Preparing for Moon by Penelopa


									    Preparing for Moon 2.0

           A Commercial Lunar Enterprise

1            Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
             “FedEx” to the Moon

    Odyssey Moon has been
    formed to capitalize on
    commercial opportunities                                         The Company is
    created by renewed                                      developing a commercial
    interests in exploring the                                           lunar robotic
    Moon.                                                    transportation service to
                                                                meet the pent up and
                                                             growing demand for low
                                                             cost, frequent access to
                                                                 the Moon supporting
                                                             science, exploration and

2                           Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
Science. Exploration. Commerce.
Leveraging international partnerships to enter a multi-
billion dollar market & deliver regional economic benefit
           Extending a Profitable Model
           A visionary yet conservative approach utilizing successful
           space commerce business models drawn from ComSats

• Space commerce is a mature business
  with over $160 billion in annual
  revenues earned through orbiting

• The highly profitable satellite
  communications industry has extended
  Earth’s economic sphere to 40,000km

• The Moon is a satellite – in a higher

• Lunar commerce will extend Earth’s
  economic sphere another order of
  magnitude to the Moon.
                          Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                   Earth’s Economic Sphere
                   Historically expanded by private investment
                   leveraging and commercializing government R&D

                                                                     Odyssey Moon
400,000km                                                      (Moon 2.0)

                                                 Early Bird                    (Personal Spaceflight)
                                                                    Bigelow      (COTS)
   400km                                                 Virgin Galactic
                                                    SpaceShipOne               SpaceX
                                                                               Orbital Sciences
                                                               (Commercial Aviation)

            1900       1925     1950           1975                 2000      2025

                                    Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
Leaders in a $30M Competition
Odyssey Moon is the recognized front runner to win
the $30M Google Lunar X PRIZE competition
              Partnered with NASA

 Bus (CSB)
  through a
with NASA

                   Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                   Lunar Lander with COTS Tech

  Utilizing the
     CSB with
  off the shelf
technology to
 reduce costs
       and risk

                         Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                         • Condominium style costing
                         • Airline style pricing
                         • Commercial ROI

© Odyssey Moon Limited
              75% of Available Capacity Sold
              5 Customer Payloads from the US, UK and The Netherlands

                                                             “International Lunar
“Moon4You”   “Lunar Oasis”                                   Observatory”

                              “Lunar Memorials”

                             Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
     Why the Moon

11      Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
The Moon…
Earth’s sister world in
a 2-world system

  An 8th Continent the size of the
  Americas, largely unexplored, full of
  resources & opportunity

            A stepping to stone to other
            world’s and an insurance policy
            for our future

        A Rosetta Stone of science &
        knowledge waiting to be unlocked by the
        explorers of our age

   12                        Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
Moon 1.0
• 2 countries

• 25 flybys, impactors
& orbiter missions

• 12 robotic landers
    Luna (USSR)
    Surveyor (US)
• 6 manned landings
    Apollo (US)
Moon 1.0
During Moon 1.0 we
explored less than 1% of a
new world with more
territory than the Americas.
Moon 1.0
Driven by national
prestige and
superpower politics

No economic agenda

A dead end.
Moon 2.0
Driven by multi-national
interests & commercial
economic opportunity

•   International participation
•   Broad objectives
•   Commercial players
•   Public participation

Technology advancements have
opened lunar access to commercial

Space agencies are encouraging
and funding private participation
                Moon 2.0
                The second era of lunar exploration has already

     Country       Name                                Launch date          Mission type
        Europe     SMART-1                             September 27, 2003   orbiter
        Japan      Kaguya                              September 14, 2007   orbiter
        Japan      Okina (RSAT)                        September 14, 2007   micro-orbiter
        Japan      Ouna (VSAT)                         September 14, 2007   micro-orbiter
        China      Chang'e 1                           October 24, 2007     orbiter
        India      Chandrayaan-1                       October 22, 2008     orbiter
        India      MIP                                 October 22, 2008     impactor
        USA        Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter        June 18, 2009        orbiter
        USA        LCROSS                              June 18, 2009        impactor
        Russia     Luna-Glob 1                         2010                 orbiter
        USA        GRAIL                               2011                 orbiter
        USA        LADEE                               2011                 orbiter
        China      Chang'e 2                           2011                 orbiter
        Russia     Luna-Glob 2                         2013                 lander/rover
        India      Chandrayaan-2                       2013                 lander/rover

17                                  Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
       We thought we knew it all,
     and now Moon 2.0 has made a
         stunning discovery…

18            Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
               Water Discovered on the Moon

NASA has recently
announced the discovery of
widespread water on the
lunar surface.

This game changing event
is the equivalent of finding
gold in California.

Water can be used for
sustaining life and converted
to rocket fuel.
                   Lunar Water is Widespread

expected to be
     only at the
   lunar poles,
 NASA’s Moon
   Mapper has
  water on the
 lunar surface
     The Prize…

21     Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
The $30M Google
was announced on
September 13th, 2007.

