Why I Promote for Joel Therien Gvo Conference

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					Why I promote for Joel Therien and GVO

Hi Friend ,

So why do I promote for Joel Therien and GVO?

Well first, he is such a damn nice guy that it is borderline "annoying" LOL.

His integrity and his honestly is up there with the very best online and that is why
his company has been online for 12 years..

But the main reason I promote Joel and GVO is because he has a candid ability to
products and services that have:

>> A unique competitive advantage
>> Products that are in HIGH demand
>> People LOVE them..

Quite frankly, because his products are real and in high demand it provides those that
them and promote them (like I do) life long residual income..

Like I have been saying for weeks now.. the launch of has nothing
to do with hype and everything to do with an AMAZING product that can put LIFE LONG
residual income in your pocket!!

You see..

Joel understands that a GREAT PRODUCT is what creates great opportunity.. so he has
taken his offer one step further..
The reason I am contacting you now..

Go Opt in on this page before MIDNIGHT tonight
and not only will you be in the VIP Pre Launch List
but you will also get an FREE demo room of the
GVOconference software!! WOW



You see.. I want to prove to you, as does Joel that all this excitement is based on a
truly amazing product..

An amazing product naturally creates an amazing opportunity!!

Plain and simple!!

So go get a FREE demo account NOW on our MLM VIP
list at:


You will be glad you did!!

--Chin M C

6th Oct 2010

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