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					                  September: Family, Fitness and Fun
Students and their families will better understand the importance of family
interaction in enhancing their mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual

Special Days/Weeks:
National Literacy Month
Sept.5        – Labor Day
Sept12th      – Grandparents Day
Sept18th      –Terry Fox Run
Sept. 25 th
              – World Heart Day

Public Service Announcement:
In the Year of Healthy Living School District 6 proclaims September to be the
month of Family, Fitness and Fun. We encourage families to make learning fun.
As you spend time together, be active–make learning a part of everything you do.

Meet the teacher night could become Family Fun in Learning Night with stations
set up around the school with fun activities to do with children to enhance their
learning everyday.

Thought of the Month:
It doesn't matter who's in the family, but it matters that you love each other and
take care of each other. That's a family!

Suggested Literature –
I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
We Are Going On a Bear Hunt
Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by J. Viorst
The Screech Owl Series by Roy McGregor
The Matt Christopher series of books about a variety of sport themes.
How to Get Up When Schoolwork Gets You Down by Claudine Wirth/ Mary Kruhm
Using Your Head by Joy Wilt
Snack of the Month:
The A, B, C’s of snacks—apples, pears and carrot sticks are just a start. Using
Jello Jiggler made of letters of the alphabet or the primary numbers.
A recipe for a healthy snack that parents can make with their children
demonstrating the opportunity to learn about measurements and counting. The
older grades could have fractions reinforced in this fun way at home or at school.

Suggested Activities:
                         Self Portrait
                 There are millions of people
                      All over the place
                       But nobody else
                    With exactly my face

The students draw their self-portrait on an outline of head and shoulders. This is
displayed on the bulletin board with poem and child’s name displayed below.
This can be repeated during the last week of school (both portraits can be
mounted) side-by-side and possibly laminated as a gift to their parents.
Learning about our hands activities—e.g. make a chart of the good and bad
things that hands can do. Fits in with teaching school rules.
Have children maintain activity journal.
Keep track of events by taking digital picture. In June, there could be a slide
Check out further suggestions in the Yellow File folder.

Health Curriculum links
Outcomes C2 & C4 – Have a wall chart with a group picture of all members of the
class at four different times of the year. This will help document the growth
patterns each child experiences. Perhaps it could be taken outside in front of a
Have students draw a picture of their family doing an activity together.
Before and after pictures – Ask students to bring in pictures of babies at various
stages of growth. Students describe how babies change daily, monthly, yearly.
Review similarities and differences. Discuss the physical changes in their
abilities. Have students look into the future and compare to a grade five student.
Have students identify physical activities they did together as families at the
different age levels, including what they might like to do as a family when they
are older.
Outcome 1.1– Have students identify through discussion ways in which people
are similar and different. Do a homework project with parents/guardians listing
what makes them different.
List behaviours/words that show respect for others.
Have students keep a graph of their height at different times during the year.
They might do the measuring as homework and could measure their family
members as well.
Go for a Walk with a Family member and measure in Km the distance.

Draw a picture of what “Family, Fun and Fitness” means to you and submit it for
the Virtual Gallery of Health, School District 6 to be framed and displayed in the
community. Contact Thelma Messer @849-5324 for further information.

Heart Smart Active Fun Kit For Families available from the Heart and Stroke
Foundation of NB (506) 634-2052

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