    22                  Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                                            Lunar X PRIZE

   Sponsored by
     Google and
  managed by the
                                                        The $20M Grand
       X PRIZE
                                                        Prize goes to the
                                                        first private team
                                                        to land on the
 A follow-on to the                                     Moon, travel 500
  successful $10M                                       meters and
   Ansari X PRIZE                                       broadcast HD
for the first private                                   images and video

 23                     Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
               Odyssey Moon Entered the
               Race on December 6th, 2007

   Odyssey Moon was
   unveiled on Dec 6th,
2007 as the first official
contender for the $30M
Google Lunar X PRIZE

24                           Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
     The Company

25      Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
          Odyssey Moon Limited

• An Isle of Man company taking advantage of a zero
  corporate tax regime, strong UK and European ties
  and innovative commercial space law legislation

• U.S. and Canadian subsidiaries

• Long term view toward lunar commerce where the
  Google Lunar X PRIZE represents a small portion
  of the near term business opportunity

26                      Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                             Founding Directors

  Successful space and telecom entrepreneurs with proven track records
  in business, finance and space technology.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards, CEO     Dr. Ramin Khadem, Chairman        Mr. Michael Potter, Director   Mr. Christopher Stott, Director
    Founder, International Space        Former CFO, Inmarsat          Managing Partner, Paradigm     Chairman & CEO ManSat Ltd.
             University                                                        Ventures

       27                                          Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                                 Leading Space Executives

  We have attracted world leaders in the space industry to our executive
  team; people who know the space business.

    Mr. Jay Honeycutt                   Dr. Paul Spudis                        Dr. Alan Stern                 Ms. Carol Goldstein
    President US Ops.                   Chief Scientist                   Mission Science Director               EVP Finance
Former Director, Kennedy Space     Senior Staff Scientist, Lunar &           Former NASA Associate          Former Head of T MT, North
            Center                      Planetary Institute                   Administrator (Science)        America for ABN AMRO,
  Former President, Lockheed          Principal Investigator,               Principal Investigator, Pluto   Executive Director Morgan
   Martin Space Operations         Chandrayaan & LRO mini-SAR                 New Horizons Mission                Stanley & Co.

       28                                           Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                      Prime Contractor: MDA

                                      A billion dollar
                                      company with a 30+
                                      year track record of
                                      flawless space
                                      robotics operations

                                      U.S. subsidiary
                                      operating under a
                                      SSA (Special
Dr. Christian Sallaberger             Security Agreement)
 Vice President & Director
    of Space Exploration
                                      Skin in the game and
                                      a seat on the Board

Industrial Partner: Optech

 Laser-radar (lidar) technology
 will help Odyssey Moon
 spacecraft land safely and
 accurately on the Moon
          The “Dream Team”

Odyssey Moon announced on July 16th that top industry leaders Near
Earth LLC, WPP Group, Aon and Milbank have joined its corporate team.
                Blue Ribbon Advisory Board

                    •   Mr. George Abbey – former director, NASA JSC
                    •   Mr. Richard Denny – Senior VP; Global Networks and
Business Leaders        Engineering, Inmarsat Plc
                    •   Dr. James D. Burke (JPL retired) – NASA Lunar Ranger
                        Project Manager
Technical Guru’s    •   Dr. Wendell W. Mendell – Planetary Scientist
                    •   Mr. Taber MacCallum – Chairman & CEO, Paragon
                    •   Mr. John Chapman – Mining industry executive & investor
Communicators       •   Mr. Charles M. Chafer – CEO, Space Services Inc.
                    •   Dr. Louis Friedman – Founder and Executive Director, The
                        Planetary Society
                    •   Dr. Bob McDonald – Science Journalist and Author; Host of
                        CBC's “Quirks & Quarks” Radio Show
                    •   Mr. Jon Lomberg – Chief Artist, COSMOS Television Series
                    •   Dr. David Miller – Professor, University of Oklahoma
                    •   Dr. Jean-Luc Jossett – Director, Space Exploration Institute
                    •   Col. M.V. “Coyote” Smith – Former Chief, Future Concepts
                        (Dream Works), US Pentagon

   32                     Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
         Education & Public


             “The Moon is a stepping stone into the
             solar system, for governments and for
             the private sector. Odyssey Moon's leap
             forward to this stepping stone could
             presage a new day of commercial
             ventures beyond Earth.”

Carl Sagan
             - Dr. Louis Friedman, Executive Director
      Proven Global Market Demand

     • Our initial Payload Flight Opportunity (PFO)
       announcement in 2007 attracted 16
       instrument proposals worldwide, including
       most NASA centres and renowned lunar

     • The demonstrated demand represents ~10
       times the available M-1 payload capacity

     • NASA has since received at least 4 proposals
       for SALMON funding of U.S. instruments
       aboard our Odyssey Moon M-1 mission

34                   Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
     We’re Here to Change the World

           By extending Earth’s economic sphere to our
           sister world, the Moon…

           A world rich in resources and energy with
           unexplored land the size of the Americas

           Leveraging commercial opportunities created
           by renewed interests in exploring the Moon

           Creating sustainable economic links to Earth’s
           8th continent, floating just offshore

35           Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
     “M-1” Mission…

36       Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
“M-1”: Mission Profile

      The MoonOne (M-1) mission will deliver a
      payload suite of ~50kg to the Moon

      Equatorial landing site in vicinity of scientifically
      interesting and potentially resource-rich dark
      mantle material

      Launch planned for late 2012
     The First Private Lunar Mission

            Our goal is to be the first private space
            mission to reach the surface of the Moon

            An epic journey that will attract mass markets

            Seeding then leading the nascent market for
            ongoing lunar mission products and services

            Making history and winning the $30M Google
            Lunar X PRIZE competition

38          Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
               You’re Invited!

Payload space is still
available on the historic
M-1 Mission.                                          We welcome payload proposals
                                                        for scientific, exploration and
                                                               commercial purposes.

                                                            • Government/Space Agencies
                                                                            • Universities
                                                                      •Research Centers
                                                                 • Commercial Companies
                                                                            • Non-Profits

   39                       Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
     “Something’s going to happen.

         Something wonderful.”

40             Odyssey Moon Proprietary Data
                         THE ODYSSEY HAS BEGUN …

© Odyssey Moon Limited

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