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									If your bones are strong you are strong

Many of you who come to this site are
understandably frustrated. Your doctors are
prescribing drugs that they say you might
need to be on for the rest of your life, yet
they don’t have time to talk to you about side
effects. Or you’ve been diagnosed with
osteopenia, but no one can tell you what that
truly means. The media is filled with
conflicting information about the best way to
support bone health — leaving unanswered
some of your basic questions, such as,
“Does drinking milk improve my bone health
or not?”

Your bones were meant to last a lifetime. If
you’re like many women, you may fear that
your bones will not, particularly if you’ve
experienced bone loss in menopause. The
unprecedented stresses, strains, nutrient
imbalances, and environmental toxins that
are part of our modern life often deplete our
bone reserves, which may manifest in
fractures or the diagnosis of osteopenia or
I welcome you all to Better Bones. I hope you
will find real answers to your bone health
concerns here. We offer the sum total of our
research and clinical practice over the last 25
years, showing that lifestyle and nutritional
changes can regenerate and maintain bone
health, naturally — and in most cases,
without drugs. Today, through our website,
programs, clinical practice, and publications,
we help hundreds of thousands of
individuals each year.

So, let’s get to work. It is never too late (nor
too early) to begin building and rebuilding
bone strength.

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