October 2010 2009_10 Sponsored Legislation by pahousegop


									         2009-2010 Sponsored Legislation

HR 86         Capitol Police 114th Anniversary
                    Introduced 2/18/09
                    Adopted 3/24/09 195-0

HR 87         Designates April 29, 2009, as Dale Earnhardt Day in PA
                   Introduced 2/18/09
                   Adopted 4/28/2009 194-0

HR 88         Designates March 2009 as DeMolay Month
                   Introduced 2/18/09
                   Adopted 3/10/09 192-0

HR 116        Major Winters
                    Introduced 3/5/09
                    Adopted 6/3/2009 189-0

HR 167        12th Annual Moment of Silence Day
                    Introduced 3/18/09
                    Adopted 5/12/09    194-0

HR 219        2009 EMS Week – Put in Rules to “die”
                    Introduced 4/3/2009
                    Referred to Rules 4/28/09

HR 281        2009 EMS Week – Redraft of HR 219
                    Introduced 4/30/09
                    Adopted 5/12/09 194-0

HR 354        Designates June 16, 2009 as Motorcycle Day in PA
                   Introduced 6/16/09
                   Adopted 6/16/09       193-0

HR 375        Honoring Hershey Bears on 10th Calder Cup Title
                   Introduced 6/23/09
                   Adopted 6/24/09 196-0
HR 659   Designates April 16, 2010, as National Healthcare Decisions Day
              Introduced 3/9/2010
              Adopted 3/24/2010 197-0

HR 660   Designates June 26, 2010, as 13th Annual National Moment of
         Silence Day
               Introduced 3/9/2010
               Adopted 6/23/2010 198-0

HR 661   Designates April 29, 2010, as Dale Earnhardt Day
              Introduced 3/9/2010
              Adopted 4/27/2010 194-0

HR 662   Designates March 2010 as DeMolay Month
              Introduced 3/9/2010
              Adopted 3/10/2010 194-0

HR 663   Honors 115th Anniversary of Capitol Police on 3/26/2010
              Introduced 3/9/2010
              Adopted 3/23/2010 196-0

HR 678   Designates week of March 14-20, 2010, as Volunteer Forest
         Firefighter and Forest Fire Warden Week and March 17, 2010,
         as Volunteer Forest Firefighter and Forest Fire Warden Day
                Introduced 3/9/2010
                Adopted 3/16/2010 196-0

HR 777   A Resolution designating the week of May 16 through 22,
         2010, as "Emergency Medical Services Week" in Pennsylvania;
         designating May 19, 2010, as "Emergency Medical Services for
         Children Day" in Pennsylvania; and designating May 21, 2010,
         as "Emergency Medical Services Day" in Pennsylvania.
                Introduced 4/27/2010
                Adopted 5/4/2010 193-0

HR 848   A Resolution designating June 15, 2010, as "Antique and
         Classic Car Day" in Pennsylvania.
               Introduced 6/14/2010
               Adopted 6/15/2010 197-0

HB 356   Amends Titles 18 & 42 to increase minimum jail time to 50
         years in prison and maximum of life imprisonment with no
         possibility of parole for first conviction and mandatory life
         sentence with no possibility of parole for second conviction;
         and provides for increased mandatory minimum sentencing
         for sex offenders and predators (Prior HB 164)
                Referred to House Judiciary 2/11/09

HB 546   Amends Title 42 to further provide for the attachment of
         wages by judgment creditors (Prior HB 314)
              Referred to House Judiciary 2/23/09

HB 547   Creates an act prohibiting the use of full Social Security
         numbers on State forms (Prior HB 194)
              Referred to House Intergovernmental Affairs 2/23/09

HB 548   Amends Title 75 to include the Distinguished Service Cross,
         Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy Cross, Air Force Cross and
         Silver Star to available license plates (Prior HB 198)
                Referred to House Transportation 2/23/09
                Reported as Amended 2/9/2010
                First consideration 2/9/2010
                Tabled 2/9/2010
                Removed from Table 3/8/2010
                Re-committed to Appropriations 3/8/2010

HB 549   Amends Title 18 to increase the penalty for selling or
         furnishing liquor or malt or brewed beverages to minors
         (Prior HB 197)
                Referred to House Liquor Control 2/23/09

HB 550   Amends Title 18 providing for arson endangering person
         or occupied/unoccupied property (Prior 2354)
               Referred to House Judiciary 2/23/09

