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									August 28, 2007

Dear Parents:

God continues to bless our school. We have fifty-six new students, 221 students in all. Our first day of
school went very well and we look forward to a positive and rewarding school year. Let’s continue to
remember to pray for each other. Here are some key items to remember:

   •   HOT LUNCH – Our hot lunch and milk programs will start on September 10th. You
       will receive pertinent information about these programs in the next THT folder (August
       28th). FYI – Due to safety concerns we will not microwave any lunches.

   •   ATTENTION, SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS: If you plan on being a regular volunteer at the
       school this year and have not taken a VIRTUS Class, this information is for you! There will be a
       VIRTUS Protecting God’s Children Class on Thursday, August 30th at 11:30 a.m. in the Family
       Center. It will conclude in time for you to pick up your children at the end of the school day.
       Please bring a brown bag lunch. Cookies and beverage will be provided. Go to to register. Once at the site, click on register and it will walk you through
       the process. Our diocese is “Charleston – South Carolina”. When it asks for your position, enter
       the specific volunteer activity you do, e.g. Volunteer classroom or Volunteer lunchroom.

   •   P.E. CLOTHES – 3rd through 8th Graders must wear a P.E. “uniform” during gym class. They
       are for sale in the school office. $10 for shirts, $15 for shorts.

   •   PICK-UP LIST – Please fill out the enclosed form and return it as soon as possible.

   •   EMERGENCY CARDS – These cards were handed out on the first day of school. They must
       be filled out, front and back, and returned to the office as soon as possible.

   •   BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT – Mark your calendar - 7:00 – 9:00 PM ON THURSDAY,
       AUGUST 30TH. Bring some cash – there will be “opportunities” to purchase your directory
       ($15.00), used uniforms, school merchandise, etc.

   •   FSA BOARD MEMBER NEEDED – The FSA is looking for an additional board member.
       Call Sara Anderson if you might be interested.

   •   PROPER PARKING – Safety/emergency access issues cause me to mention that you must not
       park in a fire lane, adjacent to a roadway without parking spaces delineated, or in a marked no
       parking area.

Sincerely in Christ,

Mike Rockers, Ed.D.

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