Rikvin Encourages Foreigners to Form a Singapore Company

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					Rikvin, a top business registration firm in Singapore encourages foreigners to start and form a Singapore company.
Three of the best reasons presented by Rikvin why business entrepreneurs should start a business in Singapore are
the ease of doing business in Singapore, favorable taxes and the high-quality of life available in Singapore.

“Singapore is listed as the primary country in the “World’s Easiest to Do Business” record in the 2010 World Bank’s
Doing Business Report. Incorporation of any business structure can be completed in one day with fewer
formalities. Business entrepreneurs will never encounter red tape or corruption in business registrations and legal
business processes. Singapore’s immigration policy is generous and open when it comes to assisting transfer or
relocation of foreign company owners and professional staff,” Rikvin said.

The Singapore’s tax system has also been credited for its low tax rates and tax incentives which are made available
to Singapore companies. Aside from a favorable tax system, the quality of life in Singapore is already competitive
when compared to Western nations. Singapore maintains a safe and friendly environment.

Rikvin was asked why businessmen should choose Singapore over any other country. Rikvin responded, “If you
were to consider all significant factors that matters to businesses, Singapore is probably the only country that
scores high on all business parameters thus making it a business-friendly country worldwide.”

The government of Singapore has outlined policies and regulations with full consideration on the interests of its
business community. For this reason, any business enthusiast who plans to form a Singapore company is assured
to have various benefits.

First, they are assured to have an easy entry into the Singapore market without unnecessary restrictions. Second,
they will enjoy ease in company setup because the government has simplified the company formation procedure
resulting to only one day incorporation of a Singapore company. Third, they are given access to a competent and
impartial legal system. Lastly, the high technology business infrastructure provides access to a more efficient

Singapore has created a most favorable business atmosphere both for multinational companies and small to
medium sized businesses. For this reason, Singapore continues to rank high in various business indices.” Rikvin

Rikvin is an ACRA registered service bureau which provides a complete corporate solution under one roof for
Singapore company registration of private limited companies, formation of offshore companies with opening of
corporate accounts, business registration including accounting, tax, immigration related to work passes visa and
compliance services in Singapore.

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