HB 683   Provides for issuance of “In God We Trust Plate”
               Referred to House Transportation 3/3/09
HB 684    Amends Title 18 to increase penalties for the murder and
          assault of a police officer. (Prior HB 2616)
                Referred to House Judiciary 3/3/09

HB 685    Require all family day care home providers to have liability
          insurance as a condition of their certification and the provider
          is required to disclose information to parents who may enroll
          their child(ren) in that facility. (Prior HB 2561)
                 Referred to House Children & Youth 3/3/09

HB 686    Amends Title 18 to further provide for the offense of gasoline
          price hiking.
                 Referred to House Consumer Affairs 3/3/09

HB 1242   Amends Title 75 regarding DUI penalties
              Referred to House Transportation 4/8/09

HB 1410   Mandatory 10% budget cut in all State Departments
              Referred to House Appropriations 5/4/09

HB 1598   Amends Taxpayer Relief Act to allow retired federal
          employees to exclude half of their annuities on the Property
          tax/Rent rebate forms to make it the same as current social
          security recipients
                Referred to House Finance 6/3/09
                Reported as Committed 12/9/09
                First Consideration 12/9/09
                Laid on the Table 12/9/09
                Removed from the Table 12/14/09
                Re-committed to Appropriations 12/14/09

HB 1599   Amends Landlord-Tenant Act to reduce the number of days
          (from 10 to 7) that a district judge has to schedule a hearing
          and reduce the number of days (from 10 to 5) that a tenant has
          to appeal the judgment rendered
                Referred to House Judiciary 6/3/09

HB 1633   Amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) that in
          order to promote uniformity between registered convicted
          felons and convicted felons who were not previously
          registered to vote, this would require the sentencing judge to
          order the removal of convicted felons from the voter
          registration database when a person is convicted of a felony
          and the person is registered to vote
                 Referred to House State Government 6/23/09

HB 1806   Amends Act #289 of 1915 to state that no inmate will be paid
          for labor in the event of a budget impasse. They will receive
          credit and payment will be based upon credit earned and
          made when payment to all state employees affected has
                 Referred to House Judiciary 6/30/09

HB 1849   Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) to increase the registered gross
          weight limit from the current 10,000 pounds to 12,000 pounds
          in regards to severely disabled veterans plates
                Referred to House Transportation 7/10/09
                Reported as Amended 9/14/10
                First Consideration 9/14/10
                Laid on the Table 9/14/10
                Removed from the Table 9/15/10
                Re-committed to Appropriations 9/15/10

HB 1850   Amends Title 75 (Vehicles) by changing the fine listed from
          the current $25 to $50 for failure to turn on the vehicles
          headlights in a work zone.
                Referred to House Transportation 7/10/09

HB 1851   Amends Title 42 (Judiciary and Judicial Procedure) to include
          a new violation of “displays a firearm during a crime” and the
          mandatory minimum sentence for this violation would be 10
          years of total confinement
                Referred to House Judiciary 7/10/09

HB 2038   Amends Act #21 (P.L.90) of April 12, 1951, to allow LCB to
          exercise discretion in determining what prices to set for
          products sold through the PA Wine & Spirits Shoppes
                Referred to House Liquor Control 10/14/09
HB 2039   Amends Act #4 (P.L.13) of June 9, 1936, to decrease the 18%
          Johnstown Flood tax that is added into every purchase made
          at a Pennsylvania Wine & Spirits Shoppe; beginning January
          1, 2010, tax rate would be lowered to 9%; on January 1, 2011,
          tax rate would be 0%; would then allow HB 2039 to come into
                 Referred to House Liquor Control 10/14/09

HB 2335   Allows PLCB to open, at its discretion, as many Wine &
          Spirits Shoppes as it deems necessary for Sunday sales
                 Referred to House Liquor Control 3/17/2010

HB 2336   Amends Act 131 of 2008 dealing with assault and homicide of
          a first responder
                  Referred to House Judiciary 3/17/2010

HB 2511   An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania
          Consolidated Statutes, defining "State-owned vehicle"; and
          providing for accidents involving State-owned vehicles.
                Referred to Transportation 5/12/10

HB 2512   An Act amending the act of April 9, 1929 (P.L.177, No.175),
          known as The Administrative Code of 1929, in powers and
          duties of Department of General Services and its departmental
          administrative and advisory boards and commissions,
          providing for assignment of Commonwealth automotive fleet
                Referred to State Government 5/12/10

HB 2612   An Act amending the act of April 12, 1951 (P.L.90, No.21),
          known as the Liquor Code, further providing for sales by
          certain liquor licensees.
                 Referred to Liquor Control 6/25/10

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