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									Winter Family Fitness—Outdoor and Indoor
It’s difficult to find a habit that has a more        Three-legged stocking race.
positive impact on health and well-being than         Materials: oversized stocking that will fit two
physical activity. But it can be hard to stay         feet, tape to mark finish line
active in winter, especially with shorter days,
hectic school schedules and cold and snowy            You will need plenty of space for this one! Pair
weather. Use the winter weather to your               up children and have each pair put a leg in an
physical fitness advantage! Here are some             oversized stocking. Tie the top of the stocking
outdoor activities to keep you and your family        so it does not fall off. Put all the pairs at one
energized.                                            end and mark a finish line at the other. On your
                                                      mark, children will race to be the first pair over
                   Sledding. Remember how             the line.
                   much fun you had sledding
                   when you were little? Who          Cheap skate.
                   says you still can’t? Grab the     Materials: shoeboxes or quart
                   whole family and hit the           milk cartons
                   slopes for exercise and fun.       Make skates out of shoeboxes
                                                      or milk cartons for children to
The leaning tower of Frosty. Spend an                 use as skates, indoors. You
afternoon building snow people and snow               can also make it into a relay/
pets with your family. You can even make a            race by having children start
contest out of it to see who can make their           from a designated area and cross a finish line.
snow person look the most like an actual
person (for example, Abraham Lincoln).                Reindeer run.
                                                      Materials: homemade reindeer antlers made
Make tracks. Bundle up the whole family and           from cardboard or other available materials
head to a state park or conservation area.
Spend the day hiking and identifying different        Children jog around the house or gym area
animal tracks in the snow. Another option is to       while holding homemade reindeer antlers to
check a field guide to animal tracks out of the       their heads, or by using their hands above their
library, and let your kids try to recreate the        heads to represent antler horns. The first child
tracks in the snow.                                   to finish the first lap is the winner.

Play Frost-bee. Running through the snow to           Staying active while watching television,
catch a Frisbee® takes a lot of energy. Make          reading a book or doing homework
sure to use a Frisbee® that is not white, as          Sometimes it is just nice to curl up and watch
finding a white Frisbee® in a snow drift could        television or read a book as a family. A good
end up the equivalent of finding a needle in a        rule of thumb is to not sit for more than a half of
haystack.                                             hour. Get up and do a few jumping jacks or
Even when it is too cold and snowy to be
outside, you can harness that energy for indoor

Jingle jump.
Materials: jump ropes, twist ties or string, jingle
Using twist ties or string, tie jingle bells to a
jump rope. Have your child jump rope while
singing “Jingle Bells.”

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