special and one main
    activity, as a result of education of youth Ambassadors.
    Those activities will have the aim to promote activities of
    Centre and branches, and to increase level of transparency
    in local community. The main goal of all activities as
    mobilization and promoting youth activism.
European Youth Foundation
1.4.2008. rejected

Project – International youth meeting ” Share and compare”

The objectives

   To identify and understand the state of the indicators of the
    national youth policies
   To define main problems and obstacles on the way of
    development of the national youth policies
   To recognize and exchange the good-practice examples
    and other possible solutions
   To make a network and partnership of regional youth
    NGOs, and ensure cooperation on future youth projectsTo
    exchange the knowledge about Youth in Action and other
    national and international youth programmes and donors
World bank

1.4.2008 rejected

   The main purpose of this proposal is to provide graduates (future
    students) with all the relevant information, from the first hand, coming
    from the students themselves, and encourage their independent
    secondary researches and getting additional information. By promoting
    and developing this “alternative source of information”, we want to
    make a contribution to developing a culture of career management,
    and active participation in the decision making process (when deciding
    what to study). Also, we would like to contribute to fulfilling of other
    project aims that are:
   To encourage and ensure active participation and interactive
    cooperation of professors, parents and experts (pedagogues and
    psychologists) in helping students with decision-making process
   To contribute to the decrease of prejudices about faculties and
Ministry of youth and sport

15.4.2008 in process

 Training course for youth ambassadors
 Team work
 Active citizenship
 Civil Rights and responsibilities
 Youth participation on local level
 Interculturality
 Tolerance
 City live performance - silent theatre
Youth in action Action 3 - Youth in the world 3.1 - Cooperation with
Neighboring Partner Countries Youth Exchanges
30.5.2008 in process

Project – InterculturArt

   The InterculturArt is an exchange that will be organized
    during March 2009 in the city of Niš, Serbia, and will gather
    together 20 young artists active in the field of engaged art
    coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo,
    Montenegro, Italy and Serbia, in the framework of a Youth
    in Action exchange.
    It will aim at strengthening a sustainable dialogue and a
    deep cooperation between young people from these
    countries, focusing more on cooperation between young
    artists from the Balkan region, as well as support them as
    local promoters of intercultural dialogue and tolerance
    within their respective communities.
Ministry of youth and sport
13.6.2008 in process

Project – One place for all

   Proposed project is focused on establishing Youth Centre.
    Youth Centre will have 4 sectors – Sector for nonformal
    education, Sector for promotion of the youth culture, Info
    centre and EU club. All sectors will have everyday
    activities. Three special activities will be realized through
    implementation of the project as a result of the education of
    the youth activists. That special activities will be used in
    order to promote Youth Centre and to improve range of
    visibility of the program in local community. The main goal
    of all activities of the youth program is promotion of the
    activism and volunteerism among youth and youth mobility.
Human Resources
              YOUTH ACTIVISTS

  Miodrag Micić 0638814677
  Vladana Jevtić 0642966627
  Petrović Dragana 0645348648 dragpetr@eunet.yu
  Mina Ivović 062421214
  Stefan Jovanović 0643840940
  Đorđe Stanković 0643255001
  Ana Jovanović 0645242025
  Ivana Cvetković 0641164193
  Aleksandra Jović 062390730
  Andrija Krasić
  Dušan Dimitrijević 0631933011
  Jelena Živković 0643229491
  Sasa Trenčić 0643045189/14
  Kosta Janic
  Dragana Jankovic 062 246-830
  Ana Stevanović 0611860576
  Dragoslava Marković 0644679503

                    STAFF

  Ana Popović 0642929412
  Milena Ćelić 0642036045
  Dušan Stojadinović 0648596223
  Ivana Ilic
  Saša Marinkov 0643302523
  Boris Milojev
  Bojana Vujanac 063449048
  Milica Došljak 0643233349

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