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									Revision Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

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If by a mere glance at your face, someone is able to point out that you have done a nose job; chances
are that, there is a possibility of a nose job gone wrong. Repairing a nose job gone wrong is a highly
specialized field and calls for a totally different procedure. This is called revision Rhinoplasty. In primary
Rhinoplasty, tissues are removed from various areas, whereas in revision plastic surgery, tissues are
generally added.

Revision Rhinoplasty as stated earlier is a highly specialized procedure and requires skills of a very high
caliber. There are a number of differences between primary and secondary Rhinoplasty. Here the
patient is often skeptical and distrustful of the cosmetic surgeon’s skills.

Secondary Rhinoplasty is often not covered under insurance, and hence patients have to pay out of their
own pockets, these patients often vent out their frustration on the cosmetic surgeon. It is important
that the cosmetic surgeon first hears out the patient, as in such cases convincing the patient that he is
come to the right place is a challenging task.

Sometimes, correcting the previous job may require more than one surgery and it is important that the
cosmetic surgeon conveys this to the patient. Also, there are some nose jobs that can’t be undone
(although that’s rare).This too has to be conveyed to the patient. Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

There are many cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills who specialize in revision Rhinoplasty. Make sure he
is someone whom you can trust you and can listen and empathizes with you. Make sure to ask for
references of previous surgeries performed by the doctor. You could speak to these patients can get an
idea about the doctor and the surgery. When in Beverly Hills and looking for a surgeon specializing in
revision Rhinoplasty, Dr. Jay Clavert is a good choice. He is a member of the Rhinoplasty society and has
extensive experience in the field of revision Rhinoplasty.

Haven’t we all looked at our favorite celebrities and wondered if we would ever be able to have a figure
or face like them. It’s now possible to do this thanks to plastic surgery. Today the field has advanced to
such an extent that plastic surgeons have now specialized into different procedures in plastic surgery, so
you now have plastic surgeons that specialize in Rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or some other

Among the common plastic surgery procedure, Rhinoplasty is very common and frequently done. Have
a nose that looks rather like a capsicum? Tired of being called Pinocchio? Have breathing trouble
because of the nasal passage being too small? Don’t worry you can correct these through plastic
surgery. In one of episodes of friends, Jennifer Aniston remarks about her daughter Emma, that she
might need a nose job in future. That’s the level of acceptability that’s happening among the common
people. Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

Through Rhinoplasty you can alter the size and shape of your nose or the nose tip, or change the angle
between the nose and the upper lip, and even cure abnormalities of the nose.
There are many plastic surgeons in Los Angeles that offer to do rhinoplasty. If in Los Angeles, make sure
to met Dr. Jay Calvert who is an experienced hand in plastic surgery and specializes in rhinoplasty and
has been practicing for many years. He is not only certified by the board of American plastic surgeons
but also is a member of the Rhinoplasty Society. For more information on plastic surgery and other cosmetic
procedures please visit

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