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Interview Questions by kbxssk1


Interview Questions

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									Questions post during interview for Management position

1. Question1: What would you do if you have a boss who disagree with your
   request/decision you have proposed for his approval?
   Answer Expected: To use database report (data driven approach) delineating
   the details of any issues using 5W’s + 1H technique to convince him. Verbal
   explanations and argument base on personal opinions/experiences/knowledge
   may be biased and incomplete.

2. Question2: Describe what 2 values which you are good at?
   Answer proposed: Focus, Systematic, Good Implementator, Initiatives

      Note: There is no correct answer as it related to your ability. You may provide
      More than 2 if you have more qualities unless the interviewer insists for only 2.
      In that case you have to make good choices which are the 2 amongst 4 of them
      as stated above.

3. Question3: What is your weakness?
   Answer proposed: To provide the results of the psychometric test you
   have taken as it is acceptable and more substantiate for personality traits
   measurement. If you have not taken this test before, alert the interviewer and
   you can mention your weakness based on your thoughts e.g. hot temper,
   impatient, etc. Detail and hard-working person may not be considered as
   weakness by some interviewer but as strength instead.

      Note: There is no correct answer as it related to your personality.



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