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									Yahoo! Search
More Relevant, Productive and Fun Searching

Shashi Seth
Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Search & Marketplaces
Chi-Chao Chang
Vice President & General Manager, Global Search Business, Yahoo!
How Search is Evolving

                                Tomorrow’s Search
    Today’s Search Experience

                                   Personal History
              Query                 Social Network

        Search Results Page        Stay in the Know
                                Entertaining Discovery
                                Make Smarter Choices
                                Find the Best Answers
                                   Get Things Done
Yahoo! Search Enhancements
• Yahoo! Search is delivering new and innovative product features on our
  Search Results Page, and across the Yahoo! Network throughout this fall

       More Entertaining Search          More Ways to Explore
       • Intelligent Entertainment &     • Image search updates
         News Shortcuts                  • New HTML5 mobile search
       • Netflix Quick App                 experience
       • Trending Slideshows             • Sports, Finance enhancements

                        New Monetization Opportunities
Exploring on Connected Devices:
New HTML5 Search
Personalized Ad Footprints
News Ways to Blend Search & Display

Packaging for Advertisers
Search Package = Actively managed       Package Details
and continuously optimized campaign
                                        - From missed opportunities
                                        - Purely incremental

                                        CPC: Optimized through bid mgmt
                                        Keywords: Mined from Y! Search Logs
                                        Age Group: Targeting possible
                                        Geo Target: Targeting possible
                                        Time of Day: Targeting available

                                        Campaign Mgt: Automated
                                        Start Date: Available now!

       GOAL: Give Advertisers relevant, incremental, hassle free volume
Delivering User Benefits

        Differentiated,    Discovery, with
       delightful search      personal
         experiences          meaning

       Entertainment,      Empowerment
        with trusted          & task
        information         completion
Intelligent Music Shortcuts
Intelligent Movie Shortcuts
Intelligent News Shortcuts
Netflix Quick App
Trending Slideshows
Exploring Image Search
Improved Core Coverage and Quality

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